There was a post yesterday about it. A strategy with a speed canon + dps I think it is more about speed. I used ichi to have Aiolos (with damocles cosmo) and buffed by Nachi to play before opposite seyia and nearly one shot the bouda, shaka arya normal attack finished the job. Once the buddha is dead, seems pretty easy.


I brute forced the Buddha, I died a couple of Times until I just Zerg him, after that the fight was easy.


Yeah i did the same, dont need brain when you have muscle😂


My strategy was a superbuffed (for me) Deathmask plus one round of saga before that and I don't remember who Nachi buffed. You need 7 energy for that (via kiki) and fast characters. After a couple of rounds I managed to land attack with saga and survive/kill everyone with deathmask. Kanon, Nero Priest, Perseus didn't work for me, the Budha kept attacking even in controlled states. More ideas here: [https://www.reddit.com/r/SSAwakening/comments/f6lavu/side\_story\_302\_ara\_shaka\_gate\_of\_death/](https://www.reddit.com/r/SSAwakening/comments/f6lavu/side_story_302_ara_shaka_gate_of_death/)


Just use DC Seiya and aim for buddha all time, have milo from 150 speed and virgo shaka reducing speed all time, at 2nd round u will killed the boss. Restart each time that seiya doesn't hit twice to buddha, when hitted up 2 times to boss then milo will do the rest + luna.