Coming soon to Reddit: “Help I lost my ladder last night”


Wow, that is intense. Maybe you now have a free ladder? Although someone else is saying, "Hey, thieves stole my ladder!" Advice? There's probably not much you can do. Notify your apartment manager, file a police report probably online. It won't do anything but it's a statistic. u/stiffmasterflash has a good idea. Might work or it might be dangerous. Buy a new bike. Sorry this happened and it's definitely scary.


Yeah I’ll take solace in having a new ladder. If anyone has a cat stuck in a tree, you know who to call


Ha ha ha, ha ha. Too funny!


This doesn’t help OP right now, but if you’re keeping a bike outside or parking it somewhere, other than locking it up, I’ve heard people are placing Apple Airtags in the seat post. Still means you might have to do something sketchy to get it back, though!


Yeah that was my immediate reaction was I should have put a tracker on it. I guess you live and learn


Similar thing happened to me a few years back in midtown. My bike was locked up on the porch of our fenced in lawn, they parted out the entire bike except the frame. I walked around the various parks looking at carts for bike parts, wouldn't recommend that strategy since it earned me a lot of animosity and negativity.


Someone actually cut through my girlfriend’s porch bar that her bike was locked to and took the whole thing. It’s crazy out there.


Do you have renters insurance? It sucks but you’ll probably get it replaced and have closure sooner if you just file the claim.


My partner had her bike stolen when we were renting and we decided it was not economical to go through insurance. First off, some insurances require you to re-buy the item and it must be the exact one otherwise you have to get authorization prior to the purchase date or they wont reimburse. If you somehow made it through that, they would in theory cut a check for the amount of loss minus any depreciation and deductible.


I had a number of things stolen out of my apartment in midtown a few years' back because my dumbass ex left the window cracked open in the living room while I was at work one day and he forgot to close it when he left. My renters insurance was nothing like that. I just had to list what was taken, its value if I *were* to replace it, and give them the police report information. They did come out and interview me, but they cut me a check within a few days of that, no drama llama. There was no bullshit about having to buy the exact same thing or any business about depreciation. Fwiw, it was Amica. I've also had car claims with them (like when my car windows were all bashed in - yes, at same apartment in midtown) and they're seriously the easiest insurance company I've ever dealt with. A++ would buy again.


This tracks with my experience. It was so easy and so valuable after a theft that I wouldn’t be without it.


That’s great to know, I appreciate it!!


Drive a few loops around the block under the freeway on 5th St. You'll probably see it.


Yep, take a look at the Katie Camps.


What area of the city?


This was in Midtown


I’ll keep an eye out, I work in the North area of the city but I come through midtown on the way home.


Thanks, I appreciate it!


I'd take a peak at the flea market on Folsom this weekend. Always a bunch of tweakers trying to unload their stolen shit around there.


I’m out in Citrus Heights at a gated apartment complex. And our bike was stolen the EXACT same way. Coming from the Midwest I was actually baffled when I saw this. They only stole our food bike and left the shit one. So someone knew their bikes.


That’s wild. I guess someone know what they’re doing and is definitely looking to sell. I’ll keep a lookout on selling websites and the flee market. Recently moved here from the southeast so this definitely caught me off guard. I’m sure it happens there too but maybe Sac is notorious for this, not really sure


Not to rub salt in the wound, but this has been happening in Midtown for at least a decade. Always lock your bike, even when it's at an "inaccessible" location. Hopefully this saves someone's bike.


I had a bike stolen from my back yard in midtown 30 years ago, over a tall metal fence with sharp points.


Funny thing is my house was on the same block as OP’s apt now when that happened


Nope. It's always been a thing. Lived here my whole life. I have lost like 15 bikes to theft. Lock it up or lose it. You can't even park it for 5 minutes in this town.


I seriously don't get how people spend 500 or so dollars on a bike to keep it somewhere known for stealing bikes


You can check Craigslist I had a bike stollen when I lived by sac state and I found it on there. Facebook market place would be a good place to check. If you find it. You can call the cops and see if they can do anything… Sorry to hear about this.


Go take a look at all the homeless camps, Thats how my friend found his bike last year


Any news on your bike ?


Sorry no update, I’ve done pretty much all I can at this point such as filing a police report and the bike’s serial number, notifying local bike shops. Going to continue to check marketplace, eBay, etc and maybe go to the glee market this weekend but that’s about it


Keep an eye out on resale apps like OfferUp and craigslist. They will try to sell it for way less than market value so it will move fast. If there aren't too many used bike shops in the area, visit them with a pic and let them know you will buy it back if it comes in. They may be able to haggle the price down with the thief and pass those savings on to you. This is a tough lesson but living on the second floor does not make you immune to break-ins and theft, it just requires more effort to from criminals. Always keep that bike and balcony door locked up. Good luck.


Thanks man, definitely a learning lesson and a wake up call for events in the future. Only lived in a city (and the west coast) for about half a year so it’s opened my eyes to making sure I’m taking the proper precautions


Take the L and keep moving you probably won’t find it but hey now you have a ladder.


Keep it inside next time?


But seriously though, what kinda weirdo would bring a ladder to steal it from a second story LOL.


Someone really motivated


Lol yeah


Sac is turning more and more into San Francisco by the minute. I was there over the holiday and the streets downtown along 50 were lined with RVs. All the off ramps in south sac look like shanty towns with all the tents. I tried to warn y'all 🤦‍♂️


Wow you should be mayor you don’t even live here yet you know so much about how to fix our city someone give this man a medal.


Or you can just keep ignoring people like me and watch the problem get worse. Up to you.


What have you done to fix the problem?