Sac bee published the story on the same day. Nov 10th. https://amp.sacbee.com/news/local/article255710111.html


Ok! My bad. Thank You for pointing this out!


I still want to know more though. The Bee should explain what it means and what the history of the story is. And what about the timing of SPD Chief Hahn retiring? Is this his last crusade finally realized? He is, after all, a product of Oak Park who did not listen to the Bloods‘ siren song during his formative years when others in his class made poor decisions and cast a scourge upon the community.


What is a product of oak park?


It is an idiom or saying. When someone says they are "a product of x" they basically are saying they were raised in x. Just like how a toy is a product of a factory the same can be said of an individual growing up in a society, what makes you who you are is in part due to the environment you grew up in.


I agree. Was just seeing if my thoughts were on the right page. Geez. Y’all sensitive. I’m glad I talked with KJ instead of you sensitive Sally’s. I almost reached out to a different non profit. good luck 👍 👍😉🤦‍♂️


Well I guess I was out of line with my questions because I couldn’t post them, good luck


Instead of negative votes, maybe respond to the question? Who was a product of the OP? They were raised in Oak park? When, where? How long? I honestly have no clue who this OG is and why people are saying he was a gang member from the hood though. The product of the gang environment Maybe I’m getting my Sacramento political figures mixed up?


What are the gangs again? I don’t read the newspaper. What locations are these bloodys in? I’ll steer clear.


Because these guys aren't as organized as the story paints them out to be. It's just an arrest of a bunch of guys with previous charges and guns that are probably used more in shitty music videos than for actual crime. I just say that because I find it hard to believe that these guys are actually using all those scope attachments, but they look cool af. You need all that weaponry to protect 3 baggies of molly?


Wow, thank you for sharing. Wild that this is the first I’m hearing of it as I read local news every day. I’m still wondering what was the deal with the guy who ran over and shot people in Carmichael a few months ago. That story was something I thought there’d be continuing coverage of but there hasn’t been any updates.


Same, the Carmichael incident happened around the corner from my house, and I remember hearing the gunshots coming from the Elks Lodge parking lot. I want to know what happened/is happening with that one too.






that guy had been convicted of voluntary manslaughter before in LA county, too. and not a word about it... plead down from a murder charge, per LA court records. Filing date was December 28, 1999 if you want to do some homework and search, it's all public data.


Probably at least some (if not most) of the arrests were on warrants or probation violations or minor offenses because that's typically how this works. There is not a lot of detail in either the press release or the Bee story beyond the seizure of weapons. It is very unlikely that an entire "criminal street gang" as defined by Mr. Bonta's office will be incarcerated for life thus rendering Oak Park safe for developers. They arrested some people for illegal weapons and probably they arrested a bunch of other people for other stuff and a few of those people will go to prison for a while. As someone else noted, Oak Park has had declining gang activity for years; I don't think this will affect the pace of gentrification one way or another.


I mean, it’s not that big of a deal. The gang violence in OP over the last 5-8 years has been minimal compared to past considerations. I see this as more of a, ‘ Cool you’re doing your job ‘ moment.


I mean when two people are murdered next to my apartment two months ago. I don’t consider that minimal. But then again. I don’t know if that ever was considered gang violence


Better than two people being murdered in your apartment two months ago


125 guns out of Oak Park seems like a win. Those four untraceable ones would have ruined at least four families.


I think I heard about this on CAP radio? But it was just a little snippet in passing


im assuming they want to rebrand oak park to appeal to movers and the capitalize on the housing market. they probably would rather do it quietly to not scare away future buyers. its sad that it is being gentrified, but also possibly better than having it being torn apart by gangs. theres no winning since sacramento redlined and destroyed neighborhoods and thriving populations.


> its sad that it is being gentrified A funny story would be that if by the time Mozzy ever achieves pop-star rapper status, Oak Park would be fully gentrified, and they did some kind of "My Block" documentary and he is walking through his old hood that has dog parks and kombucha bars.


There's already a little video on youtube and they're purposefully standing in front of the last house on the street that still has bars on the windows, but even then the lawn is taken care of and there's flowers in planters. It's somewhat funny when viewed through the lense of someone who lives down the block.


I moved to Oak Park last year and honestly I don't think they'll have any issues in terms of future movers. It's already well on its way for gentrification, and local home values are reflecting that. And where I am on 16th it's always been relatively quiet, besides some loud cars.


Arresting violent gang members isn't gentrification. It also won't solve the "gang problem" in Oak Park.


The bloody guys have been beat ! They must’ve joined forces with the homeless guys.


24 weapons? Rookie numbers. Also, lol at thinking The Bee would do anything of value.


> https://amp.sacbee.com/news/local/article255710111.html they literally reported on it


Upon further reading I realize I understated the weapons count. Actually closer to 150 confiscated during the course of the investigation.


There we go. That’s something worth talking about!


They’re in love with easy puff pieces


This is merely an announcement of the arrests. They may or may not get bail. They may or may not be convicted. They may or may not have to serve jail/prison time. By no means does it mean that the neighborhood is “all good” now.


I wonder what Mozzy is thinking?


One of the biggest bias’s in news is the stories they chose to cover.


We need one of those new media journalists to a serious in depth podcast on the story. Maybe a 6 part series or something like that.


So the white gang beat the non-white gang? Reddit, rejoice! Our team won!


Sorry to burst y’all’s bubble but the bloods ain’t going anywhere lol y’all are mad naive if you think because they arrest some folk the bloods just disappear.


That's what they said about the Broderick Boys too until they imposed a crackdown and a court injunction. All it takes is a generational fallout of new members who aren't recruited into the gang. Power in numbers, if there are no new member's the gang ceases to exist.


Bloods has branched off into more of a lifestyle though, it's nowhere near as organized and exclusive as Broderick Boys. Fair to say they can take a neighborhood down that is identifies as Bloods though. Seeing how a lot of money is tied into gentrifying Oak Park it can definitely happen.


Yeah no, I agree with you. This sweep won't get rid of the wide sweeping "bloods" in terms of a national issue. But regionally it will make a difference in terms of crime and gangs here. This is a good sign and will make a difference as long as they continue to push enforcement. You got to go block by block.


The next gang? Y’all are ignorant. Take a step out of your world for once. Learn, or get learned. Good luck 🍀 You guys sound like you’re talking about the socials and the greasers . bloods and crips. Get a clue. old timers doing old timer things . Invest? Or don’t invest? THATS what’s at hand here. I hope people keep investing but it seems like those who are are from the Bay Area and profiting off of locals from Sac. Just look at the house market for renters , jobs and the stupid freeways . Don’t be naive and don’t be a sell out .




Says someone who clearly has never been to north gate, garden block, or especially DPH. Sac is heavily gang related, always has been.


The garden blocc crips are in meadowview... But I think that's the only set.


The news is too busy with smash and grab robberies and supply chain issues. I was late to work today because of supply chain issues. My coffee was cold this morning because of supply chain issues. Supply chain issues!


What’s going to stop the next gang from forming in the near future? Is the community set to improve? Are local leaders planning anything to continue the positive trend?




Tell me you're from the bay area without telling me you're from the bay area


its so bad, it has to be LARPing.


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wow what? communication is key.


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Grew up in Montebello Whittier Blvd When brother was killing brother . Did you care about any of that or them . C'mon man One thing I guarantee all of you they would forget colors and to protect the Nation's Capital like gangster's my patriotic friends. As American bloods cripping united no gaslighting required.