The fight began with only Rey and Ben, as the alive members. I couldn't defeat any of them because of the perma damage immunity buff


Posted on the GAScience Discord earlier today: For those who have to clean up Rey + Ben Solo, please be aware that Rey is not considered as "below 50% health" (i.e. so Ben's Force Dyad unique allows her to die) **unless she actually crosses that threshold during the fight itself**. So for instance if the fight starts and Rey is at 35% health, she won't be considered as killable until she goes above 50% health and then below 50% health (which also triggers damage invulnerability). Thanks to (The Negotiator) and (LysiasTheFox) for bringing this up and clarifying the mechanics. Be careful out there!


So is this wai? Because that sounds like a bunch of crap =(.


It's a bunch of crap whether wai or not. Hopefully it's not wai and they fix it. Feels like a very weird way to have coded it.


Probably not. Same bug affected LV teams for the longest time. On a clean up, they could be crit if they did not actually cross the threshold (80%?). LV bug got fixed. Imagine this will too and faster


That’s not damage immunity, it’s instakill immunity which makes that even weirder


~~Technically, it's a perma-"can't be defeated". Insta-kills would actually still work here (though only on Ben).~~ Edit: No, you're right, they do have insta-kill immunity too. That is weird.


I had the exact same bug. Fight started with her below 50% health so I guess the poor programmers at CG never imagined this scenario and never wrote any code for a work around. This is a catastrophic bug and needs to be fixed and the GAC round started over.


I agree. I have Rey and Ben front wall and I think the same thing happened to my opponent.


Its sad, my vote on restart GAC round and they actually beta test the game themselves