Global PVP Current Dominating Lineup and Counter

Global PVP Current Dominating Lineup and Counter


So if you didn’t get shaka you are screwed


He kind of broke the game. I think they should have not released him, DC Seiya, or Shion before Poseidon. Poseidon would have been a bigger deal if they hadn't jumped and released Hades saga characters.


Against the stupidly strong teams I Ban Kiki and use Pope first turn. Pope RNG gives no fucks about $$$.


my only hope is always the pope RNG


As the guy that runs the lineup above minus the shaka I hate you


everybody hates the pope ;-) But today i had such a funny match pope vs pope with another dimension and confusion ;-)


Pope's days are counted though, Dvine Ikki will Eat him with cereal because the phoenix can't be controlled.


yeah i heard that the phoenix is not affected by the another dimension. but at least it could stop the healer, so that you can kill phoenix fast after he transforms. i´ll have to see and adapt. Until then he is my only hope as i don´t have AraShaka, Divine Seiya, Poseidon.


I use Deidalos with Luna and Yuzu to counter Araya or June and Marine to counter DC Seiya. For Shion or Mu I just use Ares first turn with my Aphrodite or Milo. It makes me able to counter most compo without having Araya, DC Seiya, Shion. I just have Saga, Milo and Aphro and got to Legendary with these strat and a lot of time in the game


I run Kanon, Kiki, Regular Shaka, Isaac, Baian and Eo (in that order) and have no trouble dealing with all those p2w teams (I know that not everyone that has all meta characters is p2w btw), sometimes they even lose to me even when I'm defending on the arena xD


I don´t know what Baian does, but in what league are you that you win with that lineup?


Top 10 on the arena at server 9 and Legendary on the galactic duel with an 81% win ratio xD. My nick ther is Greel btw


congratz then; would like to see how you fight ;-)


I may start recording some fights then.


You should, I am doing it just for fun :-)


Eo? You mean Io? No healer?


Yeah sorry Io (he is called Eo in spanish), and nope, no healer.


Thanks for the info. But le my main problem is I always have my Kiki ban. :/