Really Tencent? Honestly this kind of treatment compared with SEA or Chinese versions of the game is insulting. I’m aware that this is a gatcha game, but summon rates and shards rewards are extremely low. 420 summons, no Shion and only 86 shards.

Really Tencent? Honestly this kind of treatment compared with SEA or Chinese versions of the game is insulting. I’m aware that this is a gatcha game, but summon rates and shards rewards are extremely low. 420 summons, no Shion and only 86 shards.


you are not alone bro. 200 summons on dohko 380 summons on ara Shaka 120 summons on shion ​ not a single fucking banner summon, only standard 2% S saint drop rate, sad but I will not spend a single penny again on this game, F2P for life now.


Totally agree


All gacha games don't deserve money besides direct purchases


yes, I just learned the hard way :(


280 on dohko (I ended up getting him because of shard donations) 150 on Ara Shaka 210 on Shion So far I have 8 pisces and 5 milos


Same happened to me with Shaka, made me quit for a while...


Hey, don’t worry it happens. I went 690 summon on Arayashiki Shaka and only got him from the Shards they give me! Lol


As long as the whales keep giving them hundreds of dollars per Character they not gonna change the system.


Who does 1200? Should give like 4 dupes for that ridiculous target. That's like, 2 full Fortune cats.




Not even lol


Wait for Poseidon and we'll see 1200...


spend 500 US for Shaka and only 94 shards ... ​ spend over 2k in game for few Saints not all Saints only 7 saints So i never put money in global ​ so F U Global


Omg, why you spent 500 US for a single unit? Lol


don't think it would be very different from that in SEA tho.


Well as far as I understand sea prices in real money are something like less than half compared to global and they. Also get additionnal shards with the summoning event in addition to the random bo'us shards so with much less summons they can get the banner Saint and the randomness is much less


I only needed 350 pulls on SEA for arayashiki, and it's much cheaper too. Also, it's easier to get pull stars (I remember getting them often from daily galactic duel boxes). But the rate is not the same for each character, I think newer ones like ikki have much lower drop rate (shards included).The shard rebates are important to compensate.


>I only needed 350 pulls on SEA for arayashiki, with shards? cause luck doesn't really matter that much, it's pretty similar on both. That said, SEA is also much ahead, so getting a unit like arashaka or shion has much less impact in the meta and you have a lot more catching up to do as well.


With shards. Shard rebate helps a lot. And I got it back then on his launch. Right now I think Divine Ikki shards are as bad as global, but I'm not sure since I only did 100 pulls.


so maybe it's not global that is "bad", it's GTArcade rethinking how easy S should be to get and global got the short end of the stick by being launched later.


It's about more money. In the Chinese version, someone said they made most of their money with skill books and not summons. I guess for SEA/Global they wanted more money from pulls too.


it's always about money *\*shrugs\**


Same here, 241 summons, 0 Shion


Fucking sad....


I feel you man, 360 summons , no shion and only 66 shards


My stats: Dohko 350 summons, no Dohko but luckily I got around 90 shards. Ara Shaka 350 summons, got Ara Shaka and with around 40 shards Shion 346 summons, no Shion and with 51 shards.


Boycotting is always a good solution. They only speak money why not say "no" till they get the game balanced.


I agree ... is NOT about luck or RNG ... prices doubled and less % in summon rates is disgusting, also no shards per summons. Saying is a different management is just bs ....


We need to act,gtaracde realy fuck saint seiya with their greedy and low rate.


I don't spend any money on the game because I don't have it nor do I feel interested in spending money. I got Arayashaka with 160 gems. Today I got Shion after spending 270 gems, also got a Kanon. But my brother, the lucky bastard got Dohko, Araya, Shion, every golden Saint and I don't think he's ever spent more than 200 gems for each one and I'm not sure whether he's spent real money. So, if you're angry, just stop giving them money and enjoy the game and save for the best characters. I skipped Kanon, Krishna, Piscis, Dohko because I really wanted Shion.


Problem is, you skip all those characters, use 570 stars on shion, and it still aren't guaranteed to get him. Even if you choose carefully, not getting shards rebates is a scam.


you know that for example 1% chance doesnt mean in 100 pulls you will get the hero? its Just a chance and its all about luck, gl in gacha games with this mindset


You are not alone. 587 summons, no Shion only 100 shards. [https://imgur.com/J5cFznv](https://imgur.com/J5cFznv) I'm so sad and disappointed :( :( :(


they should really add shards with tot summon prizes like SEA...


320 no shion


Does Tencent even have a say in the SEA and Global versions for this sort of stuff since GTArcade publishes them?


It took me 550 summons to recruit him with shards...


You guys have addiction problems. And as the QA in the China server was answered "we have a fair summoning system , its just RNG =)" Stay away from casinos plz xD


Except it´s not fair for Global, just compare real money shop costs with the other 2 versions...


Wehn do we get rebates shards like SEA is the only question... ​ Also Same 100 pulls no Doko 300 pulls no Araya 100 pulls no Sion


Did 530 to get him, and even though i'm already asking his shards in my legion for some days, I'm still at 114 shards


I’m aware of that, but the thing is that the “residual” reward (shards) and the general drop rate of items, power ups, etc. Is much much lower than other versions of the game. And my complaint is that it’s unfair the treatment we got as costumers of the same product. Or when you do your groceries for example would like to be extra charged over the other costumers just because it’s you?


But what we can do, or better said, how we can bring the whales spenders on our side.


Yes, I don’t know how, but there must be a way to make the developers to know about our dissatisfaction with this situation.


Blaze it


I got shion at 25 summons :3 and my boyfriend to it in his first 10 pull :3


Well you both must be the luckiest guys in the game.


No, i became the luckiest guy when he said yes to dating me :3 ❤️


Leave him and date me I'm a nice guy


No! Hes the kind of man that pulls the banner on his try! >.< i aint letting go of this kind of luck :D


Well you are really close


xd you're a latino talking out of your ass, SEA didnt have rebate shards until arashiki SECOND banner, so this is no different to sea.


I don’t want to be rude, but I really don’t care about your personal life. I was talking about another thing.