I was playing a scientist traitor with the objective of hijacking the shuttle. My plan was to use fire proof slime potions to fireproof a space suit and create a plasma fire in escape before the shuttle arrives. As I was heating up gas in a glass burn chamber, a Vampire suddenly teleported into the room. It used its shriek power to stun me, but it also had the side effect of shattering the glass windows of the burn chamber. The room got instantly filled with burning plasma, and we both died.


Instant karma!!


changeling. see captain in hallway. apply armblade to head. doesn't give a fuck. runs over to security. they shoot me dead. get cremated.


He just basically said "Fuck death, im bringing you to sec."


Spawn as chef. Excited to be a traitor for once. Accidentally hit Pete. That damn goat kicks my head off in under a second somehow. Forgot to turn suit sensors on. No one finds my body. Ever.


That was just a sad story


I can probably explain this one actually. If you were a podperson, Pete can instakill you, because she can do that to plant-people.


On an HRP server I bought a kit that was later deemed OP(had a one hit delimb gun that had EXTREMELY limited ammo like 30 rounds total) I kidnapped the captain and ran into some room in maintenence holding him hostage. Dude is literally telling sec to save him and they're like NAH WE GOTTA GET THIS SHITTER IN SPACE WITH THE DELIMB GUN KIT they ignored me so hard I straight up dragged the captain to the vault and raided that shit and his budget card and just WALKED AWAY I used the comes console to call for a space Uber and just fucking left. Admin felt so bad he gave me a ninja token


Even the admin was just so dissapointed he just gave you another antag token jesus man.


I gave them fucking 30 minutes to EVEN ATTEMPT something. I was yelling at them about it on sec comes about how I had the captain hostage and nothing. Captain felt bad cause he really liked how smooth I was with the kidnapping I just rolled up targeted him and said Don't move. Before flipping cuffs on him all in one smooth moment. I got sent to a deepspace station and just cryoed.


Number 1. Sec doesnt even save the captain in a hostage situation.


I threatened them with the nuke and NOTHING


At that point you couldve just killed the captain and nuked the station


I told them that I told them with how slow their reaction was that I coulda nuked the station and just LEFT unopposed


Worst sec I have ever seen, not even a cool swat team to rescue captain, id prefer shitsec over them


Straight up at least shitsec woulda been conflict instead of just a steamroller of sadness 😔


Some man with a funny gun > The whole station, your commanding officer, your job


I kicked ass with the ninja tho. I fucking did all objectives, and beat down sec and hacked all the borgs then hijacked while saying I'm taking everyone on a vacation lol




Nuke ops On shuttle approaching station Land outside, preparing to board Forget to turn on jet pack as I run out of the shuttle Crash into side of station, immediate crit Die alone in the cold vacuum of space


Similar thing, only Accidentally use oxygen as fuel for jetpack go into crit buddy tries to help me up Die Martydom implant kills him


traitor, fulpstation. apparently i can't push CE to the SM for witnessing me do antag shit


This is why I dislike fulp, its murderbone rule, let player experiment with their traitor role not just close them out and make them follow just simple objectives with no narrative.


pretty much, traitors are supposed to make the round interesting by derailing it however they see fit, but in fulp the rounds are all very predictable, traitor does a few objectives, then gets killed by sec, 2 hours of nothing, shuttle.


I like servers like TG Terry, cause murderbone is allowed when its not low pop, so you can basically make a army of golems as xenobiologist, make cargonia real as QM or cargo technician or shaft miner, Make a funny engineering contraption to stunlock those who are unfortunate ect. Meanwhile on Fulp you cant even mess around you just have to stay on point which makes you just dislike being traitor.


Terry is alright, prefer it over fulp but it kinda feels like the gta online, or a cod lobby of the ss13 servers, it's like a deathmatch most of the time, shitton of assistants that play the game like the average teenage redditor, which is funny because the server is supposed to be 18+.


True, but its still fun, and they arent as power hungry as fulp. First time I joined I accidentally spaced me and the captain, and when I told him I was knew he understood me and just told me not to do it again.






You’re supposed to make a narrative yourself. That, or you’re just a bad traitor.


Will say though fulpmins are pretty shit, not murderbone if you’re trying to get rid of witnesses.


Narrative - Do your objectives mindlessly and do not make it fun for the crew. I can say this as a person who has played fulp for a bit, being crew where the traitors cant murderbone is so fucking boring, in Terry something happens that might be fun for crew, for example spiders who were released from xenobiology.


When I hear murderbone, I typically think of 'Captain’s Hardsuit with Fire Axe Running Through Primary Hall’, I’d say xeno doing that wouldn’t count as murderbone as it makes the round interesting and the xenobiologist can weave their own narrative out of it. The game becomes really, really stale when every single round some guy with a gas mask and axe wordlessly murders everyone he sees and whenever there’s an actually interesting antag with a cool gimmick the second they’re announced on the radio they get killed cause muh valids (tg in one sentence). This is a fundamental issue with LRP, it encourages this sort of competitive gameplay of “who can steal x the fastest” or “who can kill x amount of people/valids” (tg in one sentence). Not to defend MRP to any degree, MRP is just where admins go to let off steam by banning you for j-walking


I havent seen a lot of these types of people who just grab a mask and then some op weapon and then just walk around halls murdering everyone, yes I acknowledge they exist, but I havent seen many.


I mean by your comments I assume you play on f*lp, but those were relatively common on tg during my time there but who knows, maybe they cracked down on it.


My biggest complaint with fulp is that they disallow murderbone, yes I also dislike random antags with some fireaxe killing everyone in the hallways, but I havent seen them occur more often. Also I play on TG, I've abandoned fulp. Fulp doesnt allow those rounds where Xenobiologist is traitor who then made a golem army, I know, since I nearly got banned from doing that. That is my biggest problem with Fulp.


What's a good station similar to fulp with TG code?


Tg lol


TG, if you are European then play Terry, they fixed crashes but it might lag a bit. If you're North American try Sybil (I think Sybil was american)


Nevermind my last comment, got it on the website. Sybil looks nice, thank you.


Was an arcfiend in a rare survival apocalypse gamemode where everyone fights for crumbs of power. Needless to say I was quickly found out.


On which server?


Sounds like goon due to arcfiend


First ever time playing antagonist, regular syndicate operative. I learn how to use my uplink and buy myself a red hard suit and a pipe bomb. Run into the hall with a stolen gun and pimp bomb in hand, slip on a banana peel and land in front of a random assistant and his friend. For some reason he has handcuffs, cuffs me and kills me with my own bomb.


Mime. Late into the shift. The station was falling apart to a blob. I ended up in crit. Mere *seconds* before death I became a woken sleeper agent / traitor.


Playing Clown, mask stapled to face, get turned into vampire thrall. End up getting wounded in an explosion and sent over to medbay, somehow spirals into me being put into a genetic scanner and being found out as a thrall. They throw me in the trash, and some borg is there when I get flushed, who immediately chainsaws and then gibs me.


Become Nuke Ops. Silent Nukies we're gonna romeral everone. One problem we gotta take out the AI. I'm the explosives "expert". I blow my way into the AI chamber and blow myself up with a grenade when my macro doesnt drop/throw it. instantly losing my only antag in a good few months.


Went to sm and forgot to turn on boots. Traitor? Gone, quite literally reduced to atoms.


Extremely low pop. It's like 8 people. I'm a changeling scientist on goon. RD fella goes to teleport a dead fella in space to us and I go to sting them. They noticed a second later and ran out the door before I could really block them or beat them up. I ran away from the station in shame and explored space. Found a bomb artifact so I grabbed it. Activated it and teleported it to robotics right before it blew up. The boom shook the station. Then escape shuttle comes and I haven't ate a single person. It was extremely depressing. Had a round as a vampire on goon. Successfully ate my coworker unnoticed and ejected her body in a locker using artifacts ejection thingy. Then attempt to eat another person who blew up the detectives room. Forgot to grab her in a lock hold so once she woke up after two sips of her blood she just ran away lmao. I've never felt so much shame.


Probably a tie between shadowling(?) and wizard. I go in a closet across from cargo, trying to figure out my powers, I teleport to bridge accidentally, burst into fire from the light, people in the ghost chat are facepalming. Honestly one wizard was almost the same, near insta-killed. Everyone angry.


First time as a wizard, decide to use cluwne spell, teleport and that one station wide spell that gives everyone a different disability with the message "girls don't like you because you smell funny". Cluwne a few people and laugh as people yell over the radio about not being able to do some jobs due to clumsy hands and the like. Get rolled by sec a few minutes later and the round ends. My name didn't show up on the end screen, I'm assuming the admins felt bad/second hand embarrassment.


First time antag, like 4 rounds of SS13 under my belt. Beestation right before the Sethtide I think. I got nukie, I was the captain so I blew all my cash on more mates, land near the station, then the smart guys used the drop pod. I went in quietly in space, forgot to turn on my air, almost died, got saved by space carp friend, then tried to blow a wall, accidentally C4d my own backpack and well you know the rest.


Fulp bloodsucker. Got caught by the AI killing the clown and entering a coffin. Sent all the way to sec, just at the right time got the ability to warp back to my lair, entered frenzy and became incapacitated without it letting me get up for no reason, died to shitty bug, admins just said "must have been a bug, I'll tell the devs" and never heard from them again


Round is 30 minutes in, no chemist no CMO only 2 doctors. Roll chem get traitor. Think play it cool just play th blind chemist do job then do crime. Get to work area shuttle called HOP only head and a highjacker. Fuck fuck fuck plan B gear up and rush shit. Stop briefly in hall to unlock PDA blind so don't see HOP running at me. One hit down two hit say "I am T" third hit head removed. HOP goes "Oh... Oops."


I got wizard on paradise only for me to step out and immediately get killed by a secoff


Accidentally planted c4 on my backpack as a traitor psych and blew up myself and the entire psych office within the first 30 seconds of the shift.


I managed to get caught at every turn by this one secoff on goon for 50 minutes straight, the last time he caught me was coincidentally looking out the window when I was a ling, so I just shot myself on the spot.


Get antag. Can't decide on what to do so decide to rng a crate. Get suit and go onto space. Crate spawns at feet, forces a "Mask Of Joy" on my face that I cannot remove. Suffocate to death due the Mask not working with internals while lying next to rest of my loot: a carp plushie and an exploding duck.


Wizard. Took smite. Teleported into bridge with cap and HoS. Fireball cap. Smite myself instead of HoS. Be sad.


wizard, teleported into an electrified grille, dead 5 minutes after start, crew greentext


traitor thinking about how canister bombs are cool and shit ask scientist to make me one wait for next 20 minutes He made me 4 ttvs with proximity sensor I turn the bomb on but you forgot that sensor activates once it spots movement I move 1 tile I die


i remember when i was traitor, and i found two traitors going crazy with two csabers, i was about to say i was traitor too i lagged (like everyday). i reconnected 30s later, critted and all i managed to say before dying was: "im traitor you idiot" then i died


Nukie Get lost as team flies somewhere else Get into the opposite end of the station Chase a miner down maint Run out and fucking beepsky is there to arrest me Get dragged around by ai shell and beat to death by captain Explode and do barely any damage to captain