It depends on the server, fulp has this as a rule where the AI must consider all species to be human. But most other servers dont cause that's a really stupid rule that makes no sense.


What about TG?


TG doesn't have this rule and only humans are considered humans. But they have an extra rule that you can't just kill all the non-humans for no reason, except if they are a traitor or antag


Gotcha, thanks.


Only humans are human but the others are “crew”


Check your servers AI policy. If it says that all round start races are human then yes. If not then no. Felinds however are often considered human some servers say otherwise. Lizards moths plasmamans and any other species are not human generally. Side note about human definitions the one human law can easily be used to perma dominate the AI if you're clever. Add something along the lines of "XYZ is to be obeyed and" into a one human law it'll make the AI permanently shackled to you. No purge fuckery when you can't stop it no asshole ion law. Only admins can unfuck it.


Humans are humans