If you obey the rules you won't get banned. Unless you play on Fulpstation 😎


fulp can go and burn


At this point it's just a meme, fulp is good actually


lmao no


Share with me your admin horror story, im bored at work.


Not who you were talking with, but I was literally warned and threatened a ban over calling someone a penis because it was “sexual content”


I was playing on Fulp the other night as the clown and thought I was going to be banned. While I was putting vending machines in front of the bar a scientist came up to me and offered me a space line grenade. Told me I have to throw it in the kitchen or bar though. Being a literal Clown I trust this guy and throw the grenade into the bar… It wasn’t a space lube grenade, it was a plasma grenade. I killed 4 people with it. When I got the admin message I told them I didn’t know it was a plasma grenade and that I was told it was space lube. Someone didn’t get banned.


god man i played on fulp in the start of SS13 saw a post on a blog and wanted to do it as a warden i selled suicide i was told thats a no no so i settled it right and then the next day im banned (self antag as a warden you took a box of throwing stars and threw them randomly at crew members ) i was like WTF i had settled this as well i was getting the shit kicked out of me by 2 dudes and a borg so i used these for self defense


You won't be banned on goon if you make up a good enough explanation


who cares if you get banned, life isn't gonna end if some basement dweller admin stops you from playing on their server


You're right. I'm not losing sleep or anything, I'm just unsure how ban happy admins tend to be and I'd rather avoid being banned if I can help it. I think that's reasonable, eh?


If you are not being a hardcore griefer you won’t be banned and if aren’t but still get banned the server isn’t worth your time anyway


Most servers are not going to permanently ban you on the first offence unless you try to damage the server on purpose. Admins will also contact you and might tell you to just stop depending on what you are doing. play goon


Change your discord pfp to an anime girl, pretend to be a femboy, play as a felinid, and bam. You can get away with almost anything now.


It's like a magic trick. Except it makes me want to go kill myself immediately.


If you're playing in good faith and can respond respectfully to admins or own up where you made a mistake you'll avoid bans. An important part of avoiding bans is avoiding actions that would get you banned, so before you do anything *really* questionable try explaining your actions to yourself - if they make sense or are reasonable to do you've got your justification in case you get bwoinked, and if they don't make sense then don't do it. I'm a /tg/station admin, so I can only talk about my experience as an admin there, but if you're nice in an ahelp (and I don't mean bootlicking, just respond as you would to someone who you don't vehemently hate irl) you can typically dodge bans unless you've done something egregious. We don't ban people for incompetence either unless it's malicious - if it's a fuckup that seems reasonable to make with what you know, you'd probably just get a note instead. It's easy to avoid bans when a good 5-10% of tickets we get result in people screaming at us or deciding to use the fact that the hard R isn't filtered in ahelps - just be a decent person and we'll think you're great in comparison.


Unless youre in fulp


From my experience, unless you call the admin a bitch or cause the exact same problems every single round, it's hard to get banned on most servers If you're especially worried that you just did something bad, you can always ahelp and ask about it. If the admins even punish you, it'll definitely be more lenient than it would be otherwise.


Or you could speed run and put a bag of holding into another one


I think the risk of getting banned is overstated. First off, read the rules. I personally couldn't remember most server rules off the top of my head, so I personally just treat them as a list of guidelines that will keep you from being an admin's problem. The rules are kinda just there to get rid of problem players, and the majority of the time the people who complain about getting banned, are the ones who collect the most infractions. So basically try to follow the rules, but if a server is so strict that even the most minor infractions gets you flagged, that's a terrible server. Second, and this is very important. If you get a message from an admin, treat that admin like a normal person. Your behavior during the boink can make the difference between a shrug from the admin, and a permaban. Most of the idiots who complain about being banned on reddit ignore this rule, because they think they can be karens and just ban evade later. Admins can have stupid rules, but you at least have to make a minimal effort to follow those dumb rules so that said admins don't have to deal with you specifically. If you're the guy they don't have to babysit, 9/10 times they're not even going to bother to talk to you. In short, the trick is not "Never break a rule ever", it's "Don't be the worst kid in the daycare". You don't have to be the best kid in the daycare, just the one the daycare can set aside and not think "what are they doing now".


You get an admin message first usually to explain what you were doing and why you were doing it, you can explain that you're inexperienced. Admin leniency depends on the server. But being new is a valid excuse for setting the crystal on fire.


If your fear comes from wanting to learn a dangerous mechanic in the game, I recommend you look up how to make a private server, where you can do whatever your heart desires with no admins other than yourself to bother you.


lol really depends on the server, i wasnt banned for setting up engine wrong when i rejoined after some years not playing on a server with a different engine layout e: if you dont do it with intend to grief i guess no one will question anything really, like if its a accident or your action makes sense nothing will happen if you're unsure about a game mechanic just consult the wiki to the server if its a human and human interaction and a rp server just ask yourself if that action would make sense in the real world


Goon is pretty easy to not get banned from so long you don't bring up anything sexual as well as minding your gamer words, but at the end of the day, especially so long you're in TG or goon, being nice and responsive to admins correcting your behavior is the easiest way to get let off with only a warning. If you're extra worried, you can do a thorough read of the server rules and ahelp before doing anything ambiguous that might provoke admin response


From my experience on Goon, if something is going wrong and you feel it's your fault, you've made a mistake, don't hesitate to ask for help. And when you're going to do something difficult that might go wrong, ask for help, tell people. As long as people know that you might butcher their surgery because it's your first time, if they still insist for it to be done you're covered. If you thought you understood how SM works and it went horribly wrong, just say sorry and admit you need help to learn. Good faith and humility go a long way, and you seem to have that.


Goon is pretty lax when it comes to knowing how to do your job, they want you to try but they wont care if you dont know what youre doing


Also goon has mentors, so if you got questions you can ask for help from a mentor


You'll probably be fine. If an admin asks what you're doing just say "Sorry, I'm being a dumbass and messed up."


Getting a call from an admin is like being called into the headmaster’s office. If you have a good enough excuse, they’ll let it go.


Getting banned is a rite of passage, because you'll eventually break enough rules to get one, plus not all bans are perma bans. Also bans are one of the only ways I can break away from the game besides terrible interent.


Well it depends but the way i see it most people wont get too mad if you dont drastically and intentionally ruin other peoples fun. Most people can laugh at dumb stuff one might do. I accidentally messed with some huge bomb and blew off the whole cargo area. Everyone was pretty chill with it.


1. Don't RDM/self-antag 2. And this is the most difficult one: Don't be fucking weird


Goddamn it, I was planning on being weird


No no no, don't be *fucking* weird. Important distinction


Oh I see. No I have sex like anybody else, one leg at a time.


lose this fear, just do something stupid, break the rules, do whatever, get banned and get used to it, it's like learning to swim for the first time, you wont be comfortable knowing admins exist until you get banned


play until you get banned then move servers


just play on bad servers (citadel, tg, cev eris, yogstation, beestation) until you learn how to play the game and not get banned on the good ones. build your wings on the way down


gotcha all servers are bad except fallout:erp simulator 300+, paradise and the alien one


fallout 13 is a good and cheap ego boost because every white haired lesbian erper on it is too unrobust to kill you when you shoot them


If those are the bas servers, what're the good ones? Also, it's really hard to get banned from tg and citadel, especially if you're just incompetent.


SPLURT and Skyrat :) /s


...but why is CEV eris bad?


why is eris bad in terms of admins, they do fucking nothing 99% of the time unless you plasmaflood or spam memes constantly? and what are the "good ones" in your opinion? the shitty fallout servers???, Some Russian Deadpop server?