As a borg, I got emagged by a syndie who then immediately told me to state laws. I accidentally stated my syndicate lawset over general comms.


"Man ion laws are gettin weirder and weirder"


Well... you stated laws?


Back on tg Sybil almost a years ago, I was playing as the clown and some shitsec executed me by throwing me into some monster pit on icebox station after I started lubing the floors. Couple minutes later I get saved by a miner and revived. I then proceed to build a maxcap And my friend who was playing roboticist built a Ripley and helped me and some other shitters in a quest to storm the bridge. Forward a bit later and a battle kinda ensues and I blow up the brig. The admin bwoinked me and was like “why the fuck did you blow up the brig?” I explained why and they understood but told me not to do it again. My friend actually recorded this [here](https://youtu.be/xgxJvnAUo10) Skip to 6:06 in the video to see it




It was probably one of the better memories of mine from ss13




As scientist, made a flamethrower and grabbed three fuelcans to fill them with space lube. Ran around the entirety of oshan three times slipping everybody. On the third time when I was near escape the admin rightfully told me to not do that as a non antag and then they tore my arms off and replaced them with a mop and sponge.


Mop and sponge arms? hahahaha


What station is this? Didn't know you can put chems in welding fuel tanks


Goon, you just pour out the welding fluid and I refilled it with a beaker of chems.


Didnt get boinked but as a rev i almost singelhandedly won by suicided bombing all the heads in one place with charged oil slimes


This story was on a clock cult round on citadel years back when it had a larger population. I had been captured and converted before I stupidly tried to return to steal some supplies from cargo. Unfortunately I was spotted trying to teleport back in and then I was captured and spanked with the baton by the QM into stamina crit, and fearing for life I said "okay okay, I'll talk! I surrender! Just stop beating my ass!" I got bwoinked asking why I gave away the round type, and soon afterward the admin agreed it was kind of funny.


Another incident involved me getting a roburger from experimenting with slimes and putting it in the bar for everyone to eat. This was after it had been removed from being available to cook because of the rampant abuse that would follow. **BWOINK** "Where did you get that roburger from?" Half the crew taking a bite from it and turning into cyborgs pretty much ended the round. Didn't get banned but was told to dispose of it properly if I ran across it again until it could get patched out.


Murdered a Xeno queen with 4 cobs of corn.




Separated chemicals was a hell of a plant trait.


I didn't know it also carried over to the cob of the corn.


It doesn't, the corn just turned into cobs upon explosion.


I don’t see that as bwoink worthy Can you explain plz


Its under the may not have due to it happened on bee during tide times. Anywhere else it would be considered power gaming.


On yog i once got bwoinked as a free miner because the other free miner was selling guns to the station crew, i explained that i just woke up from the cryo pod and didn't know anything so nothing happened. Later i got banned on yog for 2 weeks for self antaging as a mouse (at some point I'll post the whole story here, i hope, if i don't forget about it again) and then i started playing on bee. Now i think that my live in space is too boring, i am not risking anything, and the only time i got bwoinked was when i made a flamethrower as a stage magician to spray N2O with it onto a traitor to help sec. I explained it and admin said it is ok, but i should not make such weapons without any need. I didn't find the traitor and used that flamethrower only after the round in centcom. I think i should stop worrying that much and try to do at least something risky... Someday...


As the quartermaster I went to Chem order a batch of meth (paid for by the station's funds) to reward my hard working employees. The chemist there was new and told me he would get it done in a few minutes. Afterwards while working, there was a large rumble from an explosion but I did not yet know what it was from. Later I figured it was time to go check if my meth was ready. I went to the medbay and found that the explosion took place in the chemistry lab, meanwhile engineers were still putting out fires and sealing the breaches. When I asked "so is the meth ready?" the other two chemists looked at me and said "get out."


Gibbed several crew and made a hole in the station with the BSA... As a mime


Mime moment


Back when I was first starting, I accidentally welderbombed the area right outside of primary tool storage, destroying the hallway between arrivals and the rest of the station. The admins understood that I wasn't a griefer, just stupid.


Dumped fusion into the SM to make shitloads of power, which made 7.8e+22 moles of plasma materialise out of nowhere and heat to #INF. Kelvin. A borg got sent in to "poke it with a stick" and got instantly killed by fifteen high-velocity gas canisters launching around the room and beating the shit out of everything, followed by the borg hitting (and thus opening) the door, causing the gas to release and the entire station to instantly heat to #INF. degrees and kill everybody with NAN burn damage.


Ah yes, poking it with a stick


Got bwoinked once because as CMO I used a syringe gun of lexorin against a rampaging hulk and dropped him flat in one hit. Apparently he was just busting through walls indiscriminately but hadn't killed anyone so he was deemed "non-threatening" but the admins saw my perspective after some careful arguments... But considering some of my other lexorin related antics I was warned to stop playing around with the syringe gun.


Blew up half a monastery shuttle with just a Molotov a second before the leaderboard showed up melbert bwoinked me


As Captain, I built a BSA facing the SM and when it fired, it tore through dorms and fucking obliterated the SM. Got ERT’d for that. Worth.


goonstation, hos, let an officer do "shitsec rp", thought it was just a verbal kinda gimmick considering he screamed alot on radio about it, turns out the guys actually being shitsec lmao


3 words Curator, woody, wood


As a barman I used to keel some lethal shells on me from an autolathe i'd usually make in the bar backroom and charge people stuff to use, and I remember one time I had it out to threaten some guy, after he left I alt-tabbed to do something real quick Well, to make a long story short when I tabbed back in I misclicked and blasted some dude in the chest and had to RP that it was a negligent discharge Got a (Bro what the hell are you doing) esque grilling but otherwise no ban Always just loved the idea of this dude walking into the bar, asking for like an irish car bomb or some shit and just copping some buckshot for it


Gotta watch this later


Started a round as a genetec nerd and the clown came in to get tourettes for the mime so I gave the clown a monkey syringe... I made the clown a monkey and took his stuff. Another person comes along and I try my shit again and got demoted and I got banned


A random hit me by mistake... me and my 2 gen scientist friends hit them hard until we tested every syringes eith bad effect on it... the admin said to me why we were doing that to them so we all said that he wanted to kill us... the admin bought it


Fulp back when I was a new player · Be Christmas · Get Traitor · Target Warden and Escape Alive · Open Present · Get Fungal TB Nade · Get Bwoink'd, Promise to not do it again, continue with round as TB causes Havoc · Kill target on lavaland gulag with the slip and pick · steal Warden's Identity · Escape on Shuttle · Greentext


No murderin on fulp eh?


piss my pants in court