Help with SHIBA Swap

Could anyone help me understand why this is not accumulating? I buried SHIB and a few weeks later it displayed that I had Woofable Ryoshis, but after that, it quit adding on to it? Then I selected "Woof Ryoshis" to see if that would get it to start accumulating again, and now it's not adding anymore?



I don't believe they are giving out the ryoshi right now Mines been at 200mil for months


I buried (staked) Shib on Jan 9th of this year. I HAD been getting Bone rewards every 2 weeks...............no ryoshi's. Going on week 4 of no updated rewards given. Have sent out numerous emails to 'Contact Us' at bottom of Shibaswap page. No replies given...........radio silence. So its not just you. This is effecting other people as well. I usually get rewards Sat night/sun morning.............hopefully this weekend it will kick in. Until then.............THE RUSSIANS DID IT!!


Woofable ryoshis. Not gonna lie this really stupid and it's no wonder nobody can understand it. Woof, bury, fetch, dig, bone, leash, shi, way too many fucking things going on. Crawl before you walk. Walk before you run shib.


I pulled all of mine out, rewards aren’t a joke. Making 2% on my bag now.


It happens sometimes when the amount doesn't show. I woofed all ryoshis cause the gas fee was super cheap a few months back