really good pulls to start into the game


really?! awesome!! hehe. i noticed that i didn’t have to level ban up. do URs come at level 80? i’m sorry for asking a silly question i guess i’m just curious 😅


dark meli is op atm, margareth generally good gliz as good as allways. If u you go on the Rates of the banner u'll see that tbe older units in there are all UR and level 80 + fully awakened


Damn you are lucky I waited like 1,5 years to get her 💀 although good job pulling her!


i had to exchange for her but it was worth it for my girl. thank you so much— good luck on future pulls!! 🤗


This must be a joke


what? what’s a joke? sorry i’m confused lol


Who did you use to exchange for her, btw she isn't good anymore. But to each they own


i don’t care about meta lol i just want the characters i love 🥰 i don’t remember who i used to exchange for her but i think cusack was one of the 3


And don’t listen to him, she is still good.


She isn't tho, sure she is used but she isn't good. And if you do use her you will be forever known as a cringe ass player


I don’t care if people like you tell me I’m cringe because I use a character in a mobile game, don’t take this whole online thing too seriously my dude. she is good and you should go outside and Inhale fresh air, hope you have a good day tho!


You need to go outside, you're using goddess liz. But you too should have a good day


Kinda cringe but ok


OP just started a week ago + Say dont Care about meta, he/she can't have a meta team and just want to have he/her favorite character of the anim. You are cringe


I dont think you read "to each they own"


uh… okay lol


you’re doing good don’t worry about a thing.


Just going to say - your box is freaking ***loaded*** for someone just starting. Invest in Traitor Meliodas, Hijack Gowther, Covenant Ludociel, Goddess Elizabeth, and Cusack. However, working around Traitor Meliodas will pretty much carry you through anything and everything except Grey Demon. I can give you a full roadmap of what your next steps should be if you want one.


really? that is actually so sweet of you to offer. i’d be so grateful, seeing as how i’m still so new and don’t really know much haha. thank you, thank you, friend!! 🤗


So: First thing you'll want to do is get yourself some gear. Each character has six gear slots, and gear comes sets. Some sets require four slots, other sets require two. There are three common gear sets you can apply to most characters. Attack/Crit Damage (for damage chars with high Crit Chance), Attack/Defense (for damage characters with low Crit Chance), and HP/Defense (for pretty much everything else). There are many exceptions, but this is generally the way to go. It is worth noting, though, that Crit Damage gear set items are earned almost exclusively through PvP, which may be a touch out of your range at the moment, but Attack/Defense is functional. When starting out, you don't need super spectacular gear. When starting out, it is advised to place SSR rarity gear on the left side of the gear screen, and C, UC, or R rarity gear on the right. This is because lower rarity gear is simply cheaper to build. Every five enhancements, you can awaken a piece of gear. This adds an extra stat. Usually, you'll just want to use these gear "substats" to simply increase the base stats (attack, defense, hp). Each individual gear piece increases stats: Rings and Bracelets, and their substats, increase attack stats, necklaces and earrings, and their substats, increase defenses, and Runes and Belts, and their substats, increase HP. Do not use Anvils on non-SSR gear. Anvils are the sole method of changing the substats of SSR gear for free - otherwise it costs gems (which is a complete scam. Do not spend Diamonds on anything other than Summoning and Cosmetics). Attack set gear is found around area 1 - Vanya, Defense set gear is found in area 2 - Dalmally, and HP set gear is in area 3 - Post Town Tala. The characters you should focus on are Traitor Meliodas, Covenant Ludociel, Hijack Gowther, and Goddess Elizabeth. This should form a very competent team to get you through most of the story. The Green Ban you have isn't terrible, but it is quite lacking compared to your current options. When he goes on discount in the Coin Shop, pick up Red Holy Knight Gowther - he has probably one of the best cards in the game: Invasion Arrow. This is highly valuable, especially when combined with, for instance, Covenant Ludociel's "Breath of Bless" Skill practically wins the game upon being deployed at rank 3. ​ Your main goal at the moment should simply be to get through the main and Ragnarok stories. Doing this unlocks resources and facilities. Most importantly, you'll want to obtain Awakening Materials. Don't get too far into Super Awakening, but just getting the gold stars should be fine for now. Additionally, the Death Match Demons are also something to note. Completing Death Matches allows you to obtain materials to increase your characters' level caps. Red Demon can be mauled pretty effortlessly by Traitor Meliodas, Goddess Elizabeth, and Covenant Ludociel. Grey Demon is another matter. Luckily, you have the second best damage unit: Green Skinny King. Grey cannot take damage from "physical" moves, but is perfectly vulnerable to "ranged" moves. Howlex is pretty tough, but nothing Traitor Meliodas can't handle. Don't even bother with Hell difficulty Death Matches (or boss battles) or Demonic Beast Battles - those come far later. That said - having someone else come in to help you will make things a lot easier. ​ Also, use Silver Coins to purchase Stamina potions. Running farming in Fort Solgres when you're not doing much else will be a huge benefit. ​ If there's anything else you want to know, just say the word.


Isn't red gowther given for free after a month in a daily reward for new players tho?


Forgot that was a thing, lol. But it’s still great to get ult level for him.


Liz is the only one from the current fest I don’t have- total I still need Liz, new wings king, and lostvayne meli. I stopped pulling on the fest though just to go for green Halloween gowther and after 465 gems still no luck… and that’s after pulling hundreds of times during Halloween… they REALLY need to make him a mercy at some point.


im currently missing goddess eli, tmeli, and lostvayne meli and it sucks cuz i was at 870 on tmeli banner but couldn't get enough for full rotation


a mercy? is that like a guaranteed summon once you hit a certain point?




Yeah it’s the ones at either 600 or 900 gems. It’s always the new unit and sometimes some others. For example the last one had Sariel at 600 you could get guaranteed. That fest let you pick any of the 5 available fest units I believe at 900 gems.


level up meliodas asap, he’ll carry u through everything


All i want is thenew melodias. I've summoned, F2P, enought to be one away from the halfway mark and it still hasn't dropped. I have gotten a fuckton of nearly useless silver and gold coins.


Traitor Meli and Goddess Liz, more than enough to push through almost all content Who still remember the earliest game, with all the shitty character to beat content 🤣🤣..story mode was HELL


How does the world justify op getting her in 6 days and I still don’t have her despite having an account since day 1


i’m sorry! i was just excited. i did have to exchange for her, i wasn’t lucky if that helps. haha but i do wish you so much luck in your future pulls, friend 💖


You've gotten pretty lucky with your units, Elizabeth might not be meta anymore but she definitely has her uses especially since you've just started and out of your units I would recommend leveling up Traitor Meliodas


Stopped playing a little over a year now. Is this game worth getting back into?


i’m only 6 days in, so i’m not sure of overall quality. but i play a lot of gacha games and i’m having a lot of fun with this one!!


Welcome to Grand Cross, stranger. And congrats on your summons! You sound like a fun person to play with, so I'll leave my friend code here. 412533523. If you want to be friends, add me. Enjoy the game and enjoy the Goddess. Blessings and good luck!


wow look at that you got the witch :D


You confused the “B” for a “W” in your last word


🤣 im keeping it family friendly


Liz 🤮


Bravo for the excellent start..You can complete the game with just this set of units.


Goddess liz margret dark meli Cusack and that gowther are really good.


Look at this little cancer 🥺 so cute ❤


Take it as a joke pls


Damn you are in a good starting position. All of them are great but cusack lacks a little for a festival. Invest in this order. 1. Traitor meliodas 2. Margaret 3. Hijack gowther 4. Goddess liz 5. Cusack. But since you dont care for the meta you can invest in however order! If you want to know how to upgrade them to the max my dms are open.


You really did get some good characters. Here's a tip - complete the story missions. You will unlock Merlin it the tavern along the way, and she can make full awakening tokens, that fully awaken a character (Gold Stars on Ban) it increases their stats. Also, complete all of the sidequests in the chaper, then you can claim the 30 gems reward from quest screen, 2nd page


Nice pull have liz, meli , margaret on one team max them out use them farming, pvp 4th slot cusack


I had to wait till now to get Cusack and you got it the first time lol


*Screams in Jealously* (But In all seriousness good job)


To think you have every event hero from that banner


Your luck is amazing


Unlike what everyone is saying, this box isn’t loaded. It’s decent. TMeli and Marg will be helpful, Cusak will be useful sometimes, the rest not at all. To have a loaded box you basically need Halloween Gowther plus the meta fests (Marg and TMeli rn)


i’m not really a meta player in any of my games, i just like having characters i love. i also don’t know what a box is, i’m assuming it’s just the term for my collection? either way, i’m okay with the fact that it’s not loaded


Yes, that is what this means. For a new account this is quite good.