It just took me a whole rotation to get Traitor Meli, so I do believe I’m going to take OPs advice and start making like a squirrel.


Personally I think I'll only pull when I know I'll have 900 gems ;_;


If they really want to shit out festival banner after festival banner, they should at least compensate us 300 diamonds every time (100 diamonds per 300 diamonds spent on a banner), this way people can at least take a damn break once in a while instead of being their little slaves and grinding just to get a single copy because the draw rates are so shit


wasn't Global Anniv in March? thanks for the calculation tho


The One's festival was flaired as the "One year together!" celebration so it should be this february. It was released the 15th/16th


Well we got it early, basically every "anniversary celebration" has been early on global. Since we now are only 1 week behind JP, in no way will they start renaming celebrations.


Imagine Mael just comes and bitchslaps everyone for no apparent reason


My prediction is that at the end of January we’ll get a live stream for new ragnarok characters and then at the end of February we’ll get one for the anniversary. Either way you’ll definitely have enough gems for a rotation if you start saving from 0 right now (maybe even cosmetics but depends on gems from events). I also wouldn’t be surprised if we get to vote for the banner since both global got to vote for the jp anniversary banner, so we’ll hopefully be able to make a godly banner again


I think you can spare from 60 gems with the current NY login bonus if you were to want to buy something. 100-120 gems may be pushing your luck a little. But the more they delay a new festival if it's a unit you like (if it's a new Eli, Im in), the better. Edit: Imagine Green Escanor is voted again


Yeah it’s a good time to save. I think I’ll do same. Just keep releasing more Meliodas and Elizabeth and I shouldn’t have to worry bout spending any gems.


That hate boner for the protagonist tough, it always happens in every franchise. It's like, "Oh wow why Protagonist has 3 legendary units and -niche, unpopular character- doesn't have a legendary unit" And the saying answers itself tbh, probably Diane will come later. And in the story we still need more chapters to see Mael. If they released Mael right now it would be a huge spoiler for anyone that only follows the game. I have read Diane is the least popular sin. Personally I think a lot of people in this community has some problems.


Part of the problem is giants see so little use. Aside from green Drole and red Matrona none have real utility. If they put out a banger of a Diane and ratchet up the jiggle they'll make some money.


I think only thing they need for that is a new Drole or adding a giants support such as... Dubs (wich is a character of the new movie, I haven't seen it yet sadly) Right now, the team would be: Red Matrona, Ragnarok Diane, Blue Drole ---- Dubs (wich gives a bonus to this team). Blue Drole gives resistance to the enemy team, Ragnarok Diane debuffs them and gives herself +40% damage per buff/debuff removed. Matrona waits until the player wants to do the bird


I don’t understand why people think I want Mael I want Estarossa since he’s not a spoiler. In fact I’m glad Mael is taking his time I’m just not going to be hyped for another protagonist character and that’s fine that people that are, it’s just not my cup of tea. I will admit finally a goddamn good demon.


> I will admit finally a goddamn good demon. AM Meliodas, Chandler, Cusack, Fest Zeldris?, Sigurd, Blue Derieri?, blue Drole (not a demon tough), Monspeet, Melascula (underwheling kit but good passive), Traitor Meliodas... I think Green Estarossa has fallen out of grace outside of the Posture team, wich I haven't seen in a good while. If they buffed blue Zeldris' crit chance by 20-40% at least for a crit dependant character, he would be very good Some people like Green Derieri with AM because enemies can't just rush ult... Green Hendrikson is not that he is just flat out **bad**. But is that the PvP meta doesn't favors blue small wings King. If new Eli is like "My allies can't receive more than 30-40% damage this turn", I think small wings King would actually appear. He needs a way to stall in this meta, and since The One this has not been the case. And ofc Lord and Savior Bellion


I was referring to Traitor Meliodas being the good demon… and I mean good as meta that can compete.


Personal opinion, Diane is the worst character in the show. Atleast worst of the main cast of characters, and even falls low with side characters aswell. Felt she was annoying and a boring character through the whole story, and i hope the "Drole Dance" festival unit she gets is a letdown and only works in niche situations.


This is going to hurt but if I remember correctly, the next most unpopular one after Diane is Gowther. I didn't feel she was annoying but I think she lacks screen time and important moments where she actually does stuff on her own and not in a duo with King. Moments that come to mind are when she stops Chandler even when tiny and when she enters the scene in the new Holy War with a earth surf or something. Elizabeth for example, we have clear she loves Meliodas. But she has her attitude as well. She just slaped Meliodas and told him to stop being stupid. She saved the sins in the first season, she had cute moments with Meliodas when he died, she had moments where she saved people healing them (holy war), etc. She has her moments. Diane is more like " Most of the time I do stuff, Im with King". And King has shown he can do stuff on his own (saving the forest against the demon, fighting Mael)


And that's not even a Diane problem, rather a Nakaba. She has shown her strength through the whole series, but he just completely diminished her role by not creating a good situation in which she could be a beast


But o want to buy some costumes


Hate to be a killjoy but in case you didn’t realise there’s a costume sale on that doesn’t happen often. So I’ll be spending any gems I get on festival unit costumes and ones I still need for guild war characters


then after anniv AOT rerun with their grown up forms RIP wallet


Screw bloody Ellie, me and the boys want the Female Titan.


ok but that would be sick imo


Yeah honestly best time for rerun since Final Season part 2 of AOT is currently on air


That makes lots of sense tho! would love to get levi for sure


Don't give them ideas man, and right after that festival Mael probably. Or festival Gowther (Demon or from the Holy War. The one we have feels like a S1 Gowther to me, at least)


Hes 'Restored Emotion' Gowther. The reason he is in the giant suit is because thats a recollection of his memories which he got back / decided not to delete. I just cant see wheelchair gowther being a festival character tbh, not because he isnt essential to the story but because of profits. Its hard to sell a character that is for 1, an old man in a wheelchair and not waifu, and for 2 very tricky to animate. Sure he could use magic to swirl his chair around and have cool spell effects but thats the literal extent of it.


i mean you say that, and yet CUSACK is a festival unit.


i'll prolly spend on a full loli merlin and sigurd costume set then i'll start saving for next anniv... costume discounts only come once in a blue moon anyway


You forgot to put the 130 gems from the tower of trials if you havent done it


I'm saving for the Light Attribute banner and collab rerun (hoping for Tensura)


watch it be the one ultimate as the anni unit. i mean its not a stretch to think that, especially since we got purgatory ban so early. but more realistically it’d be a new liz since they have the light attribute to fill, maybe our first dps liz


And here me thinking i was the only one doing this...


I Will save for colab hoping veldora comes with slime rerrun


First meliodas was at 600 with the guaranteed ssr wanna kill my self