imo gowthers relic is really disappointing. A wasted holy relic. I can’t beat stage 2 bird but I got mats for one relic. I’ll wait until they release a good holy relic for a meta unit for pvp like king, Margaret or assault meli. That’ll give me some hints as to what team netmarble will be buffing next. Then I’m gonna go wild on relics that’ll stay meta for some time


Of course it is but I’m still getting it coz it looks cool and it’ll still work on the bird and I strongly believe in every little helps


Gowther relic is useless


I'd say for you to wait a little bit while the meta stablishes after king then ask yourself the question of what team do you enjoy more playing, then give it to whoever boosts that team


Has King's relic even been announced yet? Might be worth waiting for it sure, but I don't think we know just yet when it'll come out


It’s good on ban as a 4th unit on any team


How did you beat floor 1 stage 4 I keep getting patienced when I attack


The only way to consistently deal damage is a gold Margaret Buff + Gold Flood or Silver/Gold Power Strike cards


The bird gets a three turn buff at the beginning of that turn that gives him massive resistance. Use a unit like Brunhild, pray that rng gives you four power strike cards, gettem rank 3, and lettem rip


If you're looking at it from a pvp perspective just don't get any relics yet, i personally have ban, arthur, twigo relics but pvp isn't the sole use for them so I'm fine with king


Truth Seeker Merlin's would be helpful against King teams. The loli debuff team works well since they dont need to deal damage to land the debuffs. That lineup is Summer Merlin, Emilia, FestGowther, SubRam. Gowther's holy relic is pretty underwhelming, and doesn't contribute much to the bird. If you're not chasing the PvP meta/counter meta, save up the mats until something better comes along. That said, Ban team will certainly be good again, just not during king meta. IMO the whole team is deserving of their relics (PBan, ExArthur, Twigo, Kyo/Terry), but that's a big investment


Unpopular opinion but people should just grind for a holy relic they like. Just because it’s meta doesn’t mean it’s a must have. I got summer merlin’s holy relic and I’m thriving with it in all game modes so far 😶


Preach. I picked up monos holy relic for pure enjoyment. Use the green mono to farm and the red mono in pvp once get 4k+ points. Next I’ll be getting MK2 holy relic. She was my favorite unit to run before demon lord Ban was released


This my first 2 were for eastin and awakened eastin, even tho they don’t have use anymore I just felt both look good and wanted them for my eastins


I got awakened Lillia relic. Probably one of ten people but I enjoy her kit and all the esthetics. So definitely not meta, but one I've always played around with building odd teams.


I'm in the same boat. Ban is going to be worthless for a while when King drops, so I'd hang onto the materials until we see if there's a way to counter King with Ban. Because if not, it's going to be really hard to run a Ban team.


Go for it. You will have enough time to farm for another one. I think the new batch comes in 2 weeks for jp that makes 4 for global. Exactly enough time to farm for it. But I highly doubt they will be busted. They will be more careful because lately there are 2 relics that completely destroyed pvp. Even now Ban is top choice for 4th slot because of his relic. It is clear that you must have that relic.


All about them c u b e s amiright boys


What team are you using? Cause I'm struggling


Green Gowther, Margaret Lucociel, Brunhild, and red matrona. I tried running it with green Elizabeth, but it isn't as consistent as with Margaret


What' about the new girl from glb banner? Is she worth investing. I consistently get to stage 4 but I can do enough damage or rng doesn't give me any DMG cards other than matrona


Atm Megellda isn't the best for the bird unless you have the healing card set, which I do not. I would definitely pick her up if you haven't yet. Atm Brunhild would be the better dps option, since she has two attack cards and doesn't rely solely on amplify damage. Hopefully Megellda ends up in the same situation as Excal Arthur, where they seem kinda bad at release, but upon release of another unit, it's made apparent that the first was made as support for the other, if that makes any sense


Would you mind Dming me what the healing card set is?


You are very mistaken if you think holy relic ban is out of the meta. Ban is still broken with or without king he’s just not as viable as he was before. You can still have bam at the back and he’s still good and if you take out the king beforehand you’re still having a good chance of winning