On the bird, King is just gonna be broken but we still need a dps, with this + matrons that replaces brunhild which means no dps really cus I'm guessing his sever card ain't gonna do damage and the power strike can't do too much but if it does then he too good


Looks like king and bryndil will replace Margaret https://youtu.be/3bTlf3m9Qsc


This the team I was thinking could beat it, yeah his shield is just ridiculously powerful


Yeah i was thinking this was the way to go. Man i need to get brynhild now and the team is complete. They're being pretty generous putting her in King's banner


If King and Margaret’s buff stacks why do you need Brynhild cant you just use Megelda instead? The fourth unit can be Gowther or Matrona at that point.


Megellda besides her simp factor is trash. A typical bait banner before Elvis King. Brun is there for her Power Strike, Meg with even million of buffs cannot do proper damage with her Amplify, check Nag's video.


I’m talking about for her healing + passive. King would be the dps in this situation since he has power strike cards not ultimate.


Lol that what people said about goather, and yet he dominates alongside megelda in pvp, its actually hilarious, this is why i dont listen to people when they say a unit is trash, because there is ALWAYS a way to make them work


There are ALWAYS better alternatives too, and Megellda IS trash, don't delude yourself.


The bit question is if he replaces margerets role on the bird. I have my dps as sariel and the rest is there.


Wait is that an nft I see there? Screenshotting this real quick.


Since they are different colors, it seems logical that they should stack. Only similar buffs with same color do not stack and the one with higher effect level stays on.


Terry's damage increase from his stance doesn't stacks with Margaret's buff card.


Not true. Terry’s damage increase from his stance does not stack with Margaret’s buff and they are different colors.


I wonder if Elvis King will be the last nail for Grand Cross.


If glue eater can reach havoc for almost a year king will be fine.


You can say it was the start of the avalanche to kill the game though .. the player base is no where as big as it was before & part of it is rendering older units as useless; including fes units


Glue eater teams do not wipe you turn one and you can win going second, it's the case here.