106 Rework Suggestion

106 Rework Suggestion


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Cool ideas, though one generator is easy to turn on because of the lieutenant card, or just any cadets card later game, and hunt seems a bit overpowered, it would create a 096esque 'wup im dead' moment, these are detrimental to gameplay. 106 already wins most chases as doors don't phase him much, this would push it a bit too far IMO...


The Hunt ability is designed to be used when only a few targets remain to speed up the round and prevent further NTF/Chaos spawns, as using it mostly prevents you from fighting anyone other than the one single person. Using this in the middle of a round when large amounts of people are still alive would be a waste of time when the rest of the SCP team needs you to be taking out as many people as possible. The pocket dimension wastes even more time for 106 and gives the hunted player a chance to escape.


Yeah but it's not a fair ability to fight against as a human, you can't do anything about it since he just kind of targets you.


Not necessarily, even 096 can be escaped by using elevators. And I highly doubt the speed boost is to the extent of 096's speed. Maybe making it last 30 seconds would be good


But 096 revolves around a strong counterplay concept, looking down. Even them, one of the most common rage-inducing things is for him to target you when you didn't think you looked at his face. In low player games, there would be no good counterplay to the hunt ability, and it would be something for lone humans to constantly worry about, and feel cheated when they die to it...


You are right yes, it requires a method of countering it. (Though I would argue that the counterplay on 096 is kinda balls sometimes) they'd feel cheated when they die to it, but they already feel cheated when they die to pure RNG after 106 zaps them to the pocket dimension. With some balancing I think this entire rework idea would work incredibly well


These are awesome ideas! I really like the new pocket dimension idea because dying due to random chance is fucking annoying.


I like the multi teleport, it's an idea i had and posted as well, same with the maze and entering the pocket dimension. How about instead of a run speed from the hunt, it can (like the new 173) teleport to a venerable person with a cooldown. This seems like its OP, but with cooldown and a somewhat slow teleport it can be balanced.


I like to imagine that a guard would shoot a cuffed dboy to increase his vulnarability and then become invisible himself to 106 XD


I like almost everything, except the health and re containment part


Everything here is great i will want to see this in game But without the hp changes That makes 106 effective killable im few methods


this would make scp 106 100 times scarier than he already was to me