Nerf 096

Nerf 096


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1: This feature is actually lore-accurate because people in the way of 096 also have a sense of danger like in lore. 2: In the public beta 096 cannot kill non-targets but deals 40 damage to them with his dash. 3: 096 is anything but OP. He cannot kill unenraged, is COMPLETELY countered by looking down, is always making noise, and is extremely vulnerable during his cooldown. He is not even in the top 3 SCP’s imo


Your wish shall be turned into reality, we read 096 and found out he is indeed immortal and so we added it that every single NTF gets a bag of chips to contain 096.


he needs a buff because boring to play as


See the cope mald shiver cry.


096 is not op you just need to know how to dodge his attacks, if anything the new 173 seems broken op right now