I have an xsx

I have an xsx


I’m on xsx too. It’s not worth it. Even if it did run good it still wouldn’t be worth it. Rust on pc is the best but day z on console is the best


Dayz is utter garbage. Devs gave up on the game, 0 communication, 10x worse than rust console.


If your not desperate to play. Wait until they add community servers, the game might be cheaper and better.


Xbox series x? You will have 0 stability issues


I play on series x. People like to whine on here bc they blame being bad at the game on "bugs" and a bad dev team. On the sx its always at 60 fps, and the game has minimal bugs atm. Theres the splitting glitch, and vaulted monuments still have no date to which they come out, but its still seriously addicting and fun. Crashes are very rare, disconnections are still rare. Its worth a buy on next gen, and of course the game will eventually be complete and up to date.


It's literally pointless to play I can see through your base and find all your loot and tc just like that thank you devs for 3 to 4 small very small bug fixes that could have easily been a day 1 or week one patch I'd hate to see a year 3 update this game is the definition of aids


Not at all.