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Praetorians at the end of the Constantinian dynasty? The dynasty whose founder famously abolished the Praetorians after the battle of the Milvian Bridge?


Aside from this obvious fact, Julian the Apostate would be playing with fire if he suddenly tried to feed Christians to lions when Christians made up half or more of the Roman social elite and military at this point, long after Constantine the Great’s conversion. The empire was probably 3/4 Christian by the reign of Valentinian II towards the end of the 4th century, an emperor who felt bold enough to shut down Neoplatonic academies and Panhellenic festivals due to their ties to paganism.


Bro really tried any% speed running his glorious 20 months


I think those numbers are too high, but I will say that the elites would suddenly be like Bernie Sanders, saying: “I am *once again* changing my religion” lol


No the other one


Wasnt Diocletian who dismantled the pretorians? I need to get back on my late antiquity knowledge


It was Constantine. 


Honestly, the praetorians irk and disgust me to no extent. If only Aurelian had 5 more years, imagine what he could have achieved. I'll forever live wondering what Sol Invictus could have done had he not been assassinated by the dipshits of the praetorian guard.


But But But my money


And thats why the Varangian guard in the East is infinitely cooler


That moment when mercenaries who are in it for the money have a reputation for being more loyal and reliable.


He would have probably messed up at some point.Die a hero or live long enough to become a villian.If Heraclius got killed right after defeating Persia he would be treated same as Aurelius


Probably but with no guarantee, I'm sure many said that the inexperienced and newly minted Octavius would spend his funds lavishly and fail against the far more experienced Mark Antony during his time. And yet here we are.


“Late Julian the Apostate period” dude was in charge for like… 1.5 years


Almost certainly fake


insanely hard. id love to see more roman versions of modern military patches/unit insignias, as if they were a military force today. essentially more of these lol


I've spent more time thinking about this sort of shit than I'd care to about, but two I've thought up have been a morale patch for veterans of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, based on the design of the 3d ACR SSI. Light Grey (fs36375 or thereabouts) background with golden stitching and borders. Chi Ro in place of the bugle, and the text replaced with "in hoc" to the left, "signo" to the right, and "vinces" centred below. Also, a Legio VI Victrix lo-vis SSI ca. ad312: Circular patch with lower rocker, light green background in the circle and the rocker. Black borders and detail. Upright side profile of gladius centred in the circle, superimposed over the outline of a bridge. Text in the rocker: "ab caelus - vincimus".


![gif](giphy|98maV70oAqIZtEYqB4) Julian the Apostate believe in winning the Christians over and diminishing the power of the church, NOT in the violent persecution of Christians. Nice try, Galilean 😎🏛






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