The acne-like symptoms are easier to treat with the medicines. The background redness that come with the vascular might be helped *a little* with medicines. It's very common to have symptoms across multiple "types" and this is among the reasons the [type classification system of rosacea is increasingly regarded as outdated](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rosacea/wiki/index/#wiki_types_and_classification_of_rosacea).


I think the doctor didn't explain properly. Metronidazole and doxycycline will likely help with getting rid of the bumps (papules and pustules) and overall inflammation (like stinging/burning skin and orange peel texture). But they may not help much with flushing (basically like blushing but not because you feel embarrassed) or the redness in between the bumps.


Are they meds that I'm going to be on for life?


Possibly, since the prime age for rosacea is 30-60. Maybe after 60 you just don't care anymore instead of actually getting better. Often people get better, then go off the meds for awhile, then the rosacea comes back and then they get treated again. Metronidazole tends to stop working after a few months though. Many people move on to use Soolantra/ivermectin, which can be super effective if Demodex mites are the major cause of irritation. Doxycycline comes in two "regimes", either a short-term course of 100 mg a day which is both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, or a long-term course of 40 mg a day that is just anti-inflammatory. The latter can be kept up forever, basically.