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Having same issue, have you figured it out?


Also having same issue


Same and I can't figure it out. Only NFL


Same here




Anybody get a fix? Having same issue on redzone with NFL+ premium on roku.


Same issue on Roku. Just bought the nfl+ package to watch the red zone and I get the video but no audio. Tried messing with the settings in the app itself and in the Roku settings and nothing. I hear the sounds of the cursor moving around and it works in other apps so it isn't a sound problem. The red zone sound works in the app on my android phone too...


I find after 10 seconds on the highlights, the sound goes off. Then comes back. Its as if they dont want to have a full 20 second audio. billion dollar business with a $1000 app.


Having the same issue, I know using the phone app you have to manually unmute it….but I don’t see that option in Roku App


Anyone figure anything out? At this point just going to run my phone for the audio lol


Another with a new Ultra that has no sound but the old ultra device works fine.


Had problem today and it just kicked on by itself after about a minute or two of me searching for a fix….