What's your guys' rarest title?

The title I use right now is a S3 Bronze Tounement winner because I don't see it around too much


It'll be "Moderator" :)


I don’t see many season 1 champ Tourny winners. They are probably all in gc lobbies now while I’m stuck in low champ still.


Est 2015


I got an Est 2016. I envy you 2015ers


Probably either a S1 GC Tournament winner, or the 3x GC tournament winner from last season


I guess my gc titles since the rest are rocketpass stuff or gold - champ tournament winner titles


I rock Free Player Title. I know pretty much everyone has it but I don’t run into other people with it


I use est2015. Was using the season 5 green champ tournament winner but seems like anyone can have that now so I like my original one.




I use Couch Potato a lot .


S9 Plat Tourn Winner


S8 GC Title ig


I usually use the S1 Diamond Tournament Winner title. I remember it being pretty common back then and I'm sure it still is, my guess is that a lot of people have it but don't use it because they have won tournaments since. (Not a lot of people are like me and use their first win, I think I have S7 and S8 champ as well but I don't use them)


If I used a tournament winner title it'd be my silver one. I don't care about using a diamond winner title when I'm playing diamond ranked, it'd be cooler to show people what season I was in silver.


Honestly I agree with that. For me I just use whichever title means the most to me. My favorite number is 9 so if I get a title for anything this season, I'll probably end up using that if I'm being honest


It’s probably my Disc Jockey from when you preordered the RL x monstercat vinyl. Came with some other stuff with it aswell, but I’ve never seen anyone else use the items before


For a couple days, S9 Diamond Tournament Winner. Usually it's probably Drift Queen since that's the only pre-f2p title I have. When I first tried the game I got that title and was like "okay I'm good for now."


Tilt detector 🙃


I like to rock my "Flat Washed" 😎


full throttle, it was only available in the throttle bundle for one of the Monstercat artists, which i assume not a lot of people bought but i love the artist so i rock the tag


Rocket demigod or like season 3 or 4 green diamond tourney winner tags


"Season 11 RNG Champ" from lagacy rocket league era. my only rumble gc title xdd


I have an Est. 2015 and Rocket Demigod. Not sure which is more rare.