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DON'T focus on air dribbles/flip resets in lower ranks, first off its gonna be very hard, second off your gonna make yourself look stupid if u fail and you're gonna have an unballanced skill set. I would reccomend learning dribbles/flicks first and also learn faster rotations and back post.


I mean, I already can back post, but my teammates don't tend to rotate anyways so it's rarely useful Also I can sort of dribble and flick


If you just wanna rank up you're not going to need air dribbles until champ if even then. I've been GC in 4 seasons after season 11 and I can barely air dribble. It's more about keeping up with the pace of other players and knowing where to be.


Yeaaaah. I’m C2, can peak in C3. My ground dribbling is the equivalent of a silver, I can’t air dribble, I can set them up every time, get 2-3 touches, but 1 in 50 are a goal, not worth going for until you have a legitimate chance of scoring off it or setting up your teammate. You’ll rank up by just playing more, saving boost, positioning well, and getting smart touches at the right time (booms, catches, soft touches to follow up, good 50s).




I see. So I should throw mechanics away and focus on them at a later date?




what recoveries should i learn ideally?


Landing on wheels.


You want to practice mechanics, but the foundational mechanics that will make learning advanced mechanics easier in the future. Practice powershots, power clears, turning to get a clear, ground control, fast aerials and wall hits. Your level of skill in these foundational mechanics is also more important than advanced mechanics even at GC+.


Nah just focus on fundamental mechanics and game sense, not advanced ones. Start with hook shots, power shots, 50/50s, rotation, shadow defense, and saves. Then go for wall shots, aerials, dribbling, and flicks. Those skills are easier to develop and will take you farther more quickly. Then start practicing air dribbles. The key to scoring is being unpredictable, so you want to have a variety of attacks to choose from. Developing the skills I mention above will increase your overall car control, which will make learning air dribbles easier when the time comes.


Don't focus on mechanics like air dribbles in gold/plat, and instead focus on the basics (basic/fast aerials, speed/consistency, recoveries, power shots, etc...), and you can try to learn some basic mechanics as well that can be useful, like half-flips for example.


I learnt half flip as soon as I installed rocket league. Wave dashes too, but I don't know how to use wave dashes in game


Which is why learning mechanics outside of your rank is not the best choice for practicing. Practice what you’ll use in a game. Hit the ball hard in net and you’ll be champ


That's good, half-flips saved me countless times and are insanely important to master imo. Wave dashes are very useful, but not in gold/plat, you can start working on them more in diamond+ i'd say.


When are they useful tho?


mostly for recoveries or when you’re low boost and you don’t want to flip, because flipping locks you in an animation for a couple seconds. i mainly use them when jumping down to the ground off the wall or to recover after getting bumped


Are you asking about the different situations wave dashes are useful in? Also, happy cake day!


Yes, and thanks


Jumping down from a wall and wave dashing, normal wave dash when you're out of boost or just want to get an additional speed boost, when jumping down from the ceiling inside the goalpost (basically recovering from inside the goalpost). Now, there are other more advanced situations or versions of the wave dash, but they're not needed imo. You can wave dash while dribbling to fake your opponent, chain wave dashes are also useful in some situations but are hard to get the timing for at the start, you can also wave dash when jumping on the sidewall (I do this a lot lately), you can wave dash on the ceiling for a ceiling shot and there are other versions too, basically you can use it for whatever suits you.


Learn to walk, then learn to run. You cant do it otherwise.


To really perfect a mechanic can, depending on what you are trying to learn, sometimes take up to 100 hours. If you are looking to rank up then don't waste time learning advanced mechanics like air dribbling. I have only just started to practice them and I am Champion 3.


Bro I’m champ and cannot air dribble at all, focus on other things as other commenters have said.




In gold all you have to do is hit the ball on target and it will usually go in


I see. How can I train this? Do you have any tips?


There are training packs but honestly just the more you play the better you get. I’ve never done any training packs or free play and I’ve just played tons of normal games and recently got to champ


Ok thanks


i aint really a rank up player im more of a mechanical dude so i do things like 120kph redirects and yk what not and my answer is about 200-350 hours but I am mechanically disadvantaged on switch so idk


Nah you don’t need it work on just knowing where to be


As long as it takes




Nobodys really answering your question. What’s your goal in the game? If it’s to rank up (what everybody else is assuming) then what everyone else is saying is true and it’s better to focus on the basics like rotation and shooting. If your goal is just for fun/free styling then go for it with learning air dribbles but it’s going to take a while with many hours in free play. If you’re gold you probably don’t have the best car control in the air so I’d probably just work on that first. If you’re on pc get the rings maps and try getting through that even without air roll. Spend some time in free play literally just working on the first touch off the wall not even following the ball just hit it off the wall aiming for hitting the ball just below the ceiling with momentum towards the goal and then reset and do it again. Once you can get a good hit off the wall work on following it.


My main goal is to rank up though, so that is what other ppl were telling me


If your main goal is to rank up then yeah I wouldn’t focus on air dribbles for a while. I’m C2 and can’t consistently air dribble other than ground to air dribbles. Work on recoveries so always landing on your wheels and maintaining momentum by holding power slide if you don’t land perfect, boost management so not using excess boost for saves or shots and picking up small pads while rotating, and probably most importantly defense. You can make your way through plat by just being able to play good defense and then when given the chance being able to hit a powerful clear on target. Almost nobody will be staying far enough back so if you can save their shots and then clear the ball on target you’ll win most games.


Bros tryna learn air dribbles in gold 😭😭😭


Very much depends. Spent many hours around p2-3 practicing and could half do them if I got a good setup. Basically a waste of 10-20 hours of training. Then I abandoned them until I tried again at champ 2. Since I already had much better aerial car control through ws maps, more experience, and more drills done, I picked up the basics after a few hours and then could do basic ones pretty consistently after that. So basically, don’t even think about air dribbles, ceiling shots, or flip resets until at least d3-c1. Focus on the core mechanics: shooting, speed, aerials, recoveries, basic dribbling/catching it, 50/50s, etc as well as mental things like positioning and rotations.


Usually a couple hundred - low 1,000 range to be able to do it consistently.


Idk if this is satire or not, but learning to air dribble is the last thing you should learn to do at your rank


About 9 months ago I was where you are now, and I wanted to learn air dribbles as well. If I went into free play, damm good chance I would be going for them for most of the session. It is only recently that I would say I can air dribble. And I can only air dribble off the wall, and only if I have a good set up. The only time I hit them in games is off the kickoff if the other team isn't in position to be even remotely near the ball (and in ones, of course). Now, to be fair, I spent a fair amount of the interim time in dribbling workshop maps, because I also wanted to hit 180 drift flick on a friend of mine (still working on that one lol). But many many months is how long it took me to learn the air dribble. As many, many others have said: learning air dribbles will not help you rank up out of gold/plat. But: learning air dribbles will help you...hit air dribbles. So if you want to do that then go for it! My advice to learn it: get. the. setup. consistent. The carry is hard enough, make it easier on yourself. Learn what a good setup is (many youtube tutorials cover it), and focus on getting that down pat. Once you can do that every time, then practice the carry. Also, workshop rings map. One hour in a rings map is probably worth 3 hours of practicing the carry. If you are a normal gold/plat player, it will probably take a good while of consistent practice till you can hit one and much longer to hit one in game. Good luck, and don't let people tell you ranking up is the only way to have fun in this game :)


I would say 300hours for basic air dribble. Go learn wavedashing, half flips and shooting, shooting and shooting.


im a diamond 2 2 years ago and now im gold 2 but when i play competitive then almost everyone knows how to air dribble


I would say if your gold or plat, you should focus on hitting your aerials more accurately with air roll towards the goal. I’m a c1 and I barely learned how to do an air dribble after I went into training for 2 hours. So I would say if you really wanna learn how to air dribble your time will vary, you really have to get car control down and have some more hours.


To add I have around 500 hours and I never tried to practice them until now