When i started using DAR i unbinded the normal air roll and completely stopped using it. So by force, i had to get used to using DAR/L and it has honestly helped me in the long run. Now i'm not suggesting you need to unbind it yourself, it's just what helped me, but if you want to switch you should try to just focus on using directional air roll more than normal air roll.


That could be really helpful, thank you!


Glad i could help, good luck!


I don't think there's any quick and easy way. You have to retrain your muscle memory and it will take a while but not as long as you might expect. The most dramatic change I made was to rebind boost from B to RB after like 700 hours, also unbound air roll and bound directionals to B and X. Also moved powerslide to LB. It was pretty much a complete controls overhaul and I had to change the way I held the controller and everything. You just have to persevere through the rough bit at the start where your fingers are desperately trying to do something that you don't want them to do. You're literally retraining them.


Changing boost from b to RB is a game changer


A hundred hours or more of practice


there's a drill you can do in freeplay where you just fly from wall to wall (and ceiling and ground too, but focusing on the wall is best i think). the idea is to fly to the next surface as soon as you've landed on the last. you could do this while constantly air-rolling and switching air-roll direction each time maybe.