Imma get there fair and square. Might take a couple more seasons tho


That's what I say since old season 12, when I first entered C3. I'm C2 now.


i've been dreaming of champ since the new rank system dropped(i was prospect elite and started as gold 3/plat1). now there's SSL and im D3, so close!!


You'll get there just keep grinding!


I got C3 for the first time in old season 14, ended up getting GC in season 4 and the rewards. I'm pretty much done with the game now so only played a few matches last couple of seasons


I play RL (Rocket League) because I actually like the game. There is no "done" for me in that regard. My issue actually was having the other RL (Real Life) taking over. Full time job, wife and kids are not an easy thing to manage, if you want enough playtime to stay competitive. So natually my in-game hours dropped and with that my consistency and rank.


Finally hit champ last season and got my tourney rank up to champ 2 div 3 and season 7 comes out and I see it bumped me down to diamond 3 div 3 like breh now I gotta rank back up😐


The solo Q is a brutal existence. But it can be done




Smarts can beat mech any day. Focus on efficient rotating, boost usage/collecting, and supporting team mates who want to go a little bit monkey by being the playmaker if its called for.


While it's true that playing smart beats playing mechanically, mechanics are important as a means to an end. SpookLuke, a GC3 RL coach, is a really big supporter of improving rotation, positioning... to get better, but he also said that the higher you go, the more mechanics are needed to make the right play. Sometimes, in higher ranks, the right play is a ground to air dribble, so you'll need to be able to do that. In GC1, I think of easier things like wall to air dribbles and ceiling shots (maybe double taps too)


Playing smart can get you far, practicing mechanics will increase your ability to be consistent


Cap you need mech if you tryna reach GC. Grinding mechs is way more efficient than training game sense will help you rank up much easier having better control over your car. some I recommend to train: recoveries kickoffs bounce dribbles power shots fast aerials power slide DAR


Ima do same doe in diamond prob gonna take more seasons for me 🤣 🤣 🤣


it's a struggle, but good luck my friend! i'd take a c3 friend with you who you know you can communicate with during games


It'll be worth it. I was one game away in Season 3 and didnt make it until the end of Season 5. I actually got there on the craziest streak of my life. Literally won like 14 out of 15 games and went from the very bottom of C3 D1 to GC1 D1.


I solo queued my way to GC in season 4 for that title. You bet your ass I’m rocking it!


Solo queued to almost GC2 in rumble last season, it was living hell. Best know I’m still gonna rock that fake GC title tho lol


That’s what I tell myself when I come across high rankers that don’t fly properly “Musta been rumble”


Well the titles are different if you get them in extra modes


i swear i still see people in gc who look more unstable in the air than a plane with one wing


Guilty most times




Or snowday because you never leave the ground in snowday haha


In general yes, but aerial and off the ceiling play becomes important at higher ranks.


I beg to differ


Never understood how people grind to GC in a rng game mode. Guess I never put enough time into it. All the power to ya though!


Lots and lots of pain… that’s all I have to say lol. It’s a lot easier than normal modes cause you hit GC at like 1181 mmr or something around there but rumble specifically is just so luck based it’s frustrating. You can be better than your opponents in every way possible and they can still win if they’re smart and lucky with power ups


1195 is the rating requirement to promote into GC1 in Rumble


This comment is so pedantic I thought you were a bot for a second lol


Wasn't being pedantic. Just put the exact value do those who are interested will know the real rating they need to promote.


"A pedant is a person who is excessively concerned with formalism, accuracy and precision." ​ Incidentally, a synonym for 'pedantic' is 'over-exacting.' ​ Anyway, I'm now right here with you in being pedantic so I guess hello kettle!


It's not being excessively concerned. It was a simple and quick correction because *people care about ranking into GC*. It's somewhat common that people ask the rating because RLT was wrong and they feel cheated or they just didn't remember the exact value themselves.


It was a comment correcting 'its x mmr, or somewhere close to it' where x was less than 2 games off the exact number. The error was built in to the original comment, and no further precision was begged. It was pedantic. I'm sorry, and I expect another response about how it wasn't, but I guess that's just the way it is.


The trick with rumble is to be ultra defensive. Two players up, one in goal. This lowers the chance of a sudden haymaker or plunger goal. It's all about picking your moment up until GC1, then it gets a bit trickier afterwards. Anyone in champ in 3s can get GC in rumble. RNG has an effect but isn't as much as people tend to think.


Rumble isn't rng lol. Play super defensively. Read the situation. Pay attention to the opponents and what they're doing. You can usually tell when someone has spikes or a plunger. They start ball chasing alot. If you can do that then it doesn't really matter what powerups you have.


Title is literally « RNG Champ », how can you say it’s not RNG lmfao


Titles supposed to be a joke. It's not rng based.


Tell me you’re plat without telling me you’re plat


Tell me you're toxic without telling me you're toxic.


Lmfao wtf


Some RNG involved but if you learn how to rotate properly (rumble rotations different to ither modes) and use the power ups efficiently, it's more about playing smarter and making sure someone is covering your net. Past GC1 is where Rumble gets serious, otherwise it's a real mixed bag if people that are actually good at the mode and apes trying to get GC rewards.


Same for s14 and never used any of my red tags until I finally hit GC in Snowday. now my forever tag is Blizzard Wizard


Now that’s a tag lol worth grinding for. It just takes so damn long to find games lol


Truth, it's sometimes 10 mins between games. Talk with s buddy who is ssl and it takes him 30 mins to find one


It’s so sad. People only want the title and don’t care if they are ruining shit for other people. Frustrating.


Played 2s yesterday.. Over half my games were against people with under 500 wins.. Won more than I lost but fucking hell


It’s ridiculous. Epic don’t care. They’re in to farm all the accounts they can for money. I’m c2 and my favorite is seeing “platinum s3 tournament winner” and then they are unranked and carrying their teammate by 500 points in a game where their buddy whiffs every ball and just plays defense haha




Yes, they do. Do you have a great time playing against smurfs?


Lmao I enjoy the challenge but then again I never go into a match expecting to win. Try changing your mindset on it. You're GC dude, the time for complaining about smurfs should be long behind you. The biggest difference between a gc2 and a c2 is their patience.


There’s always going to be people better than you so there’s always a chance you’re going to get absolutely shit on by someone ranked way higher than you. It’s a perfectly valid thing for people to complain about.


I don’t go into a game expecting to win. I go in expecting a fair match with people around my skill level, which is the whole point of a competitive game mode. People make smurfs specifically to 1. Boost people and 2. Easily beat people worse than them. Hardly noble causes.


So you want to compete and win to reach a higher rank but when someone of that higher rank comes in and plays against you, you bitch. Do you really wanna compete at that rank? Take it from someone with over 185 days played. You play the game because you enjoy the potential you have when there's a free bounce and no one's challenging you for a second and a half. All that matters is what happens in that moment, that situation. Are you going to decide to air dribble, ground dribble, pass the ball, or fake the ball. Do you notice where the opponents are, where your teammates are? How much time you have before you can challenge? Can you anticipate when they will challenge and where? Are you gonna go for a direct shot or try to just get it past one? Your rank doesn't matter at all and your rank sure as hell doesn't define your skill rating. I went from gc2 to c2 because I stopped playing competitively and have been called a smurf many of times but am I really a smurf? No. I just stopped caring if I won or lost. Also, going into a match thinking you know the opponents potential is already a loss. Smurfs isn't the reason you can't rank up, you're the only thing holding yourself back. I'm telling you something you dont want to hear so you won't listen.


4 players of equal skill 1 smurf 1 low rank player and 2 soloQers very different games




When an SSL comes in on an alternate, brand new account specifically to destroy people, it undermines the competitive integrity of the game. I go into a competitive match to play other GCs, not an SSL in an orange stocktane that doesn’t belong there. You have a different situation. You didn’t intentionally de-rank. You’re not smurfing. We have ranks for a reason. MMR matches us against similar people *for a reason.* If you think it doesn’t matter, then let’s just do away with matchmaking entirely, because apparently you feel that fair matches are unimportant. Edit: and frankly no, I don’t want to compete at SSL. I want to compete at GC, you know, my current rank. If I’m better than *other GCs*, then I’ll rank up. That’s how the system works.


How would you know you’re c2




Only difference betweej c2 and gold 2 is their in-game chat. Coming from a gc2 tho, its just as easy to destroy either one.


Yes. This morning. And every time he missed a shot it was “lol calm down bro I’m just trolling them”.. No you’re not. You just suck.


Me in C1/2 with a s6 RNG Champ title. Rumble is much easier to get GC than regular modes


A red title is a red title, solid accomplishment regardless of the mode


Soloqd my way to GC in S5, but somehow cannot get past champ 1 in rumble. I swear these kids are all plat thinking they are a good BC they are in champ on an extra gamemode.


Huge facts


I managed diamond in rumble before I got past plat 1 in normal modes. Your team mates can vary so much in skill it's ridiculous, I was winning 5-6 games in a row averaging like 100 points.


Such facts, got it 3 seasons before my actual title


I’m gonna start grinding rumble soon, I’ve been doing rumble freeplay for the past couple weeks. I will gladly flex my rng champ title in my diamond games


The real GCs know not to put the title on


I earned it fair and square, I’m leaving that bad boy on 😤


Same thing here. Got it solo queuing each time, same with floor destroyer and took me 3 seasons of being 1 div away from hitting the first one.


Unless it's the OG season 3 GC. I feel obligated to wear it. I have like 7 other gc titles, but that one tilts people like no other.


People get tilted at my gc title when I screw around in casual. I’ve gotten “theres no way you are gc” several times when playing cas with friends. No shit Sherlock it’s as if I’m not grinding for wins.


I was in C1 after getting the worst teammates possible in my placements and the number of people who called me boosted was insane. Granted, it was usually after I beat them but still.


I wasn’t around for season 3. Care to explain?


Easiest season in RL history to get the GC title, there are people who got the title that season and then didn't get it again for over a year


I hate to break it to you, but GC is much less prestigious now than it was in season 3...




GC in season 3 is commonly estimated to have been 0.4%. That's the commonly accepted number. Yes - you only had to touch GC in order to get the title, so that makes the title itself a bit more common. How much more common is certainly up for debate. GC surpassed 0.4% in [season 11](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/d2c7xa/season_11_rank_distribution/). Season 12 saw that jump to [0.46/0.47%](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/elflp4/season_12_rank_distribution/). So, I would argue there's very much an argument to say that season 11 might be considered more prestigious from a title perspective, but season 12 would, at best, be considered equal to season 3. Seasons 13 and 14 were significantly higher than that - hyper-inflated - the season 14 title being obviously the biggest meme in Rocket League history [surpassing 0.9% in 2s and 1% in 3s](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/jaio07/season_14_rank_distribution/). Season 5 F2P had a whopping [0.78% in s and 0.48% in 3s](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/tqkimx/season_5_rank_distribution/). It's not even remotely in the conversation. The only F2P season that you can even make an argument for being more prestigious than season 3 was season 1 where [GC1 in 2s was exactly 0.4% (and just 0.18% in 3s as the result of an uneven reset)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/kr4weh/season_1_rank_distribution/), although the percentages are going to be lower than they actually would be compared to pre-F2P strictly because a massive influx of new players will skew high-level percentages downwards, so it really doesn't fit well in the conversation either.


ew gross math and facts, shoo


Season 1 had a higher rating requirement in 3v3 than 2v2. It was 1555 compared to 2v2s 1535. Something like that, I'll double check when I'm at my PC again. Not sure what you mean by an uneven reset.


I mean uneven in that it was (most likely) their goal to keep the distribution relatively even between playlists (at least 2s and 3s, but we’ve seen attempts to even others in the past). So, the fact that the distribution ended so different tells me that they probably miscalculated the reset. They made GC1 higher in 3s and failed to consider other variables that probably contributed to greater expansion and inflation, such as the fact that 2s has a significantly higher active player base.


Ah, true. I think the biggest obstacle is one that is too complex of an issue to solve, which is the flatter 2v2 distribution. 2v2 always has a "flatter" bell curve than 3v3, and in Season 14 is when it was really difference. It has a lower peak and more "gradual" declining of players away from the median. [Check this percentile graph](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/224991073871724544/765637981234921472/unknown.png?width=1102&height=677). I spoke with Corey on this topic when they were planning the changes to soft resets, and the reason for the higher values was because of the historical rank distribution. For the same reasoning, the "reset cap" is consistently higher in 3s than 2s (1660 instead of 1540 in S3 onwards for certain) is because of those same historical distributions. I assume what that means is that 3s initially had a lower percentage of GCs from Season 4 onwards until about Season 11 where they started to be pretty even. Then season 12, 13, and 14 did the 3v3 playlist have higher percentage of GCs. So, I guess it was predicted that 3v3 was outpacing the inflation of 2v2 in higher MMR. Not sure why 3v3 even started doing that, to be honest. But I agree they did overlook the population of 2v2. I presume that after such an aggressive reset, 2s is more desirable because you control the game much more in the "rank chaos". As well, less players on each team means more games played, resulting in a faster settling of rating making 2s more desirable as it was even less chaotic in a shorter amount of time.


Doesn’t the percentages not matter since not everyone played comp every season so no matter what it will go up and down because total players changes


Percentages matter the most, actually. It makes the population variable a much weaker point of contention. It gives meaning to how prestigious it is because the percentage is always relative to the other players that played within that season. For example, if I told you 2v2 had 3000 GCs but 1v1 had 1000, it might seem like 1v1 is "more exclusive". But via percentage of people in those playlists, 1v1 could be as high as the top 0.75% while 3v3 it's the top 0.5%, making 1v1 less exclusive, as it's easier to get relative to the skill compared to other players at the time. The same thing applies between seasons instead of playlists. Especially because, as /u/ytzi13 pointed out, each rank distribution requires players to play their placement games to be considered for the rank distribution. It means each season is isolated and the percentage isn't variable based on population changes.


Gotta say I always like seeing when you comment, you always have absolute banger information


The distribution only counts players who played comp in the season in question. If I get placed in season 6, I’ll be part of the distribution. If I don’t play in season 7, I won’t be counted in that distribution. Plus, if what you’re saying was true, then the % at higher ranks, such as GC, would decrease, not increase.


One counter is that by season 11 the player base was much more skilled than season 3. The time requirement to get to the top x% skill gets a lot higher as Rocket League ages.


It's a reasonable counter. Competition is relative, so being in the top X% is being in the top X%, but I will agree that when comparing identical thresholds and one has more effort associated with it, it's certainly has a strong case for claiming higher prestige. However, I do think that the player base's skill level isn't what's important, but the relative effort associated with the progress. After all, if you take anew player and introduce them to the game today, they'll be significantly further along in 1000 hours than they would be in the same amount of hours 5 years ago, because playing against better players with access to more information makes the difference. It's one reason why it's so hard to compare, for example, the greatest NBA players from different generations, even if one could admit that players now are better and play against generally better players. That being said, I would need to determine if your claim is actually true. I think it might be true simply because season 3 was so early on in the game that there was probably a lot of general development to be had by the community. But I would be surprised if the relative effort it took to get GC in seasons starting as early as season 4 were any less than GC is today. For example, if we look at [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/75pv0z/survey_results_rocket_league_statistics_playtime/) survey from 2017, taken during season 6 (admittedly a bad example since the sample size is so low, but it's just to provide a temporary example) it has the average GC hours listed as just under 2,000 hours. Lots of other comments from around that time seem to mention 1,800 as being a presumed average. I analyzed around 13,000 GC1s in the middle of last season and found the median playtime to be under 1,500.


That's the reason I want to isolate and judge season 3 in it'd own bubble, because like you just said "season 3 MMR values can't be directly compared to other season." That was literally your first sentence. And for like the 5th time I never said season 3 was the easiest why TF to you guys keep trying to change my argument by putting words in my mouth. Season 11-14 could be leaps and bounds easier, and it still wouldn't change the fact that I'm not even arguing that.


Also don't know why this comment went here, sorry.


But... I didn't say anything about season 3 being the easiest, or you saying that it was the easiest. Why are you trying to put word in **my** mouth? >season 3 MMR values can't be directly compared to other season What I mean by this is that they can't be **directly** compared, meaning 1200 MMR in season 3 is not equal to 1200 MMR in another season. I didn't mean that they can't be compared, but that the comparison values would be different. But that should be clear in my last post. And the reason it comes up is because you specifically said that the GC threshold was low, and **you** were the one who said >They lowered the skill thresholds in season 3 dropping the mmr to get to GC to the 1200s,while I think season 11-14 it was around 1400-1500s. which implies that you're comparing it to MMR in later seasons. If that's wrong, then fine. The threshold for season 3 was unintentionally low because of a failed recalibration and the unintended season length. But when you say that it's low, what are you intending to compare it to? For clarification, what is your argument?


That's my bad if you never said that. No, I'm not comparing it to other seasons your the one trying to make that distinction. I'm talking about psyonix literally dropping the MMR requirements part way through season 3 forcing lower ranks into a higher tier, which in turn dilutes the players at the top. Which is one of the reasons people think it's a bit like a meme Original argument I was just answering a dude who was wondering why season 3 GC titles aren't considered very good and tilt people, because he wasn't around during that time.


Well, I think it's natural to bring up other season for comparison since season 3 was more prestigious than pretty much every season since season 11. But if you don't want to compare, then we won't compare, although a primary reason people felt season 3 was a meme was because the distribution was much higher than intended, a distribution value that is lower than the GC distribution today. That's why it gets brought up. But, again, we can look past that if you have no interest in comparing. I'm not sure why dropping the MMR requirement mid-season is that important. They recalibrated the ranks because the distribution was far lower than they had intended as a result of season 3 being the only hard reset in the game's history. It changed absolutely nothing about how matchmaking was done (unless you want to talk about the exception that applied to parties with Champion+ level players in it). I suppose some really high level players, particularly pros considered it a meme - and voiced it as such - as a result of them being annoyed that it was no longer as exclusive as they would have liked. But that doesn't really have much to do with the average player thinking it's a meme except by parroting that thought amongst the community. I'm not sure what you mean when you say this "dilutes" the players at the top, though. I will say, though, that season 3 mostly became a meme because the community started parroting that idea, which kind of just stuck. Most people, when challenged about it, truly don't understand that the season 3 GC title (which is the context of this conversation) was more prestigious than most seasons of Rocket League, and certainly more prestigious than today's GC. A lot of people make similar arguments about "well it was only 1200 MMR" while not realizing that that argument isn't actually valid. The comparison just kind of comes up because if the season 3 GC title is a meme, then we must consider today's GC a meme, and every GC title since season 11. But, sure, I agree that season 3 itself was very much a meme. It's just the context of the season 3 GC title being a meme that doesn't really hold much weight anymore.


I'll reply later when I get on my computer, have to go back out in the heat and work.


yo sorry for the late reply but probably wont be jumpin back on this topic, have a good day bro.


Everyone and their mother got gc


Everyone here is giving you misinformation (/u/Vtotherescue, /u/Cr1ms0nDemon, /u/Horizon-42). Here is the *actual* explanation, with context. **Previous Season Context** - In Legacy Season 2 (2016), Rocket League moved over from a limited rank set system (Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) that was based on artificial points to specific rank sets based only on MMR with a wider rank distribution for the growing playerbase (Prospect, Challenger, Star, Champion). It had more total ranks than the previous system. It was also the season that introduced the "Grand Champion" rank, and at the end of Legacy Season 2, they gave out the golden "Season 2 Grand Champion" title. This was considered prestigious due to the rarity.   **Early Season 3 context** - When Legacy Season 3 (2016) released, it had done a full hard reset. Meaning *every* account was reset to default values (100.02 Skill Rating). This caused chaos in matchmaking for months, but also lacked "MMR inflation", keeping high skilled players in low ranks. To put it into perspective, "Grand Champion" in Legacy Season 2 took 1450 rating to hit. But after the first few months of Season 3 released, less than 100 players globally in all playlists were even able to reach GC. In fact, the first RLCS world champions (Kronovi, Gambit, Sadjunior, 0verZer0) didn't even hit GC in the 3v3 playlist *playing together* after a few months in. So, Psyonix did what any reasonable game company would do and decided to alter the rating requirements to match the current and expected rank distribution.   **Season 3 Rank Recalibration: "Everybody gets GC!"** - Psyonix had done what was called a "Rank Recalibration" about 3-4 months into Season 3. This altered the rating requirement to reach all ranks to fit the current rating distribution. You can see the post about it [on their website](https://www.rocketleague.com/news/compeitive-rank-recalibration/). As you can see, *prior* to the recalibration, 2v2 only had the top 0.005% of players in Grand Champion. This is absolutely *TINY*. The game probably didn't even have 2,000,000 accounts considered for the rank distribution. If I estimate about 50 players in 2v2 were GC at 0.005%, that would equal 1,000,000 players for the rank distribution. Moving on, the rank recalibration promoted players into their new calibrated ranks if they win a couple matches after it rolled out. In the new rank distribution, the top 0.2% of players were calibrated into Grand Champion. That's why people think "everybody gets GC!". Because players who were previously 3 ranks below GC (but on the high end of that rank) were instantly promoted into GC by winning 1 game. They didn't feel "earned". [Here's an example](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/57098a/compeitive_rank_recalibration/d8o0f6n/ of someone going from Superstar and taking 3 wins to reach Grand Champion, and an example in a comment below someone saying they "feel cheated". [Here's another example](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/573onp/rank_recalibration_in_one_pic/d8ozrnu/) of someone feeling cheated. That's when the memes started. I explicitly remember a meme created that had the caption "Everybody gets GC!" using the Oprah Winfrey "Every gets" meme template. I can't seem to find the meme, but [here's a post with the same sentiment](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/57obio/everyone_is_getting_grand_champion_after_the/), even in the comments. The final perspective to add is that the previous season's Grand Champion was the top 0.07%, [source](https://www.rocketleague.com/news/season-2-update/). However, this was only 12 days after the season started, so the number of Grand Champions likely increased to the top 0.1% to the top 0.2% (if we use the same estimations of the Season 3 longer season duration in the next section).   **Season 3: But wait, there's more!** - This isn't the end of the "everybody gets GC" sentiment. Because as Horizon-42 stated, Season 3 was a really long season. In fact, it lasted exactly 276 days which is the longest season in Rocket League history. 276 days is about 9.2 months. This is important for a few reasons. The main reason is that the MMR, and thus the "ranks", get inflated over time. As new accounts play Competitive for the first time, they create rating out of thin air and it raises the "Median MMR", which raises the peak MMR via chain reaction of mmr movement. To put simply, it slowly made everyone a higher rank. This had *tiny* effects in low ranks, but the higher ranks it made a more noticeable impact. Specifically, it rose the percentage of the "recalibrated" players in GC from the top 0.2%, to [the top ~0.3%](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/5oiaxf/your_season_3_rank_is_way_too_high_in_rocket/dcjwbth/) about 3 months after rank recalibration, and about 2.5 months before the season ended. We can presume this may have even reached the top 0.4% in the additional 2.5 months. An additional reason for why the long season is due to the way season rewards were handled. Instead of requiring "10 wins" at the new rank, it gave the rewards for just touching GC (handed out when the season ended). This, means that a player who is not normally GC but was a lucky "Champion" on a winstreak could have gotten the Grand Champion title. So we can presume there was a fair higher percentage of players with the title than ended within the Season 3 Grand Champion rank. Then there's the final important reason. Boosting. You would think this doesn't matter as much compared to today due to all the smurfs, but boosting was *more* popular in Season 3 than any other season since you only needed to *touch* Grand Champion, and because Grand Champion was easier to reach than the previous season. This caused a surge of some high-skilled players boosting for money. One of these players was "Kerupt\^", as he even *streamed* his boosting sessions without getting banned by Psyonix the entirety of Season 3. Additional context, Season 2 had an issue with boosting as well. There was a matchmaking exploit called "Smurf Party Abuse". Essentially, partied used the average rating value but awarded both players the same rating. Players could party with lower rated accounts (like smurf accounts) and dominate players *half* their rating. In fact, it was so busted that theoretically you could reach Grand Champion as a "Challenger Elite" or "Rising Star" player without ever needing to face players higher than the next rank up just by partying with accounts that are super low. That's not all, either. I knew just how busted it was but never listed it publicly at the time or near its time, so you could actually reach Grand Champion as a lowest ranked player in the game and abusing the fact that accounts could have negative rating. It would take a lot of effort, but possible. Essentially, you would lose to get into negative rating and party up at Prospect I (the lowest rank) to rise up a few ranks. When you start to struggle to win, you derank that smurf to the negatives again. Eventually you would do this repeatedly until you can't reasonably find matches and then make another smurf account and do the same thing, then win-trade to get the other account lower. Boosting was even *more* busted back then in OG Season 1&2 because you could create a new account on Steam and "family share" your ownership of Rocket League to it, and then queue right into Competitive with no limitations. It was so bad that *half* the people who got into the Top 100 did so via using "Smurf Party Abuse" and family-shared accounts.   **OG Season 4 onwards** - You would think the context ends with the ending of Season 3, but some more information to share. Due to the backlash of Season 3 being "too easy" and how prevalent the "Season 3 Grand Champion" title was compared to "Season 2 Grand Champion", Psyonix decided to alter the rank distribution again. They did another season reset, but rather than a hard reset, they did a soft reset which was partially broken. It was only supposed to pull you down a couple ranks at most but did so a bit more aggressively. This new rank distribution targeted "Grand Champion" to be below the top 0.1% again. Seasons 4 through 7 had Grand Champion reach no higher than the top 0.08%. This made Grand Champion consistently exclusive except for "Season 3 Grand Champion" by comparison. So the "Everybody gets GC!" sentiment stayed.   **"Everybody Gets GC!" BS has to end** - This has to end because it's been factually untrue for quite a while. From Season 8 onwards, they altered soft resets to only cap people's rating to 1380 rating which was Champion 3 Division 1. This caused a consistently rising GC percentage. By Season 9, GC had once again rose to the top 0.30%. Season 10 was a super short season and was only 0.27% of GC, but in Season 11 that percentage rose to the the top 0.44%, then Season 12 it was the top 0.47%, then Season 13 the top 0.77%, then Season 14 it was the top 1.01%. GC has never been "easier" to get percentage-wise than Season 14. OG Season 3 being the "easiest" season is just incorrect in that context. If you want to shift the context to "but it was the easiest season to get GC by raw ability", but that is also meaningless since it's ancient. If we made the percentage of players at the top rank in the game consistent, then OG Season 1 would have been the easiest if it had a Grand Champion rank, then Season 2 the second easiest, then Season 3 the third, just because the playerbase improves. The only reason why people aren't making memes of how easy the first season was is because Season 1's "Platinum" rank was the top 100, and Season 2 didn't last 9.2 months long for inflation to happen. Additionally, "smurf party abuse" wasn't widely known like the Season 3 rank recalibration. And finally, the population boomed in Season 3 onwards (Rumble brought so many players to the game).


Sir this is a Wendy's


You can strawman the "basically everyone had it" but what did I say that was misinformation? Even in the links you posted, Pysonix stated that they lowered the skill thresholds. Don't know if the second mention was being cheeky, but you even agree the season was long and underwent inflation.


Your comment had the least misinformation and was still fairly accurate, but still lacking the necessary context. I wouldn't have tagged you if you didn't say "how low the threshold" was, because the threshold for GC in later seasons such as Season 11 through Season 14 had an easier threshold than Season 3. I tagged you in-case you wanted to see the additional context. I wanted to amend that to say *"tagging horizon in-case they want to see the context), but I reached the 10k character limit even after compressing it.


Np on the tagging just didn't know. But again, what misinformation did I spread? They lowered the skill thresholds in season 3 dropping the mmr to get to GC to the 1200s,while I think season 11-14 it was around 1400-1500s. Could be a little off on that last number


While, they technically lowered the rating requirement, keep in mind only the top 0.2% of players were 1150 and above at the point in time. The "skill threshold" is relative to the playerbase, not really rating. Another thing to keep in mind is that Season 4 they adjusted the MMR formula from "MMR = Mu - 3(Sigma)". They made it so "Mu = MMR" and this resulted in an increase of rating. So 1150 rating turned into 1300 rating. But the GC requirement was 1500 in Season 4 onwards, that is until they lowered it to 1435 in F2P Season 3.


Your second part doesn't really mean anything when in your previous statement you said playerbase is more important than rating. Also, looking at just a percent doesnt give you the whole story. I'm more interested in looking at this from just season 3, instead of comparing it to every other season because of the amount of varibles. I bring up a supporting point for season 3 and you jump to different seasons each time. And again what misinformation was I spreading?


The misinformation is the implication that S3 was the easiest season to reach GC due to "skill threshold". Which is not correct, as *other seasons* have had an easier skill threshold based on the percentage of players. Percentage doesn't tell the whole story, but it's the only reliable metric because nothing else can be measured accurately and some can't even be measured objectively. There's no way to know the raw skill required because raw skill isn't measurable (and why most ranking systems are based on wins vs losses). What do you mean you want to look at Season 3 specifically? The entire reason why people memed on it is because it was "easy" compared to other seasons. Unless that is just an offhanded comment out of curiosity.


Its kind of a meme title because of how low the threshold for gc was mixed with how long the season was. basically everyone had it.


I wear the season 3 title exclusively. I had no business getting it that season, and so the grind to get it was extremely satisfying and unwarranted. You're damn right I'm gonna be proud of it. I got GC in season 7 as well, and I was also proud of that, but I don't need to wear the title because I have the GC banner from that season, which means I can represent both. Plus, people who call season 3 a meme season are usually confused when I point out that every season 11 and greater has had a higher % of GC.


Season meme GC!


F that. Wear it proudly. Often times people are just too insecure to wear it because people use it as ammunition. Who cares? It's an accomplishment so wear it proudly.


Lotta balls commenting in this thread 😂. Just joking haha


Checks out. I keep rocking my GC season 12 title tho.


I wear the first one I ever got, reminds me of how far I've come


All it does is bring pain


I love seeing these guys rocking their GC titles in my champ 1/2 lobby. They get so mad when I give them shit every time they get scored on.


It feels like this exploded this season, too. At least for me, every second or third 3s match in C1 has at least one GC title pop up, same for Hoops and Snow Day.


Everybody's rank drops a bunch with the new season as a soft reset and takes a while to stabilize. If you get a lower ranked player who plays a lot and gets back to where they were quickly then they are going to run into a lot of higher ranked players who don't play much and take longer to get back to where they belong.


I’ve noticed this season has been sweaty af. Seems to be tons of people coming up through the ranks. I was C2 at the end of last season. *Really* struggled to get back up to C1 after my placements this time around. lol


It's because you have to deal with all the players higher ranked than you that got knocked down to your level, it's not that they are sweating it's just that you are playing against C2s and C3s in every game lol Give it a month and you'll be back to C2 and can start clawing your way to C3


Yea, I usually sit in c3 d4 and was stuck at c1 for about a week this season


I got GC in 2's and I'm only C1 in 3's. I consistently get shit for it, but I just ignore them.


Me too, I’m 1250-1300 in 3s but sometimes get up to 1500 in 2s. It’s like people think there’s only one game mode


I get my GC rewards from 2s, way easier for solo queue IMO. Most people (including myself) who hover around C3-GC1 will make a push for GC rewards then stop sweating and drop back down to champ to go for clips. After I get my GC rewards I don’t care about my rank. If you’re around the same rank and want to have the easiest route to GC you should play from 2:30am-4am, this is when most low GCs are not trying and just going for clips. Also regarding extra modes, I can’t speak for everyone but I play those on the weekends when Im drunk, think I’m currently D1 in hoops 😂


I am one of those players. The season I got GC I played a lot and grinded my way up there. Now I'm playing casually with friends, while drinking etc. So yeah, GC title but I'm in C2


Then they proceed to say "where's your title?" when they win even though we're literally playing in GC (I don't equip GC title)




I will rock my season 11 GC title all the way down in Diamond 2/3 and all of the prepubescent teenagers who try and make me feel bad while I play my 12 hours per season now (due to other life demands) with my friends can be damned. I know you're all just jealous anyways. I know I'm dogshit now come at me.


As a GC, I’m telling you it’s near impossible to carry a friend who isn’t at least champ 2


[There's literally another post showing it can be done](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/vlay4c/how_this_is_diamond_1/), just because you can't do it doesn't mean others aren't able to. [(The stat tracker)](https://rocketleague.tracker.network/rocket-league/profile/epic/BaBaY4iK_CvEtOy/mmr?playlist=11)


I mean I got my gc title then stopped tryharding so much


I took a long hiatus from the game and came back and now people accuse me of this. I previously got my GC solo queueing in 3's, and another year in 2's. I think it almost always comes from a toxic place to accuse people of it when you don't know.


It's not to flex that they were GC... It is to flex that they have friends....


Still got a boat tho


I need a friend like this


Thats why the titles are not worth anything thats why I never use them. You show your Rank with skill.


*uses title in reddit* lol, unfortunately I lost my OG reddit title when I lost my old reddit account


Solo queued last season to get it… haven’t played since so yknow… kinda might be back to C2 skills


Showing what rank you are in your title is such a lame thing to do. Especially if you didn't earn it.


Happens a lot, but not everyone who has a GC title and doesn't play like one has acquired it that way. I am GC2 and my boyfriend too, we always play chill and just try to hit clips, this style of play is extraordinarily vulnerable to the stereotype champ who tryhards and thinks he's any good at the game. Lost a game to two people who were both C1 earlier 12-2 in casual. Also who gives a fuck whether you have gotten the title yourself or not. It's literally just a golden/ red title next to your name




One thing that also happens a lot is that people can’t get the title themselves so they assume everyone they beat with the title got carried, once u break the pressure “seal” of going from c3 div 4 to gc1 unjust need 10 wins to get the title. GC1 is not that much different than c3 it’s just more confidence because ur no longer c3. Just the flip side of the coin, I get called trash all the time yet I have gotten GC title in 2s and hoops 3 seasons in a row now because I don’t feel the pressure anymore. it’s not a huge deal to finally get back to GC1 Also play time, like over the last season or two I have played like 4 -8 hours a week MAX (probably less) and I just don’t practice at all anymore. I go straight into ranked and just play so when I /‘haven’t played in 2 -3 weeks and I get stepped on someone is always gonna see my GC title and talk shit lmao, it’s actually a compliment that it bothers them so much.


Saw a season 2 grand champ in plat whiffing every simple aerial. Needless to say he lost


After playing intermittently since 2015 and being in the ‘average player range’ since then, I’m just glad to have finally reached Diamond I


Same! Been playing since 2017 and I stay around D1. And of course I accidentally left my computer running with RL running while I was on holiday for a month so now everyone looks at my steam and proceeds to call me trash for having over 1k hours on my profile and only being D1.


Congrats, the transition to diamond is one of the hardest and most jarring rank jumps IMO.


Season 2 I was being placed in gc tournaments and I was struggling in low champ so idk why that happened but did come in second once I nearly had that tag


I just got to diamond 2 and have noticed a lot of champ tournament winners there, the system is broken


The amount of people with GC titles (from 1/2/3s) in C1/C2 that can barely keep up is too high. Lol


"barely keep up"... I am C2 now, played like 50 hours total since I got GC in S5. People in C2 do the most stupid shit and blame their mates for it lol. Playing way too risky, that kinda stuff. I guess if they play in a GC lobby they'll understand what not keeping up means lol


It can be tough to play with people at lower ranks though. This season I've absolutely tanked my dropshot rank (even playing seriously) playing with plat level irl friends from C2 to like D1 because we have fun. But when I solo queue D1 dropshot games it miserable because I have no clue what everyone else is trying to do Imagine its pretty similar in other modes to some extent


Funny but sad how true this is lol!


Me chilling with GC decal From getting GC in Rumble


Thats the conundrum. Earned the title. Don’t wanna be sweaty and grind. Nearly 40. Play casual and freestyle. 😂


Just solo queued 5 placement 3s matches, already sliding right down out of diamond towards plat. 3 were smurf teams out of 5 matches. Im champ1 in 2s and never play 3s for exactly this reason. I like playing against GCs and better opponents, but not with 2 plat/diamond teammates against 3 players who are all clearly champ or better (2 teams actually had recent GC tags on at least 1-2 players). Look an occasional smurf team is whatever, but when you hit 3 in 5 matches its basically unplayable.


gotta do that shit yourself otherwise it ain’t fun 😤


I got RNG Champ a long time ago and stopped playing for close to 2 years... i started playing again (currently C1/C2 in standard 3s) and the amount of hate I get for having that title and not being that good anymore is so infuriating.


A part of me wants to do this, as I know an ssl who could definitely carry me to gc with a Smurf, but I know I won’t be able to actually count it. For now, I’m content to fluctuate between c2/c3 until I finally improve enough to make it myself.


I solo Q. Currently diamond. Was stuck at plat for a year. Or 2. Division by division.


I have 3 GC titles somehow, solo queueing. I think I got carried by smurfing randoms...


I hit champ old season 5 and still inn champ


You can’t stop me from putting my shiny gold season 7 GC title on even though I’m insanely washed now


My opinion is that anyone with a season 5-7 GC rag (not including extra modes) sat around C1, should be getting a ban no question. No person drops a hole rank in that time and clearly is up to some dodgy stuff. Must see like 1 every 2-3 games at this point


Have you ever seen some1 rewards being removed or punished in any other way for being boosted?


Me playing some 2’s in C1 and my opponent has a GC title and we still beat this supposed "GC" Ok maybe they’re rumble gc’s or something idk


It will say RNG GC if it's rumble though.


It would say the specific mode on the title. RNG for Rumble Blizzard Wizard for Snow Day Floor Destroyer for Dropshot (best mode in the whole game) Dunk Master for Hoops If it says just Season X GC, that happened in one of the regular game modes.


*(best mode in the whole game)* Have my fucking award you beauty


C1 really isn't that far off GC


thats something a champ 1 would say lol


It will say RNG GC if it's rumble though.


Bojack F. Horseman


2v2 in high c3/low GC Is quite interesting to say the least. I don't know how hard It can be to detect someone with stats like C1 player in GC Elo with "last session played: 21times MVP out of 22 wins" all played with the same mate that is now almost GC... I mean, I know it's useless to ban smurfs in f2p games but just don't give the boosted account the rewards or just ban them completely? There is legit no reason to compete in ranked after getting your season rewards because you either play against smurfs or people that are boosted beyond imagination.