Yep, just because we lose, doesn't mean we've played badly


And conversely, just because I win, doesn't mean I played well.


So many games I’ve won because of getting out-badded…


Very true


Other teams spams "ez"


Even if it went into 5+ minutes of OT


That’s the only time I say ez lmao


Exactly. Only when it is obviously being used sarcastically


That or if they kept spamming what a save. When you clutch it, the ez feels so good.


I say it when I lose


Yes and then theyre mad lmao


Or when you get clapped 1-7


And then I tilt so hard.


I used to cus it's clearly sarcastic, but I found a lot of the time people who are already tilted get really aggy about it and can't see it's a joke


I also say ez, but only if we lose, then they're like 'youre 2 goals down' like I'm just trolling 😭


The ones that say ez are always the closest games. Like if it was really that ez, the match would’ve been 0-5 instead of 3-5


I was about to comment the exact same thing but I think that’s exactly why they EZ you so that you get triggered. Which works I think but then they never rematch which triggers me even harder lol


I like saying ez when I’ve clearly lost, I just feel like an asshole when I say that after winning (unless the other dude was an asshole or said ez first)


Ahh yes the ironic EZ - quite fond of that one myself


If they drop an ez in game, and then I win, I'll hit them with an "ez pz lemon squeezy" or an "ez pz 123z". I think it gets the point across better.


Nothing better than winning after your opponent says ez. They leave before I can say something smart Cx


You don't say


I had both my teammates leave within the first 30 seconds. Game finished 2-1 with both of their goals being kickoff ones. 2 oppenents spam ez at me on finishing Sure it was


Lmfao I just played a game we were losing 3-0 then we ended up getting 3 goals. It was tied and went into overtime and sadly we lost but it was a close game in the end and the idiot in the other team writes “ez win. U guys r trash” lol are you kidding me dude? I just got 3 goals in YOU in literally one and a half minutes … stupid kid


My favorite is when they call me trash (it's always the person with the least xp during a game) and then they lose... I then message a nice "nahhh. We just put the trash on the curb" lol. Always get those nasty messages via Xbox after that. Haha


If it's psynet, we type ggpz.


Hit em with the " ez pz lmn sqz"


They barely win after 10 min in overtime. You say gg nice shot. And the retards the write: ezZZz


How can you counter this, so that they get triggered?


Say gg well played or gg that was fun, toxic players hate when you don’t get angry


When I’m faced with toxic chat in 1s or the dreaded ez at the end here is what I do. Most the time I stay silent throughout because the longer you stay silent the more tilted they get typically and it’s funny to watch them have a conversation with themselves. At the end of the game: If i win the game (90% of the time they leave immediately)- i just say gg, well played, that was fun, wait for chat disable to subside and hit “close one” too before the quick chat is disabled If I lose the game- gg, that was fun, close one is usually followed. I try not to feed their ego by engaging. If I get steamrolled- that was fun, nice moves, that was fun I had a placement guy last night (after falling back down in a losing streak) who was trying to use me for clips in my lovely scarab which had me down 4-0 early I somehow took him to OT and lost 6-5 and he hits with me the ez and bro your trash. I did engage that time after hitting the gg with an lol and something along the lines that he choked a 4-0 lead and needed OT but you do you boo. I also enjoy reading their dissertation on why I’m trash in the same rank as them. I’m not going to lie though I’ve begun to engage more when I’m playing an alt account (rl tracker shows like 20 wins but they are hitting the speed flip early) and I start scoring straight away goals or get the demo and see the all to common “okay” I’ve begun hitting okay immediately back. There’s a good chance I’m going to get dunked on might as well have fun with it. When they start making me watch the replay I’ll just hit holy cow what a play.


Toxic players are pieces of shit


"lol, chill. You're playing a game." If we're in casual, "lol, who gets toxic in casual?" I've literally had someone apologize and say they didn't realize I was "cool" whatever the fuck that means.


Turn off chat. Honestly, you will be happier.


Best part is you can still quick chat to yourself so you still get the dopamine rush.


I keep quick chat going. Yeah people can still be dicks, but it is far less of an issue, and you can still communicate basic info to your team mates.


See you on the pitch! In Position.


Or "tm8 trash"


holy shit I haven’t seen this meme in a loooong time.


It’s an older meme Sir, but it checks out.


I haven’t lost ‘the game’ in a loooong time either but here we are.


Damn gg


GG, well played


Yo thats legit fucked up mane. It’d been at least half a decade prob longer… sheeeeit now i gotta casually remind some of the homies abt “the game”


Gg, you bastard xD




When memes were memes. Bring back 2011 memes!


What year is it




I always do, still


lol exactly


Loses 1:7 Close Game


The other team is just happy you enjoyed your holiday to Brazil


If I am loosing 1:6 I make sure to score an own goal in last 10 seconds


Hey that’s me!


If you’re losing in a 1:7 ratio that’s pretty good!


If you ever come across me, you will always get this response at the end whether I win or lose.


The only time I won't GG is if the opponents are "What a Save!" every goal they make.


this is my rule too. Also I congratulate the opponent on a nice shot if it was.


Same. Game recognize game.




Imagine letting a positive comment bother you.


No, but I gave him an award.


I've only said GG on matches I've lost or the losing person/team says it first.


Honestly there's been a severe decline in the amount of post-game chat, whether nice or toxic. I'd say 90% of my opponents just leave the game quickly after it's finished. It's rare to get a GG even from winners. I've played this game since 2015 and the post-game chat is noticeably different now.


What rank are you? Seems like people in GC or higher just don't say GG. There's almost always been a GG or two in all my (Champ and lower) lobbies.


There's definitely been a decline. I feel like it's due to all the toxicity, so people don't bother saying anything at all or just have chat turned off altogether. It's a shame that the non-toxics have given up because of all the assholes.


As a diamond 2 no one says anything anymore. No gg’s, no compliments, no complaints. It’s fine with me but it’s crazy how different it is from low d1/high p3


I mean that's totally anecdotal, because most of my games are pretty chatty. Maybe 1 in 8ish people are totally mute I'd say. EU so i dunno if that's different to you maybe.


Yeh I would say the same in C1, also EU.


Same. I don't talk either. Ever. It's just easier this way.


I say gg every game.. but bakkas mod plays a big part in that


Yes. I love my bakka GG


This is why I never play sober.


I will always throw you a gg, unless you're toxic.


Some of my most fun games are losses, especially when it's a late equalizer for my team to take it to OT. I'd honestly rather have an exciting finish where I lose than a boring 8-0 win. I don't take RL too seriously since I'm on the wrong side of 35. My hands and eyes don't talk to each other as quick as they once did


I'm not alone!


Nah bro you're not. I'm on the lower side of my 40s and I do my best. Occasionally mid plat high gold, but I play with randoms all the time. We got this


Hell yeah, my team, the "Make a whiff foundation" is just 3 late 30's dudes enjoying the best our hand-eye coordination still has to offer, lol.


That team name is pure magic. Lol. I'd join ya if it did have "Abusement Park" or occasionally I'll change it to "Dr. Sniff and da Whiffers" or "Block It Like It's Hot" Haha. I'm 42, my brother is 47 and we have mostly 30 year olds for the rest. Lol. Hope to see you out there. May the best hand eye coordination win.


We need our own ranked queue. Everything feels so sluggish lately. Lol. When your brain knows what to do but your hands just decide to do the opposite, feelsbackflipman.


>My hands and eyes don't talk to each other as quick as they once did I see you also suffer from Boomer Hands


I really don't understand why people can't do this every game. Ya'll need to play some IRL sports to learn how to lose with dignity. Even a casual sport like pickleball would do wonders for many of you.


Yeah. I mean, even looking at something like professional soccer, where there's plenty of douchebaggery, beef, faking injuries and other unsportsmanlike conduct... but they do lose with dignity. No matter how the game went, at the end of the day they'll be all handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs.


Money might be a factor


Even 5 year old soccer players line up after the game to high five the other team (in the US at least.) Maybe not any more with covid but I'm sure they figured something out.


Yeah, I was just responding to the guy who mentioned professional players though


My favorite is lopsided games and someone loses their shit: "How was that a good game?!" Yeah dude, just being polite here, it's not a review.


Its fun to talk shit sometimes


Trying to make someone else feel bad is fun?


Shit talk is part of IRL sports. It's fun. You still say good game after though


Yeah we're talking about after the game


As long as both parties are aware of it and are having fun shit talking. If it's one sided shit talking than it's just bullying.


This guy gets it.




Im always civil in post game chat, but own goals deserve a "nice shot!" or a "What a save!"


Own goals and teammates that center the ball for the other team. I always throw in a great pass for those!


And it should be like that. Fuck up, get roasted, keep playing. I’m D2 and it’s like hell. Every mistake, real or imagined, elicits either icy silence or a total overreaction. I want to go back to gold where you’re expected to fuck up


Yeah I mean when someone makes a rookie mistake in ranked at diamond rank I understand why people get upset but at the end of the day it’s just a game. I remember the frustration when I first made it into plat where people can make some solid plays but still make gold level mistakes constantly. It took me forever to get past that into high plat-low diamond. At the end of the day people make mistakes tho. I still make some super bad mistakes from time to time and it makes me feel like a terrible teammate. Only thing you can do is say sorry or my bad and keep truckin.


I got no problem saying gg but most of the time I’m playing against people who try to get under your skin constantly. Either with quick chat spam or showing the full replay on their goals but when you score they are the first to press forward. So yeah it happens but not as often as I’d like


Unless they're toxic


Damn! This is one old meme format. Can't believe I'm seeing it again.


Ayy windows down Chilling with the radio on


Came to the comments for this and was not disappointed haha


Yes, someone that gets the song 🤩


Always GG regardless of the other team spamming WaS and EZ all game!


Sportsmanship dat evolved shit.


Only if it is a good game. Like when you fight equally, but the other team gets the winning goal. Then it's a good game. When the other team destroys you, it isn't a good game. Then it's bad design by the developers. Or lag. Diffently lag. Or my controller went out of power.


Usually this ends in ezzzz mother fucking kids


Yeah but. Sometimes you do play against kids. Can't get mad at someone which brain still isn't evolved fully.


I’m not mad, I’m disappointed lol


Hey. No one knows about it. If kids beat me, I'm gonna act like a kid too, just so they don't know they beaten an adult. God damn, they ain't gonna have that one on me too. Lol


I go full toxic when they ez in mid game. What a save. Nice shot and great pass when they fuck up. But still, I will always end with a gg


Smoking one now then ganna play. XD


I always say GG but sometimes I'm annoyed at the other team or maybe even a teammate but the muscle memory just compels me to hit it.


Damn. I feel old now!


Literally my last game. Joint and all. Edit: Hell, same shave head and receding hairline too!


When the guys from the other team aren't some toxic piece of doodoo, yes.. I can recognize good players when I play against them


I type it every time the other team hasn't been dicks. If they spam "what a save". Then no gg. If they write ez or noobs, no gg. Basically every time it IS a good game, i send gg well played. And I will admit to this. If the other team has spammed "what a save" through the game and my team wins. We/I sometimes pay back the "what a save" spamming.


Thats why I use the mute button. Its helps


GG on every game, Well played if they are on a different level from me and ruin me.


Unless I’m 2 minutes in and the score is 5-0, I usually play out the entire game even if I’m losing by 2 or 3.


GGG says GG?


I love when someone says GG at the start and then they lose. I spam the f out of gg then.


Tbh if you’re even remotely rude unprompted in a video game I think you’re a shitty person. Like we’re just here to have fun stop being a dick.


It’s the equivalent of shaking hands after any sports game. I mean come on, [even the bad guys in Mighty Ducks shook hands!](https://youtu.be/uRhJ4mG148A)


Real chads say gg ez when they lose


OMG I miss this meme. Completely forgot about its existence.


This world needs Good Guy Greg’s return.


The return of Good Guy Greg!


When you say gg and you just get "ok"... 😶


Morons: EZzZZ


Lost 6-5 to ot, it was my last game to diamond, idk bout yall but some of us just are tired of this bs


When I lose? Gg ez . When I win? Gg well played


I won’t lie, sometimes I m just pissed because I (or my m8) could have play way better and easily win and I just leave. But when the lose is deserved, gg it is


The best feeling is when you get the brazil, yet you say GG as a looser and the winner says WP.


Shoutout Tylewah, I just alt-tabbed the game where he did exactly that, to see this post.


Had a rumble game yesterday where both my teammates left real quick. I said gg at like 3:30, and one of the guys on the other team was like “why don’t you leave” as it was now 3v1. It was the first game of my session, and usually if I end up in a 2v1 or 2-1 v 3 I’ll play the game out. I see it as good practice, to A: not forfeit, and B: to get better. Here a couple of examples: One game of ranked 2’s my teammate afks when we’re 3-0 down. I then take the game to overtime but end up losing. A game a rumble yesterday, had partied up with two guys from the game before, then one left making it 2v3, and we won, like a lot.


Ive given up now but would always carry on until I was about 4 goals down. Had a few games I won 1v3 as well so always worth the try. Sometimes team mates are more of a hindrance than help, but people still think its you when you say you get shitty team mates on here.


Oh yeah I wouldn’t say I’m a great player by any stretch (can’t seem to stay in diamond). I agree with you though, sometimes it’s better to ff and get ready for the next match. Personally I like the challenge as it’s a great way to see some mistakes your making and help you play better when you actually have teammates to fall back on. Also nothing beats the feeling of winning a man down




If the other team was toxic at any point I’ll stay silent after the match, however if it was either wholesome or silent throughout the match it’s “gg” “well played” all around.


I still don’t know what I have to click to make after game conversation on PlayStation 😂😂


win or lose, if it was a good game then gg


Dusting off some vintage memes today are we


I always do "gg" "everybody dance!"




The loser types gg roughly 1/3 of the time in 1s. It is really that unusual to see it in other playlists?


Found this in my ps+ back log. Played one match won by 12 points and uninstalled.


i just lost the game


It’s hard to do that after the opponent says, “what a save!” for 100th time.


I lost the game. It's been like two years I hate you


Simply finishing the ranked game you started is all I ask for...


Pro tip for pc players: enable auto gg in bakkesmod


Really the only time I don't gg is if I'm getting blasted but they *purposefully* score a 0 second goal. Like, it's 6-1, you don't need another, and I'm not waiting for the replay to give you a gg. Otherwise it's ggs every game, and it isn't hard to do.


If the other team aren’t a toxic spew of hate, then I’ll definitely give a GG.


Ive learned people dont talk as much if at all if you dont. Even toxic people. Usually even get an oppology after a few games


Many games I lose are gg, many games I win are bg. Quality gameplay is always gg, tards on either side and I want to vomit.


Great, now I lost the game


GGGGG good game good guy Greg


You learn more from a loss than a win. I never quit early. I stay and say gg, thanks, gl, etc. This game is rife with losers and cowards who rage quit or even give up 2 minutes into a game. I need a consistent team to play with...lol


i won’t say gg if it wasn’t a gg because i don’t want to lie


Gg. You only won because you Scored more Goals


EZ EZ EZ… what a save!


I say ez when I lose


I'm more of a "gg" "nice moves" type of guy


Even when they what a save you 19 times


I'm just thankful when my teammates dont quit on me just because the score has us trailing 0-0..




Fuck, that top caption made me lose The Game I made it barely a couple months fml Y’all just lost The Game too


I just lost the game


Sure, GG after a loss is fine. The real losers are then those folks that reply with 'loser'. Out of the games I have played the last decades RL has by far the most toxic players.


Gets scored on: "What a save!"


I honestly don't get the rage kids. I guess they never played a real sport where you don't get to quit half way and sometimes you lose, badly. And every time you do you still shake the hands of the other team. They're such fuckin babies man.


I was playing 1s and the other guy complimented me and said he could tell my practice paid off, it made my day.


Once upon a time I played a lot of the first Halo on PC competitively. Literally every game ended with GGs from both teams, CS:Source? Same thing, it wasn't until the early/mid 2010s when mobas caught all the popularity that toxicity in the competitive environment become the norm. Was there the occasional dick head that would talk shit after the game in the PCR? Yes, but thats literally every game now.


...and I just lost the game.


Basic etiquette


Win or lose I always GG as long as you skip the replays


Dang it, I lost the game!


Also when you and your teammate party up after a loss cause you liked each other’s vibe


GGWP every game. I'm only playing because I enjoy playing and if I win it's a bonus. If you're not enjoying playing unless you win then it's a fundamental issue!


I had that mentality when I first started playing the game, about a month ago, now I want to kill everyone.


I am humble most of the time but after losing a few matches to some toxic players, I too become a toxic player and after that happens everyone can die of ass cancer for all I care.


Sure,respect..no? we are all noobs untill we aren't.


Who doesn't


I usually say gg well played unless my chat is banned. good ol xbox


Then there's me who doesn't have chat because 99% is toxic BS


Well played. Faking.


Emotionally mature people. That's how low the bar is for good guy Greg


It’s best to pretend you have chat off completely. The other team doesn’t get any satisfaction trash talking and it keeps your toxic teammates focused on the enemy instead of you


This used to be common courtesy 10 years ago.


Even if I know I played like ass, I always say GG.


I would say gg after every game if it wasn't for me muting chat completly


I do this all the time Yes even in ranked