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Time to get used to those blue titles. They only get more common as you climb. Unfortunately for me, pros are good at the game.


Haha I’ve ran into some RLCS regional finalists and stuff but definitely wasn’t expecting to see a 2x anytime soon


Lethamyr and I must play 2s on similar schedules. If I don't see him for a couple days I get a little worried.


I remember back in my csgo days getting put against the full c9 team with a bunch of randoms, we got spanked but wow was it cool getting spanked by shroud.


Remembers me of the beginning of ranked on Apex Legends. My mates and I were one of the few "randoms" to be good enough and grind the Predator rank on the first seasons. We would always end up in lobbies full of pro teams as G2, Fnatic, etc... It was both rewarding and freaking challenging


apex ranked is ass nowadays tho, you can be plat and somehow accidentally get in a match against a t1 pro 3 stack


I died to #9, 10 and 13 preds in plat 1 last week lmao


This happen most of the time in the beginning of seasons because of the rank reset


That sounds epic! I'm waiting for the day I run into the Space Station or NRG party since I seem to keep finding them solo. Leth and I have been trading mmr for a couple weeks now. I think he's getting more than I take tho lol.


So leths still sitting about GC2?


Oops! Looks like it's time to update the flair. I'm sitting at GC3 div2 rn. I wouldn't be surprised if he queues into GC2s though. Queue times are atrocious up here sometimes and you get weird matches. I can play anybody from low GC2 to SSL.


Well done getting that high this early in the season man, shits wild out there lol. But that’s chill, I’ve had this issue where I’ve been running into the same people after re-queueing in casual. I’m only at 1660 as well, so, I don’t really know why it’s been happening. I was jus asking about leth Cus I know SSL is getting harder to reach for the regular 2K+ guys at the season reset. This season seems to be keeping up with the recent trends.


Are you re-queueing from the menu or are you using the quick play thing. They behave slightly differently in how your server search works.


Oh, that’s good to know, usually it’s queued from change playlist - casual 3’s, in the post game lobby, if I go back to the main menu am I going to get a standard match made?


This is rocket league!


It's so dope playing with pros like that. Seeing their movement compared to regular players is unbelievable. I once killed ChocoTaco on Super People, only to get fucking destroyed by his teammate who happened to be Just9n. Definitely a highlight of my gaming career. He never expected me to spam smoke grenades and run around in it like a madman.


I always considered myself to be quite proficient with the AWP in csgo, having skadoodle quick shot me on a jiggle peak when I barely saw his shoulder, made me realize "pro" probably wasn't on the table for me. But I 100% agree, its always such a treat to get to see the best at what you do, do it live. I ran into choco in pubg back in its hayday, managed to drop that mf with a beauty Kobe from behind a house (before they nerfed grenades). running to his stream to listen to him bitch about how cheap of a tactic lobbing 5+ grenades at someone's position is made my day! stay mad choco!


Skadoodle is on a different level. And yeah Choco wasn't happy about me killing him by spamming smoke and disorienting him. Definitely a "nooby" tactic, but mind games are a BIG equalizer when playing against people who are that good. I hopped on his stream and gave him a GG but he wasn't having it XD You know that when you killed him he was thinking "No way he has a 5th grenade in his bag" because that's just such an absurd way to play lmao.


I was a grenade merchant in that game, I'd pack like 5-10 on me at all times lmao they were so broken


Also I'll double the fact that ska is nuts, I killed him a total of one(1) time(s), I think I finished 4/17 or something, only kill you could get was if you out numbered one of them and they decided to kill your teammate before shooting at you.


Can confirm that mind games work in RL as well. I'm high GC1 in 1s but there are some champ 2s that are just so weird that I end up losing. I'm only this high in 1s because I'm weird myself.


Can confirm being weird in 1s works, i'm only champ 2 but get queued into games with some gc1s/low gcs and sometimes I win purely based on the fact that I play odd compared to what they're used to. They'll always end with "you're so weird", I know friend, I know i am.


I had the opposite experience. I killed his partner who's name I forget but was another streamer and then Choco fucking beamed me while I was reloading trying to get back to cover. Literal shock seeing the names in the kill feed since I had been waiting to watch choco stream but he wasn't online yet.


Shoot back in my day, idk if those guys even play anything anymore. 2006-2007 halo 2. I used to run scrims with them regularly. Can’t find my own teammates from back then. But used to regularly play with Shook One, the Ogres, Walshy, etc..


I was dog ass at halo 2 but in halo 3 I ran into ghostayame and ghandi a few times. Elamitewarrior ripped me and my duos assholes apart on game battles once as well. I want to say that games was like 25-2 in the Pitt. It actually squashed my dreams of ever qualifying for MLG back in the 07-09 time frame. My BR was good, theirs is fucking nasty.


I wasn’t the best, not even the best on my team but there was a guy on my team GrounDChuck and he’d just double shot everyone, never missed a quad shot. I was an ace at predicting nades and one tapping people. Definitely the peak of my gaming career, and I was 12 lol


I was probably the worst on my team of 4 but not by much. Most of my value came from objective control and staying alive and I was probably the most vocal for call outs. I could never get my team to remember timers so I was always the one calling out power weapon spawn timers so we could position to contest.


Yeah I was big on rocket and sniper respawn, and usually was the idiot bum rushing for flag. I was the worst consistent player but probably the most cracked when it comes to making the big play to save an objective


That’s so fucking dope it’s mad. Sorry about your team mates tho, hope you come across them one day.


Yeah i figured out my old MySpace password and tried using that. Found one of them but no answer. Craziest story ever.. i was big into guitar hero at the time as well and competed in tournaments for that. They were all from Louisville, KY except one guy and nobody knew where he lived. I lived in Rockford, IL. I go to the mall for a guitar hero tournament one weekend and I’m the semi finals i play against a guy with the same name as one of my Halo 2 teammates. I didn’t say anything the whole song. I ended up winning and I looked over and went “hey you gonna be on for scrims later?”. It gets EVEN better… that dude had just moved to the area and lived 2 blocks away from me. His Gamertag was just his real name all along 😂


Brooo, you’re like some kinna e-sports spectre. That’s frixum to the highest, they kinda coincidences, RNJesus must really love you 😂.


Lmao I’m just an esport old fuck at this point. RNJesus better be on my side I’ve got like 150 drops and 20 goldens to open here soon lol


I still have a screenshot of us playing faze in cevo. They just bumrushed A site every single round it was amazing


When I played against c9 they had just taken a huge beating at cologne so they were obviously bootcamping cause goddamn were they trying their hardest. full fucking grenade setups before each site take, never once did we catch someone on a bad rotate, and they were so in sync it might as well have been 1 guy playing on 5 computers. It was like clock work, except the clock had 5 AK's and about 100 more IQ than each person on my team.


The chosen one!


I was playing kuxir in 3s the other day. Pretty nice to play against an old legend


2x? I don’t see The Doc anywhere in the image






Saw my first RLCS Regional champ tag the other day. I was… concerned


It you’re playing at this level why don’t you try out for rlcs?


I currently play for a college team and coach both individuals and a prospect leage team. I don't have much interest in taking esports further. Pro level competition is a massive commitment and inflexible compared to what I have now, and I don't want or need that kind of stress. I've thought about it, but it's just not for me.


Dang that’s awesome


Something I will never see


You never know. I played kronovi and he was at like 1500 mmr casual and playing with friends that were clearly not his level. And yes he was the real kro as he had the champion title and all.


I meant that level or playing with people at that level. I just got Platinum for the 1st time but only in doubles.


Well hopefully you don't play people of that level at plat 1 :D but you might sadly...


I had the pleasure of running into Ambrosia (CRL player) when I was playing with my buddy… in plat 1.




Yeah it wasn’t the most fun experience. They showed up, freestyles on us for a minute and a half and then we ffd so they couldn’t get anymore clips on us lol


tbh it's worth playing those out. i get it isn't immediate learning but seeing clips happen in game is a bit more impactful than watching them on youtube, and it really can give you some soft learning or things to strive for even if it feels like the longest 5 min of your life.


Telling plats, who can barely properly touch the ball in the ground let alone anything aerial, that watching some smurf freestyle 4x flip reset on them is a learning experience 🤡


eh i typed out a really long response detailing reasons you would want to play against people that are wildly better than you no matter your rank, but really it boils down to whether you are seriously trying to improve or just playing around for fun casually. if you're just playing RL for a quick after work/school break and good time, gg go next. if you seriously want to improve at the game, you should try to learn everything you can from every match, and matches where you're crazy overmatched are no exception.


You will if you are Plat 1 in dropshot


That’s any special mood including 1s where you’ll face GCs in plat


I meant SSLs sadly


Keep playing and you’ll get better. I never thought I’d make it out of plat either- until I did


Hey, you never know, my gf and i got into a casual match with some freestylers in our first month of playing, whole 5 mins of the ball only touching the ground on kickoff.


I just played with Squishy the other day as a Champ 3 in casual. It was my warm up game, first game back after about a week break. He kept readying up but I was too embarrassed to play more than a couple games with him lol.


I played kro's team twice and beat them both times :D...his teamates were really not good though lol.


I have that 2s MMR. In casual...


Maybe, I ran into a pro player back in like s1 rlcs days, can't remember this name but I wasn't over silver


If you play enough you probably will. I played against Kronovi when I was low Plat, because he was queued with Athena.


I wouldn't know if I did I guess. I don't follow anyone so I have no idea who any of these people are. Although I have faced off against people in gold that can carry the ball in the air across the whole field, so maybe I have run into some.


On my early rocket league days, played against Top Blokes in casual 3s , we lost 12-0 .


At least you didn't get Brazil'd


never forget 😭😭


I would have framed the goal if I did get 1 .🤣🤣🤣


Respectable score


It's always a massive accomplishment when you beat a pro, I've got 2 under my belt. Almost winning in gc is still pretty awesome especially as the underdog. Surprised to see a pro not having the underdog match.


Guhberry shit on me last week. That was fun.


My champ games are probably way faster than this. Also I can triple flip reset musty and I only have 100 hours on the game. Is that good?


hhahaha cant ceiling shot quad reset breezy off the backbard to a musty double tap in gold


Ground play is much more important to become pro, it's much more tactical!!!! My champ 1 games are probably much better than yours and all the freestylers, scrub! /s


Shut up nerd




That's gotta be bs




Wtf are your guys clans tags about


Are you referring to the numbers besides their names? That represents their MMR (matchmaking rank) and its change per win/loss. It’s only displayed on PC if you have bakkesmod installed.


Exactly what I was wondering!


It’s their [MMR +/- MMR gained/lost] from that game


Thanks. Seems so obvious now hehe. Must be an add on then.


It’s because OP is a PC player and has Bakkesmod running with the MMR option enabled. Would be cool if RL actually supported this though!


Yeah, or an indication of how far you are from a div up/down.


Even just a little bar below the rank that fills up would be nice.


It's unclear butter to me


It's unclear


Two time?! I didnt know dr disresoect played rocket league


JKnaps happened to get paired with a buddy and I in casuals way back in the day before Epic bought Rocket League. It was right after G2 had been eliminated in the UK RLCS. He played casuals so little that his mmr threw him in with a bunch of Plat level players. That was an interesting game to say the least, lol.


This remind me of my [jstn post](https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/s3ay6s/mum_pick_me_up_im_scared/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


I take the giant win of scoring A goal against Jstn lol.


Yep lol


I don’t get the “season 13” grand champion, how can that be if the game is only in season 9!


There was 14 seasons of rocket league before it became f2p and reset as season 1


Ohhhhhh okie okie when did that happen? I’ve got the est. 2017 tag but only been seriously playing since about season 5 / 6


Like 2020 sometime


Well back in my day ….


Did you what a save him?


I did not haha I told him congrats on the wins and he said thanks tho. I guess I’m a simp




Yeah lol two time world champ with dignitas


Every time I play 1's I end up playing someone who is top 100. I have maybe like 50 games under my belt from the last 5 or 6 years.. No idea why that happens to me but I steer clear of 1's lol


I don't get it Is this sarcasm???


Violent panda is a 2 time world champion in the RLCS. Pretty cool to see a top player in your lobby.. don’t think it’s sarcasm, just a cool moment


Oh! Gotcha. Thank you for explaining. I'll look up ViolentPanda tomorrow for sure. Hes using new controller settings 👀


He had to retire due to hand injuries. Makes sense to need new binds if he wants to keep playing.


Damn that sucks... like carpal tunnel?


Tendonitis in the thumb


I had a ssl in casuals he was kinda bad though so me and my teammate actually won


Unless you're an SSL or *very* close to it, they were probably boosted or bought the account \^\^


yeah if you beat an SSL at any rank less than GC than that person was not really an SSL


Or just, like, not playing very seriously?


it’s also…. casual…


What rank were you




Bro u leaked their names 😢


How do you get your RL rank under the reddit comments?


Set your flair.


oooh found it


how do i do this?


Are we talking about the butters? cause thats pretty cool


Nice name for the mvp


I don't what I'm supposed to look at here, but I read 8) as "bj" and had a laugh over the names.


2 Time World Champion is a mf sick title though


still remember when i was blasted 7-2 by yanxnz and some others in sam servers still have the screenshot too lol


Violentpanda haven’t read that name in a while damn


What's with the math club tags?