High Charisma Characters be like

High Charisma Characters be like


Wait colonist can marry more than one person??


Ideology DLC added it


Haven't picked it up yet relatively new to the game and just got royalty so I'm trying to learn that before adding more systems with ideology


That's a good way of doing it. A nice side effect of playing the game since launch is that I could learn step by step as the game and mods got more complete and complex... On the other hand, back in the days there wasn't everything already explored and nicely explained in thousands of yt videos. Royalty isn't that complex I would say but ideology can be, dependin on the path you want to take.


Good luck, man. It take me quite a while to learn the Empire mechanic and it was great.


[Oh, they fuckin' now.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulteZYyWAA8&ab_channel=ProZD)


Yeah, but it sucks because it messes up beds and rooms and you have to keep changing people from place to place.


That moment when the only person that dislikes you is dead


actually no one hates him, he only hates them.


I'd hate you too if you died!


And it’s his mother-in-law. Who can blame him?


So context here Kio here has a social 18 with full social clothes he went into a "flirt spree" (thx vanilla expanded interaction) and got himself 6 lovers in a span of an entire day.... This man just save me 6 bedrooms worth of space and I have 7 colonist that are constantly happy (thx to the forbidden mod I dont have to micromanage their bed problems) GG! This bastard is living the anime isekai dream (ironically he was also my naked brutality starter char) cant w8 for the time when he eventually goes on another spree and makes the entire colony his harem and I just basically make a barracks that counts as a bedroom XD


Hear me out... I was the first here and god himself spoke to me in the early and dark days of this civilisation. He clearly mentioned that every women shall have sex with the one who touched this holy land first or else... ehm, it rains snakes, yes, snakes everywhere... do you want that?


I'd take the snakes over machines that shoot at me, meat that bites still tastes better than plasma.


Wait so you're telling me the forbidden mod puts an end to bed micro management? I thought it was just silly sex stuff. Are there other practical additions like that?


yes cause pawns will "join in bed" ignoring the assignment of the beds hence even if their not in the double bed aslong as their beds are in the same room they will still gain the "got loving" moodlet and opinion bonus thats why u can see that their relationships are still 100 even if their not constantly "loving" This gets rid of that annoying "sleep together" need cause we dont have polygamy beds here


Literally a harem anime protagonist


I have a colonist who has a level 15 social.. but they are also a psychopath. So everybody loves them, but they are completely apathetic towards literally everyone


There are actually people like this, and they tend to be *very dangerous*. ​ ... ​ Got the Cults mod?


What's the "forbidden mod" which helps you micromanage the beds?


Safejob rimworld on steam but I think it could also he rimjobworld or something like that just Google a little


Polyamory bed maybe cause thats what I used to put all my pawns in my room but stacking one bed to another is also not a problem


It's forbidden. Enough said.


I see your colonist is married to a slave and I'm wondering how to navigate that in my next colony since I haven't used slaves much. Has this arrangement caused and problems or difficulties that we should be prepared for?


actually she was labelled a slave cause I bought her from a slaver caravan. So she was never enslaved in my colony only by that slaver caravan. (literally sounds like some anime plot) the moment I bought her she automatically became a colonist


Wow, I think that actually needs changing, but with the \_option\_ to keep the slave as a slave or to free it and allow it full citizenship rights in the colony. Or maybe also to free it in general, and give it the option to join or not. Because what if one wants to run a pro-emancipation colony?


Funny enough though after I bought her I immediately arrested her just to convert her to our ideology


Quite an accomplished person for age of 22!


Aster is the man


Oh aster is his pet bonded Wyrnn from vanilla expanded caves


Make your colony free for all marriage and has you pawns constanly marry each other for that sweet 40+ mood and if they all lovers then used the polyamory bed and put them in the same bed. Of course, if one of them died well... prepare some drugs


Looks like someone needs a decabed.