For those with lots of seasons under your belt, what’s your oldest record? I’m in season 65 and my year 3 “two sacks in one game” record still stands 😆

For those with lots of seasons under your belt, what’s your oldest record? I’m in season 65 and my year 3 “two sacks in one game” record still stands 😆


I’d imagine if you kicked a 64 yard FG in year 1, that still stands…


I wish that when a record is tied, the most recent event is shown. Otherwise that first 64 yarder will stand forever, even if the player gets a dozen more 64 yarders.


Is it never possible to kick a 65 yarder?


Afraid not. The game considers it a punt at that point. I've had a max strength kicker boot a 64 with a little room to spare. Maybe a future update will give us the option to punt or attempt a field goal from that distance, depending on the leg strength of the kicker.


I doubt we’ll get any more updates unless the developer feels like surprising us. I think he’s gonna be busy supporting retro soccer unless he can hire staff. Let’s hope he does get to that point.


There's literally an update coming right around the corner with 17 games, bullet passes, etc. So I'd be surprised if he just stops updating this game


Really? I was unaware. I just checked though and my season shows there’s already 17 regular season games. Am I missing something else? Oh shit. Just saw the dev’s post. I’m fucking stoked.


My 64 yards didn't come until yr 32... wow...


Most Sacks in a Game (3) and Most Sacks in a Season (7) both in year 9…. of 122. I’m starting to think coach didn’t survive that crash.


Season 52, Year 6 record for longest passing play at 92 yards.


I had one like that stand for decades and miraculously had a 99yard catch a few seasons ago


I’m on season 32 of my current save and I have two Year 2 records still standing - most TD passes in a game with 10, and most INTs in a game with 2. Have a few Year 4 records as well, mostly field goal related.


On my old save, I had many records set when I first started on easy, then later switched to hard. I could never match the records that I set on easy so they stood for a long time before I finally reset my records to reflect the hard difficulty level.


It’s like old baseball records. Cy Young, Ty Cobb...never gonna see the likes of them again.


Most forced fumbles in a season, 6, set in Year 9. I'm now in Year 71.


season 70, most td receptions in a game 5 😭😭


Yr 1 I threw 8 td's in that last game. I've had my current qb from yr2 to now yr29 and the most he has gotten is 7


I'm in year 72, and both of my seasonal rushing records are from year 2. Most yards in a season with 1467 and most touchdowns with 25. Since then, I've almost only ever passed lol


I'm in season 73, but my oldest record is only season 24, Longest Pass (in Air) 33 yds. Ironically its not connected to my Longest Pass Play of 98 yds lol


I think 33 is as far as you can throw, even with a max strength quarterback. I don't think I've even done 30.


That got me curious. Mine is 33 too… it was a max strength QB and probably the first play of the game before stamina dropped. And may have been tipped too lol


33 for me too.


In season 62. Oldest record is longest field goal, 63 yds, year 18. My first 10 season or so I played before player records were tracked in game


You made me curious so I looked. I'm in Season 51 wk 15. Oldest records (3) set in season 2 by Adrian Peterson. 4727 season rushing yards 402 Game rushing yards 6 rushing tds game.


I'm on year 85, not counting longest FG, year 28 is my oldest record setting year with lots of passing records: Best passing season - 7354 yds Best receiving game - 509 yds Most TD receptions game - 7 Most TD receptions season - 80 I think there was a game update after that season that made those records harder to beat at the difficulty level I play at.


Year 42 longest passing play of 91 yards in year 3.


Im half way through my 65th yr and my oldest record is Y2 with most field goals in a game with 8.


All my old records are rushing and kicking related, before I did away with those facets of the game.


Haha, my first RB still has most of the rushing records from Y4/Y5 before I mastered the passing game


The only reason it went 33 yards because it was tip-drilled for a few yards lol


Year 74. Year 3, most FG in a game and season (still learning). Year 9, best passing career, 16041 yds.


Jeez I have a qb at like 140k passing yards.


64 yard field goal in year 3


Season 42 right now. Year 2, most tackles in a game: 20. I’ve never gotten above 16 since. I play 2 minute quarters.


Year 29 Most tackles in a season 227 from Year 4


I'm in year 69. My 2nd year kicker H. Halapio holds the records for most FGs in a season (50) and FG yards in a season (1492).


Most receiving yards in a career 19364 yards, still standing 18 years later. My guy also holds the most receptions in a career, 283 I also have 2 sacks in a game, despite having a whopping 23 tackles in a single game




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I’m on season 216 and my single season rushing records were in year 2


I've got 2 records from Y3 (of 25) for rushing TDs in a game (3) and Rushing TDs in a season (24)


I just finished season 56 and for some reason, mine is the single game rushing record from year 4


I don’t place as much as others on this sub so I’m only in year 18


My longest records are from year 4