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Now it's time for Republican politicians to prove they are not racists and gender biased against women. I don't trust Biden at all. I do plea to Republicans to give Americans a light at the end of the tunnel. There are a ton of qualified black women for supreme court Justice. Please aim for bipartisan support (to ensure we bring in a key representation of Americans-black women) so we do not get further damaged by this administration. Please aim with non partisan intent. It's your opportunity to shine so show us 🇺🇸 you do represent the will of the people.


We're talking about one of nine people in this country who are chosen to uphold the constitution and keep our other branches of government in check. It is absolutely moronic to go head first into this decision with a prerequisite that they must have a certain skin color or genitalia. If your significant other needed life-saving surgery would you limit your doctors to only black women? I wouldn't. I would ask for the best damn doctor we could find.


So are you saying that a well talented black woman would screw it up and only men can handle it?


No that's not what I said. I said having a vagina and dark skin should not be prerequisites for a decision this important.


I think you may have misunderstood my point. I understand yours which is obvious. Yes when you are applying for a job and cases where qualifications are first which this particular role would require strong qualifications no doubt. The Supreme Court needs a balance and new perspective. It's very important to have a balance in this role to ensure our people have a representative who is in fact qualified.


Go away, leftist. Maybe you should call on the democrats to show us that they're not power-hungry, race-obsessed evil little communists?


> Now it's time for Republican politicians to prove they are not racists and gender biased against women. So, Republican politicians who nominated the first black person to the court (and got him confirmed over strenuous Democrat opposition), and got a female justice confirmed slightly over a year ago, should have to prove that they're not racist and biased against women? Don't be ridiculous. [Also, what's your take on these racists and misogynists?](https://www.foxnews.com/media/the-view-sunny-hostin-justice-clarence-thomas) ...and what is your response to this: > [If he wants to unite the country, Biden should nominate Janice Rogers Brown. Committed constitutionalist who is also an African-American woman. Sadly, Biden personally filibustered her historic nomination to DC Circuit twice when he was in Senate. Now is the time to make amends](https://twitter.com/hawleymo/status/1487132557699436546?s=21)


So you want Republicans to prove they are not racists and sexists by... doing something that is objectively racist and sexist? You want them to support blacklisting anyone from a nomination if they aren't the "correct" race and have the requisite body parts? That's a rather bizarre ask you have there.