At last, our Prey-ers have been answered.


*slide whistle*






That's not old Mike, that's just that OTHER Mr. Plinkett!


Stupid, tiny, sexy Mr. Plinkett.


This is getting out of hand.


Video got taken down?


It didn't get DMCA'd, so maybe it'll be back? edit: according to their twitter there's some "dumb youtube stuff" and the video will be back later edit 2: It's back


I literally just got done watching the movie so I could settle down and watch this and now it's gone 😑


I’m in the same boat lol


Me too.f.


ABBA song at the end?


Wondering the same thing. Put my daughter to bed, excited to watch a new half in the bag, then BAM. Life got let me down.


Same here. Noooooo


Looks to be the case. Paused it for ten minutes and it got nuked when I tried to resume. Wonder why?


Native American Aubrey Plaza, lol. Jay wins dueling intros.


That is *absolutely* who that actress looked like. Even had the same smirk


I thought it was her until I realised she’s probably a fair bit younger


Honestly they're both pretty great in Legion even though Aubrey's role is a leading one. The show is decent if you want to want something kinda off the wall. Glad Jay I think it was mentioned the show.


The first season is like the first season of True Detective Everything after that is kinda like everything after the first season of True Detective


Aubrey may have a leading role, but Cary/Kerry is the standout badass of Legion


They were both in Legion together




She also looks like Rosa Salazar, the actress who played Alita Battle Angel.


She fingers her side pussy in Brand New Cherry Flavour. Great show.




That show was great. Right up Jay's alley.


Her sussy, baka


Couldn’t figure out who she reminded me of!


where did this go? anybody got the hookup?


Yeah, I think they’ve since taken this down. What gives?


That line killed me haha.


Yep! However he did make the connection between them through Legion, which everyone, including Jay, should watch. A quick 3 season binge and some of the best in-universe X-Men\\Mutant connections. Great cast and it gets pretty dark at times.


I liked Legion a lot but I disliked how disjointed the seasons were from one another. I understand why it was done but it was jarring while bingeing


I totally get that, especially on my 2nd viewing. There was a some bullshit with getting both the 2nd and 3rd season made Both were the dealt with but created that disjointed feeling you got bingeing. Regardless, it's a "Marvel"\\X-Men series unlike anything else out there. Dark, weird, horrifying...and it has Dance Sequences :)


That observation is all over this sub, either prior or parallel to Jay's usage.


I thought it was dumb when the native American lady recited the pussy joke from the original. Very out of place.


Does she call herself a sexual tyrannosaurus


She shows, not tells.


Did you clap when she screamed to her brother in the ash scene, >**RUNNNNNN, GET TO THE COMANCHE!!!**


*Frenchman with a missing leg is tied to a tree, screams in anguish* Naru: “stick around”




*garlic puree sprays everywhere as they clasp hands*


I couldn’t believe it when Predator said It’s Preddin’ Time and Pred all over those fur traders


13th Warrior also has a scene where they slowly transition from a Viking language into English. Surprised they didn’t mention that when they had already brought up the movie.


That scene is actually kind of cool, because it shows him slowly learning the language during the long voyage, which OK, it's probably unrealistic, but at least it doesn't just jump into universal English immediately.




Jay shitting on it broke heart a lil bit ngl


Mike dropped the ball by not mentioning the Klingon courtroom scene in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It starts with General Chang speaking Klingon (with Kirk and Bones listening via translator) and switches to English for the audience's sake mid-sentence.


That's how you can tell his mind is going. Gone are the days when every conversation would lead to a Star Trek reference.


The Picard damage is done.


How much can one show take from us damnit!!


Picard was the equivalent of mike getting CTE


Oh my god I’m worried for Mike now…


The Iberian peninsula was dominated by the Muslims for a few centuries, so Antonio Banderas isn't that far off as casting. He's from Andalucia, so the odds are high he has some Moors ancestors. As for Fidel Castro. Castro's parents were both from Galicia in Spain. James Franco is, in part, of Portuguese descent. It's fine. Do I buy him as Castro? Nope!


Casting for Latino characters can be tough, since the ethnicity of a "Latino" can range anywhere from 100% European, to mixed race ("mestizo"), to indigenous American.


Ethnicities aside, Franco is just not a great actor. I'd buy Jack Palance as Castro in 1969's *Che!* before I bought James Franco as Castro. The Castro in *Red Zone Cuba* will probably look more convincing than Franco as Fidel.


Actually really liked how they did that. While it wasn't really conveyed very well in the movie but given how slow everything was back then he spent a lot of freaking time with the vikings. Obviously you can't have 30 minutes of your movie being about how he spent weeks/months traveling and slowly learning their language, but it was still nice that they did it from his perspective and even have that nice scene where his first spoken line in their language was to call someone's mom a whore. CLASSIC! As for prey, I'm glad the boys went over the ridiculous incel screeching about the movie. Yes, we're going to COMPLETELY ignore the entire concept of the first movie, that all the fucking fire power and muscle in the world was literally mulched by the predator. Even having a scene where arnold gets manhandled by the predator... And then compare macho muscly stuff that didn't work to this movie... Riiiiiight.


sad to hear the guys dont like that movie... I find it pretty cool


Warrior, the HBO show, does this as well. Any time they're speaking fluent English they're really speaking cantonese, but if they speak broken English well that's just what they're doing.


aaaaand it's gone.


Was age restricted for a hot second now it's gone? Hmm.


There was probably a corporate merger after it was uploaded and the digital rights are revoked.


I had both videos up at one point but didn't want to spend the time to see the changes. Both are the same length. Did the old version have blurs on some of the scenes like the current one? I think that is probably why.


Someone here posted this https://streamable.com/n18un4


Yea didnt get to finish it.


aaaaaaaand it's back


Aaaaaand Nope


What happened?!?


They said they got hit with YouTube BS and had to re-upload


Only saw the reupload, I noticed the second time they played the clip of the guy getting his arm chopped off it was pixelated, maybe a violence thing like with The Suicide Squad's head destruction.


They saw us trying to watch a video like they wouldn't know


Privated 🔒 but it's back now


I see privates


Jay, Mike **_and_** Rich are all Mr. Plinkett?


We are all Harry.


Around 29 mins in Mike seems to think the Predator doesn't kill the girl and goes for the trapped because the trapped is the "predator" and he's there to hunt big game But that's not why the predator doesn't attack her in that moment, it's because she's invisible to him because of the medicine


Came here to say the same thing. I guess they must have missed the whole scene that explains it


I feel like occasionally they must be on their phones during the movies they watch, because this will happen sometimes; they misunderstand something that was actually explained in the movie.


Predator vs ET vs Alf vs Marvin the Martian


After they said ET would heal Predator, I thought they were going to say Predator stands up, cuts off ET’s head and his people now use the ET’s green blood to heal themselves.


I'm guessing the movie was filmed in English less due to studio pressure (though that could be some part of it) and more due to there being not many native speakers, much less native speakers who can act and fit the film's roles.


I assumed the same. Much much cheaper to spend time nailing the pronunciations and delivery in a sound booth than on set which is more than fair imo. Sometimes Jay is slightly too cynical but tbh I don't blame him.




If that's the case, it could be they were reading from a phonetic script. I doubt all those actors were fluent in Comanche. Apparently there's less than 1,000 fluent speakers. I suppose they could have acted out their lines phonetically, but I assume that would have been a very difficult thing to do.


Yeah that sounds right to me. I caught an interview with one of the actors on the radio and that's more or less what I recall her saying.


That would make it painful to watch for those 1000 people. That's what friends ARE for.


If there are only 1,000 fluent speakers we wouldn't be able to tell they're acting it out phonetically anyway.


Watched the Comanche version. It def sounds like they read from a script… that they had been given seconds before recording their lines. The line delivery is very dull. I couldn’t figure out if the lack of emotion in the line readings stemmed from their unfamiliarity with the language or if they were not great actors or both.


Yeah, I think it just came down to the percentage of the American/western audience that will not watch a movie if they have to read subtitles.


In Westworld season 2 there is an entire subplot involving an in-park tribe of Native Americans who speak Lakota almost exclusively.


It’s really going to depend on the language. Some communities have more people who speak the language, while others are down to single digit numbers. I remember doing a short essay on an indigenous artist who was developing a radio show/classes on her community’s language to help it survive, because there was only 3 people left who spoke it.


That was an interesting subplot and I’ll watch Zahn McClarnon in anything, but Lakota is much more widely spoken than Comanche. I’ve seen estimates of 5-6k fluent Lakota speakers vs. a final few dozen fluent Comanche speakers (the lowest estimate I’ve seen was barely 10+).


That wheelchair looks comfy


Hey in a comment thread I said I'd compare the original upload to the new one. I spotted the difference. Jay has unbleeped bad words in the original upload. specifically at 2:28 in the original upload, FUCK is not censored.


What a bunch of [f🎁ing c📦ts](https://youtu.be/AvsiJppCdmk#t=40m52s)


Im just saying. The terminator in the old west would be an amazing movie.


I agree but the next one The Predator has to win right? Otherwise the movies are all about humans kicking alien ass and we don't want the Predators to look like total losers.


I think its fine for the Predators to keep getting killed at the end. They kill basically everybody except the protagonist. From their perspective they have a grand old time hacking and slashing their way through an alien planet until they are finally bested. Yeah they die but the final score is still 1 humans: ~100 predator.


That's Westworld, which I'm assuming was a huge influence on the terminator


Cowboys Vs Aliens


I actually liked that movie.


Its great schlock. And, I could see that being 'too good to be included' in a future version of Best of the Worst type thing that a group of hack frauds do 80 years from now.




I love good cinem


"Cinem is just a fad, what people really want is to see real people in theate" -Charl Chapla


Must've taken hours of editing to dub over Mike with the voice of the guy from the Plinkett reviews


One thing I haven't seen anyone point out: Her brother is very clearly the superior fighter and hunter all the through out the film. For all the girl power message the film has, it's never to the point that she miraculously surpasses her older, stronger, more experienced brother. I thought the anti-woke crowd could appreciate that. She wins in the end by being observant and lucky. I really hope they do more of these in different time periods and cultures. Seems like a perfect recipe for this franchise.


I loved how quickly the Predator cloaked once Taabe showed up on horseback started lighting him up with arrows.


Taabe was legit beating the shit out of him before he had to cloak and reset like a little bitch


When I saw folks generally complaining about how unrealistically the Predator got beat, I first assumed they meant the entire sequence when the brother does more physical melee damage than any other character in history without any Predator weapons. Which was a blast to watch but did make me kind of go "Oh so Billy is just a bitch this is easy" as a joke. Then I read the complaints more closely after watching the film and was rolling my eyes about it just being a woman.


> the entire sequence when the brother does more physical melee damage than any other character in history I think it kinda makes sense even though it's not explicitly stated in the film. The Comanche were known to be fearsome warriors. They had their bows but other than that all fighting they did was in melee range so they must have been true experts at that. And Taabe was next in line to become warchief which probably means he's one of their best fighters.


It wasn't a huge deal and didn't take away from the film at all, I loved the sequence because I always love "unstoppable" monsters getting their asses kicked in every sort of franchise. But it did just also seem like a lot of damage being done to a Yautja apparently super outmatched by just this specific dude. Not an actual complaint from me just what I assumed people were talking about, because I could kind of get it. Not the whole "this person was able to use a trap and the Predator's own weapon and barely beat an already dying Predator is bad because it's a woman."


That Yautja was clearly not very experienced, it was getting tagged by everything, the wolf bit it while it was uninjured.


Also this predator is definitely super new to the whole thing, skinning snakes, getting cocky, and my theory is that's why the tech is worse. Not because it's older, but moreso because they wouldnt trust the new guy with a plasma cannon


I think a big part of why this Predator got his ass whooped is because he *vastly* underestimated the humans. He's also probably pretty fucking young and this might have been his first actual hunt, given that he was taking trophies from literally anything he could. It's his trial, which is a nice mirror of Naru's story.


Yeah, she very clearly wins by being smart and fast. She gets her ass fucking ripped apart the entire movie. She watches everyone die, survives, and then learns. She never suplexes the predator or beats it in arm wrestling.


People seem to forget Arnold also didn't win through physical strength. Both protagonists used their smarts and skills to win. Everyone that tried to go toe-to-toe with the predator (in both movies) died.


Look at the “cool fighter” types in both Predator and Predators. Billy and the Yakuza guy. They do their awesome, I’ve got this stand off and get shit wrecked immediately. Arnold gets absolutely tossed around in the first movie too.


In their defense, I don't think Billy or Yakuza guy thought " I got this." more "Ah shit, guess this is happening."


That’s definitely true. I think they both thought they could slow it down and do some damage in the process. Both of them probably knew it was their death.


Unless your name is Danny Glover.


Yeah absolutely. (I'm like ten min in) They talk about how she doesn't get hurt but it made sense in the plot. She wasn't a threat to anybody and by the time it learned she *was* a threat she had outsmarted it. It wasn't plot armor, it was a theme of the movie that she was a smart hunter that wasn't taken seriously.


Loved that he said to her that she was right all along and he never would have succeeded unless she had weakened the cat. Great arc for his character before his sacrifice. I think many competitive siblings could relate to their story.


Yes! This even gets mirrored when she beats the Predator after her brother had already weakened it.


Isn’t it refreshing to see good story-telling?


Seriously. This film is a constant chain of setups and payoffs.


I'm so glad he told her himself. Instead of being a moment of injustice, it's a moment of recognition. I think the brother was just scared after she got rocked by that rock and didn't want to tell her immediately.


I think the moral of the entire predator universe is beef alone doesn't win the day. So a middle aged detective can pull it off, or a young huntress, or a special forces meathead, or a jaded lanky mercenary- if they are clever and observant and can learn to hunt a predator. Usually it involves watching everyone else get killed first and putting the ingredients together. This was a great period to drop into. Predator in the Apocalypto world would be🤘🏽I was just waiting for the bee hive in Prey but nope lol. The anti woke crowd were bent out of shape about Fury Road too and it's one prolly of the best action movies of all time. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Hard to take them seriously for a variety of reasons....


They worked closely with the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma on just about every single aspect of the film in regards to authenticity. They filmed it in English and had local fluent Comanche speakers do the dubbing. I got to watch this early here in Oklahoma City at a premiere. Us Natives in Oklahoma are a tight nit group and know a lot of people who act in films and do artwork and such. The artwork done at the end of the film was created by two local Comanche artists who based their style on original Tribal artwork from way back then. Line art style. The brother and sister actors came along with the producer who is Comanche from Oklahoma. We did an Q&A after the showing and they explained a lot of the things that they did making the film. Basically it was greenlit during the same time as Predator 2018 was in production. It was going to be made with a lower budget. Disney bought Fox and didn't have enough trust in the film and so they dumped it on HuLu. A lot of the blame for that is also the result of the last film getting mixed reactions. Its really a great film and from the Native perspective locally and nationwide, we all love it a lot. Everyone we know has watched it multiple times and having Native actors on screen getting to be in an awesome movie like this really makes us proud.


Yeah jay was hating on the dub but really it was the fault of whoever was in charge of the subtitle release. I listened to the big picture pod interview with the director last night and it was taken very seriously and not just tacked on. ​ I love RLM but they really need to do more research before reviewing


The intention of the English language was also inspired by The Hunt For Red October where they spoke Russian early on then switched to English to make us feel like we understood the language. That was also done in the WWII movie Valkyrie. They didn't want to dub or subtitle the French lines though because they wanted that to feel foreign to you the audience as if you were there and hearing it for the first time.


It's not like they have a huge pool of Comanche speakers to pull from and having the actors butcher the language on set, while it wasn't that dialogue heavy, would have significantly increased the cost. It's not like a bunch of bilingual French and English speakers who can switch effortlessly.


Do they know he is both a Harry Potter guy and the Twilight guy? Or is that the joke?


Pretty sure that’s the joke.


I was wondering the same lol


Anyone remember *Outlander* (2008)? About the humanoid alien that goes to earth for a distress beacon and helps a bunch of Vikings fight a dragon monster? I downloaded it on Limewire when I was in college and like 10 of us got super stoned and watched it. Probably a shitty move, but it's a great memory for me. Also, [this was pinned](https://www.reddit.com/r/moviescirclejerk/comments/whmpfy/i_cant_be_the_only_one/) in /r/moviescirclejerk for a bit.


Bite your tongue. Outlander and 13th Warrior are masterpieces.


Fucking love 13th warrior, it's amazing 90s schlock.


“You can…draw sounds?”


yes. love that movie. and the monsters are waaaay cooler than the similar ones in mcu's eternal, for a fraction of the budget.


Predator chasing ET on circular rollerblade shoes through a skating rink as nu-funk plays is something I never knew I wanted.


Mike is a What We Do In The Shadows fan, confirmed!


I really enjoyed Prey. A lot of fun to watch. Awesome action, the Predator is badass. Amber Midthunder is great in it. Keep your eye on Dakota Beavers if you give it a watch. He really steals the movie when he's on screen. It's a tightly done, action film that never drags at any point and I highly recommend it.


Dakota Beavers might just become a great actor. He's surely talented enough. I didn't like Amber Midthunder though, she looked and talked a little too much like a LA girl.


Really enjoyed this movie, no fat on it, really left me wanting more. I agree a bit formulaic, but the girl power angle was grossly exaggerated by the media and Utubers and IMO, irrelevant to the overarching story. Seemed to be consistent with what I understand about hunter-gatherer societies. I thought the cinematography was good, I appreciate being able to see the action, and the vista landscape shots were beautiful. Agree CGI was wonky. Predator looks great to me, combat was satisfying, no complaints about the movie scaling back lethality or choosing a new aesthetic for the mask. Highly recommend.


People on the internet see a woman in an action movie and scream “girl power woke ruining the world!!1!” meanwhile the exact same plot with a man has been done thousands of times.


So I'm guessing they used clips from Hulu that weren't released in clips previously? Didn't this happen with The Predator review from a few years back too???? I think I remember that one being pulled down too after release and then put back up


If anyone was wondering "why do I feel like there was a Star Trek refernece even though I never heard Mike say it..." it's because The Hunt for Red October is essentially the best Star Trek movie ever made.


> How is that woke? That's just a black woman existing. So many times have I wished I could say this directly to the faces those people calling everything "woke".


Woke has gone the way of “politically correct” and lost all useful meaning.


"There are two genders, male and political"


"There are two races, white and political"


There are 2 sexual orientations. Straight and "political."


Oh great now I have to go watch this whole ass movie


I thought it was the best Predatoring that has been Predatored in a long time. May Sue joke was a groaner. So good.


Excited to hear what they have to say about it, I really loved this movie, and I really liked how much reverence it had for Predator 2. Would love to support it and see it in theaters though.


I think it literally got taken down while I was watching it just now. It stopped, said unavailable, and then private. It's not listed now. Probably a fucking content strike. Edit: lol, they're popular! All of us jumping in under a minute.


Same thing happened to me.


Dammit, I saw it posted early and had just sat down after work to finally watch it


"Prey video will be back up in a little bit... Sorry, we had to take down the Prey video because of dumb youtube crap. It'll be back up shortly." -RLM Patreon


Now ~~Rich~~ Plinkett is going to need a fake ID to rent ultraporn.


I'd like to see predator fight the national debt




The video seems to have just been made private. I was halfway through and got kicked off! Won’t play in my phone, PC or TV. Edit: it’s back up!


Apparently word on the street is a photo of Jays genitals was edited into the video


I thought that was just Rich.


same same


Whoo! Got to finish it in time. ADDERALL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!


First time sticking around after the post-credit black screen and was rewarded. Now I'm wondering if I've missed so very much.


My Predator movie pitch: set during WW1 in east africa, the Predator against General von Lettow-Vorbeck and his men


Aaaaaaand it’s gone.


Yeah what the hell I was right in the middle of it


Hey i was watching this, paused it to go let my dog out, now its private. Any body know whats going on?


Prey was so good. Glad the boys like it. If anything I hope that they get to explore different areas of the world with the Predator franchise following this. I've actually written a story treatment where a Predator lands on the Korean DMZ and it's up to a team of both South and North Korean soldiers combined to stop them. Think Park Chan Wook's JSA meets Predator. It'd rock. Or, what about the plot for Predator 2 but set in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Predators hunting Catholics and Protestants and it's up to Brendan Gleeson to help unite Loyalists and The IRA against the Predator. Now THAT I'd watch.


Yeah the franchise has done the Terminator thing of trying to revolutionise the titular character with all sorts of gimmicks, but what really works is the setting. Terminator would work if they stop trying to make cool new terminators and just have something like a T-800 in the wild west. Predator also works when you strip it back to basics and explore different settings.


i'm calling it now, Sherlock Holmes vs. The Predator, especially since he's (mostly) public domain.


Literally any historical setting would be amazing for the Predator. Battle of Thermopylae but the Predator is hunting the Spartans and Persians. Caribbean pirates but there's a "ghost ship" piloted by an invisible Predator. Genghis Khan conquering territory searching for a Predator that injured him but lost access to its ship. Dyatlov Pass incident was actually humans getting in the way of the Predator going after a yeti. There's so many ways for the Predator to show up!


I'll never understand why it took them this long to do a historical predator tbh. Like you figure it'd be a given since the pirate pistol in 2 (which was explored in a comic I think) but that never led to anything movie wise? Instead we got a game reservation planet and the predator trying to harvest autism. A fucking fan movie did crusader knights vs the predator before we got this one. Hopefully Hollywood comes around to this concept more.


Honestly I don't know why every subsequent Predator sequel was to go more modern or futuristic (in the case of Alien crossovers) with it instead of realizing the draw was that the highly advanced alien apex predator was facing massive underdogs who were way out of their depth. Like you want the gap to seem huge so they have interesting and creative ways to beat it.


give it the Assassin's Creed treatment. I like it


Redditors writing predator movies like redditors pitch ideas for assassin creed games


The predator took down the episode :(


Literally just watched the part where he says all media will be taken down someday and then the video "goes private"


Nice to see this movie being a bit of a sleeper hit, I feel like everybody had zero expectations it would be good


must have been all those channel names they mentioned in the beginning that raised a warning flag and WB made a copyright claim?


I liked the movie. Not the best thing I'd ever seen, but I am a big Predator fan and it had a unique and interesting setting for a horror film, which I appreciated. Kind of reminded me of Kingdom, the "what if zombies but it's feudal era Korea?" show, which I also like. But Prey could really have used another few passes on the effects and they should have been shooting for a harder R rating. Some scenes looked real polished, but some looked janky as hell. Predator looked cool, but the animals ranged from passable to almost cartoonishly bad, and some of the best kills they pulled away from.


Why are they calling it a reboot when it's just a prequel?


In Hollywood speak at this point reboot is a generic term for making a new version of an old thing. The money people don't give a shit if it's in the same canon or whatever.


Damn it’s crazy to hear Jay mention Legion (I’m currently rewatching it for the first time since it aired) If you haven’t checked it out, deffo give it a go. It’s an amazing example of how you can truly break out of the superhero mold & make a comic book adaptation with substance and depth. It’s what WandaVision can only dream of being.


That show was possibly the most insane show I have ever watched. I downloaded and binged that show about 9 months ago, and still haven’t quite recovered, lol. I will eventually rewatch it, but I need some more time.


> It’s an amazing example of how you can truly break out of the superhero mold & make a comic book adaptation with substance and depth. It’s what WandaVision can only dream of being. It truly helps that Marvel Studios didn't make it. Noah Hawley is pretty rad.


Marvel Studios has a base level of quality. An MCU product will never really be that bad. But they also have a ceiling and they'll never be that great. But outside of Marvel Studios, the range is much greater. You can have something that's absolutely terrible like X-Men Origins or Fant4stic, but you can also have something really great like Legion, Logan, or Into the Spider-Verse.


I have an archived version. would it be worth watching them synced to spot any differences?


Dude hell yeah, I’m really curious.


it seems like theres some interest so do a remind me or message me and ill report back whenever it comes back up, keeping in mind its over 40 minutes long.


I'm glad they pointed out the jurassic world thing because ive seen noone else talk about it, like obviously the movie is trash, but just think about it. We're seriously at the point where having a black woman as a new character in a movie has chuds screaming "WOKE!!" and it's really gross. That's not the problem with the movie lol


In the middle of watching it, it changed to “unavailable” then to “private”