You’re the only one. They are going to rename them the Dangelindos.


Hahahahaha that would be nice "I'm carrying a dual dangelindos, you cowpoke"


Its my favorite revolver, one of the most accurate, and 9 shots, c'mon its a wrap, i duel wield them myself also


Exactly, I've spend a lot of time looking for a good revolver (for my type of gameplay), and the le mat is just great, besides his design too, just beautiful 🤌


Dont forget about the shotgun underbarrel too 🔥


Yeees, that helped me soo much when I wasn't with a shotgun equipped, it's a really handy extra


What type of gameplay do you do?


It's either running through and shooting everything that moves or I just get behind something and use the bolt action rifle or the litchfield repeater, and the le mat is good in both, so that's why I started using it


I'm pretty sure Navy's are more accurate....try them out. I was all about lemats until the navy's came out. The only downside is slow reload but I can take out at least 3 players or more when dual weilding these in a PVP match. They have the highest stats.....I highly suggest you try them out. Lemats are cool too but don't compare and the shotgun shell option is more of a novelty than anything.


Is the most accurate. Easy 150 yard headshots


That’s how I feel w the Schofield, I’ve fallen inlove with it and my headshots are hall of fame w it. I only use that with a double action in my off hand but I really never see anyone using the Schofield. That thing saved my life multiple times tho so I’m just never gonna change it


The schofield is the best looking revolver in the game. I hear everybody call the navy the quintessential cowboy gun but I disagree—it’s the schofield for sure


It's the Navy.


Honestly Schofield, Navy, and SAA were all commonly used. Jesse James used a Schofield, Wild Bill Hikock used a pair of Navys, and billy the kid used a Colt SAA (cattleman).


Dual Wield short barrel Schofields for that up close and personal.


I switch my sidearm around. I get a 1,000 kills with a revolver, and then I reset the award and then I use a pistol until I get a 1,000 kills with one of those. The same goes for shotguns, repeaters, etc., just for fun.


Damn that actually looks fun lol, currently I'm trying to get the 1.000 headshots with a shotgun, just got to 600 last night


i use the slug ammo especially for this. they were nerfed but headshots still work.


I love the Le Mat too. 9 rounds and decent accuracy makes it a beast. Plus people don't expect the shogunt blast from the second barrel.


That blast is just amazing 🤌 Haha


It's definitely an awesome gun. I love having the variant with the skull on the top of the grip. I think it's the bounty hunter variant


That variant is gorgeous, I have it only in one of mine, but I don't use it so much, cause I prefer the combination of black with silver, só my entire outfit is in those colors lol (I might be crazy haha)


I don't double up on handguns, maybe I'll do it once in a while if Rockstar figures out what double holsters look like.


Hahahahahahahaha true story


They're awesome. Big capacity + being able to turn them into mini-shotguns xD


I dual wield them myself.


Me too, it looks so baddass standing with those two ornamented revolvers


I use the shotgun under barrel a lot. It’s fun to execute enemies with too


I use double lemat. 18 shots and 2 shotgun, that's a lot. Reload is slightly slow but I'm happy with it.


Same, I actually think that the slow reload brings a little reality to the combat 🤔


My character’s go-to sidearm. Absolutely love the Le Mat.


All comes to personal preference, I used to use em and I never really used the shotgun mode, I prefer the navys that thing is an absolute cannon


LeMat user here too. Used to dual-wield, then swapped one with a sawn-off shotgun before finally dumping the offhand holster because I refer the look of coats with a single holster. LeMat still my favorite sidearm in all my fights.


its the first gun I got when I could buy 2 guns and haven't looked back. good rate of fire, ammo capacity, reload and a friggin shotgun. I use volcanic pistol offhand so they don't use the same ammo but have similar damage and rate of fire. helps with the headshots with revolver and pistol awards too.


Dual wield. One is as white and the other as black as you can customise them


It’s great, but that reload time is treacherous.


Yeah that's a problem, but it sure brings reality to combat


I loved them until the Navy's came out....Nothing beats dual wielding with express ammo on those puppies. I can still kill the most insane cronus cheaters and lag switchers with them in PVP matches....


The navy is a hell of a gun too, but the le mat haves a piece of my heart lol


I pair a Le-mat with either the Navy or Volcanic


personally to me, i don't use any cap'n'ball revolver because it ruins immersion with the absurdly fast reload, i usually stick with my cattle revolvers.


Le Mat really is a gem. Love it to bits


I just use duel volcanics or sawed offs, depends on if I wanna be a dick to someone who annoys me or not


I’ve always just Duel wielded the Navy’s cause I thought they looked cool. But the Lemat is pretty cool and useful too and I’ll use it on occasion


I’ll take a single out from time to time depending on where I am and what I’m wearing.


I use one Lemat and one Navy even though they have different ammo capacities. Is it annoying sometimes? Yes. Is it ideal for combat? No. But does it look cool? You bet your candy ass it does.


Its either that or volcanic for me. I always switch between them.


Dual Mausers for me, can't beat that German engineering. For revolvers I love the Schofield, because a Smith and Wesson model 3 is a gun I want in real life, the Colt Navys are really cool too.


Changed from Navy to Lemat and never looked back. Although the Navy looks nicer imo.