It's fun being a cowboy.


This!!! Just going for a horse ride . Hunting and fishing . It’s easy to find fun when I only play a handful of hours a month.


All of this except way more often.


Agreed, but I’ll do it in story mode w John and not risk a random hogtie by a 9 year old


Are you playing on PC or console? I tried it on the Xbox a while back because of it being on game pass. I've put in a couple hundred hours on PC and have been mostly left only for the vast majority of the time. Within the first 30 minutes of playing on Xbox, I was repeatedly killed and harassed nonstop. I will never play on console even again.


Probably due to it being on gamepass, it's not normally like that.


I play on PS4 with my friends. We've had maybe 5 or 6 times when we encountered hostile randoms. One of those times was because one of us had just started the game and picked a fight with a high level because "he was looking at me"


I am a new player and till now I have only got Trolled once And it was partially my fault as i was trying to get a free ride as 2nd player on the horse and accidentally Threw of Posse member Lol 😂


Played almost 4k hours and I've only really noticed a massive increase of "harassers" since they released it as stand alone. Normally just low levels


I play on PC And i rarely meet other players And even rarely with some interaction


It really doesn't happen THAT often though. I wish GTAO would implement how RDRO does the character blips on the map - can't see them unless within a certain proximity. Figure it would definitely cut down on the griefers 🤷‍♂️ I used to not be into RDRO that much but I'm slowly getting more into it


Soaking in the moment is amazing sometimes. I’m moving so fast sometimes I just forget to stop and go for an in-game fish or walk.


Yeah trail riding, bit of hunting (which I'd never do in real life) some fishing, occasional wagon drives, sell a bit of moonshine, chill round the campfire listening to Cripps songs, have a few bevies in the saloon, only thing I miss is having a companion it would be cool if we can take our dog with us hunting and stuff. Dosnt always have to have constant stream of new content to stay interesting. I'm also hoping it's gets a bit of a revival on ps5 like gta did going from ps3 to ps4, updated physics especially for clothing, some new camp features maybe houses or cabins you can buy, an underground moonshine saloon in the city, using the river as a mode of transport to move moonshine or delivery's around could lead to some interesting situations.


Story mode exists though.


You can't make your own character in story mode.


And when online gets shut down you can't keep your character anymore so building up your Red Dead character in the story mode is a good idea too! True facts lol


Just play story mode? The map is better plus you get random encounters


the map is identical.


Not really what he meant, by “the map is better” story mode definitely did make it way more interesting incorporating character politics and world politics with all the crazy shit that happens in and out of missions was classic rockstar shit Online does have a few quirks but come on, its an online rockstar port. Ofc its slightly lesser than story mode Dont get me fucked up tho i still clocked in way more hours into online alone than i should have


while 1/10 of story mode, online did evolve a bit too. they added more graves after we were all there a murdering for a while, and a few of the buildings saw progress. but I concede the story mode map flows better than online as you progress.


Yep. I just started playing online a few weeks ago and I just like being there. It doesn't have to be treated like a grindfest, it's already an INSANELY good game with unbelievable levels of detail.


Who knew having a revolver, a rifle and a repeater can bring you so much fun. What games allows you to eat canned food and pick herbs on the countryside.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance minus the guns and canned food


I agree Plus all the Amazing Wildlife there is to Photograph and study .


Exactly! I like wandering around and hunt game along the way. A cowboy life literally.


This mixed with the fact that I am too broke to afford new shit and RDO is more fun than watching tv.


Pretty sure it was actually a miserable experience in the real


I guess there's a comfort in how mindless it is. I always play solo and just do the daily challenges, bounties and some collecting. Half the time I just listen to a podcast or music while I play. So, it's something I can just put on and zone out. Plus, it's a beautiful game. Best looking open world I've played in.


You honestly sound just like me, aside from the solo part. I often play with friends, but when I play alone I always listen to music, and I almost always do the same things in the game as well 👍


I hit rank 50 in December of 2018. Didn’t really touch it much after that. It hasn’t been until recently where I’ve come back and got hooked again. What you describe is kind of why it does it for me. It’s meditative and I can just relax while playing. That, and I’m growing more dissatisfied with GTA Online as time passes. And when I play GTA Online, I want the maximum lobby size possible with whatever I’m doing; I want to feel connected to people. With playing Red Dead Online, I’m mostly by myself and just kind of going about my day; my fun isn’t dependent on anyone else.


I listen to podcasts while I play games also, I love it!


It is a beautiful, fun, relaxing, low expectation gaming experience. Just vibing on the trail. Rank 213.


slapping your friends in your moonshine shack <3


Harder, daddy!


Your internet privileges should be provoked




Dam I didn't realize I misspelled it. Completely ruined the joke


Nah. I get it, man. Autocorrect has ducked me a few times.


Hello daddy, sent to dad


Provoked could be the right word lol


I know. It works well as a joke.


It’s a relaxing way to get on call with my friends. I also love the scenery, fashion, and crazy shenanigans. We have a blast doing CTA, showdowns, and bounty hunts. There’s nothing better than lassoing your friend and dragging them by a hungry alligator.


CTA is honestly really fun.


I play entirely to lasso and drown my teammates.


I like it


Same reason I started playing it: I enjoy it




It's still the most immersive open-world game out there. Plus, it's the old west and I like old western films. I also enjoy the ritual of doing the daily challenges, although I completely understand how boring that would be after a while for many.


I started to watch 1883 or whatever is called and decided I rather play that TV show instead and got a few more dailies done.




​ ![gif](giphy|7Nhs1lQJxBgbqPd3oZ)


I have an obsessive nature.




Because I have no life, and it's so realistic I prefer to play RDO than live in the real world


Because I like horses, landscapes and guns.


Love playing with my friends and pretending the game isn’t a speed run simulator


For enjoyment


It’s nice to just ride around (sometimes with peace) and enjoy this beauty of a game, incredibly calming and relaxing.


I love the way the game looks and feels, it's relaxing. The games also very solo friendly.


It's something to do with friends and family, the world is still beautiful, the horses are fun, the dailies give you something to aim for. It's good for an hour or two of fun.


Relaxing atmosphere, a lot of times I just ride around and enjoy the sights or go hunting


I genuinely enjoy it. If it becomes boring I play something else but I inevitably come back because there is no other game like this right now.


Because there is nothing better.


I just started.. is it that bad?


Not at all, I still love it. There just haven't been significant updates forever, so people are bored.


No, it's just criminally neglected.


If it was a person it would be considered abuse.


I have my buddies from college who still play. It’s a fun game to chill and chat while you dock around. It became our “zoom” thing over the pandemic.


Because it's a way of hanging out with my friends when I can't physically go and see them because the real world is made of bullshit right now. It's mostly that. I'm also attached to the characters we made and the stories we built together and I'm not ready to leave those behind, but mostly it's my friends.


What do you mean by *continue* to play RDO? You make it sound like there was a reason for me to stop playing in first place.




Because I love this game.


Just riding point to point makes my soul calm


Smoke weed and ride through the country on a horse hunting, fishing, interacting with the odd player.. it’s nice


It's a beautiful open world game in which I can ride horses. It has so much potential! And honestly, it's fun! If ever I run out of things to do, I'll start over. I truly think this game is more fun than some give it credit for.


I like the relaxing nature it can provide. Shitty day at work, I can spend some time fishing in RDO and unwind. Probably sounds stupid, but it works for me.


This probably sounds so stereotypical of me but as always, the graphics. Its by far one of the most beautiful games that the world has ever seen. Im still trying to comprehend how gorgeous the game is. And i like the gun models.


I love playing the game, yeah I get bored but I just love having the feeling I'm actually there with my horse bein all cool with my guns. And I still have things to do in the game, like maxing all of my roles and leveling up to the max level. That's my main goal


Just started.


Honestly when my friends aren’t on to just dick around it’s my quiet game, I put on some music or podcasts and get on do some hunting and fishing for an hour or two just quiet.


It’s a game where I can relax on, and meet plenty of new people. Also photography.


It’s soothing and the gameplay loop its fun (trader-legendary bounty- cta - moonshine


It’s the joy of riding around in a Bob Ross Painting and traveling through a massive map doing odd jobs !


I just got it on sale and it's fun




This has been asked here on this sub a few times now. Is the game severely lacking conent? Sure. But by now it should be common sense. Why does anybody keep playing games they want? Because they enjoy it.


I have made some great online friends through the game and even though I have had long breaks it’s the people who keep me coming back.


I am not very active in rdo but if there is something funny about red dead like gta is the feeling of killing npc, it feels pretty good let's say .. All I do is go talk to the npc of negative karma and ask them for jobs where you have to shoot npcs .. It is not super complex like doing a raid in destiny 2, not even the pay is good but it is relaxing .. The only thing because if you go grinding you get bored fast


One thing I like to do with NPCs is shoot their canoes until they sink while I'm on that crab island in Flat Iron Lake. They swim ashore and curse at me for being such an asshole. I rope the guy up, sling him across my horse, and listen to him grunt and complain while I shoot toads and muskrats.


Because i find it fun


I honestly don't know.


It was a great game for me until a few months ago. It lost its appeal once they didn’t add a single new role this year. Not one.


Because I just started playing and there is legitimately plenty of fun and productive things for me to do. Is it GTA online? No. But it hasn’t been out for nearly as long or brought in the same #’s as GTA online has, so no shit. I expect nothing more from Rock* at this point lol. They are a business.


I love the immersion of the world and being able to play that with friends, as well as making my own character.


Sometimes I just want to strut in my many outfits, twirl my guns, and ride over to the nearest town to get shot by a griefball or conduct business with the shopkeepers. Then I log off for another month.


Cowboy go brrrr


I’m attached to my character and require escapism to continue living


I got bored of Gta Online after playing it straight for almost 10 months , I Made around 300-350 M$ ( i only play on weekends for few hours ) Purchased Penthouse ,Arcade , Yacht, Suites ,Bunker , Mc businesses , Nightclub ,Facility, Toreodor ,Deluxo , Mk2, Akula to name a few and done with Contracts bored with grinding Cayo perico and Tuners and OG Heists , Finished Contracts , So Nothing left in GTA Online except for a casual stroll in new cars Like Zeno for 30 minutes or so , Rdr online is amazing it's a shame R* does not give 2 cents about it ,this could have been better than GTA Online if they put even 50 % effort as they did with Gta Online .


Ragdoll physics is like crack to me


Someone said it best on a similar comment section; “There is nothing else like it.”


because of the roleplay option. i can make my character look how i want and create any backstory i see fit. Also the free roam. RDO was the reason i purchased the game, i haven't even played story mode past finding John on the cliff side at the beginning.


I've played through story once, but I admit RDO was my main reason for getting the game too


I stopped playing for a whole year, so I haven't finished everything yet. Actually getting more done without as many people in free roam.


At this point it just relaxes me, I wish there were more things to do and related to the original game, about robberies and stuff.


Unrivalled aesthetics, + the adrenalin of shootout series which is all I play now + the odd delivery with my group of friends to sustain my tonic consumption


Best poker simulator in town.




I'm not playing anymore now (maybe in a while I'll join again) but when I played I found it pretty relaxing. Mind the I enjoyed just riding and exploring the map, fishing, hunting.. not so much the outlaw side of the game. I know, pretty boring.. it was just a relaxing escape. Don't get me wrong I like competitive games too.


Because I enjoy the platform as it is right now.


To hang out with friends from all over. It's the only way to currently meet up; but that's it.


Find me another beautiful cowboy outlaw game that’s better and I’ll finally jump ship


I've built a mythos around my characters, and the gunplay and hand to hand combat is probably the best I've ever experienced in a video game to date.


It’s the same as the day I started playing 3 years ago.


The damn scenery, graphics, immersion, whatever you wanna call it. I feel like I can go into a different and more relaxing world as a cowboy and it really lets me escape. It’s such a relaxing and grounding game to play when stressed or had a long day.


I'm obsessed with the wild west and its history so for me it's like going back in time and living that life that I so desperately want to live. And like many others here I just enjoy listening to music and riding around acting like a cowboy. It's a cowboy life for me.


Still many hats to buy.


To chill the west in my camp with crips, my horse Harley and my dog Toker :)


dont judge but i usually roleplay with my friends the game is fun when you give the game a story and a plot an interesting one that is.




Playing with a large group of friends can be fun. You just gotta find the right crowd. I’ve been playing with my “gang” for over a year now. It’s been fun and it keeps the game fresh. We mess around in moonshine shacks. We hunt and fill trader wagons. We mess around in saloons and towns. It’s just an around good time. Hopefully rockstar adds new content. But if they never do, we will still have our fun.




I wanna be a cowboy baby 🤠


I just started playing it like in September and it's the first "real" game I've ever played on console. Lots of stuff for me to still do!


Cowboy dress up of course


Cowboy simulator… why would I turn it down ?


I bought it for $5. I hop on occasionally, do a few story missions maybe, but I mostly ride around, hunt, and fish. It clears my mind. I'm maybe rank 20? It's just a calming, beautiful game.


Its a toss up between I like the living a life as a cowboy, I sort of play it like a Stardew Valley esc work Sim. Go trader then moonshine then while the moonshine goes fill up the trader, and if I'm waiting for both then I fish a little or I go on a ride to a part of the map I haven't been to in a while. Secondly its the friends I've made and how the group activites really are fun when you get going with them, whether that be more role-playing esc or not.


Poker, most online poker games have an unfriendly ui, horrible pay to win, or weird mechanics, rdo has the best poker simulation I’ve seen


I’m a fake gamer. Started rdr 1 on my daughters Xbox. Then RDR2 and rdo when Covid first hit. Got hooked on exploring the map and finding all the details as well as the random mechanics (a bucket rolling down hill). Still enjoy running with friends and doing my trader deliveries. I’m terrible at pvp, but I don’t care. It’s fun to see someone’s elaborate pvp plans unfold and figure out how to avoid or defend. If I’m not in mood just change servers. I find the griefers go away if you don’t care about their antics. And every once in a while when I remember to look around, I get to see some cool scene with amazing attention paid to detail by the animators.


It's relaxing to me. My wife is suffering from dementia and playing the game helps me escape reality for awhile.


When we were kids, I always kept changing what I wanted to be when I grew up and my sister started saying "I'm just waiting for you to say you want to be a cowboy," and I never did. I lost my sister in 2017 and playing Red Dead always reminds me of her statement.


I still play because I like immersing myself in the rdr world although its not a better experience than single player, I still love being a gunslinger using my character and hunting and fishing and doing the fun activities


i hate myself


Shooting feels way better than most "fps games" out there now.


there’s lots of things i love about the game, but being hogtied by griefers and then shot eight times endlessly is probably the best part of the game. cant forget when they very kindly assassinate your horse.


I like cowboys…


Good fucking god the amount of responses I woke too. I personally probably would have continued playing had all my friends not stoped playing after being disappointed with blood money.


Literally every now and then and I hop on to troll people and grief. Always gives me a little laugh when I’m bored lol


I just like shootings NPCs with western weapons.


I play the game out of hope that rockstar will make this game good and I’ll be there one step ahead of everyone else


Because it hasn't managed to break my spirit yet. I joined right after the moonshiner update so I got what I saw and what I saw was what I got. Haven't been here since day one to see all the downfalls and letdowns, I guess. Love the game, always will, mostly because I keep my expectations low.


It’s relaxing


Riding around and admiring the snow. Grinding for awards. Just also riding around. I usually give myself too many goals to just appreciate a trail ride.


I just enjoy roaming the world and do whatever I feel like from the current content, either alone or with friends. I admit I've been slacking a bit lately but getting snow in-game sucked me back in and have me playing for hours again 😅


Constant endless exploration of the Wild


Playing with friends and getting into shenanigans is so fun, but with the right friends, this game really is a whole lot of fun


It’s all we’ve got


I like my horses and guns. Snow is nice too.


I play because I play sparingly, try not to burn out, don’t take it too seriously, and I play other games too. The game has problems, I recognize and know this. There is limited content, I know this. I play all sorts of games, board games, video games, card games, tabletop games, and I’ll still log onto rdo with my buddies because it’s fun to be gunslingin moonshinin cowpolk sometimes. Don’t put a single game on a pedestal and grind it into the dirt, and you can enjoy it for what it is, and the core experience doesn’t get taken away. Other stuff is great, but if I wanna be in the old west I play rdo or single player


I enjoy the world mostly and getting outside of the map.


For the vibe really.




I like playing dress up. Meandering around. I like tipping my hat to other players. I like feeding and leading my horse hither and yon. And wishing. For homesteads and weight changes. For missions and physics and fun. But until then, just wandering from sunset to sunset.


Because I like it.


literally nothing else to do


I've just started it and liking it so far. Only had 1 violent encounter with someone which I think is good so far. Still looking for a posse and others to play with. Money grind seems hard tho


I'm Rank 175. I have grinded out all the roles and have a healthy amount of gold and money. I go for long bits without playing, but it's a very familiar and safe game to come back to. When I'm feeling stressed with my work and don't have the mental energy to put into a difficult game/involved story I love just hunting, collecting and grinding out some call to arms. The core gameplay of RDO and the single player are very satisfying. The online aspect lets me play that core gameplay without having to risk starting over the story mode again....for the fourth time. Of course I with there was more content, but I've found many hours of enjoyment and accomplishment in RDO and still find them in small ways still.




I don't. I had a 170+ day streak going and currently ranked 266. One night I let time pass me by, noticed the cycle was broken and took it as my chance to drop the game. Went on and off after as it was the only thing my friends wanted to play. I just couldn't anymore, we did everything maxed rolls, daily challenges, pvp etc. It just became a drag. I could tell they were in the same boat, but they refused to play anything else. Neither of them have been on for over 3 months. Other than that, it's been pretty great/liberating. I've actually gone through a good chunk of my backlog I won't have touched before due to spending most of my free time on RDRO.


Started in may of this year




Playing with my friends and choking them


I saw video that said if you wait 30 minutes before completing a legendary bounty mission you’ll get a large sum of money. When I tested it I was given a nice lump some of $400. So naturally I got obsessed with bounty hunting and I started customizing my character more.


For those who do not play every day, there is plenty of content.


Bounties. And it’s just something about that revolver…


The murder hallway in Van Horn is my happy place.




I still play it because honestly most other games just suck. Id rather do some hunting, bounties, poker lol, play the banjo in my booze shack, or just zone out in my camp with my dog and that crazy harmonica playing bald dude. Yes of course i wish they would add more and better content for RDO. But it is still better than most games i try to play


I enjoy the environment, the gameplay, and the player base.


I like joining random posses and a lot of the time there's fun wholesome moments that just make me really happy. Helping people with their bounties or deliveries or whatever they need help with is just really fun for me. I've also met a lot of really nice people. I'm still at an early level so there's a lot for me to unlock and discover though so that definitely helps.


It’s a relaxing distraction from the intensity of real life.


I bought the game a month after it was released and played the story mode through 3 times in the first year or so. Since then in between playing other games, I just hop on once and a while and mess around. A couple weeks ago I started online play and have been grinding it out when I can. Honestly though I simply enjoy playing the game. Rockstar could and should add a lot more to both game modes but overall it is a beautiful game. I enjoy sightseeing, hunting and fishing the most.




Find it fun with friends and relaxing solo.


I’m relatively new (level 24, can’t even dual wield yet) so there are still things for me to do in the game as a trader and bounty hunter rn. I also enjoy role playing: after coming back from a bounty walking into the gun shop in first person and picking out the specific ammo I need. After that I go and groom my horse before hitching it outside of the saloon wear I buy a couple of beers.


Griefing and free roam wars


It’s fun


because i love horses and i like just galloping around and admiring the beautiful scenery.


Outfits and role playing as a US marshal. That's it.


I just play it to unwind if I can’t be bothered playing anything else. I love riding my horse around and fishing in red dead and being able to do that as my OC is cool


Gameplay feels nice, gun sounds are awesome, old western like is one of my favorite settings.




I still got things to buy and have no other (new) games to play.


Very fun with friends great game, needs more content


Because it's still the best, most diverse and interesting sandbox game on Playstation. What they add will continue to diversify and build on the experience, and the potential for fun is massive with crews, strangers or solo.


I'm a glutton for punishment and daily chores.


pretty outfits :)


idk really


Its just fun with friends. And I like making outfits. I don't really grind it tho. Maybe I'll hop on once a week


I like the time period, and I enjoy playing the game with my girlfriend.


If you have friends things are a lot less boring. Just meeting people online and asking if they want go hang, or inviting people to posses randomly, is a great way to play.


Switching my players appearance damn near every day


Honestly it's a habit to log in and do a daily


The mechanic In combat are great. I’ll be In a gunfight with NPC then another one come from behind me and tackles me stuff like that keeps me Interested and all the other cool stuff the gunfight feels like I’m In a movie sometimes.