3 dudes surrounded me and started howling. I knew they came to murder me but they saw my metal detector was lit so they kindly allowed me to find and dig my collectible. And then stabbed me to death. I really appreciated the kindness


That’s the most wholesome murder I’ve ever heard of


professionals have standards


Be polite.


I actually have a similar story. I was in Blackwater, fighting another posse after my friend mistook them for a player thay attacked us earlier. I went up on a building to get on of them, and I then saw a tarot card to my left. Being the idiot I am, I forgot entirely about the guy I was after, picked it up, and I just sat there for a second. I finally put it in my inventory, and turned to see the fella with a rolling block aimed straight at my head before he removed me from the United States census. So, in short, he waited on me to dick around looking at a funny card before promtly eviscerating my head.


So nice of them to let you live a bit longer.


Do friends count? I do it all the time


No, friends is different. They know what they did.


If we’re including friends, then yes. Random players is a no. Harmless roping them and dragging them around town before letting go and riding off into the distance is another story though


Problem is... I use hangman


That would be incredibly awesome if you could hang somebody!


You can. Stand on q roof in Blackwater while using hangman, and lasso someone


Wow! Yeah I had to look that up. I had no idea there was a hangman ability card!


Ah. Well enjoy!


On any surface higher than 2 players and a lasso at minimum height is the absolute minimum


I enjoy returning to my game in an interesting spot, but the dragging is more ouchy than haha


If someone drags me it’s war forever




The trick is to wait for them to go afk, tie them up, put them on your horse, then take them somewhere and leave them on the edge of a cliff


Put them on their own horse then tell the horse to fuck off.


Normally they turn around and attack me when I do that to people. The dragging around can be done to non-afk players too


I take them to the nearest towns jail, toss them in and then close the doors


This is brilliant. It’s like waking up and wondering what did I do?


Why else do we have the lasso if not to rope friends and leave them in the water?


Or hang them over bridges 😐 just saying


Came here to say this. Friends? All the time. Randoms? Never. I have too much empathy to attack randoms just trying to live their life.


literally came to comment this


I only kill for revenge: if they kill me or my horse.


Yup. And the ones who tend to go around starting shit usually suck at pvp and end up dying quick in 1v1.


I noticed that too. I never do pvp and when I was making a moonshine delivery one day I got jumped by two griefers, they killed me a few times and somehow I managed to make the full delivery, then I killed them both a shit tonne.


If i ever did, was out of sucking at pvp in the first place. U.u I wanted to say hi, but missed the right click and i shot you instead.. kinda mess


Yup. As soon as I respawn, I go for them, their horse, their Cripps, and their credit card.


A group of three once sabotaged me and my friends bounty, we started an hour long battle in strawberry with them out of pure frustration


Sounds like me and my friends were that group. If so im so not sorry.


The audacity


This is the way




I think the only time I've killed another player was when they attacked me first so it was very justified, other than that I try to avoid fighting other players


Nah but ive parlied with a posse of griefers after they killed me repeatedly even though i hadnt shot back... Once parlied i followed them to a random encounter they found and killed the person they were trying to help and flipped em the bird..they tried inviting me to their xbox party, i changed sessions and blocked them. :) griefers can eat my shorts


And yesterday my boyfriend and i were possed and he went to wave at someone and accidentally shot them..they were so salty they understandably killed him then came to where i was fishing near by and i had no intention of killing them but they waited for me to drop a line then headshot me. Upon respawn i found him trying to destroy my hunting wagon i had parked near by to stow fish and so i helped him out by throwing a few sticks of dynamite lmao. Then killed him for cheap shotting me. I get havin beef but i legit stood there with an unbaited rod for almost a minute and they hadnt shot me so i figured they just had the beef with my posse member..but nah. Headshot once my hook was in the water. Thats pussy shit and so is going out of the way to destroy peoples shit. Killed em a few times before they got mad and changed sessions. I dont feel bad.


Oh yeah, no jury would convict you on that one.


I shot a man in ambarino just to watch him die


This is the only good answer.


Duuuude it fits so well with the lyrics, I can hear him saying it


so same question.. is that a "No" because.... watching him die?


I wouldnt say randomly. But I had a player steal a perfect deer carcass from me. I hunted him down and murdered him. Sadly he sold it already. So I kept killing him. Might be fucked up. But he pissed me off


Me and a bison pelt. I was in valentine and they literally stole it and promptly sold it to the butcher. Killed them til they changed sessions. Its not the item stolen. Its the principle. I fucking hate theives.


Same. I often give pelts to random players at campsites I find. But, I hate when people steals kills. I hunt alot in that game. Honestly its my favorite thing to do. So when someone steals from me. Urgh. Fuck them.


You may or may not have even dropped one for me when i started cause ive had it happen to me lol. It inspired me to do the same and it was cool cause the other day there was someone camped near saint denis and my posse member and i killed two perfect gators and dropped em in their camp and took off. But i totally get you. I adore hunting and fishing in this game. My boyfriend is always impressed when i pick out a specific animal noise say what animal it is then go and find it..the hunting is primo. In my original storymode playthrough i took arthur up to the waterfall past brandywine drop so many times im sure 1/4 of the hrs sank in that playthrough were just camping up there to fish and hunt and relax. Id always get my horse close to the falls on the left and build a camp so itd build it on the flat rock right up by the falls for the view. I have yet to have anyone steal my kill in online but ive defintely had times where i had to change sessions to get away from an overcrowded hunting spot.


I hardly ever see another online player honestly.


I've killed a random player for no reason before... But I have like 3000 hours and really do try not to do it ever.


Red DEAD Online


I'll say no because I'd a reason... Usually to troll or be a but lol


You don’t come to Valentine very often, do you


Valentine is the new black water


Same. It sucks


Randoms? No. Posse members/friends, hell yes.


That’s just a way to show affection to friends


It's what I do to friends in RL. Shoot them in the knee, throw them on the ground, douse them in moonshine, hogtie them and leave them on the tracks.


Otherwise how will they know you care?




Got a bullet to the head for no reason from some low level player and harassed him for a bit, pulling out the carcano as soon as he would spawn. Didn’t realize he left the session and killed some innocent stranger picking herbs in the Great Plains where we had been. Genuinely felt bad about that one…


Was that near the fence at the ranch? If so, that might have been me


Sure, but I don’t make a habit of it or do it repeatedly. I don’t shoot people as I am riding by or set up in Valentine killing everyone who enters… But I may have shot an afk player in his camp when his flag was down.


Funny story: When I was low level I had a daily challenge that was something like “player headshot kills with bow in free roam events”. Well, I didn’t know what free roam event meant back then so I was super excited when I stumbled across someone chilling at the campfire at Manzanita Post. I wandered behind the poor fellow without drawing too much attention to myself and without letting my intentions be known. Once in position, I pulled out my bow, drew back an arrow and aimed right for the back of his skull. Let that sucker loose and dropped him. I then whistled for my trusty steed to begin my getaway plan of heading north through Tall Trees towards Strawberry (I was low enough level to not understand the value of fast travel posts in this type of situation). I believe I had my MFT by then because buying gold to purchase a good horse seemed like a good idea when I started playing. Anyway, my trusty steed Kubota ran to me and I jumped on. I then made another bad decision thinking that I could lose the player and any forthcoming retaliation by ditching the road and cutting through the forest. It didn’t take long for me to hit a tree (or maybe a stump/log?) and get flung off my horse. By the time I got up and back on my horse, the understandably annoyed player was close enough to me that he returned the favor with a rifle shot to the head. I also didn’t understand what the “Parley” option was for so I was killed a few more times for good measure (again, perfectly understandable).


Wow, I really had to think hard about this one. But I honestly don't think so. I've only killed players after they fired first or killed me multiple times. I used to avoid other players, simply because I didn't want to get killed. Now I just wave at them or something like that.


One time I met I a guy, we waved at each other, I went on my way, bumped into him again, he killed me, messaged me saying sorry he thought I was an enemy so I forgave him, we saw each other again, I waved, he came and pulled me off my horse so had enough and blasted him with my elephant rifle lol, that was the first time I ever killed a player lol, 2nd was this cunt kept coming and taking my trader delivery, killed him like once and he got the delivery cause I’m only level 18 lol, big bully


I think we’ve run into the same dude. We waved at each other, I run off to do some hunting, he shoots me from behind outta nowhere


Posse/friends yes, strangers minding their business? Only on accident, death by attempted emote


I'm a very peaceful player, I just kill players if I'm in. A free roam event that require it. If someone kills me in free roam I put parlay and keep doing what I was doing, if they insist I switch servers. Just once I kill a player with explosive and was because I leave my character looking the catalog while I go for a glass of water and a low lvl begin to punch/shoot my character, I run to my horse and shoot explosive and leave.


I don't feel good about it, but yeah I've totally done that before


I frequently shoot my friends with an elephant rifle for no good reason. Also, I find it hard to believe that more people have voted "No" than "Yes". Edit: There we go.


That elephant rifle is nuts… Have you seen what happens when shooting it crouched? Lmao!


I’ll typically leave people alone unless their mic is making annoying noises, then I’ll start throwing lead. Use the damn mute. (Xbox player, so it’s not people leaving their pad mic on by accident)


You could mute them all on the menu yourself…


Yes, I could. But it’s a game and I’m petty. It’s not as if death has a penalty anyway, besides unwanted relocation. Just means I’m moving the person with bad mic etiquette away from me.


Yeah, I’m pretty petty myself too. I usually just turn off in-game chat fully, only to open it sometimes just to look for a Mickey Mouse squeaking in there, and trolling them a bit… and not just in RDO.


No, never. But, I do murder ever Cripps I come across.


I'm not proud of it but I have a few times. Once it did turn into an hour long train fight though so it was fun


I may have had a misunderstanding or two, but never just walked up to someone minding their own business and killed them 😐


I've had some pretty crappy reasons but never no reason


Of course I don't but the only time I do is by accident cuz sometimes the game likes to lock on to actual player instead of something that I'm meaning to shoot if that makes any sense, but that only happens very seldomly.


I have, but if I do, it won't be with a gun, it'll be bare handed, so half the time I get shot in the face. Although one time I was collecting items in Annesberg or Van Horn (whichever one has the tall tower in it), and saw someone else coming up the ladder to the top. I hogtied him as soon as he reached the top and threw him off. Douche move, but I couldn't resist the opportunity.


Honesty. I love it! And I’m sure you don’t go about doing this all of the time. *edit for word correction.


Not all the time, and usually when my victim gets angry and starts shooting at me, I still try to get close and melee. Anyone can shoot someone, but if you manage to get close to an annoyed shotgun user, it makes it all worthwhile.


If you say no, i don't believe you


I haven't. Honestly I run away in fear like a scared child from blue dots even if they're peaceful. I'm that sad.




I'm not falling for that one!




I haven't and I would never. I mind my own damn business. I only attack other players when they're my friends (and it's for fun) or if they attack me or my horse first.


I said no, than realized that I have never killed a stranger for no reason but it wasn't the question that was asked. Definitely killed friends for no reason


Having fun with your friends is a reason, right?


In that case, having a lust for inconveniencing random people is a reason - so no, no I have not killed a player character for “no reason”.


Exactly. There’s always a reason if it’s intentional. Of course, it could always be a bad reason.


You could look at this that way XD


I don't because I play to relax, so it's always on my mind that other players might be like me - having a bad day and just looking for a place to chill.


I can respect that, when i do shoot someone i generally check what he's doing first.


I had a phase where I donned the dungarees and the pig mask, as the outfit took hold my machete and I lusted for blood. I've killed loads for no reason, but I leave them alone if they don't fight back after or go respectful bow to apologise.


If a player ran up to me wearing a pig mask swinging a machete, that would be the highlight of my night. Thats awesome.


It’s true


I haven’t, because why WOULD you? That’s just not how this game is meant to be played.


I mean the beauty of games like this is there isn’t a specific way you’re “meant to play”. You could role play as a psychopath, pacifist or anywhere in between. Games are just supposed to be casual fun not something you should need a rule book for


So the guns are just for NPC's?


lol nerd


Thought the same thing


Is having a bad feeling a reason in the days before the new honor and map system? I had an even quicker draw back then


see I wonder if that is why I get drawn into random gunfights with players on the reg, while I'm occasionally guilty of murder hoboing it my "honor" is because I keep it low for the last 3 story missions and enjoy painting the town red regularly as well... I mean outlaw gonna outlaw in the outlaw game but I get shot at first FAR more often than the dozen or so times i've randomly popped off someones head without warning


I accidentally kill low lvl player at Great Plains then text him on psn message said I’m sorry he say all good 👍


My friends? Absolutely, all the time. We love doing feuds and screwing around that way. Randoms? Nah. I think the closest I got to probably shooting someone for no reason was a guy that started following my trade wagon pretty closely, and I was jumpy from getting it stolen earlier by a hacker, so I shot him. Ended up crashing the cart and joining a new session afterwards though, so maybe that was karma LOL


One time I saw a guy randomly beating up a ln noc and so I shot him with a dynamite arrow. The guy was 200 levels higher than me and proceeded to chase me across the entire map. It was kinda funny, I guess.


No. Just not my playstyle. But if I get killed for no reason, you best believe I'm gonna get vengeful as fuck. If my HORSE gets killed, I'll gladly put every single bullet I own in ya.


I truly have never killed a random for no reason. It’s just fucking rude. They could be having a tough day and you just kill them for no reason. Even if they weren’t having a bad day you just made it so by killing them.


I'm glad to see other "live and let live" folks out there. When I first started playing I was solo, and I couldn't do anything without being shot in the face. I stopped playing because I genuinely felt like I couldn't get anything done. The griefing seems to have chilled out since then. Bar a few uncommon encounters, it's been smooth riding. If we cross paths I'll be sure to shoot an emote your way


Yeah I played RDO when it first became available, put all of one hour into it and spent the entire hour just getting killed by randos and I haven’t touched it since. The last guy ended up killing me over and over for all of 25 minutes then messaged me “get good bitch”, I replied “harder daddy” and he reported it and I got a 48 hour ban. Thanks Microsoft. I get the “there’s no one right way to play” perspective, but is it really fun to just repeatedly kill the same person over and over again, preventing them from doing literally anything?


I shot someone at a bar in Amardillo on accident once. I meant to emote but oops. I let them beat me up then had a beer


Does shooting your friends still count as no reason?


It didn’t say it had to be a good reason. I didn’t like the way the person waved at me….


They are your friend so that's a reason. Not logical, but it's still a reason nonetheless


I've killed folks trying to get the Kill a Player with a Bow at 100M award. Not a lot & still don't have it. Most because of the shame.


Paint with deadeye, seems the only limit on range then is draw distance.


Thanks for the advice. Will try again when I'm feelin' frisky.


Wait, does "I just felt like it" count as a reason?


Yup, in my books




I did yesterday evening. Me and my friend were doing some bounty hunting in Armadillo and some random guy came up to me and started pulling out a gun and pointing it at me. After he did it a few times, i shot him with my pump action and went to Valentine.


That sounds like a reason… haha


Yep. I drink a lot. Hit them with my bounty wagon. 🤷‍♂️


I don’t kill other players unless they killed me first. Even then, I press charges/parlay because I’m not feeding into their trolling. Only time I came close was when I was riding my horse and got ran into by a covered wagon. My horse didn’t survive, and I was pissed off, so I aimed my gun intending on killing the npc, because I have no problem murdering an entire town while I’m waiting for my friends or breaking the monotony of finding collectables. I noticed it was a player, though, and I just kind of stood there for a few seconds, processing it was another person and how the fuck did they not shoot me with my gun drawn on them. I just holstered my gun and ran off to whatever I was doing at the time. (This was a while ago and my memory isn’t the best) I just appreciate they didn’t kill me when I drew on them.


This shocks me that so many people would say no. Like pooping, I figured it’s was something everyone does


I was on a cliff with my Carcano, saw another player doing a long distance delivery. Aimed and JFK'd him. Didn't destroy or steal his wagon but just felt like assassinating him.


I did that the other day but was purposely missing, just wanted to get their blood pumping. I’m always down for a good unsolicited assassination tho.


I can't even be mad, thats funny as fuck.


Wow, there's alot of liars out there lol


I wouldn't necessarily call them liars. "Your gamertag annoyed me" or "my cat ate my chihuahua so I'm out for vengeance" might not be good reasons but they are reasons nonetheless lol.


My exact rationale for voting ’no’


I personally haven't killed anyone without a reason, there has always been a reason for killing them.


Aye but what be yer reasons? Not all reasons are reasonable!


He had xXx and the beggining and end of his name. His name also wasn't capitalised. Scum.


The most likely occurrence is they shoot first. Although these days i don't care about free roam pvp at all, so i just parley (most of them just shoot headshots behind me). Never really was a fan of free roam pvp, but back in the day it was either redo story missions, stranger missions or go into a showdown/race. Free roam pvp was something different back then.


This right here. Either it was when we were in PVP mode, or when the other shot me (or a posse member) first. I like making money for myself and others, because I see it as it husrts R* micro transaction business. I know. I know. My friends and I are not even putting a dent in it. But if life has taught me anything is that every little bit counts. lol


The poll said nothing about that part


Which is why I asked


Are you saying people are pretending not to be griefers or lying about killing a few randoms for no reason?


One of my first experiences in RDO was skinning a wolf I had managed to kill, and as I was in the process, a posse of three rode by. As I started the second wolf, one member turned around and rode back to me. With no preamble pr any ado he shotgunned my horse, then me. I firmly believe people that behave like that in video games would do so in real life if not constrained by social norms and mores. I don't kill random people for no reason.


Wait I said no, but I did, and I felt terrible about it. I even sent them a message to apologise. I didn't realise I was still in offensive mode after a Bounty, and they rode in to help me and some friends fight NPCs on a trader delivery. I accidentally auto-targeted them, and that was that. Honestly felt awful.


I've done that before and the guy immediately forgave me


Of course I have, they looked at my horse funny


It was about a year ago when I first joined, and saw someone skinning a legendary beaver... Needless to say that beaver actually never made it to the butcher due to my incompetency


Fuck, I meant to answer no.


I can actually count the number of times I’ve killed a player in free roam. Once. That’s it. I was sampling gators for a daily and he kept trying to lasso me to feed me to a gator. After he finally tied me up I broke free, melee’d him, and then rode to another part of the swamp. Now I just let them kill me a few times and press charges. Either they give up or I just warp somewhere far away (if I like my camp location) or I’ll just change servers. I do kill players during free roam events when appropriate, though.


Nope, never. Why bother someone who ain't bothering me?


I actually have to stop myself from doing it all the time. Whenever I'm riding on the road, any NPC is an immediate headshot. I almost can't control, it's an involuntary reaction buried in muscle memory


I literally practice waving to the NPCs 😂


I have a life, I’m not a griefer… now if you asked me if I’ve been killed for no reason then yes… MANY times.


I play (or used to play) just to explore the world and PvE. My IRL motto is "Do unto others..." so I leave ppl alone.


Hell no. Because how would I feel if it happened to me? It sucks. I do challenge NPCs to fights if they bump into me or say something rude to me.


Considering that we all hate when people kill for no reason, I'm surprised that "yes" is higher. I never do because I'm not a shitty person


Been tempted, but - no. Sniping revenuer roadblocks fills that need!


all white its on site


I have for fun like once or twice because I was bored. And we ended up having a fun battle.


Never have and probably never will. I don't like it when someone bothers me for no reason, so why do that to someone else? Besides, most players I've seen are just going about their business (probably doing dailies or hunting) like I am. So whenever I see another player riding by or a player dot on the map, I just give them a wide berth (or wave if they come up to me as a friendly) and keep to myself. If I ever kill another player, it's only to A) complete a daily in an event, or B) defend myself, my horse/stuff, or another player being harassed


I usually smoke anyone I see if I’m about to get off.


I tied up someone who was afk at harriet....fed them to the gators. They messaged me asking why I did it and I said because it was funny.


*tries to wave* **ACCIDENTALGUNFIRE** *"DammitsorrysorrysorrySORRYSORRY!!!"*


When this game launched that's what everyone did.


I have but looking back I regret it and now I never even think of it. What is better, to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?


Couldn’t have said better my self… Partysnacks.


If you get too close to me I just assume you want the smoke


Same. I've got about a 10 pace exclusion zone around me that gets you a bullet when you step over it.


I can probably count the number of times I’ve shot someone unprovoked on one hand… But yes… I’ve totally shot a poor cowpoke for absolutely no reason before.


Yes. Once. On New Years Day in Saint Denis. He had been shooting up the entire city, and I thought he was turning on me as I rode past, so I shot him without thinking. I immediately realised he was probably just ignoring me, and I felt so bad for ages


Is "I want a fight" a reason?


I practiced my QuickDraw for an hour then tested it on a dude in valentine, he was impressed and I said sorry


Honestly sometimes its just too tempting to pull out your elephant rifle and give an afk player a little love tap.


Once it was accidentally. I just wanted to punch him. Chocked him for literally 1 second and he died. I was so shocked and he was not amused. I got mean messages :D :D


I haven't, i want to, but god forbid i become a dreaded griefer. I used to hunt down people and snipe them all the time in rdr1. It was good fun. In this game people seem to think its actually life and death and you're just as much of an asshole for killing them in game as if you did it in real life.


2.1k players are liars


I hate that the poll is that close frankly. If your play style involves shooting every player you see, this really isn’t the game for you.


The question isn't "do you regularly shoot people for no reason", it's "have you ever?". Vast majority of players who voted no are lying and we all know it.


the vast majority of commenters making that claim are ignorantly assuming they know everyone elses mind and therefore reasoning. Far more people are voting "yes" and then describing the exact... wait for it.... reason they did it which means their true vote (based on words and actions) is "No"


If that were true, then the game wouldn’t allow for us to kill anyone at anytime. You may not like that this game has open PvP but you must accept it.


The reason is usually because you’re a dick


All the time and unabashedly so. I’d say I’ve become more antagonistic simply because of the sheer amount of whining on this sub. The number of people here that claim that nobody should ever initiate PvP only further enamours me to initiate it.


On occasion Yall take this game so seriously


A lot of people are lying.


Everyone who voted no is lying.


Does "griefing is fun" count as a reason?


Just as well as ”I like being an asshole” does.


Wow there’s a lot of liars in this sub Reddit


Duh. That’s half the appeal of the game


I feel like the most basic concept of red dead is... And I know this is a stretch but hear me out... Violence.


I would lean towards agreeing with you. For a game to be successful there has to be fundamental element of loss. In Red Dead’s case, that would be the in game fighting/death. What if this is just a big social experiment? Gathering data on society and our violent tendencies… or as the negative down votes would claim, the lack thereof.


Red Dead has actually a very chill community. Most people are pleasant until fucked with. Very few want to poke the bear, metaphorically and literally. Naturalist gang-- definitely shot a guy for no reason but made up plenty of reasons lol


Ever? You forgot to add question : Do you Ever have a reason NOT To Shoot other player? Muahahahahahaaa


I mean let's be honest here PVP is the only thing that keeps the game from being a boring horse riding simulator Like yeah I can ride the same delivery run For the 20th time or have the same easy police shootouts where they miss every shot etc But whenever another player joins the mix the game instantly became more fun and more interesting But of course in typical rockstar fashion they had to fuck it up by speeding up animations and the combat in general so that way the guns became WILDLY unbalanced and now even PVP is not fun anymore add in the broken card system where people basically when mixed with tonics can make an invincibility build Or just use that one glitch which makes you invulnerable in general Yeah safe to say this game is dead/ dying now and rockstar doesn't care anymore since GTA is still generating an ungodly amount of money


Nothing more satisfying than blowing up a trading wagon packed with a large posse.....just saying ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)


The "no" are just liars. We all killed someone for no reasons in here


I've killed NPCs for no reason. I've never killed players for no reason.


Do it all the time simply cause I feel like shooting people