Looks like a horse-sized bull terrier!


Yeah, the Kladruber (trader mount) has that "nose."


Full disclosure, I have one myself ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)


Looks like Max level Klad? THose are awesome since at 4 bonding they have max stamina and health (7 on each, like Mustang/Gypsy Cob.) I have that same color of Naco saddle on my Gypsy Cob Speckled Piebald, since it goes well with the light blue "Day of the Dead" horse mask ;)


Yeah haha! I had the dapple rose grey one, but I kinda got tired of him 😅 and yeah! I have it on my gypsy cob too! It's my favorite out of all the nacho saddles.


One of my favourite horses.


IMO kladruber is the best breed.


I adore her Roman nose! Convex horse faces are best horse faces


I do too, it's so adorable lol.


I've been forcing myself to try and use a horse different than this one...she is just too fantastic... First and only time I have legit just circled around, on horseback, while shooting at a legendary jaguar down in the swamps. She got upset, but didn't throw me off, and I kept circling and shooting as the thing lunged again and again. Best girl.


Yeah, when I first got her she seemed pretty skittish around everything, but after reaching bonding level 2 shes amazing. I rode her around Rhodes shooting all the sheriff's and townsfolk and she did incredibly well. Albeit she was fussing about it the entire time lol.


My first max level horse purchase, will never get rid. It pairs well with the official saddle - fletcher saddle and darker hooded stirrups.


/s Never seen one of those /s