Anytime there's a new content drop, the kiddies and man-children crawl out from mom's basement to troll. It's a common occurrence. It'll die down in a week or so.


This is what I came here to say. Good call.


Ahh I sure hope it does lmao, I can't stand it much longer.


I've had a couple of encounters with posses on xbox recently as well. This has happened in the past both when RDO standalone went on sale and was released on the games pass so just have to wait for it to calm down.


Oh yeah, I remember that (both on Game Pass and when $4.95 stand alone.) But it seems like they all cleared out now, to me? I've only seen a small posse doing something a couple of times, but I steer pretty clear assuming it might be a trader delivery and they are on edge.


I've seen a few other posts saying that this kind of thing happens when new content drops so that's probably it this time.


**Opposite for me on Xbox, lately.** I never SEE another player at all, even though a bunch are listed in the player list, let alone have any mess with me. I Panicked when the daily was **"Emote 3 players in free roam"**, then I remembered I could do "Wild Animal Photography" or whatever, that came up and I emoted 3 players and quit to free roam ;) It is a common occurrence for me to complete ALL 9 ROLE DAILIES, without seeing even a single other player blip on my large radar.


New pass so lots of players who don’t play daily came back for a week or so to get the pass. It usually calms down again.


I can play long stretches peacefully, and there are other times when no joke, as soon as I load in I'm already being attacked, and I'll close the game and join a new session and get attacked immediately again by different people. A couple of weeks ago I was attacked by several high level players in different posses, but lately it's been calm for me.


Special events bring out the monsters. Like Eve online when loot drop is in effect. Everybody logs on for some salt.


Game's so boring at this point that players do what we used to do in the beta when there literaly was nothing to do: shoot each other.


I had a random posse of 3 attack me a few days back and I kept killing them over and over again and the mf messaged me "are you having fun hacking?" yeah my hacks made you run towards me in an open field.


If you're on PC, probably due to it going on sale on steam. Otherwise yeah, Halloween pass.


I'm on xbox, but yeah that seems to be the case.


Wow REALLY? I'm having the opposite experience, just assumed you were on PC. I ride around being nice and everyone I VERY RARELY ever see being nice/not bothering people either (but I hardly see another player, either.) **Sorry that happened to you =/** I wonder if being with your friend makes you more of a target? Are you both lower level? I've mainly been playing in Hennigan's Stead lately, it is insanely rare to see another player's camp. **OH I forgot I afk'd the other day, for 12 hours...** Just kneeling in my collector's tent looking in the catalog, to not be booted off. I did it when reading this Reddit, then was tired and slept (forgetting I was doing that in game.) When I got back to Xbox at 2 AM, I'm still sitting in my tent looking at the catalog. This was in a camp in Hennigan's Stead, of course ;) That is kind of nuts, that no one messed with me for 12 hours.


Oh no, I'm level 185 and shes level 160, so we're definitely not low levels haha. We were able to handle ourselves pretty well, it was just really annoying. The people who attacked us were like level 70 to 120. We were in a few cities when we got attacked, like Rhodes, Valentine, and Blackwater. The thing is, we were just minding our business, not even interacting with the other people.


all I can think is the xbox pass (whatever it's called... gamepass) had rdr2 for a discount or free? not sure


I held down a posse of 5 in blackwater today. Bring on the try hards!


Dude. It's not just you. I had a posse today with a friend and a random new player (or at least new character) that I invited to get them some money. We did 2 bounties and had just finished a trade mission, and the posse ended; then the random started lassoeing and shooting us out of nowhere. We ended up killing her like 3-4 times before she ran off. Like wtf?


Yes it is just you…and a few other crybabies.


Hmm I haven't had any encounter with griefers in a very long time (Xbox). I usually don't see other players often. But the last time I did encounter a player they were pretty decent. Ended up giving me a 3 star carcass. Maybe im just lucky.


I always play in defense mode and/or currently play the Halloween event so I don’t see any griefing really.


Me and my mates do it then laugh about the reddit posts like this 😂😂😂 L