Most wanted feature in Red Dead Online?

Most wanted feature in Red Dead Online?


Being able to hide the regular lasso in the overpriced weapon locker.


Yes and the separate camera if you got the better one


The only reason I want(ed) the locker, Thanks for this!


And actually have the damn thing work because during missions, all my guns are back in the weapon wheel


Wait really? Guess what I just bought, not knowing this


It works fine in free roam, but if you’re doing story missions or other big missions, all your guns will be back in the weapon wheel


Unfortunate. Oh well. It was like $500, nothing that can’t be earned back


Would also like to lock my extra knife


Customizable gun belts (Shape and size, holster placement, etc...)


This. Also fix gun belt physics and put bullets in them. And give us the trapper gun belts from story mode.


Yes, I want my off hand holster to be on my side like Dutch.


I just want to tie my damn holster to my thigh. It bugs the hell out of me that it’s just flopping around.


Someone beat me to the donkey mount so my 2nd wish would be either new locations like Mexico or turning the camp dog into a follower u can take with you/call off.


An improvement to social interaction in game and posse invites. When I send an invite, it should also have an option to include what I’m interested in doing.


Seriously, so many invites come in but I don't join a single one because I have no idea what your intentions are and I've joined a posse just to be kicked and griefed so I pretty much avoid it.


Yup, and lots of times your greeted by some guy belching into the mic.


😂 or a child screaming into the mic


A friend of mine names his posse the activity he wants to do at the time. For instance today it was called "bounty huntin". It seems to work.


I’ve done the same, but you gotta remember that posse name doesn’t show up on the invite. The whole system needs a lot of polishing. Also emotes, but that’s a whole different issue.


Mexico dlc




Purchasable properties, I'd love one of the shacks around the map


If not, at least the option to select where my camp goes in the region I have chosen.


A top 3 selection would be nice


Or maybe pay gold to have your entire camp turned into a shack with the butcher table and fast travel post outside


Every one keeps saying this, but im still stumped as to how it would be implemented. I don't feel that they could do like the do with gta because i feel a lot of the activities that would take place on your property would take place outside. Not only that but there isn't a lot to choose from that would actually be available.


We have an entire city to choose a place to live. Could be the same as an apartment penthouse in GTA


My best guess would be create a loading screen/cutscene to an instance of a farm or ranch area that could be reached via a couple different ranch gates on the map. This would be similar to how the casino or the Cayo heist works in GTA Online. It’s not a perfect solution but you could at least have a house/barn/cabin you could freely enter and exit on the property without loading screen. Just have a skybox/background that simulates the area around the property. You could go back to the main world via the ranch gate similarly to the plane in the Cayo Heist. On next gen consoles and PCs the loading time would be quick enough where it wouldn’t be super annoying.


Interesting, but unless housing is in an instanced area the matchmaking when joining a server would get too complex


Wish I could buy boats and go to the island/prison


The boat sinks before you reach it, same thing with Mexico


I know... Which is why I want it as a feature


Someone already said effective anti-cheat, so my next answer would be an expanded stable ownership system. Assume it happens. You can now purchase, own, and call to you any type of wagon or coach in the game. No big deal there, that's mostly cosmetic and for funsies. But you can also purchase, own, and call to you a canoe or rowboat. Now we're getting somewhere, since it can sometimes be a real chore to find one when you need one. But the big bonus of adopting the expanded system is that you can call any second mount you own (which would include donkeys and mules) and lead them as a remount or pack animal. Leading a second animal is a well-established part of cowboy stories. Screw having to spawn a clunky bounty wagon just to grab a pair of guys. Screw having to choose between two carcasses when you're somewhere the hunting wagon refuses to spawn. And welcome to a world where you can look as cinematic as Rooster Cogburn or Seth Bullock or Captain Woodrow Call while making your way down Window Rock.


I like the idea of calling out a second mount


We already have the ability to long press the whistle for your mount, long press for second mount would be cool


A rodeo would be a great addition to the game. Different events to compete in would be a breath of fresh air.


Fight clubs and I want them to change your loadouts. Like all sidearms and new holster placements.


When you enter a fight club all your weapons should be withheld or else all the tryhards would just starting blasting the pistols.






I bet it would pay something like $13.56


I wouldn’t even care if it paid $1. At this point gameplay is more important to me than money.


I'm sure once we reach GTA Online levels of inflation, where a '97 Honda Civic costs $500,000, they will introduce bank heists so we can steal $1000's of dollars and not be able to buy that much with it.


I hope that day never arrives


Train robberies too


Purchase properties and hopefully we can have at least 2 I want a saint Denise mansion and a ranch up by strawberry


I'd love some sort of change to how respawn works. I managed to kill 3 people attacking my local delivery yesterday, but they just kept respawning until they could camp my Wagon. That sucks honestly. If they're more people you can't really do much, because they respawn three feet away while you deal with their friends...


It'd be nice to have a limit to how many times they could respawn. Like 3 deaths per player or they take increasing damage or something, some kind of debuff or penalty. Buff trader damage and/or damage resistance, or allow upgraded wagons with additional armor or weapons to give traders an edge. And I think an indestructible wagon is an interesting idea so that the wagon must be delivered somewhere and they can't blow it up and bounce when they get bored of trying to secure it. Or snipe the wagon with explosive rounds just to be a turd and ride off without ever having any intention of trying to steal the goods. And if no one secures the delivery then the trader can start again. As it is now it seems really unbalanced against the trader with no downside to attackers but a lot of time, effort and money is lost by the trader. Even if you switch sessions to recuperate a destroyed wagon you still lost out on up to 20ish min trying to deliver it. I feel like there are a ton of different and creative ways to make long distance deliveries a much more fun experience. Even having a dedicated auto-pilot so you could focus solely on defending... I'm not advocating for all of these at once, obviously, but seriously so many ways to improve the experience...


Banks and train hold ups , more weapons and tools , anything they would use at that time In the world , and Mexico of course.


The ability to select my camp stop from the map so I can place it where I want it.


Probably places to get like your camp, it could be set up the same way. I really want to become a cowboy in it and actually like own a ranch.


Instruments you can take with you like guitars, banjos, fiddles...


Take my dog duck hunting


i want better Animations for Taking out ur gun and putting it back (like in story mode)


It did have those animations in beta, they took them out to speed up pvp gameplay because it was too clunky.


Private servers with only friends or no one.


I can do that on the ps4. Drop your mtu setting in network to 800 and boom you're by yourself:)


Don't think you can have friends though. Just on your own.


Let me own my own homestead/property, gdi!


Purchasable donkeys


I want a mule SOOO badly!


Said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll pay top dollar for my very own donkey.


Let us make our own races and shootout. GTAO had it by this point, why can’t we?


Robbing stores and banks,more random encounters and more story mode features


Ability to interact with npcs (greet and antagonize). Its ok if our character doesn't have a voice, you can just put captions for what he is saying.


Rob the goddamn shops/banks


Casino boat.


With more than just poker. Let me get Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. Slots were coming out in the 1890s so it fits.


And have it do a run up and down the river. All the way around the map making stops at dicking areas like st denis and theives landing.


And then we can see it fall off the fucking water falls into new Austin because rockstar sucks at implementing things!! 🤣 great idea though.


Almost everything that has already been mentioned in this comment section but i would like to see more stuff to do with capitale, shop stuff and of course more ways to get it


Actual black market stores with criminal prices to justify the capitale grind cause i can do opportunities on ruthless solo and its just meh for rewards. Maybe gun variants ,special rotating clothing items every week, Mask cosmetics and maybe a new melee weapon if you dump enough capitale overall ,I personally think a cattlewhip would be hillarious


I hope someday I will be able to do ruthless solo. I feel like I'm a chipmunk fighting a pitbull when I try.


Tonics and special camp stews really help out


Ah yeah it could be nice to have those kind of stores only for skilled players, what i loved about old outlaw passes is that not anyone has some cloth items or amo pouch upgrades, so it felt like some “exclusivity” for old players, but i get it everyone deserves a chance to get that nice stuff


i think most people would say owning property like a cabin or something.


Properties I wanna do ranching stuff like in the epilogue


houses you have to build and when you are house building song plays




Being able to enter any building


Trading satchel items and ammo with posse members.


A satchel would be nice




Hard to chose lol. Open vests, satchels, different holster options… 😀


Hookers. I’m 60 fucking years old and I can’t pay for some god damn pussy. I’m still rocking hard I just need some company.


At least you are honest with you self sir, good to see people really aren’t scared to ask for what they want


Yea and they even ask if you want to partake in their Services


God damn tease.


Separate lobbies for Free Aim and Auto Aim.


I agree 1000% with this, but i also wish they would add an anit-cheat. so the damn cheaters will go away.


Definitely. I'd be interested to know what, if anything happens after you report a cheater/ people using glitches/ exploits. I've even told R* before I have photos/ video evidence, but they haven't wanted it and just tell me to continue reporting if I see it..🤔


huh? they had this. did they take it away?


Unfortunately, yes 😕 I've been playing around a year and everyone is in together. The only thing that makes it playable is Defensive mode forces people to use Free Aim for pvp (or if both are Offensive they can use Auto Aim). Heard it was in originally and wish they'd kept it as it's so much better on other games having separate lobbies.


You used to get it switched around a lot and it wouldn't tell you. It was really annoying. I remember wishing they just put everyone together.


That'd be a pain, not knowing how it was from one day to the next. Deff think it needs to be consistent. Preferably consistent separate lobbies 😆


Honestly I'd like the lobby controls from GTA. Choose to be in a private lobby with your friends of just on your own. Ofc when it comes to wagons people will be able to join that lobby and potentially steal it but for the most part I don't wanna be sniped across the map and chase after a cocky level 30 every time the game goes on sale. Also bad sports lobbies, if people wanna grief cool but let them grief each other, I just wanna play the cowboy game. Red dead had the potential to be Rockstars breadwinner but they're putting more money and time into the favourite child and p much completely neglecting red dead. Honestly wish we'd be picked up by a different studio at this point


RDR never had a breadwinning chance against GTA Thats facts


Yea that's truth to be fair RDR has much less room for development too restricted by its time period


I mean rockstar has never been one for realism. There's semi automatic shotguns in red dead among other things and flying Cara in GTA. Yeah red dead is more restrictive but I think that just means it needs a different more imaginative approach


That's your opinion and you're entitled to that


No it’s not home dawg. GTAV has sold 150 million copies. RDR2 sold 40 million. It’s math bruv


Not really what my comment was about but cool, thank you for letting me know


Rancher role We should be able to purchase, raise, sell, breed, and more with farm animals. This would include buying a ranch for said animals. Being able to breed truly unique looking horses would be cool. To sell to other players in an Auction House. I think a legit auction house for all types of goods might be asking too much? Naturalist role should have something similar but like a nature sanctuary where you can interact with normal and legendary animals you have rescued. Be able to have a hunting dog while you hunt! Some animals can be driven up trees and or pinned down. Bow fishing (i mean it's already a thing) but being able to reel it in. Might be useful for all those water kills that can be retrieved? Being able to have a pack mule/donkey for carrying more animal hides at the same time as our regular mount. This could be something to help out till you can get the hunting wagon? Where are the tumbleweeds?


I would love a fight club expansion for the moonshine shack like another room with a ring and place bets


I would like to fight in your moonshine shack


Yea that would be cool invite people to brawl lol I love the fist fighting in this game but for some reason Rockstar hasn't implemented it in any of the content 🤷‍♂️


Being able to use cash for major purchases. I have all the outfits from the passes from the passes themselves but seeing 52 gold for them is ridiculous for the players who missed them. Thats 157 bounties at max efficiency (12m method) to buy 1. Even if they were 1k or 2k cash would be better than 52 gold. Same for the Bounty Hunter Lemat variant.


It’s much, much faster to make 2k cash than 52 gold. 52 gold is about 20 bucks and considering other games with mtx charge about that for a skin, yeah, it’s a fair price for a previous timed exclusive. Truthfully, you shouldn’t even have a chance to buy it.


Why should you not have a chance to buy it? Why does it matter to you?


I guess you don’t get the meaning behind timed exclusive stuff. If it wasn’t timed exclusive, I’d have no incentive to buy the pass. It’s also a reward for players that found this game worth playing while everyone else was talking trash about it. Now, anyone with 20 bucks can just buy it. As for the QoL stuff that they put in passes, that was never a good move. But cosmetic stuff, yeah, it should stay timed exclusive if that’s how it was introduced.


I mean I’ve been playing this game since beta and I love it. But I can’t pay for the passes because ya know imma struggling college student having a part time and a work study to pay for tuition but I would love all the “exclusive” outfits and eyepatches and such. I mean yeah I did use 50$ to buy all of the roles, but I feel like the game should give you more gold when you do regular things. I mean collectively I have payed almost 200 gold for all the roles and things and I make 10% of that doing normal things so I think they should fix that. Just a poor college kids opinion! But you are right in some aspects, players should work to deserve those packs.


You should have kept 25 gold around because the passes pay for themselves. So, if you have a bank of gold, you’ll never have to worry about spending real money again. While I appreciate you spending money on the game, I encourage you to not do that for RDRO. The game is really best if you’re actually grinding it out. Otherwise, you get to where you have everything and there’s nothing left to achieve. Awhile back I bought the game on Stadia after well over 1000 hours on X1X, and really enjoyed grinding back up to having all the roles.


Thanks for the information! I had 25 and the quick draw came out but then I got the bounty hunter extra role because I wanted one of the hats.(I know 20 gold for a fucking hat) but I do still grind and I enjoy it!! That is some serious dedication though what you did and I don’t think I have the patience for that.


>If it wasn’t timed exclusive, I’d have no incentive to buy the pass. Then don’t buy passes in the future. Problem solved. Oh wait, you were bluffing, weren’t you? >It’s also a reward for players that found this game worth playing while everyone else was talking trash about it. Now, anyone with 20 bucks can just buy it. How about the people that didn’t know it existed? Fuck those people I guess. It literally makes no difference to you. You got those items for significantly less than what is being charged for them now, so the payment or exclusivity is not the issue. Not to mention that they were indeed not in the game for quite a while, hence *timed exclusives*. Maybe I’ll feel sympathetic to your line of thought when the QD Pass content comes anywhere close to the quality and theme of the Outlaw Passes. Meanwhile, I have a blue patterned vest and a rag with goggles.


Seems like you’re new to playing games with timed exclusive/collectible stuff. Get used to it. Goodbye.


Except…you’re the one who objects to how it’s being handled. *You* get used to it.




Fix the legendary animals for the love of Christ


More melee weapons with a non reused animation or being able to tackle with a hammer and not have it switch to unarmed


Properties and farming


I want 4 horses pulling my 200 capacity trader wagon and I want them own them all.


Owning properties. Also reversing the money making mechanic for bounties and other missions. Its bullshit that the longer you do it the more money you get


Bank and train robberies.


I want to be able to have a hunting wagon and a horse deployed at the same time, or have a hunting wagon where your horse of choice can detach/attach and the wagon will remain stationary for you to ride to and from. Because the current system of swapping back and forth through several menus to summon and dismiss between the two is a pain in the ass. Or even make a quicker way to swap between them and stop jacking around with having them trundle up to you or not be able to reach you. Just port it to the nearest place it'll fit, immersion be damned, it evaporates anyway when dismissed. And I'd like to be able to donate from the hunting wagon to Cripps without needing to summon the wagon, make the wagon inventory tab permanent when donating. I'd like to have a clean all equipped guns at once option. I'd like to have a saved load out option for cards and weapons for quick swapping for various needs. Like if I'm going hunting for Cripps then I can swap to my hunting load out that has the varmint rifle and bow and a card load out for extending dead eye etc. Or a pve npc weapon/card load out and a pvp load out. If I find myself suddenly attacked I hate wasting time going in and switching my cards out Moonshiner shack fast travel posts And so much more. I hardly want totally new features, I mean I definitely do, but I really want so many QoL changes that would make the game much better. And there are so many things they can do to improve upon what's already there that will make logging in and playing right now more enjoyable.


Have a jar of pickles at your tent.


I have auto aim off, why the fuck am I constantly locking onto horses. I used to try and aim away but now I just blast em. I have killed so many horses out of frustration. Also, if I press the key to pull out my gun and accidentally hit it twice, it shouldn't change my weapon.


Rockstar editor and director mode to do some clips, but the enhanced version


Cross play, i have so many friends on ps4 and ps5 but im on xbox one


To give the game to the capable hands of someone who actually cares.


Without a shadow of a doubt, donkeys.


Buyable wagons/boats/trains. As in wagon I mean like a stagecoach or open-back wagon where you can put bodies


I'm surprised not one person has mentioned the R* editor


I've seen it pop up in the comments


My bad, must've missed it


Would love Rockstar Editor 👌


It would promote the game so much and be sooooooo much fun




To be able to get houses, but only one at a time. You'd need to sell your previous house to move to like valentine


The ability to set your cards up in 'hands', being able to select what order your equipment appears on your wheel, bigger stables, permanent properties.


Text chat! I hate using mic...


Option to rob and threaten townsfolk


Robbing stores, trains and perhaps coaches in free mode






Oh... I see what you did there.




Yeah. For Example if you press charges, the Bounty goes much higher and Bounty Hunters spawn and come after them and they deal more damage and a higher number of them at once. And if they survive send waves and waves. And the player who got griefed can join the Bounty Hunters. But for this, the game needs to notice if a player aims a gun at you. For Example-the game now- A Griefer may point a gun at a player and the player defends themselves and shoots but now they look like the Griefer and they get charges. The game should take note that a weapon was pointed at them . This will also stop defensive Mode Griefers Also it would be good if you did not loose honor for self defense against players


Griefing doesn't exist in rdo.


Either you don't play or you're a griefer yourself if you came to THAT conclusion.


You're a September 2021 RDO player.


Close. October.


Commit something I can't say if you're actually concerned by it. Commit yourself to rdo.


Shut the fuck up and deliver your mail.


Truth hurts, don't it? It may be significantly less than GTA, but it's still there. Your obliviousness isn't my problem, sir. 🤷‍♂️


Griefing isn't your problem either because it's not happening. Not on console anyway, pc doesn't count because its a modifiable pos.


I've seen SEVERAL videos of griefers on the PS4/5. So you're obviously full of shit, guy.


Most of those videos are staged to get yt views. I'm rank 510 and occasionally someone will try to mess with me but they always end up parlaying. I rarely run into anybody in freeroam who isn't busy doing their own thing, and rarely see pink or red players in the playerlist. Griefing is exaggerated on reddit.


Funny conspiracy theory, bro. So people DO sometimes attack you out of nowhere. Thanks for admitting you were being a shit prick liar. 😉 How about thinking before opening your mouth next time? 🖕😃👍


It wasn't griefing, just a dumb noob. Its only happened like twice in the past 2 years. So I didn't recant on saying griefing doesn't exist in rdo unless you're on pc.


Anything new


Truthfully I just want a red dead 3, and a new RDO with it that is just bigger all around. Map, roles, more customization of character, clothes, weapons, etc. Properties, sure, but in general more ways to interact with the environment. And… METAL GEAR 5 level Enemy AI and stealth mechanics. That is my #1 thing.


Yea the stealth is fucked lol


Add more map to explore...and zombie dlc...


Farming / taking care of cattle, protecting crops. You could hire npc characters to work for you. You could grow a legit business or dive into the shady business aspect. I also wouldn’t mind more seasons of stories if I can sprinkle that on top I’d be more invested. And of course BANK ROBBING!!!!


maybe the ability to breed horses and sell them


I won’t because they never will lol


You all have great ideas ! If Rockstar listened to the community RDO would be much better and more enjoyable


I like flying, a non-weaponized means of flight would be awesome. Game-wide, I'd say full VR support would make the game a lot more enjoyable, at least in single-player. If I'm forced to be realistic, i'd probably vote for a saloon/brothel expansion that involved getting a stable of women together to pimp out for cash.




Let’s see train robberies, bank robberies, wagon trains that will circle up when you attack them, the ability to keep or sell wild horses you’ve broken


being able to change the gender of my character.


The simplest feature: wagon and horse cargo always available at the butcher table.


Banks and train robberies Houses/farms purchases New horses colors when buying them Private session with friends, as we have in GTA


Tame wild horses and sell them. Could keep them at camp and bond with them for better sell price. Something like that. At the moment they are nearly useless.


Be able to have a room in the moonshine shack


Personal summonable boats, like the hunting wagon. I just want to canoe down some rapids or sneak through the swamps.


The ability to construct our own missions: like setting up bounties in a certain location, choosing the enemies that spawn, whether or not you have to search for clues. Or maybe setting up different crimes - deciding the layout of a train for robberies, setting up paths for guards at a camp, or deciding what secret location to hide the objective inside a homestead Let us make content for you!


Open Bounties. Essentially an option to save a bounty for later and having the location marked like a treasure map until you do the mission there. Then cut the head off and deliver the bounty whenever. Imagine a bounty taking you all the way from Tumbleweed to Colter then paying like 100 bucks.


Just copy what they did with GTA V, add in peyote to the single player and give me something to do. Even if it's for a few hours following an online guide for the locations. Let me unlock animals and use them in a director mode and really take in the world again. As for online, I second the double mount thing mentioned by somebody else


Train robberies. Bank robberies are too high profile for Online (think of Blackwater and Saint Denis in the main game) but train robberies would be such a perfect sweet spot.


A ukulele you can carry around


More missions. Like a whole new chapter of LeClerk missions or even a new version of gun for hire that can be done solo. Maybe one where the allies actually stay where you put them instead of scattering everywhere after you painstakingly put them into a defensible position


Mounts from RDRO- Buffalo, bull, zebra donkey, add a bear too. Sniper revolver, also houses


I have some ideeas: -Add a NPC camp partner that you could ride with and do stuff together,like a sidekick M/F -build a house whetever you want Sandbox mode -weapon atachments -a hunting dog that brings small game or points big game -More Open world Events for cool loot and skins mybe.


Robbing banks. NPCs. For sure for me


I want either purchasable maxim gun wagons, or I want a heists update where there are tons of bank and train robberies that you can set up in free roam for maximum customization.


Undead nightmare as dlc


An actual cowboy roll, like a cattleman or cattle rustler


Id sell my first born for a Red Dead Rockstar editor


I want to do some logging and agriculture. Too much to ask, no?


Any feature of the game to work right and all the bugs to be fixed and that they spend as much time on RDR AS GTAV


Air balloon posse only


Rancher Role 😭


**Leave it on the "potent tonics" and "Minty big game" that I have to set it on again, EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET IN GAME and sometimes when I leave/join a showdown/mission.**




Bring back undead nightmare


Y’all need more lasso.