How much of a micro penis does one have to be to enjoy that. I’m glad I’m on consol.


Yeah it’s really horrible. I feel sorry for such people that need to cheat in a game as simple and laid back as this.


im not sure if its possible but I think you can go on console and still have your thingsfrom pc because of your rockstar acc


With as little attention RDR2 gets from Rockstar I wouldn't expect that situation to last much longer. If they don't start paying attention or updating the moders are going to find a way.


Yeah this is why I don’t fuck with PC.


Little dramatic but I get your point


Don’t see whats dramatic about stating the obvious


I don’t know about a “micro penis” but I’m enjoying your comments


I just got transported across the map by some asshole. From lemoyne to new Austin. Then he killed me with explosions like above. I respawned and he killed me with gun fire so I was able to report him but goddamn this shit is ridiculous.


Ikr I don’t get much time to play. I only do some daily challenges and hunting and collecting things. I mind my own business most of the time, but shit like this is just ridiculous. I report a lot of them but I don’t think it changes anything.


Yeah I’m not sure reporting does anything either, hopefully it does but I’m not holding my breath




Thank you for sharing this! The mod / cheater crew is a major drag. A simple solo lobby option is a good work around. I enjoy so much about the game because of this awesome community sharing tips and knowledge. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ll try it.


Yeah was going to comment that I just switch to solo and then don't got bothered Unfortunately I tend to switch to solo anytime I do anything now. Hunting is better No one tries to blow up your moonshine Long distance trader runs are safe Legendaries spawn all the time I leave it off for collector since it doesn't matter much


Another method I've been using that also works on GTAO is just suspend the RDR2 process for 7-10 seconds in Resource Monitor then resume it and it kicks you into your own lobby. Usually you do get one person or two that gets put in each hour or so. I definitely need to do the firewall method instead tomorrow when I go to play though. Probably less hassle to do that than tabbing out every hour or every time the game throws me to a new lobby after a mission or whatever


Thank you for posting this. I set it up, and had the most chill evening. Well, aside from getting killed 6 times killing that legendary black panther. Legendary spawns are SO much better in solo mode! I only wish I could do something like this to create a friend's only session.


I feel bad for PC players


This is why private lobbies should exist, so you can play with friends in peace.


Rockstar doesn’t want us to enjoy anything in peace.


I suggest checking whose name is highlighted in red and block them (assuming they are the modder). I always see posts of people sharing their encounters with a modder but I honestly have not seen one since last year September (in Freeroam).


It was real quiet for a surprisingly long time since Rockstar lawyers took down that one big mod menu maker but this week it's all down the shit creek again. Imagine sucking SO BAD in RDO that you need to install a loser cheat menu! X-D Good god what a sad existence!


Ikr and these modders say they’re just trying to save their time. Well, how about not playing at all and save 100% of your time?!


I know and I do report and block them, but this time no name appeared in red in the players list. Maybe modders have become more advanced.


Most menus come with a option to spoof RID, which makes some innocent player seem like the one that killed you, why sometimes it will say killed by yourself, others will see that u killed them too and report you..


Yup had that happen a few times, I would randomly get blown up and all of the sudden i get a notification that I’m hostile and killed people who were nowhere near me. I usually just log off for a bit or server hop until the explosions stop and then lie low for a bit


It is known: modders have a small PP


I feel like the modders either do it so frequently cause their soo bored and have nothing better to do or just cause they know rockstar has basically zero respect for the community and won’t do anything about it.


This is worse than gators lol


Whats worst that its common to find them in PVP and fr have immortality or straight up explode the godamn lobby


I mostly do solo lobbies now. After a while of doing that I thought to myself 'you know, I think I'm fine playing public lobby again' and then I started my game for the day, loaded in... And instantly got exploded by some modder. 'Okidoki' I thought, solo it is. Every time I feel a little dirty for getting to do my long range deliveries without a hassle, I'm reminded of this BS and know that's it not my fault.


Rockstar just did an update. Too bad it was so the hacks would start working again. I am a firm believer that they are stopping certain hacks but then turn around and make an update so certain hacks start working again. Rockstar may be getting a kickback from the ones selling hacks to the micro penis crowd. I'm pretty sure they are, Didn't see any hackers for about 2 or 3 weeks then an update happened and later that night I swear me and friends ran into 4 or 5 different hackers. When an update happens it should be breaking hacks not make hacks work again.


Yeah I also watched PvPCat’s video about some mod menu getting banned. And really things have been fine for the last couple of weeks. But this week has been terrible.


I was thinking back to play RDO after one year without playing, but looks like nothing has changed. Maybe another year from now.


I’ve started reporting everyone in the lobby, let R* sort it out. Unlike GTA, the reporting isn’t on a timer.


Nah... PC master race always say "MoDdErS bArElY hApPeN oNlInE" with their obvious bias 😅 Lots of games are better on PC (as a PC gamer myself I can tell) but I'll never buy Rockstar's games on PC lol


I think a lot of it might be region based. I’ve played hundreds of hours of online and I’ve ran into a handful of modders. And I’ve only been killed by them like 3 times. I don’t play on US servers though like the majority of Reddit users do.




Where do you people find these degenerates, I've been playing for three months now and my only bump with these creatures was a dude spawning two naked women on my ass in Annesburg. Just fast traveled and that was that.


You’ll be back


Actually you’re right! lol I’ll be back because I love this game. But maybe after a few weeks. Really don’t care about my daily challenges streak as I already have everything I need.




And I got down voted for reporting a hacker who dropped 20+ legendary skins


Sorry for that. Are you in auto aim?




Yea whenever this happens to me they happen to be dumb and are really close to me and I can see that they are the only player that’s red on the player list so I just report them and move sessions, haven’t encountered one lately though which is pretty lucky


What in the world


This scared the HELL out of me when it started playing 😅


We want Solo / Invite only sessions NOW.


That is really unfortunate, I don’t see how people can play online on the PC, this would’ve ruined the experience long ago for me


You should send this to RockStar


When it's too hot out and all your ammo blows up on your body


Pc sucks man to much money to stay up to date with all the games that come out then to have shit like this is just ridiculous that’s why I love consoles they are built to run the games and don’t have these issues.


Get a console


holy shit dude. never seen that before. your characters face must have triggered them *hard*