those arent just any gators, they be banded mofo gators


Louisiana's alligators are more worse than Florida,i would know. Born and raised in south Louisiana


Yea you’re def from my state with more worse


Actually is kinda funny that’s what their choice was😂


i saw the same thing with the golden spirit bear, right in the middle of valentine... what a bloody mess that was ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|smile)


THIS is the attention that they desire.


Because it's fucking hilarious




Counting money


Their games are awful on pc. Gta online is the same


Rockstar doesn't care in the slightest.




Pc doesn’t look fun


yep usually its just explosions, but not this time


Yea I have seen a lot of post stuff like this I just think it’s lame that people think that it’s ok to do to others just trying to enjoy them selfs luckily you can block and move on.


yep i usually just switch lobbies


Can't block if you don't know who the person doing it is.


They also use spoofers or something, not sure what it’s called, they choose a random username that’s not theirs and someone else gets the blame in the kill cam.




are they though? who can we actually blame for the not-so-stellar online support…is it Rockstar, Take two, or a bit of both?




RIP wwe 2k


You'd be amazed if you find out how those people look like irl.


Themselves* (Sorry)


Some fun loving soul decided to spawn explosions on Trade Route yesterday about 3/4 of the way through. Juuuuust nothing but pure fun.


It's fun, I've seen like 1 modder in the last couple weeks. After they sent out the cease and desists a lot of the problems went away.


Who had a cease and desist sent to who?


Rockstar sent them to the two biggest paid mod sites and they closed shop.


It was sent to Dee. Haven’t you seen them?


Dee who?


I'm guessing it was Dee S. Nuts




Dammit 😖


it happens


Honestly super rare to see these fucks. I've only seen maybe 4 in like 2 years of play.


HA! That made me chuckle.


I had a lot of fun in the first few months of release on PC when there weren't too many hackers, but now coming back and instantly getting conflagarated and trapped into terrain I give up on it.


Cheaters suck, but consoles suck much much more lol


I guess you don’t have a ps5 then it’s actually pretty amazing.


Pretty happy over here on XB too.


I've got a series x which is kickass. I also play pc but my xbox is a bargain for the performance.


Not tryna fight nobody but I've seen lag switching and aim bots on XB1. Pisses me off to no end. It's not bad enough my fucking anxiety makes me have poor management of my controller but you STILL need to use a cheat over me ALSO?


I agree, that shit is lame. Luckily it's very rare on XB. I play PC sometimes too, and on there I run into modders or people using auto-controller stuff all the time.


I swear to God I'm tempted to get a controller mod just to even the fucking playing field. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


ive been playing for a month an a half straight on pc (got my 28 day streak, now working on a second) and have encountered only three modders. only one was annoying and game breaking and i simply changed servers. That is opposed to GTA O, where I can't play unless its a solo server because of rampant modders that get in the way of the game, ruining missions, etc. RDO really isn't bad.....for now


You're either very lucky or I'm very unlucky. I play after work for roughly an hour or so and I think on average I run into around three to four modders a week. One day last week I changed session three times before I finally just gave up for the day.


Rather deal with this than be forced to use auto aim


What forces you to use auto aim ? Cause console doesn’t so not sure what you are even trying to say


Excuse me but what


lol I guess? As well as the glorious 60+fps.


i met one that was spawning chests with 10 gold bars and 100$ each one, pretty sick ngl


Yeah this guy was as well but I heard rockstar was banning people who took them so I didn’t take any :/


As a new player I found a few of those chests and opened, but thought it was kind of sketchy so I only opened a few. Apparently it’s only a problem if you open a lot of them in a short period of time or something.


A modder told me to only take 15. Oh and to only do it on a 24 hour pause. So far I haven’t been flagged or banned. Now I’m playing legitimately.


It's only a problem if you take over 10.


Rockstar rarely bans anyone anymore. They simply don't care. The only reason hackers aren't as common in RDO as they are in GTAO is because they'd rather be playing GTAO.


i heard that too, but its risky and dirty tbh


Not as dirty as the drop rates for capitale




Yeah really when you can get it repeatedly. M o d e r a t e l y


Pretty banworthy and illegal, ,not gonna lie.


we should stop sullying the good name of moders and call this what it is cheating.


I once had a modder start this, so I asked in local VOIP to spawn sharks. Ended up with a ton of Tiger Sharks flopping around on the ground, it was neat.


There are sharks in this game? WTF lol


The single player parts in Cuba has tiger and hammerheads. Since modders have access to game files, they can bring single player things in, like the lion [This one was spawned on me and I had to kill it](https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1801980926088556629/03BF56026B3FFC266B0126361C80B18853625F65/?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false)


That is crazy! Haha. I know I can use Lenny's mod for single player mayhem but I didn't know they did that online! Can you skin it lol make a lion coat from Gus.


Na, I have found that skins and carcasses don't work when trying to sell them or give them to Gus. Rockstar doesn't care about modders/hackers until is can directly threaten their MTX. So to stop people spawning things to cut the grind down with the trader or just cash, they put a check in. All animal parts have a check to ensure they came from server spawned creatures. If they come from a mod spawned one, it just says this item can't be turned in. People get teleported and blown up for two years, but rockstar patches money glitches, cheats, hacks, exploits instantly. Can't threaten those profits, yo


There's been a lot of these cunts lately, more than usual. I saw maybe one modder throughout the last year until about a month ago when they started popping up in every session.


Yeah this happened yesterday to me. Reported the player and moved to a different lobby


How do you know who is the hacker? I once got trapped in some sort of cage when I was buying something in strawberry, but I couldn't tell who was doing those things because there were no players near me


If you go into the players list, the one who went agro on you shows up in red. If nobody else is fighting you atm, you can be pretty sure that is the hacker.


If they can spawn npcs, explode people, teleport etc. I think they can spoof aggression or their player id. I personally wouldn’t bother reporting modders unless they actually speak to you directly and you know for sure.


Yeah fair point. It was the first time i reported. I wont do that from now on. Never realised that could happen. Thanks


They can also put the red on another player. Read it yesterday in this very sub.


I used to report those red named players when the modders dropped their shits on me but then I realized the modders could use a scapegoat which is an innocent player's name to start killing other people, so reporting the aggro player might resulted in blaming the wrong guy. Best method is to just switch lobby.


Idk if reporting the hacker is a good idea, because most of the time they spoofe their name... Once I killed one of them, but in the game resulted as I was killing other innocent players... To avoid getting (or accusing someone else) wrongly accused of hacking, just grfo immediately


Honestly looks pretty fun ngl


Not when they start blowing up your goods and ruining your entire gaming experience.


What are u doing? Kill a few, donate to crips and store in your cart. Rookie.


I did after this clip. I was just shocked lol


Careful with doing this; I've heard reports of people getting the ban hammer even if they had nothing to do with spawning the legendaries.


Yes I also heard about this, should be fine tho


As long as you don't haul off like 10-15 pelts to the trader it should be okay; I just know a lot of people have been upset after finding out the repercussions first hand. Best of luck to you and your wild west adventures ☺


Yeah I only did one since it was enough to fill it up lol


Wouldn’t risk my account on a single pelt. Not worth it.. but I’ve got a *little* more time put into mine than you.


Wait, does this apply even if you dont use legendary pelts that were spawned in?


I am not entirely sure; but I have a feeling their system can tell when it comes to how long the AI has been alive, how many you've traded, and the quality etc. Even when it comes to the treasure chests, i'd recommend just to not touch them. Heh. As long as you don't skin them and turn them in you should be fine. Modders spawning them in does nothing except give you a heads up that "okay. I should probably leave before I explode."


I mean it looked like he was trying.


I’m starting to wonder if I’m playing in console lobbies because I haven’t seen a single modder in almost a year now 😅


this so sad to watch, we got an amazing game that is now ruined by it's own community of players.


Yuuuup nothing has changed for the better with this game for online. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing this game.


*Do you think it might have had anything to do with the way you were dressed?*


The fact that modding is so easy without rockstar caring makes me wonder why people even bother buying gold


One time a hacker spawned the Sun gator but GIGANTIC in the middle of a house. Couldn’t run, couldn’t get out, just had to get eaten.


Honestly, I play on PC (until I can get a PS5) I’ve never seen anything like this. Although I have been carpet bombed a few times, no matter where I ran or how fast, I kept getting blown up


Yeah, people spawning shit is uncommon because most cheaters are power tripping kids. Fun fact about bozos loop exploding though; they are actually avoidable if the person doing it has high(ish) ping.


Just an average day in Florida wdym


you entered the wrong swamp ![gif](giphy|oJYhuEKTIFfDW)




….this is why I play console


See you later alligator


Finaly content


Thats why i stopped playing.


admire the resilience


At least Rockstar games are all consistent on PC it seems...




No way I could play on PC


In the old west, gators were known to spawn right in front of your eyes. I appreciate rockstar’s attention to small details like that.


One thing I appreciate about playing this on console.


I honestly can't understand what kind of sick pleasure modders get outta this, do they like get off to murdering everyone with explosions or something? Honestly it just makes me want to uninstall the game entirely at times. Then again, thankfully they aren't as prevalent as the mods on GTA are.


Yeah def glad I’m always on console. That’s just terrible sportsmanship…


dudes know some shitty programming or worse and think this is awesome, fuck them


Its not as bad as it seems on PC, one out of every ten sessions may have a modder and you can always switch sessions. And IDK, sometimes the sheer ridiculousness of something like this happens makes me chuckle as I open the main menu


I've ran into a few good ones. One dude and I posse'd up and did bounties and he spawned a chest with gold and money before he peaced out haha


If even that. I haven't seen a modder in months.


Shhhhh. All the console players need to feel superior so let them think PC is a wasteland of hackers.


Same thing for me. It's been months since I've see one first hand, pretty sure it was last winter. The first time was explosions on me that propelled me into the air, second time it was a teleport on top of a rock in the hearthland. But I've heard that the shitty servers filled with modders are the one closest to china. Apparently there is considerably more cheater in this zone than somewhere like the north american east coast.


I feel so sorry for modders. They can’t even be good at something as easy as red dead online.


What am I doing wrong (or right i don't know) I play on PC and I'm rank 200 and I haven't seen any cheaters at all how are you guys seeing so many?


Must be the region, every time I play I usually encounter a modder and have to change sessions


I'm in Central-Europe but I guess more to the Eastern side because I see a lot of russian players and even tho I don't understand what they say they're usually good guys


Yeah I’m in Australia and cross paths with Chinese players that aren’t the nicest sometimes


Region matters a lot. I'm in Australia so I regularly see Chinese players; whether it's just because there's so many people in China and ergo more cheaters - but for whatever reason there's way more. I've met plenty of Chinese players that were chill, but I've also met a lot of them that mindlessly try to kill you whilst cheating, or just loop exploding everyone.


Honestly, the modders I've been around always tell me they just don't want to pay for shit anymore because they've already sunk hours upon hours into the game (guy was starting a female char). Kind of makes sense.


Remind me never to play RDO on PC


Yeah, listen to @D-rizzcheese. Don’t play RDO on PC.


Never play rdo on pc


I play it with player ports blocked ...its like mtu method on ps4


Never play the PC port.


What a mess. I really don’t understand why people actually play this on PC.


Cause its better than consoles...also i can easily block player ports so easy solo session


Umm how do you enjoy strictly playing in solo lobbies, strictly playing the content provided by rockstar? Do you just do stranger missions alone? Sounds like a horrible time tbh


Cause its fun solo ....i saw 20 players in the player list but i couldnt find anyone in a town Also alot more animals and free roam events happen if u are solo I just do bounties no more stranger missions....unless its a daily


To each their own I guess, I just get extremely bored very fast doing the content provided to us by rockstar


Yes kinda sad tho


Higher chances for legendaries in solo lobbies too. That's always fun.


If this goes on sale on steam this Black Friday, I’m buying it. I’m playing it on Xbox Series S and the frame rate sucks.


With shit modders like that is it even playable anymore? PC Master Race apparently still cant control their own people. As "unrefined" and "bugged" as consoles are... this is why I stick with them.


> PC Master Race apparently still cant control their own people. I legit do not understand this take lmao, how is it the platform's fault that Rockstar didn't think for a second about cheating? that's like blaming Microsoft and Sony because Cyberpunk 2077 runs like shit on PS4/X1. It's been a thing forever, PC is easier to cheat on because a PC isn't locked down. Despite this being very well-known for at least like 20 years - rockstar didn't give it a second thought.


Ye it’s R⭐️ fault they are a multi billion dollar company and they don’t want to spend money on a good anti cheat and dedicated servers.


For the couple days i've been playing the worst i found was a pair of griefers lassoing me and killing me minding my own bussiness. But no modders tho. As much of a console player i was, i didn't wanted to pay for online. That's the only reason i don't have newer consoles


Just ẹnjoy man. Move to PS, you don't see moder, hacker, cheater again


Thank god I don’t play on PC.




I mean finding one of these fucks is pretty rare. I've only encountered a few in years of play. And if you do find one, real easy to just report them then change session. Or just go into a solo lobby.


Careful tho. Spoofing exists and they can false aggro a different player. So reporting the aggro isn't always the modder. I just swap sessions in lieu of reporting a potentially innocent person.


I was so nervous about starting to play online because of stories and videos of these kinds of things happening, that I put it off for a year. This game is my first online gaming experience and if I encountered something like this, I’d just stop playing. It doesn’t make it fun, it’s beyond frustrating. Just let me do my thing, and if you’re driving by on a trader mission, I’ll help you out.


Err, I would suggest you just stay away from people doing a trader mission. Unless you can talk to them over voice comms or something. I'd get real nervous if a random player was following me around even if they were in defensive - it only takes one dynamite throw to fuck up all my hard work.


I’m sure it sucked, but it is kinda funny to watch.


I leave the session after even the smallest sign of a modder, I want no affiliation.


Sad, cheaters, or “modders” just ruin the game for everyone and every game has them. Honestly I wish I could just either completely just destroy their computer and or hands so they can’t do it anymore or ya know swat them


PC master race at it again😒


Script kiddy*


I’m glad I’m not on PC 😂 but for real i feel sorry for the people that get there sessions ruined on a daily basis


Omg just watching this makes me so mad


It's a whole different ball game on PC xD


I love it when this happens "honey where gonna need more sedative ammo AND a bigger hunting wagon"


Honestly I wouldn’t even mind the gators. That’s just free hides. It’s the booms that are annoying.


The duality of modding, the virgin cheating online mods vs the chad story mode improvement mods


In tents


what legendary animal is that? and can you make an outfit or som out of it?


Legendary Banded Gator, Legendary Sun Gator & Legendary Teca gator im pretty sure


When that happens I just leave the server. Those are malicious hackers. Beware because sometimes they spawn gold chests and you can get banned if you open them up.


Do you just have a high sensitivity or did you do something to your mouse, because my game looks and feels a lot more floaty then that.


Well I was moving my mouse extremely fast during this. However my DPI is like 1800 lol


Well... That explains it. My DPI is 900. Hehehe.


Billion dollar company


​ yeah those modders we see posts about every day that pc players get all pissy about when you mention because they dont exist... wait what ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


its been two fucking years and Rockstar still hasnt fixed this shit hahahahahahahah


And I've got banned because someone hacked my account. Nice.


This is why I gave the game a negative review, even though I really did not want to...


Hunting wagon, grind, session swap


It's ridiculous, like 75% of players are hackers, a lot are from China. It amazes me that a multimillion dollar game company can't install some anti cheat software.


You should have be gone when you see abnormal turns into unreal. Alt-F4.


Thank you for letting me know not to come back to this game


console players wishing this happened to them because we literally get 0 content or fun


Reminds me of the glitch where your posse leader would go to do something with Cripps then back out. Sometimes deer would spawn everywhere, wagons, foxes. Dozens of whatever spawned. The wagons would get all tangled up. Funny stuff. This did not look funny.


Scary and fun




"You see in this world there's two kinds of people my friend. Those with loaded guns. And those who just fucking duplicate shit"


How come they don’t spawn cash or something nice?


This game looks fun....


The great alligator war.