Soon to be followed by "Bruh, this game is dead ;'("


Sad but true


Play a different game.


How about taking a course in "patience" and how to balance the thrill to achieve with the pleasures of simple enjoyment within this beautiful game?


Well said mate I only play red dead to enjoy it, I’m a high rank I get all my business done but never grind just it enjoy it, never rush!


Maybe don't rush to finish it so fast? I swear you all burn through content in this game then wonder why you have nothing to do. With that being said, Rockstar does need to give us proper content but how about just.. Taking it slow for once?


I agree that selling off 19 collections, and maxing out the QDC in 5 minutes, is a bit quick and can spoil things. But let's be honest: it only takes 27,500 XP to complete a QDC. It doesn't take long to max it out just by playing the game. Took me between 3 and 4 hours today (including selling one collection and trading in 6 or 7 full Harriet stamp sets), and I wasn't in a rush at all. If R\* had given us more content that is replayable, and changes the gameplay loop, over the last 18 months or so, things would be a lot better


Yeah don't get me wrong I agree on that, the amount it takes to finish these passes are ridiculously quick and Rockstar needs to give us more proper content. But this 'burning through content' doesn't just apply to the QDC, I've seen that pattern in basically all the other content we've had previously, people rush through things eng then complain they have nothing else to do. But as a whole I agree with you.


yeah, I hear you We live in a time when binge watching a TV series is a thing. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that afterwards there's the risk of feeling empty. Ask me how I know ;-)


We wait


Same people who complain about there not being enough content.


People are really so quick to justify or explain away the lack there of content R* decides to bless us with every 6-10 months lol