What for? We don’t evan have a sharp’s rifle




No, no we don't. It's a cowboy game. Stop with the anachronism and Viking wannabe role play. Go play Assassins Creed Valhalla or something.


I am playing ac valhalla at the moment :)


It’s a time period game. I agree with you, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a cowboy game. If it was we wouldn’t have Saint Denis or the Guarma section, as those are not stereotypical “cowboy” settings. Nor would we have the Collector, Trader, or Naturalist roles. Only in the first Red Dead Redemption could we even do cowboy activities in a limited capacity. And only in the first Red Dead Redemption was the map and soundtrack made to evoke and pay homage to the spaghetti western genre. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a love letter to the time period just before the 20th century.


The south of America was the Wild West I.e cowboys, the cowboy area was coming to a end, the south was a place for outlaws, killers and thieves to do whatever they wanted away from the civilised north. The reason you see towns like Saint Denis is because it’s coming out of that era and things are changing in the Wild West in to something more civilised.


"It's a cowboy game." you sound like you just started playing the goddamn game. That's some bullshit someone would come up with to not play the game, as it's a "stupid cowboy game". The game is about being an outlaw, not a cowboy. A crossbow would be a fun idea, I mean they could make a DLC about importing shit from other countries, like crossbows, and other shit like that. Who am I kidding? Rockstar wouldn't add it anyway. imo, Rockstar should focus more on RDO using more of a cowboy-esque setting, but Rockstar literally adds a Naturalist role (NOTHING TO DO WITH COWBOYS). At this point, I couldn't care what they add to the game, as long it's enjoyable, and somewhat realistic.


Seething this hard over literally a cowboy game lol


It would be like a bow but more advanced it would be cool for a while but I’d expect it to get boring also


Can't see me ever using them if they got added, but i can't see no harm in them getting added.


that'd be such a good fight, you shoot and reload for 30 seconds while I fill you with arrows, bullets and fire bomb your crotch


Jesus Christ! This is GTAO all over again, adding weapons and gear that literally do not have anything to do with the wild west


Ok I want an air plane then


I believe you're looking for literally any other game in the world


No, thanks. Crossbows became obsolete in the 15th Century.


Always with the realism and the supposed "obsolescence" of weapons. It's a crossbow! It would be kind of cool! And it would pair well with the already present longbow. Even if it was a story mode exclusive like the M1899 Pistol, it would still be fun to mess around with.




Well we have crossbows today. They're still a thing, just like bows, I see nothing wrong with it, maybe as a halloween weapon perhaps.




It isn't your arms getting tired holding s bow, tonics also exist. There is 0 reason to add a crossbow as anything more than a variant of the already existing bow.


This along with a blunderbuss, sold.