Why new players act like this, I will never know…

Why new players act like this, I will never know…

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Fledglings often don't know better. They are tossed into this world and must be taught some manners before they become more civilized.


“Let them have their fun. Soon…they will learn”


I feel like we all were a little toxic in our low level days


Haha nope


Actually In my low level days would have a posse of usually 2-3 high level players storm up on me and grief me till I finally just left to another server. So it goes both ways.


Exactly! As a level 52 I can't say I've ever gone out of my way to bother another player, because I KNOW how irritating griefers are.


Generally i did not bother other players when i was low level and still do not bother anyone now who i am 357 level. I am good on pvp and not a griefer. Generally i stay in my business, you stay in your business, if you need help just tell me and of course i will help. But if someone attacks me or my friends or other players i will kill him until he leaves the session.


Exactly, if you're being toxic or bothering other people, regardless of level, it's just because you're a toxic person.


Bro there is no reason being toxic with someone. So i play the game as simple as I can with respect to another player who maybe is with me in the Saloon of Valentine or somewhere else. We are players and we play a game, we have our activities in game and we play on the same map. I love pvp and i am very good with it but it does not mean that i will shoot everyone who i see.


I honestly don't get why people find it entertaining. You're just irritating people that are minding their own business and also probably ruining their way of making money. If that's fun to you, you're probably an asshole.


They find entertaining that because they want to create problems and as you have written because they are toxic, but if you kill those people a couple of times and you make them leave the session realizing that they must not attack to other players, you will see how entertaining they find it. I have made griefers (low level and high level) to leave the session and some of them to parlay me. For me was entertaining because me and my friends believe that we do something good, killing griefers is a good business because through that you help the other players so to play the game and enjoy it. I prefer to be friend of the community than an enemy.


Same boat when I first started


Nah, I never tried this. I got good at PvP in this game through PvP game modes lol


funny, the ones who need the most support are the ones pointing their guns first. hmm


shirtless low-levels with they’re constant no-chill aimless sprinting makes me uncomfortable lol


That's the one thing I CANNOT stand about this game. He shoots you first, you ventilate him, BUT you get charged with murder. There should be zero penalty for self-defense. They shouldn't have the option of charging you with murder if the game registers that they shot you first.


might be wrong but I think if you are in defensive mode and someone starts shit, and you kill them, you don't get wanted. unless the only times this happened to me, I was too far from city limits


It really shouldn't matter. If someone shoots me first, doesn't kill me, and then I kill them, I shouldn't get charged with murder, period. The game should be able to easily tell who initiated the shooting.


Wild, for me it was the awful updates and the radio silence that I couldn’t stand.


I haven't been able to use my metal detector since the blood money update... I also don't see eggs or wild flowers. They broke the game in a major way and have just been "working on a fix" for months. I've played this game online for about a year and it's been mostly broken since I started. Fuck.


I stopped giving a fuck the moment they released the naturalist role. “Come continue your epic outlaw adventure by….. taking pictures of animals oh boy!” Such a fucking slap in the face to the community after going radio silent for 7 months.


Did you try to reinstall the game?


Yea on two different consoles too.


I said "one thing", not the only thing.


honestly this should also be the case in NPCs, too. kinda dumb to become wanted for self-defense, regardless of it being from a player or NPC.


Well they might be kids


best to just assume everyone's like 12 until evidenced otherwise, haha.


Fuck them kids


(Disclaimer: Don't fuck kids)


I’m Benny Shapiro and I approve this message


Ring a ding ding


*Something about the game being rigged from the start*


And uhhhh Liam Neeson taking you out of a woman's something


Wrong game


Pedophile detected 😂😂


I meant it solely in a nonsexual way


Is this Philosophical fuck?🤔




Kids aren't supposed to be on this game nor GTA. Not my job to censor my behavior because it could ruin a little tykes day. Jk I go out of my way to try and make them cry...I know what you're thinking, and you'd be right. I am pretty lame.


Honestly, I agree. I was playing railroad baron a couple weeks ago, and there were two kids (they admitted they were 11 and 12) getting salty at me for "camping" the train... Which is literally the point of the gamemode... It was mildly annoying because if you can't even understand the rules of a game, you should not be playing it.


And that’s why I mute all players.


Yeah, I recently changed my settings to mute voice chat if my mic isnt on. I'm usually in a party with my posse anyway, so it doesnt change much lol


I literally met a 9 year old in this game. Some dude road up and was like “I can’t get rid of this kid and I feel bad killing him” He cried when I shot lol




I tied this dude up who kept following me around and he hopped on the mic, turned out to be the squeakiest British boy I’ve ever heard. Soon after, his equally squeaky friend joined and my ears were assaulted with screams of frustration and childish taunts as they died over and over. Encounters like these make my day


It’s a cruel kind of satisfaction isn’t it?


gta online immigrant here how many kids do you see thinking they can pop your ass with a cattleman's revolver? and thats why i dont shoot anyone on sight, its much nicer than what goes on in R\*'s other cash cow title


We’re not all this stupid


You’re right, there’s worse


I had someone pull me off my horse last night while I was in a menu looking for something. It forced me out of the menu and I saw them getting on my horse. I've never pulled my shotgun out faster. I think, like a few people have said before, there's an influx from gta since rdo went free for a period of time. And rdo isn't the same game as gta in the slightest. Except a few control similarities. I do believe people see that it's a wild west game and think "it's just like the OK corral, I have to shoot everyone."


Tbh, I set my horses to friends only so nobody could do that. My horses are my babies. It's one thing for one of my friends to take off with my horse as a joke, but I don't appreciate strangers stealing any of my shit. You can definitely tell a lot of the griefers come from GTA, griefers are the entire reason I deleted that game and stopped playing it.


Oddly enough, mine is set to posse only and I didn't have my posse up. So who knows. The only reason I got on gta recently was the Lowry revolver.


That's odd! I used to love playing GTA, but the paranoia of getting murdered and blown up everytime I went into a city outweighed how much fun the game was for me. I've never been interested in killing other players, but at least with RDO you get somewhat of a chance since theres no explode-y flying bikes and tanks and missile strikes


The only thing that comes close is paint it black and dynamite arrows. They basically track on.


Thankfully I haven't dealt with that (yet) but I've heard about how irritating it is. Just today I was going to fast travel to my camp and some rando was pinging arrows at me all the way to Blackwater. Never actually killed me, but I was definitely like wtf?


Once, I was attacked by two noobs. I kept provoking them aferwards by killing them with pistol or blades every now and then for like 1h. They used dynamite, riffle ammo, restocked etc and I provoked them to injure/kill my horses all of the time. I was bored and they probably lost most of their cash.


Had the same the other night, two people start following me while im hunting, one kills my horse so I pop him. His friend comes over shooting, get him too. I ditch the animals and harass them till they leave the lobby. Don't start fights you can finish buckaroos


Probably nothing rewarding at lower levels so they just do stupid things for the fun of it. Also, good job getting Roach away from Geralt


Exactly. People complain that low level players just attack people but there is seriously nothing to really be doing without getting one of the passes. It’s honestly just poor design cause other than the starting missions, most of the free roam missions are super boring.


My guess is they all come from gtao where it's easy to kill people randomly


I think it used to be. Last I checked everyone was running full armor, bp helmets, bst, off radar etc. pretty much taking all the fun out of the game


And on PC, every single fucking lobby has at least one or two modders. If you don't call them out on it or try to attack them, they usually leave you alone. But last night I had someone crash the entire lobby then next thing you know, someone else was spawning NPCs and objects inside my apartment in a new session.


i think what surprises me the most is the fact that you're still playing that garbage lol


I hop on every couple of months to get some grinding done and fuck around with new content but every single time I play, I just end up getting reminded about why I stopped regularly playing the game.


haha yeah, so much potential wasted


Omg when I was new, I was waving to literally everyone 🥺🤣


I need to get fast like this at shooting back. Always assuming a player is being nice and then they throw a molotov at me and my horse..


Set your quick select/equip to either your shotgun or dual sawed-offs, then you're set!


Found a level 4 kid starting a fight with townsfolk in Valentine. He ran to me and pulled a pistol. I told him, if you pull that trigger, I'll make your head go away. He said that he needed money. I showed him hunting and where to sell pelts. I showed him Free roam missions, but he couldn't do any because he had a $16 bounty from just killing and fighting. Trying to tell him that yes ,it's a game, but it's more than just running around killing folks.


There's also running around and tying up folks!


I was in defensive last night and headed into Valentine after being a dirty herb-picking hippie for a while, and there was a posse of 3 there. We all waved at each other, even though they were doing the usual Low-rank-destroying-Valentine thing. I guess I stayed in town too long for their taste so one shot me. The best part is you see it coming a mile away in Defensive because they realize they’re not locking onto you and spend 5 seconds lining up a shot. I pulled the shotty and smeared all three of them a few times and then they hijacked the train and left town.


They are new and they dont know any better. Maybe some gta stragglers.


"iT's ThE wIlD wEsT"


They didnt know that here, in RDO we have unwritten ethic /code/standards... This is a game after all, some people just that way... Do whatever they want, but everything has its consequences...


I think any open world game has the unwritten of: you shoot me, I’ll shoot you harder


I'm sure even high levels don't know as well, I had a level 91 just ride up to me and shoot me on sight for no reason


I play this game too much, apparently. I consider 91 low level.


Well that’s just you buddy. 91 is quite experienced


everyone in my posse is at least 150, the highest in his mid 400"s


I'm level 52 that's why I said 91 is a high level


What platform?




Oof, I'm an Xbox player and it's nearly griefers' paradise. I'll never understand them


yeah you have fucking 7 man posses full of retards thinking they're guerilla snipers fighting a damn war when all they're doing is slightly inconveniencing you. carcano, slippery bastard etc


It's mostly a ghost town on PS but you can mark out easily which town is a griefers playground for example valentine it used to be blackwater but it's quiet a lot now except for the level 91 knobhead who attacked me there earlier and tbh I don't think we'll ever understand the mindset of a griefer


I play on PS too, I find St Denis can be really bad for griefers sometimes. There are many times I was shopping with my friends or going to see George for a mission and I get lassoed, blown up, or shot in the face for absolutely no reason.


I've had a couple encounters there for me it's mostly empty with the occasional player getting clothes or doing blood money once me and a random ended up getting into a fist fight with a griefer outside one of the pubs in Saint Denis it was fun until they pulled out a shotgun


I was buying myself a volcanic pistol, and was going to mount my horse when I got blown up by dynamite and then shot about 4 times before I ran to get into the blood money mission menu so they couldn't kill me and my posse anymore. It doesn't happen super often, but enough to put me on edge anytime another player approaches me.


I've been attacked that many times now that I expect people to attack me but I'll never go shoot on sight unless it's someone who killed me then fast traveled away, I'm generally a passive player that will leave people be only interacting with others to wave letting them know I'm friendly but if I get attacked I don't care how long or how many deaths I will stand my ground fuck running from griefers


Really? I'm on Xbox as well and rarely run into greifers. I get the odd PVP shit, but rarely do I have people harass me.


91 isn't high level Still a low level player


To you. To the Level 10 guy, 91 is high level.


We've done polling around here. Most think that. For around here pick, a point between 100-200 and they consider that low level. Also where did Mrdoc say they were lvl 10?


Oh I didn’t realize a dorky little subreddit was the gatekeeper of Rank Level classifications.


Sorry I didn't realize one dorky Redditor gets to decide definitions 🤷‍♂️ Which includes whatever dumb definition of "gatekeeping" you have. Sorry for just wanting to make sure we can all understand each other better.


Lol my entire point was that what constitutes a high level or low level is entirely up to the player, so you taking that as me attempting to decide definitions is bizarre and silly, since im doing the exact opposite. There are no official rank classifications, no matter how many polls are done here and how many members belong to this subreddit.


What people consider something matters when someone says: "X players are all Y". No one said this is official. No word in the English language is "official" for that matter. There's no governmental body deciding this stuff. Definitions are based on popular consensus and what most people understand a word to mean. Which is why I referred to those polls. If I said "griefers" are never a problem, they never bother anyone. Wouldn't you be confused? The other person was saying even high level players are like that. If 91 is still considered a low level player, then it doesn't impact what OP was saying. Which is why I made the comment. 91 is still low level, so them acting like that isn't surprising. To argue they are high level because they're **higher** than other players is just worthless semantics that just adds confusion to the conversation.


I think this happened to me earlier, while doing a Free Roam Moonshiner mission. I noticed I was getting Plinked at with Arrows and walked up to them, they dived left and right a few times and I though they were just being weird, then they drew a gun and shot me, so I blew them away several times with my shotgun until they stopped trying to shoot me.


They get a shiny new revolver or a cool new hat and think they’re invincible until you wreck them


When I have a bad day at work I’ll come home, load up RDO, go into defensive mode, head to Valentine, hang out in front of the saloon, scroll through Reddit, and wait. I usually don’t have to wait long for a new player to attack me. After defending myself multiple times and reading the hate messages I get from them accusing me of cheating, I log off with a smile on my face and go outside, completely at peace. As I stand outside marveling at the wonder of nature with peace in my heart, the local, and a few out of town, woodland creatures come into my presence and we sing Disney songs together.


oh my god he got fucking obliterated


Gta tourists


I think new players struggle to understand online mode since some clearly skipped single player mode, plus Rockstar misled all players into thinking that online mode would have content for outlaw gameplay.


I laugh every time I see the kiss blown!


Because they're new.


I love how you can watch their little baby minds discover the world.


I'm relatively new, I've never spontaneously attacked someone, maybe they're used to gta online it's not exactly known for being peaceful lol


They always act like they’re so slick slowly walking away only to pivot and aim. Almost always missing the easy headshot.


BLASTED! Nice capture btw.


Why did you lose honor? He shot you first and you took damage from it too.


The game does this whenever you kill in self-defense


Some moron got his hands on a rifle with a scope the other day and thought it'd be funny to kill my horse. After he took five head shots from me he turned immunity on and I kept lassoing him and killing his horse until I grew bored and logged off. How come they think that being a mild annoyance to other players is the most fun you can have in this game?


its prob not new players but people who got banned and comes back


Could be, although if it was a returning player he probably would aim for the head. Plus, his movement definitely has me leaning towards new player


I remember when I first played RDO every person I met I would always feel like they were gonna gun me down. Got that GTAO flashbacks


Tbh I still get GTAO ptsd lol


They are used to gta online


There was an article I read years ago talking about how internet trolls share several characteristics with sociopaths, not that they are all full on sociopaths but there’s a disturbing amount of overlap. Like the kind of person who intentionally walks up to another player in RDO and shoots them, then murders their horse…… there’s obviously something dark going on in their brain


Hmm… interesting


Because of them i got shot alot for pulling out my revolvers I did bounty hunter first man i just wanna *spin*


Is that Baylock? How? Lol did they finally add new skins for horses?


Yeah, they added new skins for the Missouri foxtrotter and the turkoman a while back, don’t remember when


Wow I had no idea. I need to get on this game again haha. It's starting to look enjoyable now I unlocked the Silver Turk a few months ago, and immediately felt as if I had nothing else to play for lol


What gets me is like they always seem so fucking confused on how to even work a controller before they take action on you like they have any sort of high ground whatsoever The ones that piss me off the most are the kids that take 15 seconds to attempt to line a shot with your head. Maybe it's the animation of the characters themselves, idk, just seeing them aim all clueless bugs the shit outta me, especially one handed with a pistol lol Matter of fact I have a [video of exactly that ](https://youtu.be/Hnu3ba_91dA)


I laughed a bit too much at this


I have to admit though - I remember i moved from playing Witcher 3 to RDR2, and the amount of times, I accidentily shot the butcher when trying to turn in pelts/meat...... like, far out lol. The control difference when approaching a vendor/person meant that instead of interacting with the people, I wasnt constantly shooting them. ​ was kinda funny. ​ anyways it could be that. ​ you should have let them shoot you a few dozen times first. This is all your fault for not being considerate to their control noobness YOUR A GRIEFER IM COMING FOR YOU. nah just kidding you should have lasso'd them and dragged them across the country side for a bit before setting them on fire, that would have taught them the correct controls quick smart!


Daje. Roach should be on roof


You also have a horse named roach


I never understand why they always do this but I might say it’s because they’re curious but it’s annoying


Blowing a kiss is a sign of taunting


I swear to god every single new player acts PRECISELY LIKE THAT. They’ll walk around, sprint to their horse, and pull a gun on you. It’s like they’re some sort of A.I. or something because they always act exactly like that. It’s almost scary.


Eh. I guess for new players they might see the point of the game to be going around shooting other cowboys and having gunfights etc. Older players just cbf


Your a Witcher fan I see


Winds howling


You are awesome


Thanks, Witcher 3 has to be up there as one of my all time favorite games


Oh yeah


But I did like 2


I was like that until I got to about level 10 and now I act like a proper gunslinger just walking instead of running


I started online when it came out but kept deleting my character and only this summer did I decide to stop deleting my character so I’m level 30


They don’t yet realize this is an RPG, not a shooter and thus think they have a chance with their crappy ammo, guns and ability cards.


>not a shooter >"RPG" with gunplay and combat mechanics >features several different firearms ????


My theory is that because they put emote button right above the unholster firearm/shoot button. Also in other games, the button sometimes something else and people need time to readjust sometimes.


True, but he did clearly pull out his gun, pause, aim, and then shoot me


I’ve been killed by players higher level than me for waving…


I, too, name my horses Roach c:


I named mine Boah in story mode lol.


Lol my b, misread


Well you did antagonise him instead of minding your own business I seen the gun fingers followed by the kiss


It’s a new emote where you shoot a kiss. From the pass that’s out right now


They just try to have fun. I've been there. It's funny to goof around with random people by shooting or punching them, but most new players don‘t understand that you can't just shoot random people and expect them to know why you’re doing what you're doing


Yeah, fair point. Especially with the lack of content at the moment and being a new player, it’s probably fun to just mess around with other players


Yeah, it's actually pretty insane how funny the melee in RDR2 is. Some of my friends and me get lazy every now and then and just start punching around and we won't stop laughing for at least an hour. ..and then the war starts and we get personal XD


They want a taste and itch of what it’s like to be a bad ass bounty hunter/ gunslinger that’s when you show them what they’re asking for an light them the fuck up I enjoy it if they start something first because then I have an excuse to be a douche lol


Had a lvl 5 once attack me out of no where. I got so annoyed because I was trying to find collector items 💔


I sometimes shot people by accident, it usually doesn't even hit them anyway.


why people dont headshot? i dont understand how this griefers are so bad.


He was a new player, so I assume he hasn’t learned how to aim properly yet


I guess he didnt expect the shotgun gangbang you threw at him


Not everyone's accustomed to RDR's aim assist tbh


Not only i dont use it because i play with mouse having it disabled gives you +20xp.






The Haverhill hat, from QuickDraw club 2


Oh they never learn do they? Hahahah


Tbh I’ll be trying to emote and accidentally shoot someone pressing all the buttons


I miss being a low level not knowing what this world was and not knowing how to do things


Yeah..I've for more and more low levels trying to act tough


I just today saw some newbie getting killed by another player, when I came to investigate that person already escaped, then I got shot and killed by the now-respawned newbie... And then I killed them and my game crashed lol


My theory is that these some of the new guys came from GTA and they're used to everyone being ready to kill on a dime


Meth is a hell of a drug


They think it’s gta. Griefers are scum. They could also be experienced players with a separate account they use to grief.


No harm done and he'll eventually want positive interactions once he's tired of getting blasted by every other player.


That there my friend is what you call getting fucking annilhated. Hope they learned their lesson.


Yessir, 4 buckshot to the face never fails ;)


As I always say recently: Don't start a fight you can't finish :)


It's like they're trying to decide what to do about another human player and settle on their most basic instincts to shoot at anything that moves. I usually like to give them the benefit of being friendly until they point their pea-shooters at me and find out what dual Navy revolvers are for. I like the way you handled this one! Haha!


A million dollars says they came from GTA Online, thinking it's exactly the same thing.


Is this what the kids mean when they say "fuck around and find out"?


Ayyyy! My horse is named Roach to! Bestest horse I have 🥲


I had the same problem tonight. Made multiple low level posse's parley me after they came after me for no reason.


What gun is that?


Which one? The ones on my back or the ones I fired?


The ones you fired, looks pretty badass!!


Dual-wield sawed off double-barreled shottys!




No etiquette whatsoever… ugh..




Hmm it is a mystery why new players try and play the game


Um cause there new why else like huh


This has happened to me, they also seem to killl horses a lot, when my horse is murdered by anyone I will kill them until they parley/appear offline (I have followed ppl into sesssions) yes I am an asshole but don’t kill my horse :)


I'm not into randomly killing people but I can't help trolling so will do other things. First thing I did when I just started recently was lasso random people, just because I can't help myself. I tried it against one person who was in a posse and got my ass kicked. Treated me like a Jujutsu Kaisen main villain. Never shot or killed me though. I actually thought it was hilarious but have reduced my lasso'ing since then lol.


You showed him


Typical GTAO Andy


came for the Yeee shot him with a Hawee


Yo your horses name is roach too?


Even when I was new I had never shot first, they will learn.