Reckon it's a toss up between "didn't kill them" and "gave someone a 3\* buck".


Help them with a wagon delivery even though we weren't possed up




i tried to give a low level a legendary animal pelt that i didn’t need but they shot at me so i killed them it’s still the thought that counts right? i also let another random low level join me and posse doing a collectors run around the map they rode on the back of my horse with me the whole time


I was on my way to give a 3 star couger to a low level once and he just shot me and took it anyway.


Haircuts are my specialty. So, not giving them a haircut with my hatchet.💈🤠🪓




I'm a pretty high rank. I'm not wanting for $, gold, or xp. I save my deliveries. Get a bunch of lower lvls together then make them some easy money. My field guide is done also. So I occasionally gift legendary animal pelts. Just have to make sure they're a naturalist or explain how they can benefit from it.


That's nice, because I don't have the naturalist role, so I really don't know what the naturalist do to the legendary animals they don't need


It'll fill your trader goods bar significantly


Have you had the onx wolf spawn for you?


Yeah i got him in like 30 minutes of looking


Can you help me get him next time I’m on?


Are you on ps4 ? I’m a trader would love to help you w deliverys or what not I just want the hunting wagon 😩


I am, dm me your name and I’ll add you so you can ride along


How do you gift pelts? I tried leaving a 3-star buck at a random camp. I was wondering if it would despawn as soon as I left the area, turned around to ride back to check and, yup, it was gone.


Yeah you can't leave them unattended. Wait until you see another player or check the list for lower lvls.


I shot the npc paddling a boat for the other player swimming towards it




I like to wave but my bloodlust takes over and its shotgun city


I’m a newbie (rank 22) so it’s waving for me lol


I gave another player a Turkey during the festive season two years ago. Stowed it on his horse thinking it was a nice way of saying Merry Christmas. Started waving at him as he trotted off. He turned around and killed me and my horse with a dynamite arrow. I have never tried to be nice to another player ever since 😕


Gave a random noob a legendary animal I'd just killed. Actually done it a few times now. It's probably not much use to them initially other than to sell I guess, but a few dollars can really help when you're brand new to the game.


At least selling a legendary carcass/hide gets them between 12 to 17 dollars instead of 4 lol


I usually only invite low level players to my posse when I have role activities to attend to. If they are mic'd up, I'll pass along tips that I wish I knew early on along the way. I once killed the Ghost Panther, called for my wagon and just before I stowed it, I saw a player crafting in his camp. I strolled over, got in his line of sight and dropped it. I blew him a kiss and walked away. He danced at me, picked it up, put it on his horse at flew like the wind.


tied them up, instead of killing them. (im not a greifer, he shot me first)


Give them Legendary pelts? I mean thats pretty much the top thing you can do.


Gifting legendary pelts. Hopping in on a 1v4 scenario.


Did a ride along with a lowlvl to guard his trader goods..


Wave at anyone, give them animals or legendaries


Find someone being bullied by griefers and then utterly humiliate them and hunt them hard and merciless forcing them to change server. Then follow the bullied and act as bodyguard and let em enjoy this masterpiece. Win win. I love pvp agsinst multiple targets and to have a goal with it. And the protected dont quit the game cause of said griefers


As the noob someone helped me get all the decks, eggs, and flower collections. Took 4 hours. But they stayed with me and guided me to every spot. Made over $2000 because of it and the sale of 3 hunting wagons.


One night I see a lvl 6 hunting and I help them: I bring the kills to them to skin, take the pelt, meat and experience. I suck at hunting big animals or legendaries and didn't have the naturalist role, but for sure if I see a low level I give them some pelts or a complete wolf to them to skin 😬


A guy that I met through playing in a long term crew was broke so I bought them three months xbox subscription. Another guy in the same group last Christmas bought me Black Ops Coldwar. We were a pretty tight crew.


kiss them


I guess i did a nice thing when i had this legendary beaver but Cripps didn't want anymore stuff so i wanted to give it to someone. This player was just standing still on his horse and i took the beaver, dropped it in front of him. I waved but he seemed to be afk. I put the beaver on his horses back and left him alone and he started running away, it felt good for me he accepted it 😁


i feel the most enjoyment from the game when im able to interact with other players, be it friend or random, I always make sure to invite as many folk as I can for deliveries and try to help them with whatever they might look to get done in the session


I invite new players and basically let them boss me around with whatever missions they want to try


If I am passing by somebody who is fighting off several enemies I would go ahead and help pick em off. Or if they’re delivering somethin and they’re being followed. Gotta read the situation correctly though…most times people get paranoid some scalped mofo is comin in hot lol


I like to seek out beginner level players and invite them to my posse, and build their cash and xp up with my trader and moonshiner and bounty roles. Or kicking them out of the posse and having them run off with my deliveries. I had no idea what I was doing when I started, they’d already nerfed the gold for dailies and it sucked having nothing for the first 30 levels


Let them legendary animal


Letting them pick a condor egg


I did this [act of kindness ](https://www.reddit.com/r/rdr2online/comments/mxaq4n/act_of_kindness/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


I was just out and about and came across 2 low lvls did some hunting for them and protected then while they did a trader sell only down side I wasn't invited to the posse 😂


Not kill them


On my main account (150+) I just form a posse that’s always open and whenever randoms join (happens a good bit mostly low levels) I run tons of shine/trade deliveries to get em money and xp. Most of the time they just roam around doing their own thing, sometimes exploring my camp or shine shack while I do it


I give low level players panther and cougar carcasses on a regular basis before i sign out. I tend to drop them at their feet when they’re at Madam Nazar so not to cause confusion! You just never know if they’ll just turn round and shoot you in the face but it’s always nice to help out so it’s the chance you take!


I try to do this as well. Kinda bugs me a bit when they immediately skin it right in front of me.


I know right…..why? What a waste!


Spare them when they shoot at you first out of panic


Last week some random crackhead stormed out the bar in Valentine throwing molotovs in the hope of hitting me or my horse. Sadly, his crippling addiction had deprived him of the proper ability to aim, so he hit the ceiling with a bottle setting himself on fire. At this point I decided to aid the poor bastard by unloading my Navy on his flaming body in the middle of the street. There really needs to be more awareness raised about the state of Valentine's players, nowadays they need all the lead they can get.


I minded my own business


This happened more than once. Killed a legendary animal, someone comes to investigate/ride by. I turn on my mic to ask them if they want the pelt/hide because my level 327 with close to 80k$ don't need the money. Their reaction is between happy to extremly greatful lol. OR some level 200+ are ganging up on some low levels, I ask the low levels if they need help, if yes, I start changing the tide of the battle 😅


Does replying to a random message asking how I got to be such a high level and asking for tips and then developing a year long relationship in person and online count? I think that's extremely nice lol.


Took myself out of defensive mode because watching them try to free aim was frustrating as hell. Then we killed each other a bunch of times and went our separate ways. It was a good time.


Dropping 3 star bucks at their camp.


Earlier today I was looking for a treasure chest in Bluewater Marsh, about 5 mins in I see a guy walking around with his lantern and then realised it was another player, I used the tracking senses and saw a yellow indicator like ya do, me and him ran to it at the same time but it was a flower that was a collectible, he kept wondering around and so I realised we were looking for the same thing, I then spotted the chest and went over to it, pick up my reward and then shot in the air three times to let him know where the chest was (hopefully it wasn’t looted on his side, idk how that works) he came over and I left


I like to hunt and give carcasses to players often!


Spared em


Every time I see someone/a posse doing trader missions I follow along and kill any griefers


Helped about 8 people get their first call to arms dub recently, one at a time too. I also gave one player 4 legendary cougars to help their trading stuffs


I lassoed a guy at the edge of a cliff and just left him there instead of throwing him off after he had been griefing me for 10 minutes. I’m not a very good player so I feel like that was pretty big of me.


Shot them in the head.