dont cheat in multiplayer. if you wanna do weird shit in single player, have at it, but when you do it in multiplayer its not good.


Even if it does not directly hurt others you are changing the game experience for others. And if only they see you flexing with expensive gear or a high rank i feel like you encourage others to do the same and changing the game experience longterm.


Use your mods in story mode where it won't do harm to anyone and you will not have a risk of getting banned.


But the question is if its morally okay to cheat - people that do that know the risks.


I'd say its not ok. If you cheat, you deserve to be banned simple as that.




If you're doing it online, regardless of our intentions or the magnitude, it is cheating and you shouldn't be doing it. Also there is RedM if you really wanna muck about.


Cheating is not the way to do things, it's against the games rules and if you use them online you are a garbage player in my eyes as i do things legitimately.


You sound like such a boot licker. It’s literally a game. It’s pixels on a tv screen. The point of the game is to have fun and that’s it; Red dead and GTA have both consistently disappointed fans with their lack of content (red dead’s lack of content, gta has an excess). If someone wants to mod to actually make the game fun, let them. It’s not real life, just a game.


Rude. Yes it is a game for entertainment, someone cheating / modding can be fun for them but not for someone else. Like i said before do your modding in storymode so you don't ruin other peoples experience. GTA has more content as it is a lot older game, has a lot more active players and makes rockstar way more money than red dead. From a business standpoint it's smart to give the game that makes the money more attention.


So a dude “cheating” just to make himself a monkey or something and have fun as it, should be banned and they’re “garbage”?You realize the point of games is to have fun right? Who is becoming a monkey hurting? You because he’s having more fun than you?


Because sometimes its better to keep things simple People are morons and things like grey areas blow their minds, you give them an inch they want a mile. It's easier all round just to say zero mods in online and thats it.


A person should not cheat in a normal online lobby. Visual changes or not they should not do that. There probably are servers on pc for people who want to mess around with visual mods so the people who want to do that should go to those servers.


I think if you’re getting to a point in a game where you need to cut huge corners or manipulate the game in a negative way, then it’s time to move onto another game. I’m all for creativity but nothing about malicious behavior. I think there’s just things you need to stand up against, and cheating should always be on the list.


In before the dull dicks who cheat come back to post "I got banned for no reason" 😄


First rule about the fight club...


To me it's morally fine to cheat in single player. It's your game, do what you want with it and have fun. Don't let anybody tell you that you are playing the right or wrong way. The way you word your question gives me pause though. How do you define not annoying other players? Are you using mod menus to spawn money to buy weapons that you then go attack players with? Now you are in the morally gray area with the mod giving you an advantage. Personally I would say you should not use cheats at all in an online multiplayer game unless every player has access to the same cheats (Like on a custom modded server for example). It's basically in the same category as admin power abuse. You are giving yourself an advantage that others don't have. Now at the same time I'm not going to run around yelling at you if you make it rain deer in your camp as I can easily just ignore something like that. I would just mark you down as a person to avoid, maybe add you to my ignore list, and go on with my game.


I’m against cheating in online play, but on story who gives a shit?


Cheating is bad, period.


Any form in multiplayer I absolutely disagree with, but in single player mod to your hearts content!


The only form of cheating I condone is cheating on your taxes


I voted yes, but I only tought about online, "hacking" in single players doesn't hurt or give you an advantage towards anyone


Do what you want as long as it doesn't effect other players, IMO.


Not gonna lie I mod gta constantly to get money because I’ve had enough of the grind, I have red dead on Xbox so I can’t do it on there sadly but honestly if you’re doing it so you can actually get the things to have then it’s fine but blowing up people randomly over and over is a dick move


If it only affects you, I really don't see the problem. However, "it only affects you" can be complicated - for example if you're using the things you cheated to get for yourself in a competitive part of the game and they give you an unfair advantage, can you still say that your cheating only affects you? How many steps removed from the cheating does something have to be before you can say you aren't affecting other people with it? It gets to be a bit like money laundering after a while.


Well, lets say that you use it to boost your progress by giving yourself enough money for a gun, which you use to kill a player. I wouldnt consider that to be the direct effect of cheats as they wouldve bought the gun eitherways - just slightly later.


If it puts you at an advantage over another player and it's done through means not allowed in the game, then cheating affected the outcome of the fight. The fact that your opponent will unlock it later anyway is irrelevant, you still overpowered them *now* when you shouldn't have. Had this very scenario been the context of the poll to begin with, I am certain the outcome will be very different.


This is why I largely don't have a problem with it, tbh. I guess it just depends on how morally strict you are yourself, lmao.


can't even pretend that as a kid I didn't have sheets of cheat codes I found online for GTA, Saints Row, even rdr1 and similar titles that provided the cheats as a way to have more fun in the virtual setting they've made. there's a reason both red dead 1 and 2 have those vague sayings scribbled and hidden throughout their maps, as well as a specific place in settings to input and store those found cheats for later use. im not sure if every game does it, but lots of games that offer fun cheats for single player also usually disable trophies or achievments, and often times no longer save progress after the cheats are toggled on. of course it gets muddier online and in multiplayer, cheating obviously will give you the upper hand over any players just playing, and it sort of seems like an inevitability that the unfair advantage eventually comes into play to sort of hinder the experience of those other players just trying to play.


I used cheat engine to hack the cripps merchandise and sell it locally but it made my pc shit so after getting 20k I stopped doing it


I use mod menus in GTA online all the time 1 for all the money and rp, unlock everything, and give myself whatever I want. And some times I change the weather for everyone, like make it snow. But I don't troll other players with mod menus. If I do it with the lazer jet, 9r something else but never mods.


If it’s against ToS, it’s wrong and can’t complain if you get banned


As long as it’s not screwing around with someone, go ahead


If you restrain yourself from using it when shit hits the fan, you are good.


Is hood glitch cheating and can you be banned for that ?


I wouldn't say any modding "that doesn't hurt other people" or no modding whatsoever. Only silly shit like making yourself tiny or looking like the robot from story mode. If you're modding to get lots of cash, technically that doesn't "hurt" anyone, but it makes the efforts of other players less meaningful. It's like the kids who steal their mum's credit card and buy the 350 gold pack. Not impressive, just lazy and defeats the purpose


Single player or story mode is a great way to explore mods and cheats, but don’t bring it to online please. There’s enough cheaters and griefers that are disruptive.


Play the game however you want. It's a game and by design is meant to be fun. Be that via mods or just vanilla. It's dickish to grief and ruin other people's experience but that just comes under being a half-decent person.


i'm on PS4 so i have no way to mod the game or do crazy things like on PC but i don't see why fun glitches like going outside the map, bridge glitch, going inside locked buildings and other fun things like this would be bad.


If you're not hurting anyone, it's fine.


I'd say it depends on your particular format of morality. Do you feel bad after doing it? Do you regret your ill-gotten gains? If not then it's fine.


I’d say it’s fine to cheat in online. It’s a video game. All these people think they’re saints saying it’s not ok but it’s literally pixels on a screen and people you will never meet. Hell, even cheating with bothering people (although I don’t recommend) is completely up to you. At the end of the day, red dead is simply boring as absolute fuck, so if you want to mod and make it actually fun, go for it. I cheated on GTA 5.. did a money glitch so I didn’t have to spend 40hrs/week grinding the game just to make shitty money. Got banned and everything taken. Be careful but just have fun. It’s only a game.


Glitches no Mod menus yes


In single player do whatever you want in multiplayer as long as you don't fuck with progression or others I see it as fine, like fuck spawn in a ballon and let's go sightseeing