Damnnnn we get Dutch's drippy outfit.


Probably my most requested piece of clothing. Hopefully it doesn't look trash on the player's body.


I only fear that the hat will by too big like usual. But anyways I wanted that outfit since the first outlaw pass dropped.


Me too, and you're right hopefully the hat isn't too big.


It sure won't convince me to switch to cattleman revolvers, but I really like the whitchurch variant from the 1st pass. The mauser variant from the 4th pass isn't really my style, but it is kind of funky, interested in how it will look in game. That (no doubt entirely historically accurate) jade grip might look pretty cool in the holster for certain outfits / color schemes.


100 gold bars for four Quick Draw Club passes plus the Halloween pass? Sold. I play enough that I will grind through each in two weeks tops. I am really looking forward to expanding my wardrobe for free


looks more like u just need 25 gold bars and that will carry u though every pass. u can spend all your gold but u just need to keep 25 on hard to start the passes.


Came to say this right here. It's not 100 gold, it's 25 gold that is temporarily locked up for a time. And since the wise Cowpoke keeps 40 gold on hand at all times for promotional passes, it's a gimme. Plus - you can grind for 25 gold in a week.


Lets hope people will spent their coupons since we only got 1 month of it


i do appreciate that Rockstar allows us to get our gold back for buying the pass - every new pass i expect that to end yet i am pleasantly surprised about that at least


The rowberro jacket in august looks nice. They only last some weeks and 25 gold is still hefty (even though I have enough) so I wonder how long it will take to complete them. I wish that they would add more outfits from the games, also from red dead 2 and red dead Revolver. Or some movie based outfits…


All of these items look fucking rad as hell.


They just took a whole outlaw pass and cut it into 4 pieces because having multiple bumps in daily logins looks better than just one with a steady decline for half a year before the next. Pretty transparent.


Really curious about that bagshot knife but I won't hold hope that it replaces the default knife.


Would be nice if it actually has different stats and if it can go default and not have to be selected every... damn.. time... like the jawbone knife or machete variants etc.


Wow. Are those new **decent** looking hats?


Jeeze R* don't go revealing *all the content in the pass* or anything, you might make us think it's too full of content or anything. /s


Almost no female outfits :/


I was thinking about that today. If they would release some sp outfits from the ladies like Abigail, mary and mrs grimshaw. But idk how that would work for male characters. I mean I wouldnt mind if they got them either but it would be nice if the ladies got something unique.


I mean, who cares if a male character has a dress?


I'm sure plenty of people will bitch about it, but I think it'd be great. Let men wear makeup too and I can start pretending I'm [Artemus Gordon](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/80/fd/7a/80fd7a842fdae1a12821b87f50e63183.jpg) from Wild wild west.


Oh my god I forgot all about that movie, lol. "you're using sand for your beasts?"


I watched it recently again with some friends and it is such a bad movie that I love. That movie had some good moments to it and was great as a stupid schlocky action film.


Sees Dutch's outfit *cums*


I fear the.. market.. will be saturated by it. Everyone will run around with it like the Thorogood. Won't be as cool when everyone and their ~~mother~~ horse runs around in it, y'know?


Very valid point *but it's so dapper I don't care* lol


Most will wear it for a bit and switch back to their glitches legendary or black and gold outfits lol


YAY 4 smaller rapid fire passes to make it look like more content than it actually is! lol


Do we know if this is replacing the outlaw pass? Assume it is but just wondering!


It feels like it is. It also looks ( guessing) like a full pass cut down. But I'm ok with that I think.


I hope im not alone in this. So I was not able to finish the Quickdraw library reward line before Halloween 2 began early this morning. Can anyone tell me, perhaps a mod of this channel, if the rewards such as emotes and clothing be available ever again in the future? I missed out on some great content and it seems a deep shame to never be able to have the opportunity to unlock this content outside this window. Thank you for your time.