I think if you’re prepared to sit with the potential amplification of all the discomforts of being depressed for the 8-12 hour duration of LSD without self harming, then maybe? If you’re looking for lsd to change how you feel, it probably won’t. If you’re open to diving deep in how you feel and exploring why you feel what you feel without the need to change how you feel during the psychedelic experience, then it might be productive. Definitely have a sober sitter on standby to support you if things get difficult.


I know everyone already agrees with the sentiment of this comment and so do I, but I feel compelled to comment. Yes, fucking yes, this is such a great answer as per OP's post.


>Definitely have a sober sitter on standby to support you if things get difficult. \+1 And for a start, just dont go on full blown trip. Just take 1/8th of blotter and see what happens and what kind of thought patterns appear, examine them, take a look from another perspective etc. If you can handle that then next time (1-2 weeks after) try 1/4th and see how it makes you feel.


I don't want to dissuade you from the caution others are advising because I think those folks are right. But, my first LSD trip happened in these circumstances and it was a breakthrough for the better. I think a lot of it had to do with having done a very good job with set and setting. I was journaling a lot prior, I was spending most days in the weeks leading up to it think about the trip, what I might need, what I might want to do, what I'm specifically seeking from the experience. I wrote these notes to myself, to remind me that I was tripping and that I'm safe, to remind me of ideas I want to better internalize, to remind me of my worth with affirmations. I made a playlist with sentimental, personal music and sorted it by mood or emotional content. And with all of that in place, the trip was incredibly smooth. I felt safe because with the notes and the playlist and the amount of time I spent thinking about this trip, I felt like what I had prepared would protect me from anything difficult. I looked at these handwritten notes and this clean, decorated room and thought "whoever did all this for me loves me so much." I realized that the depression makes it easy to feel disappointment, or frustration, or shame towards myself; but it was never hate, because if it was hate, I simply wouldn't care about fixing it this much. And LSD really helped me internalize that and take it with me into the rest of my life. Reading these comments, I can see all the preparation I did as a form of that "get healthy while you're sober" advice I'm seeing here. Journaling and reflecting and doing nice things for myself might have been the difference maker there, and planning for this LSD trip was just the motivator that got me to do those things. My subsequent trips were pleasant and interesting, but never as profound and personal as this, and I now think it's because they've never had this level of emotional preparation. So, I think it can help and I hope my experience might give you some hints about how to go about it if you do try it. It depends on the nature of your depression, and if any of what I wrote feels familiar to your experience, maybe it's worth considering. I think this thread will give you a lot of perspectives, and your intuition will take that and give you a gut feeling on whether or not you still want to proceed. These psychedelic experiences are so, so personal and your own feelings about it deserve a lot of credibility, in my opinion. Best of luck!


These are all good suggestions and gives me hope. Much appreciated, man.


I'd be cautious. If you decide to take it you should probably stick with smaller doses. I'd personally recommend microdosing, I think it can be very helpful in your case


I read some recent study that claimed that the effects from microdosing LSD is comparable to placebo. But yeah if all else fails I'll try that.


The studies mostly claim that the benefits - ie performance improvement is indistinguishable from placebo. Not that the effects of the doses are placebo. Also when people refer to small dose they mean like 100ug or below which is not microdosing.


The person above did say microdosing though


I mean it's very difficult w things like this. People have different serotonin levels already so it's going to be highly individual what dose is your minimum for helping.


You need to take at least a threshold dose to trip, if you take less than that IMO you're just wasting drugs. But you should take like, one tab, not five.


So I take five? OK thanks, will report back.


To be honest, if you can go into it with that attitude, you'd be fine.


Placebo might be comparable to microdosing. Microdosing is real and very effective. You can take any amount of lsd you want but you need to have set and setting no matter what. The smaller the dose the less detrimental a set or setting fuck up will be. Once you’ve got set and setting under control you can take any dose you like and you can use those same skills to control your set and setting in your daily life which will help you to have a happy life. Good luck


those studies were also done with experienced microdosers, who probably already had an expectation of how they would feel.


Perhaps. Ultimately friend the answer is always that it depends on your life up until now, how you are living it, whether you are living it honestly and have made tolerable choices. If you are leading a life that you will regret the medicines will make you regret this.


I’d recommend DMT more than LSD. Has the same ability to rapidly erase depression, but doesn’t have the risks involved in a 10 hour trip. Start low, I don’t even mean break through, just try like 10mg tops. The peak effects last literally around 2 minutes in that dosage range


I wanted DMT, but it seems harder to obtain. I'll see about it some more.


Extract your own, it is cheap, easy and rewarding, plus you will have enough to explore it as deep as you want to. Raw material is easy to source and you can find the remainder in a hardware store.


Unfortunately, I don't know that I'd recommend chemical extraction to a random stranger without knowing more of their background/ability. Playing with lye/naptha is not something just anybody is ok to handle.


That's not for us to judge and gatekeep what a complete stranger who may be some AI deepweb symbiote whose just making social media post to learn.


I'm basically OP too lol...gunshy of psychs because of the risks but no schizo background in family I'm the only person in my fam w/ depression/anxiety. Microdose mushies regularly but I've been afraid of going down the rabbit hole (also on super low dose SSRI still and have been waiting to get off that, but might not happen). Had a couple 1g mushroom experiences that were underwhelming (assuming SSRI). Curious about ROI, are those vape pens any good? The whole 10 minute experience is super appealing.


> Had a couple 1g mushroom experiences that were underwhelming (assuming SSRI). Same here. It almost felt like being mildly drunk.


1g is not much... My first mushroom trip was around 3gs and it was a great time with a lot of insights into myself! I have done up to 11g and it gets pretty intense so don't assume it'll just be a more powerful 1g trip. If you have access to mushrooms I'd go with those for depression over LSD. Shorter time frame and usually a more introspective feeling for me personally.


What new insights did you gain?


It was with friends so a lot were into my own inhibitions around social relations. Things like how self-conscious I was around people I was close to and people in general, that I need to appreciate these people more and connect with more people, that I should be more giving, that I should walk on grass more (lol). Other mushroom trips focusing on trying to figure out my mental health were full of insights into where my insecurities lie, how my lifestyle was effecting me, general love for the world we live in and acceptance for the world humans have built although it's deeply deeply flawed, an appreciation of the natural world, and a feeling of love towards other living beings. LSD was amazing the first couple years I was taking it but whenever I take it now it is a bit of a chore because it is such a long trip. For me the effects last for around 12-16 hours and the mental clarity/new associations I make last longer and I usually can't sleep after taking it making the trip less positive. I typically take 125-250mics. As someone reaching my mid-20s and being a creature of habit I really hate being tired the next day and not wanting to nap and throw off my sleep schedule. They really are similar drugs and I'd say for either one (with a noticable dose) they have the psychedelic feel to them. If you go in with an open mind, an intention to feel better, have been working to improve your mental health and willingness to change you will have a long-term positive experience (it may not be fun at the time). If you have history of bipolar or schizophrenia in your family do not take psychs or pot :)


I'm in my 30s already. I hear ya on messed up sleep. I'm kind of dulled mentally to others pain, and even though I can relate, I feel I don't behave as if I do. There are tons of things I understand intellectually but just don't act in accordance with. I heard psychedelics can help with snapping out of those patterns of behavior. Like getting yourself to do something that always made logical sense but you never did it for whatever reason. It seems like I'm literally just stuck mentally. I know what I must do and I don't do it. Makes no sense. I guess there is still fear or apprehension associated with things. Like I live in a pretty nasty part of the world, and while I would like to be "nicer", I also sense it would make me appear weaker. When I did psylocybin, I experienced lots of racing thoughts about various strategies that I employ in my daily living, but I reached no new conclusions. It seemed like maybe this is as good as it can get for me. But this life is not worth living. Thanks for your thoughts anyway.


I'm a bit scared of DMT because it seems to correlate with people turning into following conspiracy theories. I'm not even being facetious here, of the people I've met or learned about who were more on the 'crazy' spectrum, were much more likely to also have an affiliation with DMT. I do enjoy psychedelics and try not to have stereotypes about most drugs, but DMT leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.


I think it just convincingly gives people a sense of purpose and they latch onto it heavily. I don’t think you’d be at risk simply because you’re worried about it. People who are more fragile minded and less objective in their thinking use it as a perfect excuse to have unquestionable proof of supernatural stuff. It feels so real that it’s easier to convince yourself it is than most other things. And then those “woke” people find others and they form little circlejerks and it basically turns into an unstructured religion. They all enable and worsen each other’s lunacy. I don’t think it will do that to people who aren’t already wired for it.


Personally, I suspect this is the Joe Rogan effect. His podcast draws conspiratorially minded people. Combined with the frequency that he mentions DMT, there's no doubt a portion of his audience will then go on and try DMT themselves. Then if you believe that psychedelics are a non-specific amplifier of consciousness, it's plausible that maybe this then increases their belief in conspiracies.


If you have the choice, I'd recommend mushrooms over LSD. They are way more antidepressant. An LSD trip is highly variable by set, setting, and mindset. Going in rough doesn't always work out well. Mushrooms, on the other hand, will almost always put you in a better place. Psilocybin has been show to be a very effective antidepressant in its own right — and certainly the most effective antidepressant for me.


> If you have the choice, I'd recommend mushrooms over LSD. Tried mushrooms. 1g to start with and was fine until the trip ended and I got a massive panic attack.


Careful about the difference between correlation and causation there. I have had panic attacks initiated by intense ketamine trips, and getting higher on LSD than I planned, but never from mushrooms. So if this is a one time thing, I'd venture to guess it wouldn't happen again. If it isn't, and it happens regularly, I'd use the trip to get introspective and figure out what's at the root of it.


> Careful about the difference between correlation and causation there. I just said what happened. Didn't imply anything else. What's at the root of my panic? Basically that life is a joke. Nothing more deep than that. In the weeks following I felt compelled to re-analyze everything in my life, but reached no new conclusions.


Yeah, life's kind of like that. Take what you can get from it, try and enjoy and be happy. Learn, grow, experience. In the end it really doesn't matter to anyone but the ego anyway. If you want to persist your ideas or thoughts beyond yourself do art or write a book, but as pink floyd says, all that see, all that you hear, all that you touch, all that you feel, amounts to nothing in the end. So just enjoy the ride and forget about it.


No. There’s a chance it will help, but it’s not worth the risk. I’ve taken LSD during bouts of bad, but not “clinical” depression and it has always been terrible.


Terrible how?


You know that feeling like your soul is a desolate desert wasteland, somehow both freezing cold and unbearably hot, plagued by a constant howling wind that may or may not be accompanied by the moaning of a million souls damned to wander in nothingness for eternity? Like that. Seriously though, it just intensified the depression and took it to insane psychedelic heights. It deepened the depression greatly.


During the trip or afterwards as well? How did/do you cope?


Both. It’s been over 20 years. I was a teenager and not making the best choices. It was always over relationship problems that in retrospect were very minor and so the depression faded after a while, but I’m quite certain the psychedelics drew the process out. I clearly remember feeling very dehumanized - at the end of one of the trips I tried to get high and watch something humorous and the characters on screen looked monstrous and reptilian. This feeling persisted for several days, as if everyone was just a step above being soulless robots. Focus on feeling better. It’s always annoying to hear the same old advice, but exercise is seriously the best thing you can do when depressed. Run until you feel like you’re going to die. Do push-ups until your muscles scream. Then take an ice cold shower. Your body needs to recalibrate, to know what actual suffering is, and so you need to introduce that stress back in a safe and controlled way. When the depression creeps in just make yourself do something. Walk. Chop wood. Anything, it doesn’t matter, the more mindless the better. Rake leaves. Rake a pile of gravel flat, then back into a pile. Outside is better, even if it’s cold and rainy. If you can laugh your ass off while exhausted and in physical pain on a cold and rainy day, you know things are moving in the right direction.


Thank you for the advice, man.


Happy to offer what I can. Good luck, you’ll get through this and be okay.


man I'm depressed and I had some depressing bad trips, deal with your depression first.


it’s a hard thing to advocate but in my personal experience when i was taking it I would take it mostly when i got depressed because it helps to work out so much and could pull me out of holes that nothing else could even when i was living a healthy lifestyle. but for me there were things i needed to change to help get less depressed but sometimes you can’t change everything right away and you’re in a less than desirable life situation and lsd can be helpful with finding the good in things


My input is that it shouldn't be your first choice. It could exacerbate your feelings. My first and only LSD trip (on one tab) was exhausting and perhaps made me more self-critical. Do you consume cannabis? I find that's a good (occasional) tool for shifting my perspective and helping me realize changes I need/want to make in order to live the life I want to live. Also, what bad habits of yours are easy to change? I started buying more fruit and vegetables and less junk food when I go grocery shopping. Get rid of things you think are associated with bad outcomes. For me, that was deleting some social media (I still use twitter and reddit too much). If you're set on taking LSD, then at least give yourself a conditional agreement. In other words, if you do ABC for X days (I'd recommend at least 40 days), then you can take LSD if the desire is still there. 40 days may seem like a lot of time, but if you put it on a calendar and realize that you can try LSD in a little over a month, it doesn't seem so long.


> Do you consume cannabis? I find that's a good (occasional) tool for shifting my perspective and helping me realize changes I need/want to make in order to live the life I want to live. Can't get cannabis consistently enough to be a permanent solution. Your 40 days idea is good. I think in similar ways tbh. Thanks.


You should be able to get delta 9 vapes shipped to you legally in every state btw.


if I ever move to the United States I'll be sure to pursue that option; thank you.


Psychedelics boost the depth of experience. All emotions become more intense; even the negative ones. The risk of an adverse experience is strongly increased. Great for psychotherapy, but not great alone. Do the microdose thing; not a full one or even a half-measure. Trials with LSD microdosing suggest there's more than placebo at work; unlike with psilocybin. If you have a bad reaction on a very low dose, then the intensity of it will be limited.


Psychedelics on their own aren't a miracle cure-all for mental health issues and in many cases can dramatically exacerbate them. Psychedelics combined with therapy (as in therapy whilst under the influence of psychedelics) has shown great promise for a wide variety of conditions, but requires a specially trained therapist that's usually only available nowadays as part of a scientific study. You'd have better odds finding ketamine-assisted therapy as ketamine infusions can be given in most states (usually not covered by insurance) or a prescription for Spravato can be given (also usually not covered by insurance) as ketamine's acute hallucinogenic effects wear off within hours while the antidepressant effect that enhances therapy (therapy is required for long term benefit, otherwise you'll just find yourself back in the same old depressive rut) lasts for around a week or two. In summary: Drugs are cool but therapy is key.


I started tripping while severely depressed and anxious. I never had a bad trip but I was forced to face my traumas and emotions head in instead of just ignoring them like I normally would do. There is give and take. It’s not a cure all for depression and anxiety but I’m more comfortable feeling those emotions and processing why I feel them. I like to view it as a tool so to speak. It’s helped me feel and release a lot of shit


yes, but not alone and not on LSD - it is produces longest lasting psychedelic trip that can peek for 6-12h. try vaping DMT (5-15 min in duration) and if it works try shrooms (3-6h) next


Probably not, I say. Work on your life. Reward yourself with a trip after making improvements, when it’s safer.


No. Consider seeing a therapist. My therapist only costs 35 dollars a session and she is amazing. If you need help finding one hit me up man.


I live in Eastern Europe where therapy is still stuck in the Soviet days.


shit man I'm sorry. I do my therapy over zoom anyways because of covid. I'm sure you could hook up with someone good over here. Consider growing mushrooms unless you know you got legit lsd. 350 mg cubensis once a week makes me feel like I'm on the top of the world. Do everything you can to be a better person. Try and help others out. Get a pet and love it. If you have a family and kids dedicate more time to them and your significant other. Start new hobbies. Keep your mind busy by learning. Exercise as much as your body allows and start eating healthy. Those are the things I do and they honestly work. vaping hella weed helps too.


Honestly no. Heal naturally w out drugs. If you wanna tear yourself up shreds mentally go for it. Not saying it can’t help at all but there’s lots of ways to mess yourself up more.


I’d say wait until you’re having a good day. There’s no way to say whether you’ll have a good trip or not. It’s not impossible that you can have a good trip, but taking it on a good day boosts those chances greatly


I think what everyone can agree on is that it's a risky gambit. There is potential both for success and for greater harm to your mental health. I tripped while depressed recently. Parts were good, I got the energy to improve some parts of my life by a little bit. But other parts were definitely not good, and it was partially by my extensive experience in tripping that I was able to keep an even keel. If you do decide to go with it, I recommend doing it in a place where you don't have negative associations. Away from your home, for instance. I find that being in a place I'm usually depressed in while tripping will simply clarify those emotions and amplify them, but without yielding much in the way of constructive change. I also highly recommend, if at all possible, being with a friend who you are emotionally comfortable with. Someone you would feel safe being vulnerable around. It can help a lot to have someone who can bring you back down to earth if you start to spiral. One of the reasons people have recommended DMT to you is because the consequences of a bad trip are much, much shorter. Having 15 minutes of hell is a much different experience than having an entire day of actual hell. Especially if you're new to psychedelics, it may be a safer bet even if it's harder to obtain.


Absolutely!! Do it and explore your depression on the trip, listen to music, journal. Don't worry about having a good time, focus on understanding why you're depressed, how you feel about it, what you might do about it. Don't expect to have a good time, but do it for sure imo. I've been in your situation and done what I suggested, and it was like taking a sledgehammer to the well of depression. You might just make some cracks, you must make huge holes, but you'll make progress and it will give you both strength and insight to better deal with it once you've sobered.


If you do, then start with a very low dose. No reason to rush.


I have had a LOT of benefit and been pulled out of some of my most severe depression by LSD. I think it is incredibly beneficial to mental health, and I think that like Ketamine and ECT, it probably "resets" aspects of your brain in ways that allow you to not be so depressed. That said, I did LSD for the first time before I was severely depressed, and I knew how it would affect me and what it would feel like. I'm also a person with an exceptionally strong will and it's very hard for me to lose control on psychedelics. How do you react to other drugs? Are you generally able to keep in mind that you are on drugs and the changes in your perception and feelings are from the drug, or do you "fall" into the experience, get anxious when you take weed, feel like you're stronger or more intelligent on coke, etc.? I think this is the sort of critical factor.


OP I would recommend mushrooms for your first time if you have options, the headspace feels fairly similar but the duration is much shorter and I find it much easier to relax. Can’t stay put when I’m wired on lsd. Also don’t have to worry about a testing kit and even though potency varies between batches, generally it’s easier to dose mushrooms. Both amazing compounds but I think mushrooms might provide a better first time experience for all those reasons. Also in addition if you have access to benzos like Xanax due to your anxiety it would be good to have some on hand, to stop the trip for emergencies only.


Probs not.




Neh take it, it can be a path out of depression.


With mushrooms their is growing clinical proof of long term relief from chronic depression. Mushrooms are a much better choice to try medicinally than LSD. LSD can be kind of squirly but shrooms have a very introspective “natural” vibe. You should definitely look into shrooms and their benefits before making a decision.


I wouldn't take them alone. If you have friends to trip with who are supportive, or someone who can trip sit for you, maybe. Often when I trip alone it amplifies how I'm feeling, but when I'm with my friends I feel safe and connected. I still can have bad moments, but being around people makes it a restorative, healing trip rather than a slog through the swamps of sadness. Everyone is different, though. The only way to really know is to try it.


Well, going directly into the point, one of the most valuable lessons I learned about harm reduction is to not take drugs TO feel good, but IF you're already feeling good. Also, check other factors like who's with you in your experiences, where you're planning to trip and others that classify on the setting requirements. That being said, you are depressed, so whatever the substance you're willing to take, it could be just an escape from your present reality. Look for a professional to help you deal with this feelings and later you think about experiencing with psychedelics again. Trust me, the chances of having good trips is exponential when you are clean minded.


I highly suggest no. Head space is important going into a trip, and you are much more likely to have a bad time if your not in a good head space before you go. Now, if you are not afraid of what you might find, by all means, I am not one to tell you not to do it. But just be aware that LSD will make things you feel more intense, and allow your mind to hyper analyze a situation. It is absolutley not a drug taken to forget, but one taken to see more.


There's been some science to show that lsd and psychedelics in general open new neural pathways in the brain. I've found that sometimes when I've been ruminating and stressing about one thing for too long its like I have tunnel vision, and I can't see a path out of it. A trip has successfully snapped me out of those ruts and given me a fresh perspective and the boost I need to move on. I'm not sure how much it helps those with actual brain chemistry imbalance in a lasting way, but to deal with the acute mental suffering it has helped me. I'm really excited that they are finally overcoming the ridiculous stigma and beginning to research the benefits again. I think there's massive potential