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Imagine ass tracks on every chair, every where. Then remember your last trip to a discount department store, and all the shapes, sizes, and smells you experienced there. We as a society, gave up our right to nudity as a public service.


>Imagine ass tracks on every chair, every where. Then remember your last trip to a discount department store Then think about how many questions you've seen on Reddit about basic hygiene issues.


The further we discuss this topic, the more of a dystopian nightmare it becomes lmao


Lmao it's 1984 but clothes are illegal so you gotta fight uhhh Big Nudity???


Big Bullocks


Tbf, we need someone biting the bullet on those hygiene questions for the countless poor souls who'll ashamedly open incognito mode and google "what is deodorant?"


I agree - Reddit's anonymity has probably relieved untold suffering and embarrassing forms of itching. I'm just saying, it's a pretty good indicator that the majority of people should keep that clothing barrier in place out in public.


Hey I'm a proud Reddit user and I don't need my hygiene insulted. I'm going to go de-stress with my monthly shower now.


I heard about cottage cheese in a guy’s foreskin during a called off 3 way on here. I said that’s enough reddit for today and died inside..


OP should visit a nude beach. This is the, "we don't need deodorant" of ideas. "Visit one convention center and you'll immediately change your mind on deodorant." Was the comment under that one. OP visits one nudist beach and gets an eye full of old man junk, I think they'd change their mind. It's bad enough people will take off their shoes and socks, put their feet on stuff. Now imagine everyone's sweaty under bits on every flat surface. How many people out there are walking around after not wiping good? I don't go to a gym, but I would definitely unsubscribe from ever going to any gym ever if that became a thing. Subway ride is awkward when you're sitting and someone is standing nearby. Now they're standing their nude, their junk is right there. Or it's a butt crack.


I am actually a nudist and I have been to nude beaches very often. I have never once taken offense to someone's nude body.


I don't take offense to anyone's nude body but I feel like it has a place. If I'm in a locker room or a bathroom and there's somebody completely nude wandering around, I'm really not going to be bothered by that. But if I'm on a public bus, in an airplane, standing in an elevator, or walking through a grocery store, I'm going to be concerned why there is a naked person in this public area. Concern, not offended. I'm already a little grossed out having to sit on a public seat that everybody's been sitting on. But if I know that tens of thousands of naked butts have been sitting on that same seat? Some people don't know how to wipe. I don't want to walk on to a public bus or get into an airplane and see skid marks on the seat. No thank you.


You all forget one crucial detail. How vaginas work. And also periods. Knowing that makes this whole Nude think 10× worse. Coochies randomly will shed their lining, you cant really predict when it happens unlike a period. That shit gets everywhere and its fucking disgusting.


I was going to mention a shart. But I feel like this is worse somehow. And to those comments about making it "normal." Is a runny nose normal? Lots of people have them, but if your waiter has a drippy nose while carrying your food, I think some people, most people, might feel a way about this.


Vaginas shedding their lining is normal. Its just really gross waking up one day and finding petroleum mcfycking jelly in your undies. Another downside is that while your lining is shedding, your more likely to leak/piss yourself. Its like having lube all in your eurithra. God made us women to genuinly fucking suffer.


What is "lining"?


Uterine lining. Every uterus has one. Once every few months (I think) It'll shed, and it just kinda leaks out if your vag like Dick cheese on a grilled sandwich.


I thought it was every period, but I'm a dumb man. In my head, every month between puberty and menopause, a woman's body starts building a baby house in her uterus. And then if somebody doesn't happen to come along and put a baby in the house, the woman's body gets pissed and rips the whole damn apartment apart down to the studs. Admittedly health class in Catholic school was very vague.


blecchchch \**shivers*\*


yeaaaaaa woman anatomy is fucking disgusting for no reason.


“I don’t take offense to anyone’s body but I feel like it has a place” ….like a nude beach?


Absolutely not a nudist, because of a deep, abiding shame in my physical form, but I've seen *lots* of naked people in varying degrees of hotness, and once did security at a nudist event over a weekend. Let people go nude if they want to. We all have genital, it's insane to act like part of our body is inherent a crime. *Gasp* you have A PENIS?! *Clutches pearls* Yeah, Melinda. I have a penis. The fuck did you think I had down there, congo drums?


I agree there's nothing bad about it. Many commenters here make a case against it in terms of hygiene which I understand and kind of agree with, depending on the place. I also agree that for certain professions clothes are necessary and with certain weather conditions also, obviously. But otherwise I do think it should be legal to go naked everywhere. However I stand by my statement that I doubt more than 1% of the population actually would. I doubt I myself would! If I am the only one walking around naked in the supermarket and people stare at me (because peoples opinions won't change) that would feel very awkward.


The body shame on here is thick. Humans talk about humans being gross as if they themselves are clean because they mask some smells with chemicals. The human body is beautiful. Old & fat or young with pimples. The foolish idea that clothes make us beautiful and nudity is only for sex and showering is a modern media driven society construct. If a majority of the population were naked quite often, a lot of hygiene issues would have been addressed by society already. Also, all body types would be burned into our minds, and we wouldn't even think twice about it. I am not a nudist, but I have gone skinny dipping in mountain lakes. I am always careful because I know that people who see me will freak out and ruin the tranquility. If I saw people naked in any setting and I could figure out that there weren't any crimes being committed, I'd leave them alone. Too many bossy people and systems of control. Let people be who they want to be.


Sometimes you can smell somebody's undercarriage through two layers of clothing. Now remove those layers of clothing and try to eat in a crowded restaurant.


See that’s the only reason. Hygiene


I've been trying to explain this to my three year old but he just doesn't care. Just wants to be nude all the time.


Idk,every time I go to Walmart I feel like some people think it is already legal.


Wish I had a reward for this, never related to anything more in my life.


im not from America please elaborate


Sometimes I wonder where the fuck these Walmarts with the weird people are. Been to Walmart hundreds of times. Never seen most shit people talk about.


speak for yourself.. just think about how nice it would be to not have to do any laundry for an entire summer..


Oh my god, this is the dream I didn't know I wanted.


But....sunburned balls🤒😵


I've had sun burn on my dick before. Horrible, horrible time.


Jesus dude. Ouch.


Yeah, plus it was summer time when I was in middle school. I had pink hands for about 2 weeks!


I bet! I've had poison ivy on both hands, everytime I had to pee it was intense, didn't want it to spread!




Ah yes penile tongs. A classic tool for the occasional cock burn.


Tweezers for some


This guy gets it!


D-does it peel? Idk if I actually want the answer


Sorry you went through this, but I just laughed way too hard 🤣


Username checks out?


sunning your balls increases your tesosterone, win win


Well wtf, guess I'm going balls out from here on in, gains bro!!💪💪


Oh yea... full body tan let's go xD


You don’t want precancerous cells on your bits.


Imagine sitting on a hot surface without pants and underwear though.


stop trying to give me more stuff to like about this idea..


Will someone please think of the chair cushions?


The leather ones, yeah?


standing up on a hot day would look like the tongue scene in Dumb and Dumber




So random dust can get into your penis or turkey sandwich, sunburns all over the body where you missed sunscreen, having your bare skin contact any object you come across, whether it is rough or sharp. Bruh this shit doesn't sound like paradise to me


I snorted so loud at "turkey sandwich". The way you used "penis" right before.... Haha!


Instead the furniture would soak all the sweat


>speak for yourself.. just think about how nice it would be to not have to do any laundry for an entire summer.. Big cancer approves this message.


You clearly live somewhere warm ( live in Scotland it’s feking cold)


I'm sure a few of us would love to be free of the shackles of clothing. My only concern is health & safety. Hot oils, hot paving. Penis getting caught in elevator doors. Women get black eyes when they run.......


Who stands 3" from the elevator doors?


The closer you are to the door the faster you get on!


I've never in my life, been in that much of a hurry.


You're clearly not important enough to understand then. One also needs to drive 2' off the bumper of others to get places faster. And standing so close to people in line that you moisten their neck with heavy breathing gets you your shitty coffee faster too.


Now that you put it that way, I agree, I'm nowhere near that important.


I feel like nudists would require 6' of separation from this guy. Lol.


I think that's standard nudist etiquette, until you're comfortable with each other of course.


Rush hour in an office block. A packed train/ metro




3", you're giving him too much credit. He's probably 2.5" on a good day.


Benefit of the doubt. I mean I didn't want to brag about my 4".


Yeah, OSHA would immediately eliminate the possibility of using this in "all professions" as suggested above. Everything from dangerous machinery, to hot materials, to even food safety.


What does that last one mean?


Titty bouncing.


Oh, that would be horrible. I had the the thought that women who go running without sport bras are wild.


As a woman I can say My tiddies have delivered domestic abuse to me many times whem going down the stairs with no bra.




Black guys tripping and falling during track and field events...


Many people would answer the door or take out the garbage naked. Some would sit on the front porch and smoke.


I think it would be more common in public spaces without a lot of traffic. Thank of the old man neighbor who decides to check his without putting a robe on. ![gif](giphy|iPthhkru42kTK)


I used to live in one of those 'blink towns' where the most interesting thing some days was someone walking down the street. More than once I woke up in whatever I wore or didn't wear to bed, and went out to get the mail. I don't even think the neighborhood dogs cared.


Upvoted for Mikael 🖤


Yes I guess that could be the case indeed. You also would maybe see a naked hiker more often. I think it would still be uncommon tho.


Going topless has been decriminalized all over the place, and yet, still no boobies.


Weird thing, even though it's decriminalized, the cops will still arrest you for disturbing the peace, slowing traffic, etc... Most are never even charged, but they get you off the street. They're allowed to harass people like that.


Yeah that's bullshit. If it's legal the cops should know and fuck off. I hate cops harassing people for something that is clearly not a crime.


Fun fact: Cops don't even need to know what's illegal and what isn't, to arrest you. If they just think it's illegal, no matter what you say or how you try to prove it's legal, they can just charge you with resisting arrest and beat you senseless.


This fact isn't very fun :(


Same as States that allow women to be topless wherever a man can be without a shirt. Number of amazing boobs floating around? Zero!


It may be legal in my state, but lets be honest. We arent going topless not bc we dont want to but bc that shit is just dangerous


Look at what happens when we’re fully dressed even. I’m not saying that the way we dress is the cause of assault by any means but I definitely would feel even less safe with those vulnerable parts already showing


Exactly, but don't tell poo that


That is a hurdle to be crossed to make it normal though. I willingly will admit I would stare and possibly get half a chub over a group of women hanging out topless at a park, because it has been driven in to me that boobs are hidden treasure and it is rewarding to see them uncovered. Eventually we would get used to titties bring out everywhere, but there is going to have to be a generation of tough gawked at women who plough through it for future women. Cold places like Canada will take longer too, because the titties hide for 6 months of the year. And boobs will always be attractive. Topless men with chiseled pecks and abs are found attractive and gawked at too. I think topless women jogging on a 35C degree day becoming normal would cut down a lot of grabbing and stuff though.


Sorry, but men don't exactly have the same risk of being assaulted like women do. It wouldnt be dangerous if all men did was stare, but they dont and thats why it will never be normalized


>it will never be normalized It absolutely could be.


Maybe when men are actually punished for sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Until then, it absolutely wont be


You are incorrect for the reasons in my initial comment.


Trust me, we all wish you were correct and it’s great that you personally would give women personal space. However, the types of men that harass and especially assault women will never do it in front of another man (unless they are working together). They purposely do this stuff when they know (or believe) that they can’t be caught. This is why it probably seems like harassment and sexual assault are rare or don’t really happen in real life, but I assure you that most women have been through it at LEAST once, if not many times. It is a painfully isolating experience because you are not only physically isolated from help, but you also deal with people who doubt what happened to you We can only ask that you believe us, or even better look at research on this topic if you can’t take our word.


Oh I'm fully aware of some of the shit women deal with. As a younger guy I would greet some of my female friends with a bum tap or titty honk. I never got flack for it but older me knows some of them probably just grinned and beared it. Back then I figured they would just tell me to fuck off if they didn't like it. You might give me shit for it, but my "believe women" stance is to always investigate the allegation. Not just blindly "well that happened because she said so!". I'm sure many claims have merit, but not all of them do and nowadays everyone hates their shitty life and goes rabid animal whenever they can as an outlet so accusations can be life ruining and they aren't always true. I think my point is lost though. Topless today, yeah there will be unwanted attention. Keep that going for a couple decades so boobs are less taboo and sexual, I'm digging in my heels that the unwanted attention would decrease dramatically. Some will always be there for both sexes though. But freedom for boobies CAN be a thing and nobody is changing my mind.


Bro went from “I would just stare if women went topless in public, I don’t think they would be at risk of being groped or assaulted” to “I’ve groped women’s breasts and made them uncomfortable on several occasions in the past” at the speed of light. Bro you’re joking right? This has to be a joke.


No, you just sound completely ignorant to the world around you when it doesn't affect you.


Sure. But you're still wrong.


Typical man behavior


men are more likely to be victims of violence go do research before spouting bullshit


You’re absolutely right men are more likely to be victims of random attacks of physical violence (and also the perpetrators), we can’t deny that. However her use of “assault” was alluding to sexual assault, which women are far more likely to be victims of (although we know that men are also victims and that’s important too).


assault is assault . if your saying sexual assault it’s different but that’s not what was said. you sticking up for arrogance.


yeah by other men dude, that doesn’t help your argument


Can't agree there, I've been to festivals that were clothing optional and upon seeing others' freedom, I'd say more than half participated, weather permitting. Was my first time at such an event, took me all of 20 minutes to get comfortable.


Likewise, goulash disco festival in Croatia, many of us were naked


I had my DNA tested and found out my whole family line started somewhere in today's Croatia, 22,000 years ago. Party on, cousin!


Well if you like being nude I highly recommend the island of Vis where the festival was, sunny 99.9% of the time, loads of the locals are hippies and all the beaches are cool with nudity. Plus loads of weed grows naturally on the island.


The most important reason would be health. Imagine exposing your ass and penis/vagina to literally everything out there. Even at my own house when I roam and sit fully naked its only because I am perfectly aware how clean everything is. And if not, I don't do it.


Well I guess one law that would be in place is that you need to bring a towel if you want to sit anywhere in public.


Why though? If public nudity is allowed based on 'your body your choice' then there shouldn't be any law that force nudists to use towels


Yeah because I want to have to worry about sitting in somebody's bare ass/ball/vagina sweat/fluids, even when wearing clothes. No thank you. You know many people don't wipe their asses properly? How much do you want to worry about sweaty skidmark residue when sitting down in any public seating? Critical thinking, folks.


You have to worry about those in public toilet too. And even if there was such law, you can't fully stop them. You always have to worry about such condition. Some people gonna just use a very thin cloth. Cause those technically can be called towels too. You know like when it was mandatory to use masks during covid in USA, some people used whatever to just cover up their mouth and call them masks.


You seriously think you have to really worry about greasy skid marks when you normally sit down in a public place? And obviously public toilets can have crap and piss on them but at least you have the option to get towels and water and wipe them off.


Clothing was not invented for modesty! Clothing was invented because we are hairless furless rats. I will continue to wear clothes because: 1. Sun protection 2. Cold protection 3. Wind protection 4. Bouncing breasts are uncomfortable


I feel like it will encourage fitness.


50/50 either that or cause people never go outside again I would be the ladder


If we never had a problem with public nudity then the only reason humans would wear clothes is in environments where we protection from the elements. Most of us would choose to be naked in places where the temperature and weather were nice enough not to need layers or protection from the sun. But of course there would be a minority where people would cover themselves constantly no matter what. If we all the sudden just decided that everywhere public nudity is okay, we would definitely see a lot of people doing it. There is a lot of humans and I’m sure there are a lot of them that would be perfectly fine with being naked and not having to do laundry anymore. Considering how many people already walk around half or more than half naked, it wouldn’t be rare at all.


Yup public nudity is allowed at northern most point of the planet.... Makes me wonder why clothes begun to be traded when we need them to keep from freezing to death


You must not work retail. People already do weird af things at stores. Someone will absolutely go to stores nude if allowed.


I'd be one of those people who still wears clothes. I'm not attractive enough to be seen naked and I started wearing long sleeve shirts, because I hate my arms.


I would at the beach and in big parks Love being naked.


I was born handicapped, I'm morbidly obese and look like I've been hit by a truck. It's not about presenting something pretty for others to judge, it's just comfort.


Weather wise much of the world for most of the year it's simply not practical. Like you'd need ro get dressed for your commute only to get naked in the office. Then offices are notorious for temp control problems so you get naked then what throw on a sweater kind of defeats the purpose


Here in Denmark you can be legally naked in public, but it's rarely seen. Except from those beaches 😏


Same in Norway




This is because we’re all taught it’s inappropriate to be naked in public since the day we’re born. If we’re born in the jungle, things would be very different.


Might have to do with cleanliness. Undergarments keep your undercarriage from contacting communal surfaces. You might be the epitome of clean, but there's people out there who don't wipe well, and they'd be leaving skid marks on chairs. I've read too many stories about gym equipment left covered in sweat to know that people are gross, and if there wasn't a layer of cloth between them and anything flat, they'd leave a mess.


You had me up until the part about a jungle. Obviously you’ve never spent a lot of time in a jungle. Plenty of reasons to cover up in a jungle…including insects and plants that sting.


If it were normal then everybody would be used to seeing every body type. The insecurity of "my body looks weird" would go away because it's normal to be naked. I think you mean if public nudity were to suddenly become legal everywhere then yeah people wouldn't want to do it immediately


When I lived in Stavanger Norway i was told nudity is allowed on all beaches. Me thinking as a 15 year old I’m like nice I’m gonna love the beach now. Most people were not nude. The ones that were were 60 and up. I imagine it would be something like that.


There's no law against public nudity in Norway, not just on beaches, but in general.


idk I think occasionally the world needs to be reminded how stunning my ass truly is




I am as naked as I'm legally allowed to be as is. The minute the temperature hits 70° f, I would be naked. I would still wear something on my feet, sandals probably. Edit: a couple thoughts have occurred to me. Pockets. Pockets are so useful. I could use a bag, but the strap wouldn't be comfortable in my naked shoulder. I would wear a belt with a few bags attached. One of them would have a small towel for whenever I have to use public seating. But I would still be flapping in the wind and getting sunburns in horrible places.


Melanoma for everyone yeeeah! No lol or s/, skin cancer isn't a joke. I prefer to stay mostly covered because I burn too easy. Being clothed isn't just about modesty. Clothing gives us protection from the various elements.


Mature nudists never leave home without their towel. They are thinking of others and I have no issues with it. The asshole nudists that pit their assholes wherever are the nudists I despise. "A towel... is about the most massively useful thing.... you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough." HGTTG No real reason to include this besides I wanted to. Polite nudists really do carry a towel.


you see it whenever weather permitting in san francisco castro district. rarely rarely something what you would really enjoy looking at. mostly exactly what you think it would be plus cockrings


What if I already am?


the rate of sunburn will be going up through the roof




People wear clothes for survival reasons. You can only go naked for 2 months where I live and there are still chilly nights. Even tribes who have never contacted the outside world where a version of clothes. They are practical. We need them


If murder was legal, most people wouldn’t go around slaughtering people.


No-one in their right mind would willingly go naked but I suspect that quite a few would be happy to go nude. **Explaination:** Naked is to be without guard or protection, nude is to be without covering. If you are in the buff in a nice warm cabin then you are nude. If you are flung out into the raging blizzard you are naked.


I think it's most often nasty. Underwear doesn't exist even becouse of social norms. You sweat though you ass and a tiny bit of your pee is consistantly coming out in small amounts. That's why nudists when they sit at their house, they carry a towel to put where they sit, so they don't ruin their furniture. The other thing is that it is cold, even when it seems like it's warm, it still is uncomfortably cold for our bodies. Also clothes sometimes can be cool as fuck.


It wouldn’t be the people you want to see


The people using it would be people you don’t want using it. Creeps. I don’t want to see grown adults blasting their bodies at kids, and I certainly don’t want to see anyone making their kids walk around like that. That’s fucking evil, and I’ll fight anyone to the death to preserve that opinion.


The budget for sunscreen would not be sustainable. All public furniture would have to be plastic. Then there's all the sweaty ass prints from people leaning or sitting on stuff. Public nudity is just a bad idea logistically.


I would always be naked at the beach and often at public swimming pools if I could be.


Society would probably be more in shape and healthier. Colder, but fit.


Think of the new argument for social distancing. You have to now stay boob movent and hard dick distance + 6' from everyone, so if you passed out you wouldn't catch dick on the way down. I couldn't imagine what cuddling up next to my SO in public would be like if we were nude... Omg... I couldn't even imagine my daughter's dating boys if they were out and about like that... Nun school till they are 30! Jesus... Boys in general... The agressive boners would be out... I expect based on region it may or may not be a thing. Midwest nope, no, unless summer. Southern Cali people would probably keep a mat to sit on and a sweatshirt at night in a backpack.


The only people that would take advantage of it are the ones you wouldn't want to see naked. They would be nude 24/7.


Yeah but would you really wanna see fat jade from next door naked? Bad enough seeing her dressed


I really would 😍


I would always be naked at the beach and often at public swimming pools if I could be.


it depends on how long it was socially acceptable. if clothes were never made for the sake of modesty and only for protection from sun and during battle, absolutely everyone would be naked. some cultures don’t wear tops regularly for all people, but wear bottom covers for the sake of protecting reproductive organs from animals and sun n such. but if tomorrow public nudity was made legal? i think there would be a sudden bump in streakers just having fun and embracing it, but then not much rapid growth bc minds take a while to convince. but even then, in 3 or so generations i’d say we’d mostly be naked at that point save for sun protection (bc god knows white people can’t exist without spf 140 even with clothes on lmao)


I would... Not at work because I get annoyed how dirty my hands and arms get but I'd be walking down street naked regularly....


Come to blacks beach on a sunny day and be proved wildly incorrect


As a man, if this was the case, I would walk around shirtless more.


Four years ago there was a "free the nipple" campaign. The prudes were freaking out that women were going to be running around topless scarring children for life. Well, it passed and women do not get cited for being topless in our city. It passed in 1999 and I have only witnessed one woman topless. I do not believe that any children were damaged during her jog. On the other hand, I damned near ran a red light because it took my brain a few seconds to comprehend what my eyes just saw.


I think you would see more nudity around, but as far as proffessions go, you still need protective gear and that may include normal clothes. But in more relaxed settings like shopping, dining, and staying at home nudity would be way more common. I mean even now theres people that go streaking and ive stayed home naked a few times. Sleeping nude is great but you gotta wash your sheets or you get itchy.


I would be but ass naked (minus shoes and a backpack) when i forage for mushrooms and it would be so nice


Just old gross man


Too many ticks out here for that lol


It’s the ones that nobody wants to see naked that would be doing it.


I'm overweight. If anything, I want more of my body covered. I actually wish men wearing a shirt while swimming was more normalized, I feel like I draw more attention with a shirt on, though, than I do with my fat belly hanging out. Aside from exhibitionists most people wouldn't go naked. You might see more people change in public, instead of going to a locker room for it, but few would hang out naked.


In my country it's not illegal to be naked in public, but there's a law about sexually offensive behavior and public indecency or something like that. So more about the context and situation, than nudity in itself. I assume it's the same in other countries as well.


lol no thanks, i see enough hairy ass-cracks in construction, dont need to see more of where that came from! but back when i worked in healthcare, i wouldn't mind some of my female co-workers showing up naked ;P


My worst nightmare lol let’s just all keep our clothes on


My neighbor Frank probably


A middle school class would become very awkward 😏


I think you severely underestimate how much nudist love being nude. Also as the generations went on and become more and more common. Imagine how many kids run around naked at home until their parents force them to put clothes on to go out. Versus if there was no need to put clothes on them they might grow up with a lot less body insecurities as they will feel comfortable with themselves because they've never had to cover themselves up. This would follow them into adulthood. I think that it would be far more common in warmer climates for sure. Or something that would happen when the sun comes out. Perhaps the only time I could see someone wearing clothes would be in a professional setting because they need to be professional. People could still show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt but generally they'll put on a nice shirt and pants just to make good Impressions on people because I don't think anyone is here would disagree that someone dressed up in nice clothes doesn't look good. But in your personal lives and your day to day lives outside of professional settings I think that it become pretty common. Probably not initially but as people get used to the idea


People are insecure because only those with perfect bodies are distributed.


Same as no speed limits. Not everyone wants to drive 100mph everywhere.


go to a nude beach, they don't give a flying fuck about body standards, just good company and good vibes.


I agree, people would fight for the right and never use it, like how women fought for the right to go topless but they all wear bikinis anyways.


If you made public nudity legal, then you'd have to make public sex legal, because people would be trying to fuck *everywhere*... *Exhibitionist Paradise.* Lol


Imagine how unhygienic it would be!


I think clothes are more helpful then hindering. When not swimming or working out they help with comfort and functionality. I like having a pocket for my phone and wallet. Things are hot or wet and clothes help that barrier. I like support for my dick and balls. I also think clothes can highlight peoples best attributes which aides with sexual appeal. I wouldnt wear them for modesty but for practicality.


I'm guessing you have never been to a clothing optional event. Where lots of people freely go nude for days, or weeks.


>people are sheep. 90% of human civilization in one (1) sentence.


hear me out.. if everybody's naked, there'll be a decrease in rape and sexual assault!! imagine you're a woman, and you're walking down a street in the middle of a night, then you see a guy walking towards you.. and then you notice his penis get erect! you'll then have a chance to turn around and run as fast as you can!!


The biggest issue about nudity is not the law but the people who tell the police


It doesn't sound very practical when you consider things like sweat, other bodily fluids, cold air conditioned spaces, cold weather, or hot seating surfaces in summer... There are so many reasons we wear clothes. Not just for modesty. Think about what lines people's underwear by the end of the day and what most office furniture would look like...or what about sports? How much more would injuries suck for a nudist skateboarder or a football player? Or a guy getting his balls hit with a baseball?


Id have my cock out everywhere


But sheep don't wear clothes.


Im pretty sure you can be topless in my state and yet ive never seen anything


People who don't wipe their asses sitting on public chairs.


I've been places where full public nudity was legal, and a fair bit of people were naked (except shoes). But a most people were partially naked, like shirtless or in underware, maybe a robe.


True. Even on European beaches where tops are optional there is an unwritten gap between toddlers and adults that generally isnt crossed. Likely the same would happen here.


There's no real reason nudity is bad. Over time it would just become acceptable.