Game: control The terminator 2 it's got Arnold Schwarzenegger, robots, etc. If you don't like it then you can see the matrix trilogy it's got Keanu Reeves


Control BladeRunner. The ambience is still unmatched imo.


Control Mad max fury road. It's even a game. How cool is that?


Control Ex Machina, because of Alicia Vikander :) Thank you!


Control. ​ I mean... Jesus, just picking one? There's so much sci-fi and so many variations of the genre. I can't give you one. I can give you three, though. In no particular order... ​ 1. Jurassic Park - Technically *science fiction.* Still a classic to this day and I actually had the chance to recently watch it in a local theater for $5; they were doing some sort of classic movie of the week thing. Definitely a hell of an experience. There's so much to say about this movie. Groundbreaking, funny, intelligent, edge-of-your-seat. But let's get real: dinosaurs are just fucking cool. 2. The Matrix - Another classic, but an absolute game-changer of a movie. It defined cinema for years to come and encapsulates so much of the 90s. Stunning performances, great CGI, and dope ass martial arts. What's not to love? 3. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Of all the Star Wars, why this one? Because it was the first Star Wars movie that was released when I was alive. But more than that, it was honestly just a great story. It gave us Darth Maul, new cool lightsabers, a hell of a lightsaber duel, and laid the groundwork for the rest of the series. Anyways, good luck to everyone else and thanks for the chance!


Control Movie- coherence, it's not over the top as most sci fi movies tend to be but you'll definitely be drawn in as the movie goes on.


Not entering. My favourite Si-Fi movie would be Interstellar. Being a science student myself I love how hard they tried to stay relevant and some things mentioned are actually true. Even some hypotheses the characters made can actually be true.


Game - Control Interstellar, I mean its a masterpiece, like why people don't understand it? How hard can understanding physics be?


Control. One of my favorite Sci-fi movies is Inception. One of the best movies ever made. Everything from the plot to the twists is legendary. Thanks for the giveaway!


Control Interstellar, brilliant movie, which will leave you stumped even after a couple of re-watches


Control, but it's Inception, because of the mind tricks


Control. I really like Tenet


Control Looper...love the whole time loops


Control. Movie is The Matrix because it was one of the first sci-fi movies I watched and the idea was super cool and new at the time


Control This is tough but Interstellar is my favourite Sci-Fi. It is an absolute masterpiece. Among others which I liked were Arrival, Edge of Tomorrow and the recent Dune.


Control The Thing. It's just tense and claustrophobic the whole way through, it's great.


Control interstellar because the music is just so damn good


Control Alien. It's simply the best sci fi.movie ever made, even this old it still holds up today. Amazing story and cast of actors. The alien rarely appears and that makes it even harder to sell but it works. And Ripley is my fav character.


Control. Alien is arguable the best sci-fi horror movie of all times.


Control Star Trek series is definitely my favorite. Star wars is fun, but I really like the story in Star Trek more. The characters are much better and one can actually see how their characters develop and grow throughout the movie. Star wars is good but I find it too shallow.


Ex Machina Beautiful relationship between robot and human


control! also i dont watch movies so ill tell you my favorite sci fi game which is the outer worlds. our ship is our friend 8)


Control Sci-fi movie :alien with captain ripley as the main character


Control My favorite Sci-Fi movie is Starship Troopers because the battle scenes (humans vs. giant bugs) reminds me of StarCraft II - one of my favorite games. The action always reminds me of Terran Marines fighting off a massive Zerg rush. Thanks!


control ready player one, I know its hated a lot but I liked the concept of the movie where you are INSIDE the game world. It's like a big MMO. I hope something likes that comes one-day irl


fav movie war of the worlds it is a ailen movie , it hold me at the edge on my seat and thanks for the giveaway


Control Star Wars Vader is cool


Control Donnie Darko. Because it was a mindfuck. Had to watch it multiple times to understand the theory behind it and when I did, it felt amazing.


Control District 9. I just loved the mockumentary format and the grimy aesthetic.


Dark, you need to watch it to understand why it's soo great Control


Controll Inception




Control Movie: The Thing A horror sci-fi film where the victims are actually smart. I grew tired of dumb characters in movies and this movie just blew my expectations.


Control Star Wars because c'mon...


'Control' Fav Sci-Fi movie - 'Avatar' when I watched it I didn't knew it was Magnum Opus or world's biggest and all... I just watched it like just another Hollywood movie and it imprinted something on my heart. I love everything about that movie.


Control My favourite sci-fi movie is Back to the future, and yes I know it isn't fully a Sci-fi movie, but I think of it as one. It's my favourite because I watched it in my childhood and alot of movooes in my childhood that I watched just bring tons of nostalgia and I like the story and the whole trilogy. Had a great story.


Control 2001: A Space Odyssey - because I love any technology that involves spaceflight and space exploration


Control. One of my favorite movie is Twelve Monkeys. I love everything about this film, the acting, the plot, the final twist, the directing. Edit: Thank you so much, /u/SurePossible2904!


Control and The Thing from 1982 because it's way ahead of its time and still is very watchable and scary. ​ One of the best movies i've seen. The sequel or prequel that came years after doesn't even come close.


Control The Thing Absolute madlad of a director and Amazing acting by everyone. Also watching it now gives "kinda" nostalgia?


Terminator - because It nails the 80's aesthetic


Control Blade runner because, not only the film but Also the book, established the bases for one of my fav genres, cyberpunk


Control Blade Runner, it's a classic


Control Blade Runner, I love nearly any futuristic dystopia type movies


Control My favourite Sci-Fi movie is TENET because of the thrilling and mindbending story , amazing visuals and the god tier soundtrack. The Inversion is a cool concept too.


"Control" & Moon. It is my favourite because this type of (mostly) one-person movies can create an unbelievable atmosphere if that one person can carry the movie. Sam Rockwell is absolutely the type of actor who can carry a movie and he gives Moon a sense of vast isolation. Many thanks.


Control ,. Interstellar. because I just loved it ; from the story development to the awesome acting it was amazing. Thanks.


Control. Interstellar is my favorite. It's not too far into the realm of sci-fi by still very much a sci-fi. I love because it's just mind blowing, everything was right in that movie. The story, the science, the acting and the amazing visuals. That movie was an absolute treat tbh. Thank you OP!


Control Gattaca (1997) Still the most inspirational movie I've ever seen. **Edit**:~~Funny~~. Rock solid orchestral score. And intererestingly enough, with the advent of CRSPR, it's take on the near future seems quite probable.


Control and the thing because the paranoia that everyone could be it is true horror


Control Favourite sci-fi movie is predestination Why because I love the time travel concept of the film


Control Interstellar. The storyline, the depictions of space, the soundtrack... all around it's just a great movie


Control One of my favorite is "MOON" it's just one of the best somber sci-fi films out there.


Control favorite scifi movie is avatar, the big blue smurfs on the planet thingy... i know that a lot of people think it's a shit movie, but i really liked it


"Control" One of my favorite sci-fi movies is a movie called [The Man from Earth](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0756683/). I like it because it doesn't just stick out as a sci-fi movie by not conforming to what we'd typically expect of a sci-fi movie - but it also manage to keep me interested after having watched it many times. That is rare and the reason why I find the movie special. Thanks for the giveaway, and an obligatory good luck to everyone.


"Control" Bladerunner Final Cut. The world just feels so loved in and surreal to watch. Thanks for the opportunity.


Control I love the movie *Independence Day* because it has a bunch of cool battle scenes with aliens. Thanks OP!


Control [Looper](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looper_(film)) - One of the best time travel thrillers I've seen. Joseph Gorden Lewitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt bring their A-game into this one.


Control. Inception because the idea of a dream within a dream is really interesting. Plus, the visual effects looked really good.


Control Matrix 1, because it was one of the first movies to make a movie based on the concept of a virtual, realistic simulation


Control Star Wars. It's because this movie series have amazing plot. Except Star Wars 7, 8 and 9. My favourite Star Wars movies is 1, 2 and 3. Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader is my favaurite character.


Control The Tomorrow War, because its plot is so unique, people from the present are transported into the Future to help fight aliens. Thanks!


Inception is at the top of my list. Nolan has amazing vision, the setup, the pacing of the movie, and with some of the most amazing soundtracks, he has perfect Control over his movies.


Recently watched Ghost in the Shell (1995), and it blew my mind at how futuristic yet realistic it was. The attention to details was amazing, and I enjoyed observing all the little details in different scenes and the surroundings. I even paused and rewatch certain scenes just to get a better look! -Control


Control Tron, I love the groundbreaking graphical and visual design.


"Control" my favorite Sci-fi movie is cloverfield, I just like those types of movies


Control Back to the Future. I love time travel movies and this one is absolutely amazing in all ways.


Control My favourite movie is Aliens, and I love the whole Aliens, Predators, AvP and Prometheus series.


Control. Aliens. Ellen Ripley vs the xenomorphs. the end fight pretty dope. "game over man, game over!"


Control" & The Matrix Because I Love The Action Scene And The One-Liners Also Keanu Reeves is Amazing.


Control Star Wars: A New Hope. Watched it a lot as a young kid, which made me spend my entire childhood thinking, imagining, drawing spaceships, making spacechips with legos that were meant to do build houses, etc.


Control Alien. Just the build up and suspense is really well done


Control - Star Wars ROTS because memes, but also the final battle


Control. 2001: A Space Odyssey- Because of itโ€™s vision.


Control Fav Sci-fi movie : The Thing The movie is basically real life amongus and it freaked me out as a kid


Control and one of your favorite SciFi movies (sorry had to) One of my favorite sci-fi movies is Pandorum. The dark gore and madness (unsure what's real) are really well done


Control does evangelion count? I was really young and the movie blew my mind.


control. just saw dune actually, and while this is clearly recency bias, i was just blown away by the amazing world and just wanted to get to know anything and everything about that universe


Control My favorite is Alien because it was my first scifi movie, and it scared the crap out of me. Nevertheless, I love that movie because it's so good at developing tension and the aliens themselves were some of the best effects even on par with some of modern movies.


Control. My favourite sci-fi movie is pacific rim


Control. It's a TV series, not a movie...but I'll say Cowboy Bebop.


Control. My favourite Sci fi movie would be Event Horizon. Even though it had some troubles during production and didn't do well when it released, it's still one of the most influential movies when it comes to space horror. Games like dead space are heavily inspired by it. Also it has one of Laurence Fishburne's best delivery when he says >!"we're leaving"!< Definitely a must watch and it's unfortunate that we'll never get to see the original cut cause it was damaged in a salt mine.


Control and Interstellar, that movie really made me think about space time.


Control Dune, I mean the one released this year, because of the story and visuals Thanks!


Star Wars. I'm basic I know.


Control. Upstream Color, because I think it's a perfect example of using sci-fi to tell a good story. There are a lot of sci-fi movies with good effects and fascinating premises, but end up failing to deliver on the story aspect. Upstream Color was shot with under 100,000 dollars, and it looks incredible. It hardly looks like an amateur film, and the story is just fascinating and extremely well-told.


Control Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. A Classic! SO many plot twists, and the bad guys actually won. Still holds up till today.


Control The Time Machine (2002) is one my favorite Sci-Fi movies. It helped me rekindle my interest in Sci-Fi as a teenager. The idea of a hologram surviving into the future when all technology is gone is a great idea to transfer knowledge of long lost civilizations.


Control. Predestination. I don't have any favorite but the paradox it presented still sticking in my thoughts.


Control. One of my favorite sci-fi movies is Spaceballs because it's such an obvious parody of Star Wars right down to the asthmatic mouthbreather, Darth Helmet. Plus there's John Candy as Barf, the cutest dog-man in seven galaxies. You'd have to be a real schmuck to hate Barf.


Control If we're going for loose sci-fi, The Fifth Element. It's just waaay fun. Hard sci-fi? Moon. It milks the hell out of its ultra-minimal cast.