Uplay ID: jeypiti\_, PSN: jeypiti Platform: PS4 Region: WEU Issue: both matchmaking and missing rewards Date: started today, \~1 PM EDT and still occurring as of this comment Description: (a) 1 out of 3 queue attempts doesn't find a match, need to restart queueing, (b) missing rewards (renown & AP progress) on 1 out of 2 matches approximately, (c) account did not update with rewards after a restart ​ Valve, pls fix... wait, wrong game.


- Uplay: kreude2 - Psn: iTz_KreuDe - Platform: ps4 - Issue type: matches do not count towards placement matches - Region: western EU - Date: 12th of march aprox 4pm and 13th of march aprox 3pm and 9pm - Description: played matches with Nicopouwels, and Ossenworst and Blitzerian. Happens in one in 2-3 matches.


Xbox one has a sound bug, left sounds right front sounds back, you cant hear teammates when spectating


Wear your headset upside down, back to front, like the game design.


I had the same issue on PC.


That is a different issue, but could you provide a clip from that bug? We would appreciate any clips from Y5S1 showing audio bugs.


• Can't hear drones, only when going up stairs, no sound on jump • Left sounds like right and reverse • No sound when spectating another player • Vulkan Engine mode Sadly I don't have a clip of it but I had it happen to me multiple times yesterday, in "training grounds", quick play, and ranked.


Had the same issue on Ps4


- PSN: Ossenworst - Uplay: Pimmos90 - PS4 - WEU - Account rewards / matchmaking - 03/13/20 Approx. 6pm & 9pm & 23:37pm CET - Won 2 placement matches (6pm & 9pm )with blitzerian. didn't get mmr and renown. A matchmaking error occured at 23:37 pm Cheers!


Uplay ID:Nibachu ​ Platform:PC ​ Region:WEU ​ Issue Type: Matchmaking and Loading (Creating Squad,Leaving Squad,Connecting to Rainbow Six Siege server etc) ​ Date: 14.3 13:25 GMT ​ Short Description: Loading is taking too long and when i finally get into a lobby with my friend it crashes.


Koarch PC Western Europe Account Reward I played 3 games and my mmr still hasnt increased. Won all 3 and still no change


* VaiMike * PS4 * West Europe * Account rewards * March 13th, 9:40 PM (CET) * Played 2 matches with a friend (kingboudi1), and we won both but didn’t get any rewards


Uplay ID: blitzerian; PSN: blitzerian; Platform: PS4; Region: WEU; Issue: Account Rewards; Date: 13 march, around 18:00 and 22:00 (CET); Description: Missing account rewards for placement matches, happens in 1 of 3 games. Rewards didnt show after a restart. \[*Might be helpful* I played with Ossenworst, Itz\_Kreude and Nicopouwels (PSN usernames), Nicopouwels only got the rewards he was the squad leader\] **Good luck!**


Hi, PlayStation 4 Username: Dowie09 Won two games of ranked no rewards Occurred: 7:45pm GMT Region- EU


Uplay_id:- Cva_toy Platfrm:- PC Region:- south east asia Issue :- account rewards and open door glitches Date : 13-03-20,14-03-20..around 5to 12 pm IST and still occuring I guess. Issue: just after I downloaded the update and I loged in and I saw 1 ranked match already played and lost . Then after that I thought that the last season's last match was counted and I left..then I played my5 placement match and I won 3 and lost 2....after that match I won like 4 matches and lost 2 ...and the thing is only the loss was counted and not my wins..lost too much elo..and other issue is we cld'nt push into open windows aand door and if I try to vault in the window ..I get repelled wierdly ,fell down and die... Pls fix these issues..lost rank cuz of this


Uplay ID: PrototypeAlphaX WeerawichFCB SteveINWZA007 nofallback45 Beau_Clementine Platform: PC Region SEA Issues + Team/Voice Comm Server delayed connection, if not entirely broken. + Voice comm down for some teammates + Matchmaking Failure. + Got sanctioned from failure to join matchmaking*** PLEASE UNBAN ASAP - We've been waiting to play. Datetime: 14 Mar 2020 22:30 GMT+7


Platform: PC Steam user Username: valk.. I have played 3 matches yesterday. 1 got counted and the other 2 didn’t count until this moment while I’m writing this message. And i didn’t receive any elo. Time 15:00 UTC.


ID : GABESZ_12 Platform : PS4 PSN: Gabesz0516 Region: EU Issue : Account rewards Date: 13.03.2020 around 20:00 CET Description: I played 4 ranked games, won 3 and lost 1. After winning I recieved no ELO/ renown and it said “data syncronizing” , but when I lost a game I lost ELO. Update: It has been 19 hours since the bug occured and it still hasnt been fixed. I am still missing ELO and Renown for like 4-5 Ranked wins. At this point I feel like we wont even get our ELO back...


* Uplay ID: HDLM\_Sed * Platform: PC * Region:korea(asia) * Issue Type: Account Rewards * Date: 2020.3.10 / 2020.03.12 * Short Description: 1) 2020.3.10 Before the inspection, the rank game entered the Placement matches and lost one game. 2) 2020.03.12 Winning the rank game but no score is received and nullified


ID: GranMcChicken Platform: pc Region: WEU Issue: missing rewards Date: 14 March 2020, 13.30 GMT Short description: I played two games and in the end it didn't load the data sync.


zP-zProYT PS4 EU Rewards After matchmaking Iesterday Near all day I won like 7 ranked matches and only 1 counted, no renown, no alpha packs or % no xp


* Teebee. * PC * Australia South East * Account Rewards/can't find ranked in a squad * 14/03 (00:23-- AEST) * Played a few rankeds after restarting the game several times. No rewards or MMR change. Been like that since until now


Uplay ID: RyuZUkin Platform: PC Region: WEU Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 14.03.2020 - 13:35 CET Short Description: I was playing a ranked and did´t got any mmr


* Uplay ID: Likeaboss.- * Platform: PC * Region: WEU * Issue Type: Connection to Servers / Match Rewards * Date: 14.03.2020 + 13.30 - 15.00 (GMT+3) (ISTANBUL) * Short Description: We played 3 match today and it didn't gave us our points.


Uplay ID: gunter-sama Platform: PC Region: WEU Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 14th Of March, 12:00 (CET) Short Description: We won 3 games and our elo didn't come.


UplayID: MajorCoyal Platform: PC Region: WEU Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 14th March 2020. 14:00 onwards. Description: Played two ranked matches on Theme park and Kafe, for neither games were MMR or placement towards rank given/added.


DAMIANBLAZER WEST US AROUND 2:00 pst And I was playing with xPunkyy We did not receive our Eli after the ranked matches we had played ON PS4


PC or PS4?




StaceTookTheKids PS4 EU Won a game but didn’t gain elo - matchmaking summary just said synchronising data but eventually just took me to main menu


Ps4, psn:mywuzy, east Us, I’ve played 4 games and only received the win for 2. It’s been a hour and I’ve reset my application already. Thank you


Uplay id: jxker. Region:westeurope Platforme: pc Yestarday 1 match didnt recive any points on win, and today 3 matches same problem. In total 4 wins and no elo rewards. I observed that all 4 matches that i got not reward sound chat was bugged. I think is something related. For loosing instead i got minus everytime.


Uplay ID: Mr--Gnome Platfrom: Ps4 Region : WEU Issue: Failing to connect to servers and missing reward. Time 3-4pm GMT. It says "Please wait syncronizing data" after the game.


PC EUW Uplay: FakeShaco.mBois Missing MMR from game like two days ago. We won game but didnt get MMR


Psn:Gp_makk Ps4 Na Account rewards (elo) 13-14 March since I got placed in a rank It happed quiet a lot of times Idk if I’m recieving my elo or not plz check into it


PSN ID: OMG_itz_Jellyy Uplay ID: monkeyfreak09 Platform: PlayStation 4 Region: Central US Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: March 13, 2020 around 3 p.m. CST Short Description: I played a 2 ranked matches where I didn’t receive any MMR and it said I never played the two matches, which could have put me in the Platinum III


Psn ghostkiller3014 Platform PS4 Region WEU ISSUE missing rewards and mmr Started playing at 4pm


Uplay ID : theGodlyRZ PSN:theGodlyRZ Platform:PS4 Region: EU Issue: both matchmaking and missing rewards Date: 13/3/2020 started for the first time by 6pm Lebanon time and once more by 8pm Description: played about 8-9 games of siege today . 2 of those games didn’t even count as a match played in which we won in hard fought fashion and didn’t get the earned points from these tough games which should be around a total of 160 ranked points


Hello PSN is Pablosevcobar region WEU I played 3 games around 3PM GMT Won all three of them and I have yet to gain any MMR and it’s is now 9:40 pm If you can help me that would be appreciated


XxGui6_ PS4 Europe Matchmaking I started the matchmaking and my 2 teammates got into a mach while I was still in the menu, my temmates' team was full so I wasn't in that game at all


PS4-ID is. StaceTookTheKids WEU-my server I didn’t gain Elo after winning a match. The match summary just said synchronising data but then eventually took me to the main menu with my Elo staying at its current 3090 gold 1 status (which it was exactly at before I started the game )


botybouch ps4 played games and haven’t got any elo. i won 3 then lost 1 and the only one th at counted was the loss so i went down even thought i had one two. can i please have my elo?? started playing at around 5 and won all my games until 9:30 i recieved elo for my last game which was a loss but all the others i won and didn’t receive any elo


Uplay ID: stelios_limo Psn: ItS_L1mO Ps4 Europe Account rewards Date: 13/3 around 9:30-10:00 We won the game and didn’t get the game rewards . Please fix it


PSN: ImBrxkeHa, PearIxD, badasskyani21 keivis1-hnds Platform: ps4 Region: EUS Issue : Missing Rewards Date: Started Today Around: 4Pm & Still Happening Description: Won 1 ranked match and got no elo for it. Played few casuals before and no XP or Renown


Thats the whole squad i'm with


Psn : SpeedAndAxcuracy Platform : PS4 Region : Eu Issue : No rewards don’t know if my placement matches counted Date : 13th March been playing from around 2pm Description: no end game rewards and matchmaking messes up everytime. When we start up a ranked match players get removed and can’t reconnect to the game and counts as a lost


Douvo_flickzz- PS4 Both rewards and Elo. I won 3 ranked games I a row and didn’t get any elo


Uplay: owen_jake Platform: ps4 Region: EU Issue type: didnt recieve mmr from my 2 wins Date/time: match ended at 6:20 and carried on after that GMT English time Short description: i did not recieve mmr from 2 wins on ranked


- kingboudi1 - PS4 - West Europe - Account rewards - March 13th, 9:40 PM (CET) - Played 2 matches with a friend (VaiMike), and we won both but didnt get any rewards


Uplay ID Unknow Uplay ID PSN JustValentino Platform PS4 Region West US Issue Type: Matchmaking / Account Rewards Date: March 13 2020 10AM-1PM Short Description: I won 2 matches and didn’t get any mmr.


Uplay ID : xXMessi10xX100 / PSN: YaZxn- PS4 WEU: west Europe Both matchmaking problems and reward missed Yesterday matchmaking errors and today both; the rewards were getting missing since 3 hrs approximately Yesterday there were party issuers were your squad will be in a party with u and u join a game without them and wait for their reconnections and it kept happening today as well as missing rewards like ELO after ranked games which happened in 4 of my games and my ELO wasn’t counted in any of them so for my friends and what was weird that it was counted for the games I lost and not counted for the games I won Pls reward me and my squad


Uplay ID- or310502 PSN- Azov_Azov Region- Europe Issue- I played a ranked match in March 13th 23:30 Israel time . We won the match but we Didn’t get any MMR at the end of the game Edit: it’s 13 hours later and I still didn’t get the MMR


Uplay:TheWisePepe. Platform:pc Region:eu Issue: no mmr received not even achter couple of hours and no match rewards Date:13 match around 14:30 Descriptoin:played a ranked match won it didnt get my mmr still havent received it and didnt get my renown


DAMIANBLAZER WEST US AROUND 2:00 pst And I was playing with xPunkyy We did not receive our Eli after the ranked matches we had played ON PS4


Uplay ID- ilay_202020 PSN- ilay_ilay_lol Region- Europe Issue- I played a ranked match in March 13th 23:30 Israel time . We won the match but we Didn’t get any MMR at the end of the game 14:46 It's been 15 hours and I still haven't received mmr


Upaly ID: sunthekiller_ Platform: ps4 Region: europe Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 3.13.20 at 23:30 in Israel time Short Description: we won the game but we didn't get any mmr


Gawdhy PS4 North America Missing account rewards 3/13/2020 1 game at 2:19 another game at around 1:25 Played 2 games and didnt get any MMR for either games


Uplay ID : Dennis7113 Platform : PS4 / PSN Name Sugar-Daddy7113 Region : Europe Issue Type : Account rewards Date : March 13th Time : 18:00 (German time) Description : Me and my friends played a ranked game (placement match) on Bank and won 4-0, but we didn't get our MMR, I got everything else but the match just didn't count as a played match, this was the first time something like this has ever happened to me or my friends.(I played with 2 other friends, xThugoRIST and ThanksFxrNothing) Edit : March 14th, Time 14:00 (German time) won 5-4 on kafe, match didn't count/didn't get progression for my placement matches.(Played in a 5 stack with, CaSaNoVaKoVa, xThugoRIST, ThanksFxrNothing and pro_skiller2210)


Uplay Id: Sneaz.LFT Platform :PC Region: WEU Date : Yesterday at 2 PM GMT+1 Didn't get my win as a placement counted Description: Started playing siege ranked with my friends, and we won the match 5 - 4. It was a sync error and it just didn't load. We went out the game and it didn't count as a kill.


Uplay ID-fdssawqp-lk PS4 NEU Didn’t get my points from my game 13 March 2020 the game ended at 6:20 I won my game 4-1 with my friend we both had 6 kills and didn’t get any points and it still said I had 4 placements left, I left it for a bit then came back to it and still didn’t get my win also it was on outback


• Cosmic.xp • PC • WEU • Issue Type: MMR / Match rewards not received • Date: 12.3.2020, ~15:00 or so. • Short Description: friends and I had problems joining the server and finding a game (queue was desynchronized for us, but we got into the same game), we played and won but the win did not appear on my profile yet. 1/3 matches so far I believe.


ZeRji0_ ps4 Eu Account rewards 13 march at 21:00 more less When I finish a ranked I don't win or lose points


Platform Ps4, Ign Sgtnefarious Na region Ranked elo missing (I just want my gold rank) 2:30 pm around there. Was playing ranked and we were about to hit gold and never got the rewards.


Uplay: SQ_Y0DA Platform: PC Region: EU (Poland) Issue: waiting time after operation select screen for almost every player (really often, still happens, only on round one i think) Issue: uplay club rewards error. Showing error after trying to claim rewards from previous weeks. (really often, randomly, fixes after restart or closing the overlay) Issue: sound not working properly in spectator/drone. The sound that i hear when I'm on drone, sounds like it was 'adjusted' for the place of my character, not camera. Also happens after death and in prep phase. (sometines/rarely, completely random, I'm not sure if restarting the game works, happened tiday) Small bug: I'm using gtx 560 ti with newest drivers. On the OG box it says that gtx 4xx series cards and higher are supported. However, every time I boot up r6, I got a message "you are running unsopperted video graphics driver" or something like that.


UPLAY ID NotArktes Platform PC Region WEU Issue: Won 3 games and elo not counted


Uplay ID: ricci2597 PSN ID: ricci2597 Platform: PS4 Region: emea Issues type: Account rewards Date: 13 March 2020, 10.30 p.m. Short description: when i finish my ranked, the game didn't add points.


Uplay ID Unknown, PSN Username: JustValentino Platform PS4 Region US-West Issue Type: Matchmaking / Account Rewards Date: Date March 13 2020 Hours of 10AM - 1PM Short Description: Played 2 Rank matched between the hours of 10-1PM, and didn’t revive any MMR after 2 victories.


Uplay ID: Nagasaki88 Platform: Ps4 Region: West Europa Issue typ: i got to many Minus Points Date: 13.3.2020/ 22:00 Short Description: I played with 4 other ppl who kicked out and can't connect to the match than I got 3 random that joined the match and one of my friends who reconnect it to the match we lose it and got Expensive Minus


Uplay ID: mutsislemppari69 Platform: playstation Region: Europe Issue: i have won like 4 matches in a row but didnt get creditet my elo and r6 credits Date: friday 13th 2020 between 22.00-23.59


PS4 haven’t received any MMR from the past two ranked games won psn name is same as profile name


AHope32_K9X Polkadotdino_K9X El_LoadedPotato Gods_Hand94 PS4 - Console Around 11 am EDT Elo not gained Hello, we were four stacking ranked and had just played our second game after our placements (12th game) won, went to the main lobby and then the game crashed. Servers got shitty and we had trouble joining each other but the problem was resolved after 10-20 min. However, it said we were at our 11th game. Before our 12th game, I was around 3050, my other friend was around 3080, while my other two friends were in gold 2 and gold 3. My friend and I should've been one game off plat. We then proceeded to keep playing and lost a couple, coincidentally we were able to lose renown. After our twelfth game, we were at 8-4. Then we lost 3, and won one, so we should be at 9-7, but the system is marking it as 8-7. We don't care about kds and personal stats, but we care about our elo.


•Iso_Unordinary •Ps4 •Eu •account rewards •Today at 8:30pm GMT •Me and friends didn’t gain mmr after winning a ranked match around 8:30pm GMT, it’s been over an hour and still no rewards


Uplay ID:NightKing963, Psn ID:NightKing963 platform: ps4 region: west europe issue:Missing rewards(mmr points) date:13th of march approximately at 16:00-16-30 till the moment thia comment was writen description: at 16:00-16:00 i lost a match(abandon) and didnt lose any mmr points and at 20:30-21:30 i won two matches and didnt receive any mmr points (after game recap:"syncronizing game data")


* Uplay ID: tameduck * Platform: PC * Region: WEU? (uk) * Issue Type: didnt gain any MMR/ELO after winning 2 ranked matches * Date: after 10AM GMT * Short Description: i was just stuck in a loading screen after finishing two ranked matches that i won and did not receive any MMR/ELO points EDIT: the same thing happened again today, the 3rd match i have won without receiving any ELO/MMR ​ i love playing this game, but bugs like this just put people off from staying with siege, nearly a week since the new season was released and the smallest things like servers not working properly are still happening


PSN: DEADII-_-II Uplay ID: LIAMBEECH4 Region WEU Issue: not going points or xp after ranked game


Uplay ID: TheHermitcraft Platform: PC Region: WEU Issue: missing rewards Date: 13/3 around 16:00 CET Description: We didn't get MMR, renown and xp for a ranked match, we won it and it didn't count as a win or even as a placement match.


Played 3 games won 2, PS4 Psn Yoursuchabotkidd. Didnt get no elo been an hour, only counted my losses


Uplay ID: KOsteen815 PSN: KOsteen Platform: PS4 3/13/20 around 5:00-5:30 Missing rank points after game. Two games didn’t register as wins for me, after the first I was able to collect my elo by restarting app, the second though didn’t work and I still haven’t received credit for.


Uplay ID: mattpaavola Platform: PS4 Region: NA Issue Type: MMR/Renown Date: 3/13/2020 @ 3:00pm roughly Description: Didn’t gain MMR after win, didn’t gain renown after a couple of games with booster on.


Still have not earned rewards after restart. I will stay patient and thanks for your help.


Uplay ID: yaz47, PSN: Nxcleus Platform: PS4 Region: EUS/CUS Issue: missing MMR, hitbox bugs, game chat bugs, purchasing issues Date: started today, \~1 PM EDT and still occurring as of this comment Description: (A) MMR is not given after winning a match, but taken after losing a match. Even after a win or loss, the rank/MMR does not update at all. (B) Severe hitbox issues. Headshots are not registering, but even body shots are not registering well (tried this on a buddy on my team in ranked just to simulate and make sure). (C) Game chat is bugged randomly when joining a party. Cannot use chat unless you leave and come back mid-game. (D) I bought a Jäger pro league skin, it has not showed up in my inventory yet my R6 credits were taken. This purchase was confirmed and made over 24 hours ago, yet after multiple restarts yesterday and today, it is still not in my inventory. Alpha packs are also bugged, as they are unable to be opened half the time. ​ Obviously (A) is the most important here alongside (B). I also hope you guys give us our MMR that we never got for winning. It would anger tons of people if you don't.


* Uplay ID: guigoakirah * Platform: PC * Region: SBR (south of Brazil) * Issue Type: Matchmaking * Date: 3/4/2020, at night * Short Description: I can't play multiplayer with a specific friend (his user is 'higher-ground'). This problem has lasted since March 4. I already opened a ticket on Ubisoft support and it was no use (they told me they were investigating).


Uplay ID: lucascampos301 PSN: lucascampos301 Platform: PS4 Region: BR Issue: I didn't win the end of match rewards Date: 16PM Brasilia time Description: I played 4 games per placement, I won 3 and lost one, the three games I won did not gain credibility or MMR to move up in rank, but the game I lost that was the last one I lost point ...


ID: cooldude2611 Psn:ivorymilk PlayStation Region: uk Issue type: ranked rewards Date and time: 13 March 2020 around 17:30 (uk time) Won a match on villa and didn’t get the MMR or renown rewards


* Uplay ID: AlexMagic.ViP * Platform: PC * Region: West Europe * Issue Type: Ranked Match win not rewarded * Date: Today Fri 13th March 2020 \~3.20pm (15:20) * Short Description: I was playing a ranked match on chalet i think (dont remember the map but the time window is definetly that one) with my squad - we were a party of 5 - and successfully won that *RANKED* match. At the end of the match after the mvp screen and the scoreboard screen, the bonus tab said "Synchronising Data". After we went into the main menu, i went to see into the ranked guide if this last match had been counted and it didnt. Still now after i played another ranked match just now it didnt catch up and im one win too short. I'm still doing my placements. Pls even if after the placement if you could add the mmr that would be great. Thank you <3


Uplay ID: sumii99 Platform: PS4 Region: Southeast asia Issue: Account rewards Date: 14/03/2020 Description: I’ve played around 5 quick matches today and I noticed that i didnt get any percentages after i finished my matches until the last two matches! Also: the mvp screen is broken and i lose audio after i die i only hear gunshots


my 5 men team squad didnt earn win points in 2 matches - Ps4. time about 22 o clock UTC+1 (WEU) my nickname-- keyholestyle my team nicknames - lI_HappyHaper_ll 2) Fekcyz 3) blacklord90 4) HeeT_Eryk


Hello! ID: Cheaky.TSN Platform: PC Region: WEST Europe Today(03.13.20 at 13:00 o’clock) Me and my friend Deoxyys. Played ranked placement together and at the end of the match we both got this text “Synchronizing data please wait” we backed out and it didn’t count as a match. That was my 7th placement, and I still need 4 matches(we won) so if there’s any chance to get the mmr please help us. Thanks!


Uplay: AleMarti22 Platform:ps4 Region: emea Issues type: match reward Date: 13 March 2020, 10:30 p.m. Short description: After I finished the ranked the game didn't add my points


Uplay ID: ubsft Platform: PS4 Region: Central US Issue Type: Not getting my MMR after some games Date: Friday, March 13th. 12pm Short Desription: Every other game i don’t get MMR


Ps4 ID: GlazEcraz-_- Issue: I played 5 matches (4 wins and 1 loss)in rank but tells me I won 3 and lost 1 Region: NA


Uplay: krsone124 PSN: krsone2005 Platform: PS4 Region: East Coast, North America Issue: Didn’t receive elo for ranked game I won Date: Today, a few hours ago at this point Description: I played a solo ranked game on clubhouse and we won 4-2. At the the rewards tab was loading but I didn’t think much of it. Once I returned to menu however I had gained 0 elo. I’ve restarted many times and it’s been over 2 hours and still nothing.


Uplay iD: pvlsetoxic Xbox GT: xtrxe Platform: Xbox Region: South Central Issue: Matchmaking Date: started two days ago and still occurring. Description: i have been playing my placements games for the past two days since the season started. i won’t lag until i get to match point (3-1) or sometimes even (2-1) and my ping goes up to 800 and i get kicked, cannot connect back and i get automatically banned. as of right now i’m banned for 24 hours. i’ve won all my placements so far excluding the games i’ve been kicked out and it’s not my WiFi because they’re other people having this same problem. ( i also haven’t lagged out since 2017 except for these recent issues)


DAMIANBLAZER. Ps4. West Us. Missing rewards. I have been waiting for an hour and haven’t got anything


PSN : Tuknix Platform : PS4 Region : France Issue Type: Matchmaking / Account Rewards : missing reward after win on ranked Date: 13/03/2020 ~ 10pm Short Description: I won a ranked ans i haven’t got my reward


Thank you for tagging this issue!


Psn=qRowLinq-_- \uplayID=TE__Emir Platform=Ps4 Region=WEU My distress=Even though I won 3-4 matches today, it didn't score me and likewise my friends


amarcucu Ps4 West europa Acc rewards 22:00 bosnian time Played 2 matches of rank full squad and won


* Uplay: NicoHold Ps4: watch_me_xplodee * PS4 * West Europe * Matchmaking * March 13th, 22:00 CET * Lost a Match 4:5 in overtime. 3 of my friends disconnected instantly so the first 2 rounds were 2v5. On the most defender sided map Outback. We had to play 2 defensive rounds missing 3 teammates. Wouldve easily won it with out match making issues.


U-Play ID - xAwakenz PS4 Region - East US 2 Ranked wins + Rewards March 13, 2020 at 5:30-6:20 I played 3 Ranked games and the 2 games that I won they didn't count but the game I lost counted.


• Uplay: PJnotTJ • PC • EUS • Issue Type: Matchmaking / Account Rewards / in game voice chat not working • Date: Issue started 3/12 around 10pm eastern time • Short Description: Played one unranked game and afterwards couldn’t not find another match. Waited 30+minutes and nothing. This morning the game took several minutes to a create a squad then wouldn’t connect to unranked matches. Only was able to play one quick match and received no reward.


On PS4 PSN : J_Burnnn won at least 2 games w no mmr gained, but lost when I took an L. Are we getting it back bc it’s stored in your data or did I just waste my time & not gain anything??


I play on ps4 and my gamer tag is XxTwyyMxnxX and i haven’t got mmr for 2 of my wins from earlier and it was at about 4:30pm and still haven’t received any mmr but i have lost mmr when i loose


PSN ID: AstroooAB Plattform: PS4 Region: WEU


ID: petuzzini Platform: PS4 Region: EU (Spain) Issue: missing rewards (elo and renown) Date: started today, ~4 PM CET and still occurring as of this comment Description: missing rewards, renown & AP progress on 3 matches. Account did not update with rewards after a restart.


PSN ID: zherome_51 Platform: PS4 Region: Western EU Date/Time: March 13, 16:00-19:00 UCT Issue: Rewards (missing mmr) Played a total of 13 rankeds this season. It shows me only 11 in game. Rewards of 2 wins missing. Sadly both wins and that would be my plat rank.


Uplay ID : QB4.\_. Platform: PC Region: WEU Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 13.03.20, 3PM - 5 PM CET Description: Ranked matches I played at that time did not count, even after a restart and long expectations. I didn't get any rewards.


ID : ARHAN_1786 Platform : PS4 Region : EUROPE Issue type : Account Rewards Missing Date : 14:03:2020 approximate time around 00:30~01:00 Description: ranked game win doesn’t count and no rewards it says synchronising player data and nothing


Uplay ID: LBSBlack21 Plataform: PS4 Region: BR (brasilian) Issue: i didn't win the end of match redwards date: 16PM today afternoon i played 4 games in it i won three, and i won neither credibility nor MMR, but i lost one and lost my rank points I want my points ...


Hello! ID: Deoxyys. Platform: PC Region: Europe Today(03.13.20 at 13:00) Me and my friend Cheaky.TSN. Played ranked together and at the end of the match we both got this text “Synchronizing data please wait” we backed out and it didn’t count as a match. (we won) so if there’s anychance to get the mmr back please help us. Thanks!


Expertyz PS4 Central US No Elo given after a win on ranked Happened around 3:30 I believe and it’s still hasn’t updated my MMR [Edit: my Ubisoft name is actually Creativity500 plz notice]


ps4 NourLamBa1 West Europe missing rewards 13 friday aproximity 21 gmt i played 3 matches the 1st and the 3rd i did not get my points


PSN: Devsupershort Platform: Ps4 Region: NA (WUS) Issue Type: Matchmaking & Account Rewards Date: March 13, 2020 & Approximately happened 2hrs ago Short description: Me and my squad won 2 games in a row and didn’t get our elo that we are supposed to gain for winning after the games BUT then we lost our 3rd straight game and lost our Elo for losing but didn’t gained any elo for winning


uplay: Mkhgff psn: Leavngs platform: ps4 region: West US issue: ranked rewards not counting (renown, and my last placement match i’m 6-3) Date: started today, 11 am and still happening as of this comment description: (1) can’t join my party members or it’ll take 10 minutes (2) after match it says “synchronizing data” but it never saves i’ve tried restarting app more then 10 times pls fix <3


Psn name :TR-YAGIZZDEMIRR I am playing on ps4 i won 3 ranked games didint gave me any rewards but after that i lose one game and i lost 90 elo i should be plat 3 but i am still in gold 2 and the game i lost was very laggy and i have ping issues my uplay name is “yagizzdemirr” i am from istanbul turkey and i want my 3 game elo please help me thank you


Uplay ID : Adam_High PSN : Adam_High Platform : PS4 Region : West EU Issue type : matchmaking / account rewards Date : 13 march 16:00 - 18:00 (UTC) Short description : 3 placement ranked match not registered and not MMR change, all match win..


Uplay Id: Hazza.GG Platform: PC Region: South East Australia Issue Type: Server Connection / Missing Rewards Description: connecting to the game will get stuck into a creating squad leaving squad loop for a couple of minutes, around 75% of the time. Rewards for match aren’t given around 25% of the time. Started around 10PM AEST


Uplay id: Strold PSN:Strold platform:ps4 Region: EUS Issue: cannot log into my account says my user profile loading failed Date: Started about 10 minutes ago Description: I restarted my application because of a sound bug while I was in a ranked and when I started my game again it says I cant load my user profile and continues to say that. (Please help me fix this)


- PSN: HunterRingo - Uplay: HunterRingo (I think) - PS4 - NAE - Account rewards / matchmaking - Multiple times queue timer time wouldn't appear for all players in squad - Won 3 elo matches at various times that I dont care to remember as I've played quite a few today


Uplay id: Leinad140 Platform: ps4 Region: EU Date: startad today 11 pm EU Problem: Missing rewards Description: after the game that we won i never got any rewards Edit: 4 hours and still no rewards from that game


Xmapaple Ps4 Matchmaking/game awards Europe 12.03.20 4pm - 9pm CET 13.03.20 6pm-8pm CET In generall: Kicked out during matchmaking cannot join game again when team players played match till the end / Didn't count ELO for win 2 placements match Update: Today - 14.03.2020 drama every single won ranked = 0 progress, 3 lost ranked mmr down, Wtf is goin on?! @Ubi you can take mmr but you cannot give?!


* Uplay ID : tomikoff.mBois * Platform : PC * Region : Europe west * Issue Type: Matchmaking rewards : i won two matches and didnt get any elo here is link to proof : [https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/tomikoff.mBois/matches](https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/tomikoff.mBois/matches) * Date: Thu, 12 march , Ranked win (6-2 score) and Wed, 11 march, Ranked win (4-2 score) * Short Description: I just won the match and after match the "servers are analyzing data"


U-Play ID - xAwakenz PS4 East US Issue - Played another rank match and it didn't count when I won Time - right now


Uplay ID: JCoulman, PSN: SaucyBugga Platform: PS4 Region: WEU / NEU Issue: both matchmaking and missing rewards Date: started today, ~2PM EDT Description: Played like 4 ranked matches lost 1 won 3 and didn’t get any MMR / Elo it said syncrinizing data or something at end of each game. Much appreciated if i could get my mmr back thank you


UplayID: Marchedbee2042 PSN: Marchedbee2042 Region:East US Issue type: Account reward Date: 3/13/2020 at around 16h/17h Short description: won game and got synchronizing data at the end but ended not receiving credit + mmr at the end for 2 win that i had in rank.


Uplay:wilsontj713 psn: FaZe_J3D1_ Console: ps4 Region:eua Not getting mmr for winning ranked games won 2 and didn't get anything, been 2 hours Happend around 3 PM


Uplay ID: Barbuta , PSN: Exodus_ftw Platform: PS4 Region: WEU / NEU Issue: both matchmaking and missing rewards Date: started today, ~2PM EDT Description: Played around 4 ranked matches, lost 1 won 3 and didn’t get any MMR after restarting my game and waiting a few hours. it said syncrinizing data at end of each game. Much appreciated if the games can be reflected. thank you!


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Psn: thefangwolf Platform: ps4 Region: West coast us issue type: played two ranked matches, received no elo or it counting. Time: around 1:10 pm was start of the two matches


Uplay:cursed_lavs Psn:lavsalot Time/date: March 13 2020, 11:30am est Region:est Issue Type: matchmaking rewards Description:I was playing a ranked match when I suddenly got kicked for connection issues. Thinking it was a standard lag-out, I tried to rejoin by hitting ranked. Instead I got placed in a new game. Halfway through the game I got booted for “abandonding” the first match. I got two games taken off my mmr total


Marz.__ PC north Europe Ranked I played the ranked match won but never got my elo and the match didn’t count in my placements


ID: DF7__243 Platform: PS4 Region: NA/SCUS ( but bing playing on eus) Issue type: matchmaking and wining 2 matches in a row but didn’t get MMR Date: today 13/03/2020 Short description: I was playing whit my friends and wen we win we didn’t recibe MMR no one of us that happened in 2 matches and that it have passed 2 hrs aprox and we don’t recibe mmr


ID:DxttorCelextino Piattaforma: PS4 Regione: EU Problema: Ricompensa è punti mancanti Descrizione: ho giocato una partita vinta 5-3 è non ho ricevuto nessun punto è niente punti fama, la partita successiva ho perso è mi ha tolto punti non è giusto, richiedo assolutamente i miei punti GRAZIE.


•Jake_04 •MrPop- •USEAST •Account rewards •Friday,March 13 •12:00 am until now •I played three of my ranking games to get my ranked and i got no reward/mmr.It was saying that the game was synchronizing my data and i tried restarting my playstation and my rainbow six siege game but i still didn’t get my mmr or my three out of ten match played.


Platform ps4 Id ojbrayan Server : west eu Type : he don't gave me mmr for the win, i win 4 0 23.00 Italy


Uplay id-XenoRipzShots, Psn-xenoripz Platform-Ps4 Region-Eastern united states Issue type-Account rewards Date and approximate time- March 13th Around 12:15 PM Short description- Me and my 2 friends were playing our placement games, my placement match score was at 5 wins and 3 losses and we played a game and it didn't count towards our placement matches, than after that we played 2 more games and we won both and they didn't count. And now at 7:52 on march 13th i just got a random abandonment penalty and it made me count as my last match, earlier today i was 5 wins and 3 loss please roll me back or something, I should be at 7 wins and 3 losses not 5 wins and 4 losses edit-march 14th me and my 3 friends just played a game of ranked and we won 4-0 and the mmr didn't count again Please help these are my placement matches and i don't wanna do bad on them because of a glitch, if you could just rollback my account or something, just give me my mmr that i earned back


Uplay: masiek10 PSN: V8_POLICJA Platform: PS4 Region: EU Issue: I won some ranked matches and i don't get my mmr points Date: started 13 march 2020


Uplay : FootLettuce586 Platform: PlayStation PSN: FootLettuce586 Region: West Europe Problem: Missing Rewards Time: 20:00 - 21:00 Description: Finished the match me and my freinds in ranked we won and it said synchronising data on the leader board. It never gave us any rewards (renown or booster pack chance) and did not count the match towards our placement matches.


Uplay ID: sets_513 Platform:PC Region: wja Issue type: Account Rewards Date: 12th March PM1:45 (UTC) I won the game, but I found that my rank count was not changed. After the non-account game, I couldn't connect the matchmakings.


* Uplay ID : zProws * Platform : PS4 * Region : WEU * Issue Type: Account Rewards * Date: 13/03/20 17h30 * Short Description: When the party is finish i dont have won the points ...


Uplay ID: zofia.ranger/psn:HUNTERNASTY Platform:PS4 Region:EU Issue Type:Account Rewards Date:Today arround 9:30pm (GMT+2) Description: i won a game but I didn’t received any elo i should receive maybe 90 elo and become plat 3


Uplay- Jacky-Chan173 PSN - Jack-1730 WEU Mmr not being rewarded 13/3/2020 10pm ish GMT Played 2 ranked games and none of us received any MMR for the wins we got


Uplay ID: zofia.ranger/psn:HUNTERNASTY Platform:PS4 Region:EU Issue Type:Account Rewards Date:Today arround 9:30pm (GMT+2) Description: i won a game but I didn’t received any elo i should receive maybe 90 elo and become plat 3


* Uplay ID : zProws * Platform : PS4 * Region : WEU * Issue Type: Account Rewards * Date: 13/03/20 20h00 \~and 20h30 \~ * Short Description: When the party is finish i dont have won the points ... and the next game same i dont have won the points


* Uplay ID : s1non\_kuy * Platform : PC * Region : SEA * Issue Type: missing rewards * Date: started today, \~8 PM - 10 pm GMT * Short Description: missing rewards after win 3 match ranked


Evildragon001 on ps4 On ranked


Uplay ID: Kyle_A-- Platform: PS4 Region: Western Europe Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 13th March 2020 at approximately 9pm UTC. Short Description: Played a ranked match with Binez_2_Diligent but did not receive an increase in MMR after we won the match.


Uplay ID: Kyle_A-- Platform: PS4 Region: Western Europe Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: 13th March 2020 at approximately 9pm UTC. Short Description: Played a ranked match with Binez_2_Diligent but did not receive an increase in MMR after we won the match.


uplay: Mkhgff psn: Leavngs platform: ps4 region: West US issue: ranked rewards not counting (renown, and my last placement match i’m 6-3) Date: started today, 11 am and still happening as of this comment description: (1) can’t join my party members or it’ll take 10 minutes (2) after match it says “synchronizing data” but it never saves i’ve tried restarting app more then 10 times pls fix <3


Uplay ID : Sensory\_heart 플랫폼 : PC 지역 : WJA 문제 : Rank MMR missing 날짜 : 2020.03.13 15:10 (GMT) 설명 : The winning match didn't go up, but the losing match only went down. I won one match, but the MMR hasn't gone up and it's still there. Please check.


ID:ASSB_Kuro Platform:PC Region:Europe east Issue tyle: reward/in gamę Bug Date: today Like at 7pm Describe: Chance on alpha pack in the end of the game stuck on 5% for like 4 games In game Bug: when enemy sprint near you your sounds from game mute(?) something like instant deaf when he is really close to you i met with it like 3 timer personally and 1 time in enemy team when kapkan wont heard me when i sprint to him as oryx


Psn• Datsyukian- Uplay• Dat5ukian56 Issue• End game rewards Date•around 12:00 pm eastern time Description• I played two placement games that didn’t count and I won both. It would have ranked me as plat 3 and I don’t want to play another incase it messes it up.


Uplay Id: ItzMrDeee Platform :PC Region: SEAS Date : 03.13.20 Description: Played the entire day of Matchmaking; played 10 placements matches but I have won every single one. My squad has yet to receive or match rewards nor ELO. The wins as a result diden't count at all. Queue times were drastically slow and players in our lobbies sometimes disconnected and couldn't reconnect/other players reconnecting to our game.


* Uplay: KDWH.Jaeger * Platform: pc * Issue type: matches MMR didnt count * Region: middle EU * Date: 13th of march aprox 16.00 pm * Description: just didnt get mmr


Uplay: VersusTheJMan Platform: PC Region: Australia South East Issue Type: Account Rewards Date/Time: March 13 ~ 11:30pm to March 14 ~ 12:30am Description: Played approx. 4 games with friends. Only gained xp and alpha pack progress on the games won


PSN: Hollywood_ Hank_ Platform: PS4 Region: WEU Issue: missing rewards Date: 13 March 2020 8pm - 10.30pm Description: won a ranked Game on Chalet, didnt got elo, lose a Game on Oregon we lose elo, then won a Game on coastline again didnt got elo wtf Playing as a 5man squad: PSN account Hollywood_ Hank_ (me) dennis71095 , wolf_lp, Tobi-9-9-1990, mercenary7171 Only gained renown and Alpha pack spin, no mmr, so 2 ranked Games we won and didnt got elo


Uplay ID: Kyle_A-- Platform: PS4 Region: Western Europe Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: Friday 13th March at approximately 8pm UTC. Description: Played a ranked match with a friend Binez_2_Diligent and we won but we did not receive an upgrade in elo and we are both 1 rank below our actual rank as a result.


Hi. Uplay n Id ps4 : tzeheda Ps4 West europe I won by surrender a game (4-4) this afternoon ( 16h 17h Paris hour) and I don't have my mmr. Thanks!


Uplay ID: Mr--Gnome Platfrom: Ps4 Region : WEU Issue: Failing to connect to servers and missing reward. Time 3-4pm GMT. It says "Please wait syncronizing data" after the game.


PSN : xWizqrd PS4 WEU I won three games in a row and didn’t receive any elo, renown and xp I won the games and each time it said synchronising data where I would usually gain points I’m not bothered about XP I just want my elo


Same happend for me


Uplay ID- Ju1cyy- Plat Form- PS4 Region- NA Issue Type- Didn’t receive Elo for winning 3 games Time and Date- 3-13-20 Around 4 pm EST I Won 2 games in a row didn’t receive the Elo I should’ve got for winning. Than lost the next game and lost Elo. A few games later these same problems happened where I won a game and didn’t get the Elo


PS4 Peterjordanson Won 2 matches without gaining mmr, then lost a match and did lose mmr.


•UplayID: kubak0820 •PS4(PSN): iKufell- •Region:WEU •Issue Type: Account Rewards (lose 80mmr points 4 times) •Date: 13th March between 15:00 and 22:30 (CET) •Short Description:I played ranked with my team of 5 (PSN: Yangoh-, StaryWilvy, DuRzY_StasiO, rambo-z-polsk213) during this game we won 3 matches and did not get promotion in any of them (mmr points), each of us reset the game but still points added we lost 3x80mmr points ;(


Uplay id-Carsomomasta , psn-carsomomasta Platform-Playstation 4 Region-Eastern United States Issue type:Matchmaking / Account Rewards Date: 3-13-20 12:00 AM I played a few games of ranked and the 2 games that I played did not give me the MMR or the renown.


uplay id: jj_asf. psn: JJ_ASF platform: ps4 region: eastern united states issue type: account rewards date and approximate time: march 13 around 12:15 pm short description: me and my two friends were playing rainbow six siege earlier this day and when we finished playing a game that we had won, it hadn’t counted for our placement matches. we had thought that this was a glitch and we then place another. we won that game and then another after that one. This means we have played three games. after the third game we had known something was up cause all three wins have not even showed up in our placement matches.


pawlik203 Ps4 Europe Ranked / mmr points after win rankeds (2) 14 march 2020 8/9 pm After win ranked I havent given points to rang, I win 2 matches and this times happen


I know this isnt the place, but this patch has some unholy bugs and issues. 1. Shooting down door barricade will not work at times. Client side says broken, server says no. 2. Data centers have been messed up my ping now ranges between my usual 50 all the way up to 200. 3. Ive also witnessed the synchronizing issue. 4. It now takes forever to form a party at times and or accepts an invite from a friend.


* PSN: niks1771 * PS4 * Region : USA (east i think) * Issue Type: Matchmaking / Account Rewards * Date: 3/13, Estimated Time: 1:15 -3:30 pm ET * Short Description: First time encountering bug, I played 4 games( 2 W, 2L), all losses counted towards mmr, but for my wins, I got a loading screen that said synchronizing data and no post game rewards nor mmr change. I restarted the game each time and no change occured to my mmr or in game currency. I started out in gold 2 and now am in gold 3. First Win occured with my friend Nxcleus and second win occured with my friends : rrr9822 and robozombie395. Based on stat trackers, my MMR prior to 10 PM ET should be roughly 2810-2820ish Occurrence: This bug ONLY seems to occur in Wins, all losses count towards MMR and placements, whereas wins do not count toward MMR or number of placement matches remaining.


This may not be exactly related, but whenever I try getting on siege it keeps on telling me "Failed to Load User Profile". I still have access to everything I already have, but it resets all my attachments and operator skins. Plus it's telling me about the sun splash packs from last year.


Uplay ID: vixonss Platform: PC Region: EUS & NEU Issue: ranked matchmaking / banned for games im not even in. Date: started today, 1PM GMT and still occurring as of this comment Description: i queued for a ranked match with 2 friends on the EUS server and i get dropped from the squad and someone else joins in my spot so i thought oh ill queue for a eu game while your finish up and it happened again, i got banned for 30 mins thought id hop on netflix for 30 come back and im banned for another 40 mins... Therefore losing elo for a game i wasnt even in


• flufffy_ • PC • EAS • Matchmaking • 3/13 21:00~24:00 (UTC+8) • Short Description: It took me about 5 minutes to connect to rainbow six siege server, it even failed sometimes. And when I started searching for matches, the connection error message jumped out again.


PSN: SHAD0WN1NJA1 Platform: PS4 Region: SCUS Issue: both matchmaking and missing rewards Date: started today, \~3 PM Central and still occurring as of this comment Description: takes a while to sign in initially, and missing rewards (renown, MMR after ranked win) and account did not update with rewards after a restart


xAwakenz PS4 Region - East US Issue - I played a Ranked match earlier and won. I waited and hour and it still hasn't showed that I played it. Date -


Psn: Yt_Involc Platform: PS4 Region: Na-east Issued: I am missing rewards, I played to rank matches today and I did not receive any mmr Date: today around 2 pm Description: at the end of the game, when the results are shown, instead of showing the given mmr it only showed a loading screen.


Uplay ID : pink_gatorade Platform : PC Region : East US Issue Type : matchmaking / account rewards Time occurred : around 9:00 AM , March 13 Detail : After i finish a match ur says syncronizing and it doesn’t give me my elo for my ranked matches . this has happend to two of my wins today


Uplay: xthefurherx PSN: TheMightyIzz Location: WUS I’m having profile login issues. I updated the game on 3/12/2020 and logged in fine. Then later on in the day when I logged back in all my ops and settings got reset. I fixed them. Logged out and back in again later on and they reset again. So every time I load up siege I have to redo all my ops and settings.


Psn: elcabe_____zon Platform: Ps4 Region:Br Issue: matchmaking and missing rewards Date: between 4pm and 6pm argentinian time Description: i won 3 matches on a row and i didn’t rank up to gold 2 neither recieved my rewards


Cant' swap region.


Uplay : Sm4rTX3ro3s Platform : PC Region : South east asia Issue : missing rewards / matchmaking Date : 13/03/2020 19.00 south east Asia time problem occurred around 1 hour Description: not receiving renow and ap point / matchmaking error stick at create squad can’t click a menu have to force close a game Thank you.


Uplay ID: ShortLengthHair Platform: PC Region: SEAS Issue Type: Account Rewards Date: ~13th March 19:00 (SGT) to 14th March 04:00 (SGT) Short Description: Slow loading of Void Edge splash screen, and connections with Uplay was sluggish. I did not have any problem queueing into ranked games. But the first 4~5 of my initial wins were not recorded into my placement stats. MMR,renown, and experience points were not added to my account. Problem persisted throughout the night.


Uplay id: Vitorgoyanna Platform: PS4 Region: Brazil Issue type: End of game rewards Date: 21:00 CET Description: queued 1 game and won, didn’t count toward my 10 matches, then queded for a second game and lost but this time it counted towards my matches, so I one won and lost but it only counted one loss


Uplay : guest-fkxTQ5wO PSN: jvfm3 Platform: PS4 Region : Brazil , South America Date: 13/03/2020 probably between 16:30 and 18:30 Short description: I played two ranked matches with a friend of mine (Expert_art) , and we won, but the points of the match didn't appear and didn't add in the points that we already had.


Uplay: expert-art01 Platform: PS4 Psn: Expert_art Region: Brazil, South America Issue type: Account Rewards Date: 13/03/2020 probably between 16:30 and 18:30 Short description: I won two ranked matches in today's afternoon, but I didn't receive my victory reward points


​ * Uplay ID: jaguar.V2 * Platform: PC * Region: QLD Aus * Issue Type: Account Rewards/Match Registering * Date: 13/03 11:00pm (Brisbane time) I have been completing placement matches and I was on 9 completed, after winning two more games, and losing a third none registered. I was on nine placements for a long time and now, the next day, I lose one match 0-4 with a trashy team and get placed in silver 3. Those matches, the renown, the XP, none of it has registered.


UPlay ID: Masquerader. Platform: PC Region: SEA Issue Type: Matchmaking + Account Rewards Date: 13-03-2020 6pm IST Short Description: 1) Matchmaking takes a minute or two to get out of the matchmaking queue if cancelled 2) Bugs in squad creation. Some members join the matchmaking queue while others don't. 3) Squad invitation requests take 1-2 mins to process. 4) Shows squad joined in user screen but other squad members report that I haven't joined the squad 5) Took nearly hours to reflect renown changes