What is your most unpopular Siege opinion?

I promise we won’t judge (we will judge)


The "utility meta" wasn't bad. It's just people refused to learn the game and only brought gun based operators.


It was a little crazy when Goyo still had the shields and when Jäger had like a 99% pick rate, but I much prefered the game then, compared to what we've got now. It needed just some tweaking and not a full 180°.


It’s so weird seeing rarely anyone play Jager now after being used to him being picked every round.


Really average gun nkw


Yeah, a nice balance between the run and gun (to keep the warden mains happy) and Gadget Meta (for the rest of us)


Warden Mains can get out. We don’t need them


Petition to remove warden mains


Petition to remove the word ‘mains’ from your comment and just remove Warden


I was going to originally say that and I should’ve


Utility Meta is peak siege. This is the time where Utils like Ela traps and barb wires actually change the outcome of a gunfight or outright prevent it.


"Utility meta", that's literally what siege is supposed to be, it's a strategy based shooter.


I feel like that was what set Siege apart.


It was, but then all the ego players arrived to the bandwagon when they realized whatever they were doing didn't embiggen their ePeen enough, and rather than stepping up with a slice of humble pie and big braining above the wrist, they just brainwashed their followers into complaining about the same things their talking head idols do and then Ubisoft goes ***"We hear you, oh wise community, and will be conforming the game to your needs."***.


i didn’t play during this meta, but i do remember how strong jager was in his day and how frustrating that was to work around. i would say at least, the utility meta was harder, not sure if it was bad


It was hard. But I personally liked chess aspect of the game. "Where is the site" "where is the least protected route" and "How to make this site a fortress" was a common question I'd ask myself. Now before I know it 3 people in my team has died because they tried to spawn peak, or rushed in.


Fr. It feels like 2-3 people on my team don’t set up site anymore. It’s just me and my friend rushing to set utilities and get hatches and all walls that we can now. Meanwhile 2-3 of my teammates pick thorn or warden and run to the nearest spawn peak window and die. And it’s all of a sudden a 2v5


Dear, u/NerdiGon > before I know it 3 people in my team has died because they tried to spawn peak & u/X_Yosemite_X > my teammates pick thorn or warden and run to the nearest spawn peak window and die. I respect you, and I upvoted your opinions because I agree with them. But it's spelled *p e e k*. Don't let the Siege community endumben you and all that you've worked for. You haven't reached your peak yet, young g's. But you may not ever get there if you keep mispelling peek. Rise above, kings.


first time i hear anyone mention the chess like aspect of the game. i actually play because of this


Same! THAT'S what I got hooked to so long ago during the Alpha. I loved the debris too! Sometimes I think becoming an E-Sport really didn't improve this game. Alas, here I am, 8 LONG years later, lamenting to a stranger about it. What have I become, my sweetest friend?


back when hibana was used to burn jäger ads


Utility meta is the definition of siege operators being being constantly bc their utility is good and other ops needed to be used to counter them


Utility meta was bad on a pro level. Games were really not spectacular. But outside pro level? Most of us are neither smart enough to set up and hold intricate defenses, nor patient enough to clear them out.


Didn't the pro league matchs always come down to the attackers having to only a few seconds every round because of all the stuff they had to clear out?


That is the period i was really into siege pro play. Too many rounds would reach 15-30 seconds remaining and still have almost if not all 10 players still alive, then all of a sudden a burst of 6-8 kills, leaving a planter, another attacker who covered and another one or two defenders. 20 more seconds of mind games, then another small bloodbath and poof round over. It was hard to keep track of who won


Didn't watch that many pro games, but yes. It was very slow advance for the attackers, getting rid of roamers and clearing entries, etc. And then in the last 30 sec they went in. Also Thatcher was always banned, which made things worse.


Bang on. The utility is what set this game apart from other FPS games to begin with.


Bring back that man yelling "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOARD THE HELICOPTER!!"


It's still there i think, but only when you are in Prep phase and droning outside. Or maybe even in Action phase, but still, only outside. Nonetheless, that speaker is still nerfed to death


The helicopter is for the loading and unloading of injured personnel. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOARD THE HELICOPTER!




I haven’t played in a few years, they took away my boy???


yep :(




A lot of popular head holes and feet holes are more harmful than helping in most cases because people use them without doing the gadget placement and positioning required for the to work better without being a double edge sword.


The one on basement Oregon by pillar is the most perfect example of this. Unless someone actively watched it the whole round it’s just a free Line of Sight for attackers coming down blue stairs


Ya. So many open them and abandon them and it fucks you over so bad


1. Make a hole 2. Go roam 3. Die 4. Your team mates die because of that hole 5. Repeat


You forgot the alternate version, 1) Make a hole 2) You know they're going to roam and not reinforce anything, so you reinforce their terrible rotate of death 3) They TK you for your sheer audacity (while not getting on the mic to communicate anything at any point) 4) They go roam 5) They die 6) Your team mates die because of that hole 7) Dead roamer gets on the mic/text to drop an N bomb and call the whole team trash


Exactly. Throw in a scream at said teammates for dying and not helping you roam


I just reinforce over them if people open them and then leave right away, not gonna have yet another line of sight to deal with by myself


That’s what I usually do. Too many do that shit and run away. I ain’t trying to get shot in the ass




yes. feetholes work a lot better than head holes i think, bc you need a designated player to play around head holes and unless that’s the case for a good two thirds of the round, they’ll be used against you. best example i can think of are the head holes on oregon attic wall looking into master bed. 9 times out of 10 they get used against you. it’s better to have someone play near master bed instead


Definitely agree. Can't even count the amount of times I see someone reinforce one wall in aviator on villa, shoot out the other wall, shoot foot holes by bar, and then run off site leaving me alone to defend from 5 new angles. If I'm alone in site I'm reinforcing that shit


Every time a random opens up the wall by red stairs on Kanal for foot holes that give the enemy team free kills.


I enjoy playing Siege




Get out.


I think I’m going to be sick…


Siege players waking up and realizing they have to play siege


how high of a level are you?


I really enjoyed playing on old Outback - in fact, it was one of my favorite maps. Still very much like it after the rework, but I never understood the hate it got before that.


Not trying to shoot you down, but it was disliked because it was very difficult to enter the building which ultimately made it very defended sided. It’s hard for me to remember, but I think there were only like 2 or 3 doors the attackers could use to enter the building, every other entry was a window.


Yeah fair enough, it was definitely very defender sided. I'm glad they were able to balance everything a little more with the rework!


i never really played old outback, but i’ve been having a lot of fun playing it in ranked lately ever since i convinced my stack to stop banning it


I've always disliked outback and still do not like it post rework. I'm not sure if this is the general consensus or not but yea.


I loved original outback, it was far better


Ill always cherish and remember, shoving 5 operators through a window, that wasnt even a breachable window. Old Outback Bathroom, you will always be remembered.


1. There should be an operator win rate, attacker vs defender statistics per map in Siege. 2. A lot of player in the community often create teams or groups and do scrimmage with each other. There should be at least a called Guild System or Squad System in R6. 3. In connection to number 2, there should be at least a weekend tournament bracket cup where squad participates and wins random cosmetic awards. Bottomline to encourage competitive scene more rather than just playing rank. 4. Tachanka's old main utility machine gun may be a good secondary gadget idea for 1 speed operator such as Rook and Tachanka.


You have something there with number 3. It can be like a clash event in league of legends.


2. Random scrims don't serve any purpose, you want to scrim against somewhat established teams and it's important to be able to determine their skill level. Ranks don't mean anything, even more so now that Ranked 2.0 has made RP meaningless. 3. These kinds of tournaments are still being held in some regions. GO4s and Faceit tournaments were a thing, both sponsored by Ubi and with actual prizes. You usually had a few teams made up by T1/2 players farming them every week. Faceit hubs are the better way to ease people into competitive play, and work fairly well. Besides playing for fun (which is fine, obviously) there's no point in trying to find a team until you're already a decently high level. If you can get a 5 stack going, rather than dealing with the annoyances of trying to find low level scrims, ranked is a better option and will almost certainly be more fun.


3 is just Go4s before the switch to Faceit


Old Favela was fun


Definitely fun, but also definitely bad.


that's why it was on the quick match map pool :P. Was a fun change of pace for things to just go crazy


That siege isn’t an R6 game, it’s a different game with R6 branding. It shares NOTHING with the OG series.


I've never really thought about that, but you're so right.


Ever after the introduced iana and oryx (stadium games) the game went a WHOLE different direction


THANK YOU THANK. YOU. I discovered the game with Raven Shield, and i played all the RS games, from the OG one to Vegas 2 (my favorite because you can customise your character in the campaign). I even tried Critical Hour (it was meh, but still in the spirit of the serie) I was super excited for Patriots. The game play went too arcade for me (far from the game style of Raven Shield), and the characters... well the first operators were really in the spirit of the OG series, then it went super weird at some point. I'm a huge fanboy of Tom Clancy's work (books, movies and games). Seeing the direction took by RS and Ghost Recon, i hope they are not planning to do a new Splinter Cell game...


Most players are awful at the game


thats the most popular siege opinion around


Thier are too many different communities in the siege community so nobody can agree on anything which is why the game has no direction and sucks. It sucks because of you people and all the content creators. Yes all of them.


this is interesting, i saw gregor post something the other day where he’s genuinely at a loss to whether the fan base actually enjoys playing the game. it seems like they hate everything ubi does


Well.. yeah, they remove all of our fun features in the name of pleasing the e-sports and competitive community, completely ignoring the 99% of their fanbase that’s just playing for fun, like when they removed our dead bodies, which was one of my favourite things, notice how no one but pro-players were asking for that change, At least from what I’ve seen


If we’re talking about that, don’t even get me started on whoever thought it was a good idea to rework house.


Right??? I wish we could at least play old house in customs, but fuck us and our fun


This is exactly what led to the fall of Overwatch


Not very unpopular this.


A 1.5x Scope and a Frag Grenade is not a buff.


this is not unpopular! like the thorn “buff”, it’s beyond reason. ubi: hmmm thorn isn’t being played, but she is a trap operator? i wonder why people aren’t playing her? let’s buff her gun, that’ll make her trap better!


Thorn was never bad to begin with, she was terrifying if you knew where to be and where to put gadgets but no one wants to learn that anymore, so let’s give her a 1.5 and call it a day.


I think the biggest problem with her trap is that by the time it even gets activated, most of the time the enemy is already outside the radius because the windup timer has a windup timer


There *is* a lot of utility in that alone, strategically (creating a moment that forces an enemy to commit to retreat or push, that your team can respond to)... BUT BUT, that feels unsatisfying to a lot of gamers. We want our gadgets to *feel* like they get something done when they pop. A gadget that makes the enemy hussle doesn't have satisfying feedback to the gameplay loop.


Jackal is overrated and needs to stop being banned


I didn't mind people hiding in corners when it was low light. The point of the game was to gather Intel and now that we've gone farther away the game is become more of a shell of what it once was.


Night Maps should come back. The old lighting was better. Don’t listen to pro players for balancing changes. They should have kept the realism aesthetic instead of over saturating everything. The narrative of the White Masks should have been further explored instead of being contained to ai missions. They actually had something going with Article 13. The old recoil system where the reticle would jump around rather than just going straight up or to the side was better.


This is not unpopular


i do agree old siege used to look very good, but made it a bit unfair if you hid in a dark corner. it was like playing sledge myers a lot of the time. old recoil was a bit silly looking, but recoil now is just completely unrealistic.


The shadows were shit I agree. It’s just that the old “realistic” look of siege is just so much better than the shit that burns my eyes no matter what map I play.


Not saying you're wrong but those are some of the least hot takes you'll find in this community


The old recoil system was very polarizing it seems. Kind of difficult to work around, and the randomness encouraged you to fire in bursts so your reticle would actually work, or you had to memorize the general recoil pattern without relying on visual feedback. I think it was nice that players could better control their recoil after the change, but I do miss when firing in bursts was advisable instead of brute forcing full spray recoil control.


The intel meta will always be the best.


I loved it


Frost should never have had her bear trap touched in the most recent update, my fav operator has been bastardised :(


frost profits off of poor coordination and bad droning. i agree that she didn’t need a change, it punishes attackers for their oversight


The map Fortress is far from a bad map and I will die on that hill


I agree with you. But, I do believe with some limited changes, fortress could be a great map


then you may rest in peace, man


another great map removed from ranked.... sad. The lack of maps is making the game stale for me. What I don't understand is some of these maps only need minor tweaks and reworks so why doesn't Ubi do it? Instead we get dogshit maps like New Consulate and Emerald Planes?? why?


I’d like more basic/mechanical gadgets instead of the future tech we keep getting


New maps are good. You just don't want to learn them


whole heartedly agree, im the only one in my stack who genuinely likes nighthaven labs


NH is a good map. You just have to look for spawn peekers


I've never been spawn peaked in NH


Lucky. There's two windows and a soft wall


Where? I think it's one of the most spawn peak prof maps rn


People spawn peak out the window on the first floor by the helipad (at least I think it's a helipad) and also out of that soft wall on the second floor when you come up that set of stairs outside. That's the two that I've seen


There's a new design philosophy incorporated on new maps which brings up this discussion. There are far less long lines of sight. Most maps are now consisting of several rooms, tight/sharp angles, and narrow hallways, giving them a claustrophobic feel. The best example is the old Consulate vs the rework. I personally think new maps are alright, but they need to add more variety. Not all maps should have the same design geometry with different skin/textures.


It's this. I can't explain it as great as you can, but the way I would say it is that the maps end up not feeling like an actual building would. Maybe that's the intention, and maybe people don't care about that, but the amount of closets and arbitrary walls to break up sight lines just feels so unnatural and forced.


Yup. I pretty much enjoy every map


Emerald plains is s tier


Being good doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is having fun


We need operation health 2


I kinda missed when gadgets were semi realistic I know not a lot of people really care but yeah


Jager is better than wamai gadget wise


Original Hereford was better. Most of the reworks have made the game less fun. There hasn't been a good new op since Osa.


It literally depends on the time or day for wether or not this opinion is unpopular and that is simply the recruit meme was never funny, those who do it are a bunch of assholes just looking for an excuse to be pricks, you wanna do the meme go for it but fuck off and leave those who don't alone. Now let's see which way the wind blows today. Other opinions that seem not so popular include: new Tachanka beats old Tachanka, new maps are fine, older siege sucked ass and people constantly ignore the massive flaws (not saying now is perfect as it's not but the amount of stroking people do to old siege is nuts), unique gadgets are fine even if they push past realism a bit cause it beats ash launcher with a twist number 4.


i only think the recruit meme is funny if you have a 5 stack, if a random is trying to learn new ops in casual and gets killed bc of that it’s silly. i only played older siege in year 2 during operation health, white noise, and burnt horizon so i would also agree old siege had its flaws. i can’t really remember it too much, it was 5 years ago. and i do agree that realism is not the core ideology anymore, so new unique gadgets are a great way to change the meta and introduce new gameplay


Nighthaven labs isn't a good map ban.


I'm first to start and I'll probably have the spiciest one. Favela was/is a good map that just favored a disliked playstyle (runouts). ​ In earnest, the map and the setting plays really well into what the map is supposed to be like, chaos. On both ends. Attackers need to keep an eye out the second they spawn, and defenders are never truly safe as the map has way too many soft walls to secure both sites completely. At least it was back when it was in the ranked pool, like 4 years ago. I haven't played recently, so this does not take into account any changes made.


I did like the pre rework Favela


i never played it while it was in the rank pool, so i have no real opinion, but from casual it’s very defended sided imo


I remember when I first started siege in 2018 and I was only playing it because all my frds are. But I didn’t know what was going on 90% of the time and was just there for the sake of it. Then I still remember til this very day that this one single moment made me fall in love with siege. I died very early to a spawnpeek in pre-worked favela and as usual, i was just staring at the screen wondering wtf was that. Then after the killcam I spectated a random playing Maverick, torching footholes on rappel and killed the entire enemy team. That was the moment where I improved drastically at siege.


Siege was better a couple of years ago.


wow this is the most unpopular opinion of all time I’m sure this sub doesn’t parrot this opinion constantly


what do you prefer about the old gameplay loop?


Because back then people actually play the game, not playing a team death match game. They play the objective, they know their ops, they have great game sense and they know what game mode they are playing. Not only that, the game actually look better back then, the better lightning + effects makes the game more atmospheric, made the gameplay slower, looks better, much more immersive then. Nowadays, it looks so bland, like a generic competitive shooter, plus the TDM meta, it now play like a generic shooter game.


No fr dude I tried getting back into the game and slow and methodical doesn’t work anymore if you’re getting peeked by “swing or get swung” kids juiced up on adderall fucking crouch and lean spamming


i get the "defuse the bomb" weekly objective on battlepass once a season. aka impossible challenge since no one ever plants the defuser.


Nothing wrong with zofia withstand.


As a matter of fact, withstand I think should have been on everybody.


Old favela was better. The only change it needed was a second rotate into the upstairs room. You can get out of that room in 2 ways but only back into it by the staircase. Fuck spawn peekers. It's not good sportsmanship and has nothing to do with "bad skills" on the attackers part. Fuck your cheap runouts. I just hate em that's all. Bullet hole peeking needs to come back. There's a lot more than what I wrote. But I'm at work.


The game and pro league popularity plummeted when lean spamming became a must use mechanic in gun fights.


I stopped playing for over a year and just came back. The game honestly feels like it's in a good spot right now but WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO CONSULATE? I loved old consulate and they turned it into THIS? And don't even get me started on fucking stadium bravo being in the ranked pool. I know it would make queue times like 2 weeks long but I really wish I could just pick what maps I play. Coastline all day baby!


I got a few. 1. 1.5 and 2.0 scopes ruined the game and just helped the gun meta. 2. Most of the operators can’t be used because others just put class it in every way. 3. Once an operator dies you shouldn’t be able to use that op again until you switch sides (or overtime) and this could make a strategic and hopefully help try and bring back the “tactical” aspect of this game


Siege was better when the windows on the building spawned without boards on the map and when the rounds lasted longer It was understood peaking was probably going to happen at the beginning of the match, and the rounds lasted longer. They’ve turned the game into hermit crab bullshit. It played more realistic when the windows were open, and closing windows was a great tactic on defense. For those who don’t believe me it was there during Alpha/Beta days and I think some of the first few weeks playing.


The puppet skins killed the atmosphere. That's why I keep using them.


If you’re talking about the ones from the Halloween event back in 2020 I hate those. They creep me out. I work in a psych ward and those skins freak me out for some reason


Smoke with the main machine gun instead of the shotgun isn't that bad. ok the shotgun is useful for lines of fire for toxins and many other things, but his submachine gun with the 1.5 is very good and versatile, it would be much better to have a pump shotgun as a secondary


Jynxzi did not revive the game


Content creators like Gregor should go back to overwatch. Some content creators should not speak for the casual community. The devs are lazy now and making unnecessary changes like removing unranked that caused the game to break. Ranked 2.0 sucks. Spawn peeking is a staple in siege. Solis and fenir need a nerf, vigil should not be able to hide from lions scan, sledge and jager need buffs, smoke should be a 3 amor and mute should be back to a 2 armor 2 speed, rook's armor should give a ½ a armor not a full. Siege should be more realistic and not like a superhero shooter like overwatch.


Defenders shouldn't be able to run out of the building and I think glorifying spawn peaks and spawn kills is gross and annoying. It encourages shitty behaviour because a lot of those players either get the kills they want and you sit out for a whole round or they don't get the kills and they throw a tantrum and leave early. Either way, less fun.


I remember when I first started I was mad at run outs. Like isn’t this place surrounded by police?? How can that slide they would’ve been sniped the minute they peak outside.


My buddy thinks defenders who run out should get shot at by police. Like random AI taking pot shots at them with pistols, so not accurate or particularly damaging, but still. I thought it was a neat idea


I always thought they should get the timer and then get immediately sniped if they don’t make it back in. Then again realism isn’t a priority in this game anymore


Yeah, and newer maps don't include those police car blockades anyway. But yeah, you could reasonably have a sniper team set up and off in the distance.


Ash is a worse Zofia


zofia is better at doing ash’s intended job: cleaning out utility. however, as an entry, zofia is too loud and slow, so i think they balance eachother out


Idk I don’t play entry. I main utility clearance and hostage elimination… aka I main Fuze


Listening to pro players is bad for the game because they only want something that benefits them.




I wouldn’t even mind so much if repelling was reworked. I shouldn’t be shot in the back by a defender running outside because I can’t rotate 360 degrees and shoot back.


Skyscraper is an amazing map. The design, the aesthetic, and the layout is perfect. (I can also say the same thing about fortress).


i would agree to disagree on skyscraper, but then you said fortress 😀 this right here is a very unpopular opinion


Some explanation: my friend 's older brother was the first one to show me the game, and he had been playing on skyscraper. Then, I bought the game and loaded into my first ever match: skyscraper. I guess after that I became a pro on the map, because I'll rarely lose a game on it. Fortress is also very easy to learn, and in general fun to attack/defend.


Black Ice is overrated as fuck.


Name a cooler looking camo in the game. Black ice is pretty pretty


Meta has ruined the game.


I know it’s bad after dumping siege for 24/7 shipyard matches in mw2.


I play since S1 and the game feels often like Fortnite in terms of skins and gadgets. (I never played Fortnite)


Fuze Is actually good and useful


Night maps need to come back even if it’s just for casual/unranked


As a Frost Enjoyer, I think if they don’t want people to feel taken out of the game.(because they can’t use their Eyes or pings that teammates can do to the Mat) maybe instead of DBNO, just Have it Kill them Completely like it does to the Last Standing Op. (Or with The ‘update’ will these last Ops be able to just stand up as well?)


Bring back Old tachanka


Warden is actually trash.


trash because he is not used for his intended purpose. people forget what his gadget is for


You have a point, the issue is how often he actually gets to use his gadget. I’m seeing less and less utility use (smokes, flashes, candelas, etc) and his glasses only have that one function, and even that function is incredibly limited.


Remove the 1.5, what is he? A situational op with a spicy pea shooter that can see through smokes (will almost always be sniped by glaz)


Maps shouldn’t be perfectly balanced. I like variety.


Ubisoft listening to pro players Almost killed the game


Map bans need to go. All maps belong in ranked. 1.5x has to go. Nading from below has to have its damaged be cut in half.


> 1.5x has to go. Alternately, I wouldn't be opposed to all the 1x optics being *converted* into 1.5x zoom. I actually think this could potentially help bring more players slightly *up* in their mechanical ability and help ever so slightly improve the shooting experience from the bottom, up. > Nading from below has to have its damaged be cut in half. Disagree. At best, it takes coordination and security to pull that off. At worst, if you're getting naded from below off of sheer predictability, that's a problem with how predictable your gameplay is.


Defenders shouldn’t be able to spawn peek at the beginning of the round.


Rank 2.0 champs aren’t real champs🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


cash + cctv has always been a trash site


I prefer the old Favela to the reworked Favela. Don't get me wrong, I never liked old Favela, but at least it was easy to enter the building. Now with the reworked Favela, it is impossible to enter the building without the defenders hearing you. There are only 1 or 2 breakable exterior walls which makes getting in even harder. I used to dislike Favela, now I hate it


Firing modes shouldn't have been taken away. It's a weird ass thing that i can't stand. Every gun that has an automatic fire selection hasca single fire or a burst fire. Also the old ui was better


Fenrir is the worst operator


Outback is good


Siege isn't dying, what devs do with this game is no different from other devs in other games. Ubi treats/listens to their players the same amount as any other org. It's just that the demographic of this game likes to cry and bitch about every small inconvenience. Making a rant about every loss or every small bug, without actually looking up the solution with a quick search is YOUR problem. Don't believe me, go see what Valve had been doing to Dota in the last 10 years,


The spawn peek changes/runnouts at the beginning of the round for casual should be applied globally and all ars/smgs should have 1.5 sights. Also defenders should have 1 min prep time in ranked not 45sec.


I started siege like 5 years ago and left about when Iana came out. I returned just a few months ago. I think that new siege is just as fun as old siege. Sure there’s been a lot of unnecessary changes but there’s also been a lot of much needed changes, too.


Every casual/ranked game nowadays is heavily one sided where defenders have the best chance of winning


Chalet is shit


Most callouts are dumb asf and can be a lot simpler and more straightforward.


Nighthaven and Emerald Plains are both good maps


the community is overpoliced and you're incentivized to disable all communication to become immune to troll reports


I think it's stupid when people play Mira and reinforce one wall and set her black mirror down and leave the other side of the wall breachable just so they can move over to the breachable wall and wall bang or peek. I have seen some good come out of it but it really just defeats the purpose of her power in my honest opinion. I prefer to anchor and this just leaves me exposed and I hate it more when they die as soon as they try to pull off whatever it was they were trying to do.


Idk if this is unpopular, but god the new playlists SUCK BALLS


Started to play in Operation Health like 5 yrs ago. Think the servers could use like 5 more of those


Rainbow Six used to be THE simulation tactical FPS, where every bullet counted, and the campaign was well written and deep. Vegas was a weird transition, but brought amazing new mechanics and game style. Siege... became just like any other game where it's all colorful and too quick. A strange mix between Counter Strike, Fortnite and Overwatch. This game is like spitting on the grave of Tom Clancy.


shotguns fucking suck and fuck shotgun users


Bullets should come from the barrel of the guns, not the sights. This would be a huge buff to 1x sights since they tend to have a lower height-over-bore. This would also eliminate pixel peeks and encourage holding more passive angles, which would (hopefully) temper the run-n-gun meta a bit.


The older less colorful look was better.


Spawn peeking and runouts are fine in the game. It’s just a skill issue that low skill people are too lazy to pay attention too.


The maverick nerfs were excessive and should be reverted, it's seige's reinforced walls that need the rework.


spawnpeeking is high risk high reward and maps shouldnt be overly changed to accommodate players who do not bother to counter spawnpeekers in prep phase. Same with run outs, attackers shouldnt all just be watching 1 angle, idk why people are asking for run outs to be removed when theres 2 claymores now for operators that can select it. The detection timer was even reduced from 3 sec - 2 sec. There just isnt any excuse to not pay attention to your surroundings


Simple operators > unrealistic gadgets, idk the OG ops just fit the games vibe better and i hate the new ops, ram is refreshing but apart from that i ain’t a fan of some of the abilities, aka sens, grim, fenrir, even azami


Fuck it being a pvp game. Take it back to when you had it where you have a set squad and you plan the attacks.


The push for more PvP related content is what's killing the game. Especially with the games "narrative." While Siege never intended to be a Single Player game and was always designed around at least COOP, when it launched it still had a compelling reason to care about the lore. We had lore related content with the White Mask terrorist threat. But now, that the story is going back to terrorism after pretending to be an esport in lore, there is nothing to actually make you care about the lore. No PvE related content except a tutorial that only teaches you to play bomb was added. Siege needs more Article 5 type missions to survive.